Monday, January 2, 2012

Way Of Char Dham Yatra

India is said to be one of the wondrous place which is very much famous for having its rich culture, history and religion. In the tour of the Indian Himalayas, the yatra of chardham yatra is one of the leading tours of Hindu pilgrimage. There are various chardham yatra packages which plan your journey as per your desire and budget. These chardham yatra packages are designed by knowledgeable specialists in the fields of tour and travel. These specialists will accompany you from the moment you began to think about your chardham yatra till it concludes. These experts will plan your journey in a perfect way along with the best accommodations.
Char Dham Yatra is the most famous yatra especially for Hinduism. This is the place where each and every Hindu comes in order to wash their sins. Chardham yatra word itself refers to the yatra of four pilgrimage centres, Gangotri, yamunotri, badrinath and kedarnath. The packages are made in clockwise direction according to the Hindu tradition of Parikrama.
Chardham yatra is said to the visit of God’s home. It is a well known pilgrimage tour which helps each and every Hindu in understanding the God and their religion in a better way. If any pilgrims are making plan to visit God’s home then you can also take the help of Char Dham Bus Tour. Usually char dham bus tour starts from Delhi and covers entire beautiful and religious places of Uttranchal till reaching Rishikesh. Due to hilly route of Chardham, the pilgrims enjoy a lot in the bus tour. So chardham bus tour is said to be a successful tour. In this tour you can easily observe various beautiful places and routes of Chardham.
Chardham yatra can be performed in various ways. If you have a busy and modern life style then you must consider having Chardham Helicopter Tour. This tour will save your time and it is the fastest and the easiest way to explore chardham and its extreme scenic beauty surroundings. It is a stylish way of travel in which you can perform chardham yatra with the help of helicopter to Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamunotri. Chardham Helicopter tour offers you to experience the feeling that you are on the top of the heaven. By this tour you will gather some unforgettable memories of valley from the top.
You can easily book you chardham helicopter tour online, simply by browsing. The journey of chardham helicopter tour starts from Delhi and moves towards Haridwar covering the entire important destinations.