Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Have A Thrilling Safari In Ranthambore National Park!

To enjoy Safari in Ranthambore national park, tourists come from all sides of the globe as it is one of the most famous national park of India; providing the best safari at hand. Hence, people come over Ranthambore national park, experience to visitors. To reserve the rarest animals like tigers, the Ranthambore national park is sharing a especially to have Safari experience while their visit. Thus, presence of tigers and other rare animals make such visit more appealing and adventurous.

To get full satisfaction throughout a visit, the ideal time is November to May and mostly people also come over this time to have full pleasure of visiting safari in Ranthambore national park, hence making prior booking would be great. Apart from Safari, the appearance of this park is also splendid and tourists have appreciated the pipal and banyan trees which have crisscrossed like permanent belts.

Safari in Ranthamobore is famous throughout the world. In the lap of Ranthambore, there are several safaris available such as Jeep Safari, Jungle Safari, Canter Safari and so on. You can book your seat online safari booking in ranthambore. In all safaris in Ranthambore national park, the best experience can be found in Canter safari which covers tour in depth and tourists can go in thick jungle to get depth safari experience. - See more at:

Friday, May 17, 2013

Enjoy The Stunning Tour Of Assam and Meghalaya

Assam and Meghalaya are two famous and beautiful states of Northeast India. It presents amazing scenic beauty and charm to people who come from different places in the world. The name Meghalaya means abode of clouds by which the beauty reflects on its own. The states are known as the wettest places in this world. Mostly, there is hilly area and people living around there have to experience great rainfalls in monsoon season. The state Meghalaya is also called as a home of tribal population naming Jaintias, Garos and Khasis. Therefore, these places consist to rich history and amazing geography and if you feel curiosity to know about it, then surely Assam Meghalaya tour will be the best option for you. Check on the best tour detail of Assam Meghalaya tour for having a successful journey to these two states.

The journey for Assam Meghalaya Tour starts from Guwahati which is very famous city. There are several beautiful temples for tourists’ interest in which Kamakhya temple is one of them. Devotees from different parts of the world come to Guwahati to see this temple specifically. It is located on Neelachal Parbat and is very attractive indeed. In addition to this temple, Bashishta Ashram is another popular religious place in Guwahati where numbers of tourists love to go.

Being a capital city of Assam, Guwahati has several things to offer to its visitors. Known as the biggest auction centre of tea, this place is truly incredible for visitors. In the list of excursions of Assam, the name of Kaziranga National Park comes as a valuable aspect. From Guwahati, it is just 240 kms away and is very beautiful place for tourists. Here one can see attractive and rarest wildlife. Having Kaziranga visit with elephant safari gives amazing experience to adventure seekers.

After having thorough visit of Kaziranga, the journey leads to Shillong, a famous city of Meghalaya. Shillong has a long list of excursions that fill the hearts of visitors with great pleasure and fun. Beauty of the nature seems at its extreme level in this place. Amazing presence of nature and pleasant ambience encourage tourists to be here for forever. After that, the journey goes to further destination which is Cherapunjee and everyone knows how distinct this place actually is from other places in the world. To witness the climate and natural surroundings of this place, tourists love Cherapunjee a lot.

This is how Assam Meghalaya tour comes to its last destination which is Guwahati again and from here tourists get back to their home with happy memories.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tips for Tourism in India

In recent years, there has been a vast growth of India tourism especially related with the rural areas, wild life and historical places. Now people from different parts of the globe have become aware about the different tourists destinations of India. So with the growth of Indian tourism, rural areas have also become popular among the people from India and outside India. If you are really interested in enjoying your India tour then you should plan your tour program in this way.
  • Plan To Explore Rural India: Now the Indian tourism government has started to take initiative in making rural area popular among the tourists of different place. They worked very hard in changing the direction of the tourists to the rural destinations. By visiting the attractive destinations of the rural
    areas you will come to know about the exact culture of the specific place of India. Now with the hard effort of the government, you can easily search out the attractions of different rural destinations of the India. Some like to do Sunderban National Park Tour as it gives view of ruler India and of wildlife as well.
  • Try To Enjoy Rural Festivals Of India: Every rural or urban destination of India is related with its own specialty. When you will visit any of the particular places, you will come to know about the exact importance of that place. Different types of festivals are celebrated in the different rural areas and your tour will offer you the opportunity to enjoy the different festivals and the important occasion of that place. You can also enjoy the Rural Olympics which are celebrated every year in the month of February at a place known as Kila Raipur located in Punjab. In this festival tourist can enjoy bullock cart race apart from various competitions, cultural events and some offbeat events. To enjoy the rural festivals of India tourist form all round the world lives to visit North East India. The State of Assam, Meghalaya, Sikkim are of the same raw.
  • Try To Visit High Altitude Destinations: If you are a nature lover and try to spend your vacation amidst the lap of the nature, then Spiti Valley is the best option which is the best alternative to Ladakh and Leh. Here you can enjoy yak safaris, village home stays, treks to various villages and also an enjoyful visit to Bhuddist monasteries apart from various other activities.
  • Enjoy The Desert Area Of India: If you want to experience some new thing apart from road and rail travel then enjoy camel ride on the white salt desert of Runn of Kutch, which is located in the Hodka village near Gujarat. Here you can enjoy your stay in the mud huts which will be a life time experience.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bandhavgarh National Park the Perfect Getaway to Relax Oneself

Bandhavgarh Park Travel is hobby for some and sometimes it’s necessary as well to get relaxed form the hustle and bustle of city life. There are many ways to get relaxed, however making tour in the lap of nature is the easiest way.
When browsing for your travel plan, why don’t consider on the Bandhavgah tour. Bandhavgarh is a national park situated in the Umaria district of Madhya Pradesh and was established in the year of 1968 with core area of 105 sq kms. The buffer and core area together covers an area of 437 sq kms.
Now the places of Interest, where tourist loves to visit:
Bandhavgarh Fort front snap
  • Bandhavgarh Fort:-It is said to be the oldest fort of India. It is around 2500 years old and located on the height of 811 meters from the sea level. However there is no any clear indication or evidence which shows that when the fort was built. In  two ancient books Narad-Panch Ratra" and the "Shiva Purana" one can find a bit of reference about the fort which tells that the fort was built by the Gond Empire.

  • Bandhavgarh Hill:-Bandhavgarh Hill PictureOne can find about the hill in the one of the most holy epic of Hinduism, Ramayana. The hill was gifted by lord Ram to his younger brother Laxman to keep eye on Lanka.
  • Baghel Museum:- The museum preserve the personal belonging of the emperors of Rawa. Tourist can view some of the ancient weapons used by the Rawa emperors and military weapons in the premises.    
  • Chakradhara:- Its is yet another place which is famous for tiger tracing. The area is surrounded by the dense hilly regions. The area also have very rich density of wild animals.   
  • Sita Mandap:- It is the same place where Sita and Ram weeding was held that so why it name is Sita Mandap.
  • The other places that also worthy visiting are:
    • Bhamera Dam
    • Gharpuri Dam
    • Bandhavgarh Ancient Caves
    • Shesh Shaiya
    • Sidhbaba
    • Climbers Point
    • Three Cave Point
    • Rajbahera
    • Mahaman Pond
    • Ketkiha
    • Bhitari Bah
    • Andheri Jhiria
    • Ghorademaon
    • The Photographer's Point
    • Charger's Place
    • Tala Village

    Friday, April 5, 2013

    Explore Wildlife Of Bandhavgarh National Park

    After a long period of time I am introducing yet another national park of India. Topic this time is Bandhavgarh National Park. The Park is set in Central India in Umaria district of Madhya Pradesh. The national park is smaller than Jim Corbett National Park of Uttrakhand and Ranthambore National Park of Rajasthan but it has somewhat more pleasure than both of these national parks. If we talk about the sightseeing during the tour one will have also good numbers of options like Bandhavgarh Fort, Baghel Museum, Tala Villag, Mahaman Pond, Ketkiha, Climber’s Point, Climber’s Point, Three Cave Point, Kalchuri Archaeological Museum (Housing Many Historical Items) etc.

    The name of the national park Bandhavgarh” is driven form the most popular hummock of the area. Actually it is said that Lord “Ram” gave hillock to his younger brother Lakshmana to keep his eyes on Lanka. (An incident of Hindu epic “Ramayana”). That so why the hummock given name of Bandhav+Garh(Bandhavgarh). Here Bandhav refers to Brother where as Garh to Fort, so the meaning of Bandhavgarh is fort of brothers.

    The national Park was established in the year of 1968 and form that time it is one among most prominent national parks of India. The park covers total area of 437 sq km. It was known as the hunting ground for the ‘Maharajas of Rewa”.

    There are three seasons found in this national park which are:

    1. Winter - October middle to February end

    2. Summer - Middle of March to June

    3. Monsoon- Middle of June to October end

    During pick summer the temperature of the national parks up by 43 degree calicoes and in rainy seasons around 1173 mmrainfall recorded.

    Now some Important Points to know before planning to Bandhavgarh Tour:

    Best Time To Visit: February - June (The national park remain closed form 1 July to 31 October every year).

    Safari Timing: From 6:00 AM to 9:00 AM in morning and form 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM in evening.


    By Air: Nearest Airport is Khajuraho, which is around 273 kms away from the park.

    By Railways: Nearest Railway Station is Umaria, which is just 35 Kms away. However people catch train for Jabalpur, Katni, Satna also which are 164kms, 102kms and 120kms away respectively.

    Tuesday, February 5, 2013

    Gir National Park - The Only Home Of Asiatic Lion

    Gir National Park is the one of the prominent national park and most admirable tourist destination of Gujarat as well as western India, due to its soul-relaxing ambience and matchless wild life familiarity. Here’s, picturesque beauty, serene surrounding and rousing dense forest are soul refreshing. Therefore, if you are scheduling for a hilarious vacation then Gir can accomplish your all wishes.

    The snap is of Lion in Gir National Park

    Gir national park is one of the widespread national park of India. It was established in the year 1965 and is positioned about 65 km to the south-east of the “Junagadh” city of Gujarat. It has a straggling area of 1412 square km, which is the grand permutation of deep ravines, precipitous rocky hills, beautiful grasslands and plenty of rivers. It is a place for adventure, wild life and nature lovers due to its colossal range of flora and fauna.

    “Gir National Park” is the solitary place after Africa where Lions can be seen in their natural habitat apart from lion this national park is bestow asylum to enormous amount of  rare vegetation and fauna. This park is native soil of 400 plant, 38 mammals, 37 reptiles and 300 birds and 2000 species of insects.

    The main carnivores animals of the park are Asiatic lion, Indian leopards,Sloth Bear, Indian Cobras, Jungle Cat, Striped Hyenas, Golden Jackals, Indian  Mongoose, Indian Palm Civets and Ratels, Desert Cats and Rusty  Spotted Cats.

    The main herbivores of Gir are Chital, Blue Bull, Samber, Four-horned Antelope, Chinkara and Wild Boar etc.

    The vegetation, mostly alongside the main rivers and streams is mixed deciduous, with Teak, Acacia, Jamun, Tendu and Dhak trees interspersed with huge patches of grasslands.  Trees are mostly broad leaved and evergreen, giving the area a cool shade and moisture content. It is the largest dry deciduous forest in western India.

    Gir forest is the paradise  for bird watchers you can find here almost all kind of rare bird species of India  like 6 species of Vultures, Crested Serpent Eagle, Endangered Bonelli’s Eagle, Brown Fish Owl, Rock Bush-Quail, Pygmy Woodpecker, Black-headed oriole, Indian grey hornbill etc. All these bird species makes Gir birding tour so famous.

    Thus we can say Gir is bliss for natural adventures vacation.  Gir National Park is open from mid October until mid June. Jeep safari is most adventures and famous safari of Gir. There is three safaris a day at Gir. They start at 6.30 a.m., 9.00 a.m., and 3 p.m.

    Friday, January 11, 2013

    Experience Real Tour Fun With Exciting Sikkim Tour Packages!

    Sikkim is a beautiful Indian state that offers diversity and versatility to tourists who love spending time in the lap of nature. In Sikkim Tourism India, there are several famous cities known for tourists’ attraction in which Darjeeling Gangtok are two important ones. Most of the time, here you will see snowy capped valleys, delightfully flowing lakes and exotic waterfalls. Due to certain existence of these natural elements in this region, Sikkim has become one of the most visited Indian tourists’ destinations. Those who are familiar with the beauty of the land can enjoy exciting visit by choosing a right Sikkim tour package. Though, there are several tour packages for Sikkim, but if you seek best of the bests, then we suggest you the name of Darjeeling Gangtok tour which is designed in such a way that one can see the most happening Sikkim destinations in single trip.

    The Darjeeling Gangtok Tour starts from famous city Darjeeling where one can enjoy sightseeing of the city. In Darjeeling, you can enjoy a visit to Tiger Hills where sunrise view is too famous from Kanchenjunga peak. Along with it, you can also see Ghoom Monastery and Batasia Loop. This way, your Darjeeling sightseeing will offer you several exciting visit to popular tourists’ spot. Next location will be Gangtok which is also a prime location of this tour package and in this region, Tshongo Lake is a famous tourists’ attraction and people love spending time at this spot. You can also collect some romantic memories while sightseeing Gangtok.

    Gangtok Kalimpong Tour Package Is another versatile option for visiting Sikkim in a perfect way. The main locations in this tour package are Darjeeling, Gangtok and Kalimpong. All three of them have many exciting things to attract tourists and add good memories in tour books of vacationers. The journey begins from cool city Darjeeling and providing good time around mesmerizing sights of this place, the tour leads to other locations like Gangtok and Kalimpong which are similarly beautiful like Darjeeling.

    For adventure seekers or people who love exploring wildlife should get Dooars Jungle Safari which is designed for only jungle lovers. Unique landscape and mysterious wildlife will be fun with this fun tour package of Dooars Jungle Safari. It enables tourists to enjoy seeing beautiful tea gardens, numerous wildlife sanctuaries, tiger reserve and national park altogether. Indeed, the experience of Dooards will be highly exciting and real in all terms and you will realize this only when you personally experience.

    Attractive Destinations of Jammu

    Jammu is famous as the winter capital of Jammu and Kashmir state and one of the most important spot of Jammu Kashmir Tourism. This place is known for hosting some of the important shrines of India, so people often call this place as ‘City of Temples’. Here tourists can enjoy a great number of attractive destinations. This beautiful state boasts for having most attractive destination in and around Jammu. Some of its important destinations are:

    Bagh-e-Bahu Garden- you will find Bagh-e-Bahu around the location of Bahu Fort in Jammu. It is a beautiful and extensive terraced garden. In this beautiful garden, you will find artificial lake, flower beds, glittering waterfalls, lush green lawns, glittering waterfalls, fountains and big trees. From here you will get a pleasant view of the city and it is a favorite picnic spot for the people of Jammu and tourists. From Jammu city, you can easily reach to this pleasant place by auto-rickshaws and mini-buses.

    Amar Mahal Palace Museum- this beautiful museum is a red sand stone palace and it is located amidst the beautiful surroundings of Jammu. Though this beautiful palace was built with the support of numbers of Indian artisans but its look resemble with a French chateau. Here you will feel that in this museum there is a rich collection of paintings, sculptures, books and paintings. In its Darbar Hall, family portraits of Jammu rulers and Pahari paintings are displayed. Inspite of having numbers of beautiful and attractive things, you will get amazed by viewing throne of120 kg solid gold which was made by Maharaja Hari Singh.

    Kailash Lake: most of the people know this lake by the name of Vasuki Kunda and an important destination of Kashmir Lake Tour. it is located at a distance of 17km from Bhadarwa. It is one of the most known pilgrimage centre in Jammu. It is very auspicious to visit this place on New moon after Rakhi. Here you will find the stone images of Lord Vishnu, Shiva and Vasuki, inspite of having any temple.
    Martand Sun Temple-here you will get the opportunity to see some marvelous work of King Lalitaditya which was built in honor of Bhaskar or Sun God.

    Mantalai-it is a legendary place which is surrounded by beautiful lush deodar forests. It is located at a distance of few kilometers from Jammu District at an altitude of 2000m. It is said that this legendary place is associated with the marriage of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva. Here you can also enjoy some neighboring beautiful places like Patnitop, Sudh Mahadev Temple and Krimchi.

    Wednesday, December 12, 2012

    GTI Travels Commenced Services for Jammu and Kashmir

    The GTI Travels Private Limited, one of the leading e-travel service provider based in New Delhi, has just launched tour services for the beautiful valley of Jammu and Kashmir. The tour service is already commenced from very first day of November. As the company is famous for providing best online reservation system, they again introduced online tour reservation portal for Jammu Kashmir, which is Jammu Kashmir Tour.

    The organization also announced discounted tariff on all Jammu Kashmir Packages. The special rate is one valid till 2012. It’s really a great opportunity for all those who wish to experience the amazing beauty of Jammu valley.

    When we get in touch with Sk Golam Mukid, the chief tour operation officer for Jammu Kashmir in GTI Travels (p) Ltd , gave us a brief description about their plan and also what’s especial in their portal. As according to him they make even easier advance tour booking. Now one just need to Dial+91-8826678882/+91-9212615296.

    Following a part of our conservation:

    You’ve been running tours to Trekking in India, Indian Wildlife Tour and number of other Indian Famous tour services. What was it that motivated you to start tour services for Jammu and Kashmir?
    To be honest it was not something it had really considered that greatly, but one member of our company has quite a bit of experience there and kept saying we should give a try. I then got in touch with some of our clients and did all the lag work and finally decided to commence services for Kashmir as well. As we already has very good experience with Ladakh Valley. We tried our best to maintain the same success as we got in Indian Wildlife tour, Indian Pilgrim Tour, Indian Trekking tour etc.

    Is it currently safe for tourists to visit Jammu and Kashmir?
    Why you asking such questions. Kashmir always be a fully safe destination for tourist. It give tourist a life time experience. Every year a huge number of domestic and overseas tourist turns towards the valley of Kashmir. I never ever think there is any existence of such questions.

    What parts of the itinerary do you think will prove most popular with tourists, especially those who have visited the Kashmir Valley before?
    Its really very interesting question, in fact if I tell you the truth, It was the biggest challenge in front of us when we were making plan for Jammu Kashmir tour services. We are very thankful to our clients who give us really very helpful advices. I just not want to disclose our secret specialty of tour Itinerary. You just experience our itinerary and give us your precious comment how much we succeed.

    Sunday, December 9, 2012

    Spend A Enjoyable Holiday In Kashmir

    Famous as a real heaven on the earth, Kashmir is known as the most beautiful part Jammu & Kashmir state exist in the North India. At this place, people in great number come to enjoy the natural beauty of Kashmiri sights. Once you will be here, you will realize as nature is at its best at this place. To experience copious panoramic beauty, peaceful environment, tranquil climate as well as fabulous visitor places, tourists come here again and again in their lifetime. A Kashmir Holiday Tour promises tourists for the most intriguing and magical holidaying encounter in India. A few of the Famous locations of that ought to be incorporated in a Kashmir Holiday Tour tend to be.

    Srinagar: On the banks of the Jhelam, Srinagar is the main town within the soul of Kashmir. It's also the summer time capital of the state of Jammu & Kashmir. It is a popular visitor destination along with gorgeous landscapes, lovely ponds and luxurious houseboats. It's also famous with regard to dry fruit and Kashmiri handicrafts. Major points of interest for tourism within this picturesque town of Kashmir are Dal River, Nagin River, Harwan River, Shalimar Bagh, Nishat Bagh, Nasim Bagh, Pari Mahal, Chashme Shahi Backyard, Shankaracharya Forehead, Hari Parbat, Hazratbal Shrine, Houseboat, Shikar Trip, etc. Houseboat stay on Dal Lake is really a unique life time experience. Shikara ride about the lake will give you the greatest charm from the scenic beauty of the place.

    Gulmarg: Gulmarg is a small city and an attractive hill station within the city of Kashmir. It's located at a distance of around 52 kilometers away from Srinagar. It is a hotspot during winter season. It is among the finest snowboarding places on the planet and attracts a lot of winter activity lovers from worldwide. You may enjoy different sports activities like snowboarding, skiing, golf and Gondola cable car trip.

    Sonamarg: Sonamarg is among the most desired tourist destination to go to during Jammu Kashmir tour. Situated at a distance of 87 kilometers from Srinagar, the area is notable because of its abundant pure beauty and wonderful climate. It's also renowned with regard to trekking as well as hiking paths. It provides a mind-blowing background with snow-capped hill peaks against definite azure skies.

    Pahalgam: Pahalgam is actually another most desired tourist location and town within Kashmir. It's a popular visitor destination and attracts many tourists each year. The city offers magnificent views along with scenic environment. It is really a place where one can relax within the lap of Nature. You may also enjoy trekking as well as hiking. Pahalgam can also be the getaway for the famous Amarnath Cavern – which is probably the most sacred pilgrimage for Hindus.

    Monday, November 19, 2012

    Golden Triangle Tour Packages

    Rajasthan Tour India is a competent company that serves great India tour packages to its numerous foreign as well as domestic clients. To make clients satisfied, Rajasthan Tour India offers a great range of various attractive packages and in such packages, Golden Triangle Tour is a highly admired one over globe. This package covers a mind blowing tour of India’s three famous cities. Thus, for people who are willing to see the most happening sites in India, can get Golden Triangle Tour package from Rajasthan Tour India and can have an unforgettable experience with luxury and comfort. Golden Triangle tour is a competent company that serves great India tour packages to its numerous foreign as well as domestic clients.
    The best features of Golden Triangle tour are the accommodations in various packages that make a journey pleasant and convenient. In such attractive packages, Rajasthan Tour India is one that can make an India visit successful and memorable. As Rajasthan is a true picture of Indian tradition, so if someone truly wants to go in the depth on Indian tradition, Rajasthan tour India can do magic in a journey for sure.

    Wednesday, November 7, 2012

    From 15 Nov Again Dhikala Is Ready To Thrill You

    After having been closed in mid June the Dhikala Safari Zone will again open for tourist form 15th of November as scheduled every year. It is the most famous tourist zone among all the four tourist zones of Corbett Park. One can perform Jeep Safari and Canter safari here but having jeep safari here one needs to have night stay permit and canter safari can be done staying outside the core area of national park.

    The biggest tourist attraction in the area is Dhikala Forest Lodge. The forest lodge is around 33kms inside the entry gate of this zone, which is known as Dhangadi Gate. The forest lodge is surrounded by solar fence, which allowed tourist to move around and sit in galley and fell the real wildlife environment. One can easily find lots of articles about night stay experience in Dhikala Forest Lodge but in reality the experience cannot be explain in words. It gives a life time experience.

    Beside Dhikala the other safari zones are Bijrani, Zhirna and Durga Devi, which are already opened for tourist form 15th of October. Notable that Durga Devi safari zone is open through the year.
    This year due to the order of Supreme Court there was suspense in opening of park and tourist are a bit late in booking their tour comparing to past years. Now the park is open for everyone and anyone can experience the thrilling land without any restriction. One just needs to have permit for the same.

    Monday, September 24, 2012

    The End of Great Conservation Hero

    The Great Conservation Hero- Russell E. Train, first president of the World Wildlife Fund’s, took his last breath on 17th of September 2012. He played a key role to raise concerns about environmental protection and for that making an effective laws and more importantly in effective enforcement of that rules. However Mr. Train was widely regarded American conservationists but under his Successfully Revolutionary Guidance the WWF grown to a global organization as conservation force.
    From the part of his early life:
    1. He was a tax court judge. In 1965, when he was of 45 years old left his position as tax court judge to become president of Conservation Foundation.
    2. In 1968 Mr. Train was elected as Chairperson of Task Force on Environment for U.S.
    3. He become the first ever chairperson of U.S.  Council on Environmental Quality (a group of advisor, who advise president of environment related issues.) in 1970
    4. He served as the Administrator of EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) of US from 1973 to 1977.
    5. From 1978 to 1985 he was the President and also Chairperson of WWF (World Wildlife Fund).
    6. In the year of 1991 he was honored from the Presidential Medal of Freedom from U.S. (the U.S. highest civilian honor).
    7. In 2006, Train received the prestigious Heinz Award, honoring individuals who have made extraordinary achievements on issues of importance.
    8. In 2006, Train received the prestigious Heinz Award, honoring individuals who have made extraordinary achievements on issues of importance.
    We are giving tribute to this great hero on behalf of whole Jim Corbett National Park India online booking portal Team.

    Wednesday, September 19, 2012

    General Questions of Corbett National Park

    While I was wondering on search engine to know what people really look for and what they wanted to know about Corbett National Park India, found many discussions like Corbett National Park vs. Chitwan National Park, Jim Corbett national park -any pointers?, Price info for Corbett National Park……, Bardia National Park and Jim Corbett National Park, some also there to share their personal experience about the park.

    It clearly gives an indication that people yet have not too much idea about the national park so we planned to clear all those points here on our blogs. If you have any difficulty in finding any information, corbett tour packages, hotels, resorts or anything can send us mail to We will reply you whiten one working day.

    Lets now discuss on the points for which you may be looking for as well. Questions like Corbett National Park vs. Chitwan National Park, Bardia National Park and Jim Corbett National Park or any of this kind of question where we compare corbett national park with other national park. There are many points which show you there is no any comparison of corbett with any wildlife habitats. The first that I want to share in support of my statement is the national park is situated on the foothill of Himalayas and feeded by three rivers namely Koshi, Ramganga and Saone Rivers which gives corbett Park a unique scenery and a very good environment to wildlife. Secondly it is a home of around 110 species of tree, 51 species of shrubs, 27 species of climbers and 33 species of bamboo and many species of endanger animals. Most Importantly It is the land where first Project Tiger launched.

    Friday, September 14, 2012

    Comfortable Hotels of Badrinath and Kedarnath

    Badrinath is known as one of the most important place for Hindu pilgrims. This auspicious place is located at a height of 3200 meters. Every year thousands of pilgrims visit this auspicious place, which is one of an important place of Chardham yatra. The Badrinath temple of Badrinath is much famous among the Hindu pilgrims. It is located in a beautiful state of Uttarakhand.

    Every year this auspicious place is visited by a large number of devotees. So in order to accommodate them comfortably, there are different types of hotels in Badrinath. These hotels vary in a wide range from budget class to luxury hotels. Usually tourists enjoy the comforts of the hotels in Badrinath. They offer wonderful and comfortable accommodation to the pilgrims. These accommodations have a blend of delight and charm. If you are not interested in spending much amount in staying, then you can easily choose the next option of staying in Budget Hotels in Badrinath. Even the budget hotels offer you great comforts. They offer different service and facilities and are equipped with different modern amenities like facilities of phone, parking, satellite connection, room service of 24 hours, 24 hours supply of cold and hot water, en-suite bathrooms and different others. Entire hotels in Badrinath are located amidst the beautiful environment and thus offer a religious and piousness feeling in the environment. The company of soothing ambience makes your trip of Badrinath unforgettable. One of the most interested and attractive thing is that the location of maximum hotels in Badrinath is very near to the Badrinath temple but they are easily accessible from the main city also.

    Kedarnath is located beside the bank of famous river Mandakini. It is more than thousand year old so it is famous for having its own stories. In your Char Dham Yatra, the roles of hotels are very important. The hotels at Kedarnath offer such services to the tourists so that they may stay in the hotel in a relaxed way. Here in Kedarnath, you can enjoy airy and furnished rooms in the deluxe as well as in any of the executive accommodation.

    The hotels in Kedarnath are well known for offering faultless services, customary Indian hospitality and also for modern decoration. The staffs of these hotels are well trained and so they offer the best services to the tourists of Kedarnath. Here you can enjoy some unique Indian Vegetarian cuisine in the restaurants.

    Friday, September 7, 2012

    Can Chardham Yatra be Done after 60

    It is often heard that people are little worry about can chardham yatra performs after 60? Obviously yes, infect why not? It’s true that all destinations of chardham yatra are situated on high altitude. Whether we talk about Gangotri, Yamunotri, Badrinath or Kedarnath no one is easy trek. Gangotri is situated on altitude of 3293 meters above sea level, Yamunotri at 3,293 metres, Badrinath at 5947 meters and kedarnath at 4150 meters.

    Beside this there is also true fact that so many people beyond 60 did the tour comfortably. There are lots of facilities for senior citizens to perform the tour. One will get options like horse riding, doli and also of helicopter, however helicopter is done only from Phata to Kedarnath and Kedarnath to Phata. Char Dham Pilgrim Trip is bit difficult because of high altitude, less oxygen and average infrastructure but beside all these facts still it is possible. Beside age factor it is advised that people who have any respiratory problems or cardio-vascular problems to seek doctor’s advice before venturing to these areas.

    Wednesday, September 5, 2012

    Our Marvelous Ten Days Of Chardham

    This is Rahul Ranjan. I am writing this later specially to thank GTI Travels Private Limited, my tour planner for Char Dham Holy Trip this year. The tour was very good and pleasant. While I was on tour totally amazed, never expected that the tour gives you pleasant of adventure as well. The Valley of Flower was the subject of excitement for us as we know this tour is good one for sightseeing also.

    Our tour starts from Daryaganj, New Delhi in morning around 8 AM, through 24 seater tempo traveller. We are in group of 21 People. After 6 hour drive of around 200 Kms we stopped at at Haridwar, after taking lunch took a bit of rest and enjoy sightseeing of Haridwar. As the time was almost of evening so we didn’t deep in Ganga just wash our face a worship and moved towards Har Ki Pauri on the returning we again gone of Ganga Bank and attended Ganga Aarti as the day was of Sunday. Over night was at hotel.

    Next day after breakfast we turn towards Barkot, which is again around 200 Kms journey. On the way to Barkot we stopped at Kempty fall. It took around 8 hours to reach Barkot. However driver and other supporting staff told us that the journey is of 6 hours. It might take more time because we stopped at Kempty fail. Rest of the day we have leisure . We spent our night at hotel.

    Next we had scheduled for Yamunotri. So we leave for Jankichatti form where 6 KMs trek starts for Yamunotri. After reaching there we gone for dip in garm Kund and worship of Shri Gangotri Ji, trek back to Jankichati and Barkot. Overnight at hotel.

    After Yamunotri we had now time to visit the source of most holiest river (Gangotri). On the way to Barkot to Gangotri, we stopped at Uttarkashi. Here we visited Prakateshwar Cave and Vishwnath Temple. They gone to gangotri where we dip in ganga, which is called Bhagirathi at the origin and back to Uttarkashi to spent night at hotel.

    Now we were ready for the toughest destination of chardham yatra, which is Kedarnath. However had one day more to reach there as we had to go for Tehri Dam, Kashi Vishwnath Temple and Ardh Narishwar Temple. These are on the way to Uttrakash to Kedarnath, at Guptkashi. Overnight at Guptkashi Hotel.

    Next day drove to GauriKund, from where 14 Kms trek for Kedarnath starts. Next early morning we head down to lord kedar at kedarnath temple and trek down to Gaurikund. Now we were so much tired. But it might be lord Badrinath how giving us energy to perform the journey. On the way we talked with many travellers they are not feeling tired as we are, in fact they are very excited and happy. Nevertheless we reached Pipalkoti and spent night at hotel.

    Next morning we wake up with same energy and a new level of excitement as our last destination, Badrinath, is one of destination of Big chardham Circuit. On the way to Badrinath ji the driver told us that we had scheduled to Narsingh Temple at Joshimath. So after a short stoppage at Joshimath continued our journey to Badrinath ji. Same day we visited the temple and Mana village, which is last village in Indian border. Spent the night at Badrinath Accommodations. Next day we visited Tapt Kund, Narad Kund, Mata Murti Temple, Bhim Pul and Vyas Gufa (cave).

    Next day again we visit Badrinath temple as ask the supreme power to call us again on your doors and also give us power. As here we finished our tour now time to back to home. On the way to Delhi we spent one day at Rudraprayag and one day at Rishikesh. Over all the tour was every exciting and pleasant, if we not did mistake while booking tour then might the pleasant be double. We want to go for Valley of Flowers but didnt booked that. However our driver told us to just call the officials of GTI Travels they must arrange everything but we were felling little tired so at the last moment planned to quiet from there.

    Wednesday, July 18, 2012

    Thrilling Experience of Manali Tour

    Manali is a beautiful hill station which is located in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Due to its location in the vicinity of Beautiful Himalayan ranges, the beauty of Manali is amazing. You will love to spend your vacation amidst its greenery environment, snow capped peaks, fruit orchards and beautiful lakes. Even for the snow fall lovers, it is great place in India as it receives snowfall in good quantity and that too throughout the year. This place is also famous for having numbers of temples and religious shrines. Most of the tourists go for Manali Tour as it is famous as a home for blessed seven sages. So this place has its own importance as per Hindu mythology. Apart from these reasons, Manali is known as a great place for adventure tourism. So adventure lovers also plan to go for Manali tour

    Adventure lovers enjoy several sports activities in Manali. It is an ideal place to visit in the months of summer as summers are pleasant but the winters are chilly cold. So in order to enjoy thrilling adventures in Manali tour, you should plan your trip in the summer months. Here you can enjoy various sports activities like kayaking, trekking, mountaineering, cycling, skiing, paragliding, mountain biking, white water river rafting, fishing, valley crossing and many others.

    Numbers of the tourists are interested in going for exciting trekking trails in their Manali tour to explore the place nicely. It is the best way to explore the natural beauty of Manali, attractive destinations of the town and several important religious places. Tourists are very much interested in visiting the Rohtang Pass in their Manali tour. For snow fall lovers, Rohtang Pass is a paradise and it is located very near to the town. This place usually remains close in winter and even in summer it receives heavy snow fall. It is also a great place for religious people as they can visi various shrines in the surroundings of the town. Manali tour is the best way to rejuvenate yourself and to have lots of memorable experiences

    Manali is easily accessible from Delhi bus, train and air. For air services you have to take a flight from Delhi to Bhuntar which is 50 kms from Manali. From there you can take taxi to reach Manali. Nearest Railway station is also at 50 kms at Joginder Nagar. Bus services are good and you can reach directly to Manali.

    Thursday, July 5, 2012

    Explore Golden Triangle Tour Package

    Golden Triangle Tour is one of most demanding package of India, in the circuit of this tour three most popular tourism cities of north India, Delhi, Agar and Jaipur will be covered. This package explores true color of Indian diversity. The tour at one site shows Mughel and British architecture whereas Jaipur is density of Rajaputana culture and Agra is the city of Immortal love symbol (The Taj Mahal).

    Whenever you start your tour; first day will reach at NCT (New Delhi), first you take the hotel and take some rest. After that start your journey from Delhi and main tourist attractions are: Jama Masjid, Qutub Minar, Chandni Chowk, India Gate, Lotus Temple and Akshardham etc.

    Next day in the morning you visit towards to Agar, the city one of most famous cities in the world due to The Taj (One of seventh wonder of the world). In Agra city sign of architecture and this is well known city in Uttar Pradesh. Famous tourist attractions of the city beyond Taj Mahal are Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri etc.

    Final destination is jaipur also known as “pink city” much famous for the great palaces of by gone era Raja Maharajas. This city is very colorful, always filled color with culture and tradition of jaipur. Here some type of old palaces like Hawa Mahal, Amber Fort, Jaigarh Fort and Jantar Mantar etc.

    So don’t waste times book north India tour with golden triangle tour which gives you chance to visit these three most popular city of India in short time limit.

    Tuesday, May 22, 2012

    Chardham Yatra- A Spree To The Salvation

    As believed in Hindu Mythology-“the more you suffer the more kindness you will receive from the God”. These golden words bring out the real soul of Hinduism and hence are relevant for every individual. The difference between pain and sufferings can be experienced only when you take the pious expeditions and one such memorable and spiritual expedition comprising of Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath at the grandiose and attractive peak of Garwahal Himalaya in Uttrakhand is Chardham Holy Yatra.

    The sacred expedition starts from Yamunotri-the origin of river Yamuna, followed by Gangotri- the seat of Goddess Ganga. The next shrine is Kedarnath dedicated to lord shiva is one of the twelve joytilingas. The journey ends in Badrinath-the most enchanting and rousing image of Lord Vishnu. The one meter tall contemplative pose of Lord in the form of Shaligram stone can be found at Badrinath temple where every year, thousands of pilgrimages mark their presence to seek blessings and to learn the essence of Hinduism.

    The four dhams are not only consecrated with scenic beauty, but also is blessed with divine energy. Every Hindu wishes to go on Chardham yatra to give a meaningful end to his life and get rewarded with ecstasy.