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Tour Of Majestic Rajasthan

Every one knows that majestic Rajasthan has the capacity to fascinate the whole world with its vivid culture, affluent tradition, geographical diversity, life style and various kinds of lip smacking food. If you want to explore the Rajasthan properly then you should take the help of Rajasthan tour packages. There are various types of tours and packages which helps you to have a perfect visit of this regal state within your budget and the limited time frame.

Visitors from all around the world visit Rajasthan every year especially to enjoy their vacation in this fascinating state. In order to meet the requirement of the tourists, different tours are organized. Every city of Rajasthan will entertain the tourists in different way. Tourists will get the opportunity to gather life time memories as each of the cities of Rajasthan offers a distinct flavor of tradition and culture. Some of the important and the popular cities of Rajasthan are Jodhpur, Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Udaipur etc.

With the help of Rajasthan Tour India, you can be aware of the cultural heritage of this beautiful and colorful state. Luxury and adventure are the two words which are associated with this rich cultural heritage. There are lots of places to visit in Rajasthan and each of the places is related with some stories. So it is the best place to enjoy your vacation along with your family members. This state is rich in wonders, so tourists usually get attracted and plan to visit this city which is still retaining its old culture.

A visit to forts and monuments will offer you the opportunity to see the luxury in which the old people and emperors used to live their life. Even in various hotels in Rajasthan, you will find out the same beautiful architectural design as it were used in the olden days.

Rajasthan tour India offers you the opportunity to plan and book your holiday’s packages and hotels as per your desire. If you are interested in enjoying the feeling of being luxurious then there are list of luxury hotels and that too at affordable prices.

Remarkably, this state has numbers of luxurious hotels in order to offer the best comforts to the tourists. Even this state has some of the finest and the world famous hotels. Most of the Hotels in Rajasthan are in the palaces of the erstwhile rulers. Different categories of tourists visit this city from all over the world so hotels in Rajasthan range from high to low. There are heritage hotels, five star hotels and also deluxe and budget hotels.

Experience An Exciting Tour of Ranthambore Safari

Ranthambore National park is located in Rajasthan in Sawai Madhopur district. It is said to be one of the finest place in enjoying the company of the various animals especially Bengal Tiger. Ranthambore is known as one of the best places for spotting majestic Bengal Tiger, though this national park is also a home for various other animals like sloth bear, leopard, crocodile, sambar, owl, wild boar etc.
This park is known to be a dream of photographers as well as wild life enthusiast. Here in this national park, tourists can enjoy various safaris for exploring the park and there are various resorts in order to accommodate tourists from various parts of the world. Tourists can visit this park from October to May and rest of the period the park remains closed for the tourists. It is one of the best places for capturing different poses of tiger as here you can get the opportunity to see the tiger frequently. Safari in Ranthambore is the best way to explore this national park.
If you are making plan to explore Ranthambore then it is advisable to take the help of Ranthambore Tour Packages. There are various tour packages which helps you to explore the national park in a perfect way. There are many Ranthambore tour packages which offer an exclusive trip of adventure safaris. With the help of safari in Ranthambore you can easily spot the tigers in morning or in the afternoon along with lunch, dinner and traditional show of Rajasthani Programs.
There are safari tours in Ranthambore which offers you the opportunity to spot tigers along with the trip of Ranthambore fort which is almost 1000 years old. You have to explore Ranthambore National Park with the help of safaris in Ranthambore only as you cannot enter in Ranthambore along with your personal vehicles and cars. Canter and Jeep safaris for the tourists are offered by the authorities of Ranthambore to explore the park in a nice way. Safari trip is made twice for the tourists and it is for the duration of 3 hours. The journey through the safari can be done either in the open sided jeeps or canters (open sided mini trucks). You can book your safari even 30 days in advance. Each of the jeep safaris can accommodate maximum of five passengers. At a time only six jeeps can enter Ranthambore. You can also explore Ranthambore with the help of canter safaris and booking for it can be made a day before going.

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Attain Spritual Satisfaction By Chardham Yatra

India is known as one of the most wonderful place which is rich in culture, history, religion and natural beauty. India offers a complete leisure trip to pilgrims, adventure seekers or any type of tourists.

Chardham tour in Northern India is the most suitable place for the pilgrims. The pious Dhams are located amidst lush green surroundings and majestic Himalayas. Thousands of pilgrims from all around the world plan every year to go on Chardham. This year there is good news for the pilgrims interested for Chardham yatra.

Officially it has been proposed to start the Char Dham Yatra in winters but now it has been planned to start from 1st March. Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath are the main deities of Chardham. Now the authorities have decided to start winter version of the Chardham yatra as the deities of chardham are relocated to shrines of Mukhva, Kharsali, Ukhimath and Joshimath (Pandukeshwar). Though the main gates of the temples located at Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath will remain closed in winter as usual and it will open for pilgrims at their respective times.

For most of the pilgrims, chardham yatra is very popular and so thousands of pilgrims from the different corners of the world visit this popular pilgrimage every year. You can plan your chardham yatra 2012 starting from early May to November.

Most of the pilgrims take the help of Chardham Yatra Packages as it is the best and convenient way to explore chardham. The starting point of your Chardham yatra 2012 will depend upon your accessibility. You can start from Delhi or from Haridwar, Rishikesh or Dehradun. You mat choose your starting point as per your suitability. Most of the pilgrims desire to choose Haridwar as the starting point of the chardham yatra. Pilgrims from different places reach directly to Haridwar and start their chardham yatra from there only. If you are interested in Chardham yatra 2012 then choose the best suitable place as your starting point.

When the pilgrims start their chardham yatra, they have to follow the route from east to west direction. The pilgrimage starts from Yamunotri on the Himalayas and after that the pilgrims proceed towards Gangotri and then Kedarnath and finally the yatra of the pilgrims end in Badrinath. This yatra is said to be a mind blowing tour of India and it offers highly spiritual satisfaction to the pilgrims. Most of the people visit this pilgrimage in search of peace of mind and to get moksha.

Enjoyment of Birding in Ranthambore

Ranthambore is a well known tourist attraction which is located in Sawai Madhopur district in most colorful state of India, Rajasthan. This national park is famous for Royal Bengal Tigers. But it is also a favorite place for Ornithologists as well as for bird lovers. This national park offers the opportunity to the bird lovers to enjoy the company of a large population of resident as well as migratory birds. It is a marvelous place for bird lovers. It is place where you can find abundant varieties of birds. This national park is famous as a paradise for bird lovers. Ornithologists just love to visit this splendid national park as to watch the different activities of the bird at different places. The dense forest of the national park is a great home for the wide species of almost 300 resident as well as migratory words. Due to presence of abundant water bodies and varied terrain there is an excellent population of migrant as well as resident birds.
Bird lovers get the opportunity to enjoy the activities of resident as well as migratory birds very closely. You can watch the activities of these birds very easily and closely from the various splendid locations of the park like Ranthambore Fort, Malik Talao, Jhalra area, Padam Talao and Rajbagh Talao. These are the best locations for having excellent bird watching in Ranthambore national park. Ranthambore National Park is a favorite home for rare and beautiful birds apart from the habitat of amphibians and land creatures. You can easily catch a glimpse of beautiful birds like Bitterns, Mynas, Wagtails, Storks, Ibis, Eagles, Wood peckers, Asian Palm Swift, Finches, Bayas, Treepies, Egrets, Sipes, Owl and many other species of beautiful birds.

Really a tour of Ranthambore National Park will be interesting for the wild life lovers as well as for bird lovers. You will get the chance to see the wild animals as well as various species of birds in their natural habitat. This amazing experience of watching birds in Ranthambore National park will give you some unforgettable memories of life. Thus the trip of Ranthambore will be exciting, knowledgeable and adventurous along with the various safaris of Ranthambore. You should make a plan to visit for the tour in between November to June as these are the best periods for Birding in Ranthambore. These months are not only favorable for birding but it is the best period to visit the whole national park.

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Two Luxurious Resorts in Jim Corbett National Park

Corbett National Park is one of the best wildlife destinations. Tourists come here from every corner of the world to visits the park. Due to the countless number of visitors Corbett is best spot for hotel industry. There are around 80 waiting for you to make your tour memorable one ranging from luxury to budget one.
All the resorts of Corbett national park are well decorated and almost all resort offer modern animates facilities. If we talk about luxury resort in Corbett; Country Inn Resort in Corbett and are two among most awaited resorts in Corbett.
Country Inn Resort In Corbett: one of the luxurious and eco friendly resorts in Corbett. The main attraction of Country Inn Resort in Corbett is tree top cottage, glass bedrooms surrounded by mango trees along with a number of adventure sports.
Solluna Resort In Corbett: Another name of luxury in Corbett. Solluna Resort Corbett is spread across the land of 25 acre. The resort will always be your reliable accommodation partner in your Corbett tour. The Cottage of Corbett sollun resort designed with materials like hardness of rocks to fluidity of water, the sense of fragrance which houses a small pond emanating a particular floral fragrance all the time.
For More Information:

Exploring Beautiful Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is one of the beautiful states of Northern India. Thousands of people from all around the world plan for Himachal Tour every year. People sometimes call this place ‘Lands of Gods’ as it is a great center of numerous religious places. It is a favorite place for different kinds of tourists like nature lovers, adventure seekers and pilgrims from all over the world. It is a favorite destination for honeymoon couples also as it has lots of hill stations like Manali, Shimla, Dharamshala and many others. If you are a nature lover, adventure seeker or any pilgrim then you should explore Himachal Pradesh in a nice way by taking the help of Himachal tour packages.
Himachal Pradesh is a beautiful place and it is blessed with beautiful landscape, spectacular natural grandeur and many other things. This Dev ‘Bhumi’ is nestled amidst the beautiful snow capped mountain peaks. Himachal Pradesh is a perfect destination for the tourists who are really interested in spending their vacation amidst the natural beauty.
There are various Himachal tour packages, which makes your trip easier and comfortable. Though the cost of any of the tour packages depends upon the number of days, numbers of tourists as well as facilities and comforts avail during the Himachal tour. The cost of Himachal tour packages include the transportation cost in exploring Himachal, accommodation selected, daily breakfast and dinner for the selected number of days, all applicable hotel taxes and service taxes. The costs of the Himachal tour packages do not include the cost of any of the entry ticket, cost of telephone or laundry, lunch and some other things. You can explore beautiful destinations of Himachal Pradesh nicely with the help of Himachal tour packages only.
As numbers of visitors visit this beautiful place every year, there are different kinds of hotels in Himachal which can accommodate a large of tourists of different kinds and status. In order to avoid any type of inconvenience, you can easily book your hotel through online. Hotels in Himachal offer a great service to their visitors. Most of the hotels in Himachal are located at a nice place and have neat and clean room. These hotels of Himachal offer their best services to the tourists as the staffs of these hotels are well mannered and the hotels are also equipped with maximum modern amenities required by the tourists. Tourists also enjoy mouth water dishes of Himachal in the restaurant of these hotels.

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Chardham Yatra 2012-Ultimate Itinerary For The Annual Hindu Festival

With an endeavor to revive Hinduism, the great Hindu reformer Adi Shankaracharya founded the Chardham Yatra during the 8th century AD. The name “Char Dham” rightfully refers to four abodes of the Almighty, namely Gangotri, representing Ganga-the godess of power, Kedarnath depicting the dwelling of Lord Shiva, Badrinath symbolizing the home of Lord Vishnu and Yamnotri signifying the godess of strength Yamuna. Housed at the Himalayan base of Garhwal (Uttaranchal), all the aforesaid locations find a great religious reverence amongst the Hindus and are associated with divine mythical legends.

Hindus believe that visiting the Char Dhams will obliterate thei1`r sins and exonerate their souls from the shackles of immorality. Hence every year, Hindus make headway and adore the Char Dham Yatra by their presence. Though the calendar for the annual Chardham Yatra 2012 has not yet been revealed, it will possibly begin around the month of April, continuing right till Diwali.

The wide-ranging geographical aspects that will embellish the Chardham Yatra 2012 include Kempty fall Mussoorie, Hari Ki Peri Haridwar, Bandar punch view, Yamuna River, Sri Yamunotri Temple, Prakateshwar Cave, Kashi Vishwnath Temple, Shakti Temple, Sri Gangotri Temple, Bhagirathi River, Mandakini River, Tehri Dam, Sonpryag, Gaurikund Sri Kedarnath Temple, Sri Narsingh Temple, Alaknanda River, Dholi River, Adi Sankracharya Samadhi, Sri Badrinath Temple, Vishnuprayag, Ganesh Gufa, Byas Gufa, Saraswati River, Bheem Pul, Pinder River, Mana Village, Devprayag, Nandakini River, Rishikesh and Laxman Jhoola.

With this auspicious ceremony imminent in coming year, the tourism will see a grand boost with millions of tourists pouring in to enjoy the blessings of the Hindu deities. The hospitality sector needs to gird up their loins and be ready to face the inundation of disciples for Chardham Yatra 2012. It is beyond doubt that the hotels in Uttarkashi would be flooded with people, out to bask in the glory of the yatra. Following are some of the most sought after hotels in Uttarkashi for this propitious purpose:-

Shikhar Nature Resort- Situated on the banks of river Ganga and circumscribed by mountain cliffs, this is one of the best accommodations at Uttarkashi, located 5 km from the place. Shikhar Resort is an idyllic place for savoring nature’s beauty. It is also a good adventure ground for Rock-climbing, Jummering and Rappelling.

Shivlinga Tourist Complex- An ideal place renowned for nature cure, this resort is one of the biggest hotels in Uttarkashi. Equipped with well-ventilated, specious & well-furnished rooms and a panoramic view of the Ganges, this hotel is priority for the tourists.

Shivparivar Resort- It is a riverside luxurious hotel at Uttarkashi, the alleyway of Gangotri. With its various exotic facilities like well furnished room, it is one of the most frequented hotels in Uttarkashi.

Monal Tourist Home- With a gamut of lucrative facilities like pick and drop, laundry, internet, library and a souvenir shop, it is ideal resort, near to Haridwar railway station, to relish in the picturesque serenity of Uttarkashi.

Elements Hotel- Offering 3 star amenities like ethnic food, spacious suites and subtle elegance, living at Elements hotel can be an unforgettable experience.

Fort Unchagaon-With various exotic suites, recreational facilities and dining halls, ‘Splendid’ is the only word that spurs out when a person visits this resort.

Hotel KNB Heritage- Located just 400 meter from Uttarkashi’s central bus stand, one of this elegant hotels in Uttarkashi is providing lucrative amenities like laundry, medical service, taxi service, bicycles on hire etc.

All these Hotels in Uttarkashi are idyllic locations to woo. So, why wait and let grass grow under your feet, rather than book one of the aforementioned paradigm resorts and make the Chardham Yatra 2012 the most memorable one?

Comfortable Stay in Chital Tourist Lodge, Sundarban

Sundarban National Park is a world famous park which is located in the state of West Bengal. This park is well known for its mangrove forests other than its main attractions like tiger and many other important animals. People from all around the world visit this famous national park mainly during the winters as during this period you will get the opportunity to watch maximum migratory words.

Apart from mangrove forest, Sundarban is also famous as a home to Royal Bengal Tigers. Here you will find a higher concentration of tigers so usually wild life enthusiasts from all over the world visit this Sundarban which got its name from a famous Sundari trees. For thousands of wild life lovers there are various staying options for tourists but Chital tourist lodge, Sundarban is a great place for tourists. It is an ideal accommodation for tourists. It is an excellent tourist lodge which is run by the government. Most of the wild life lovers wish to stay at this lodge as it is located amidst the mangrove tree forest of Sundarban and offers the best opportunity to explore the famous Sundarban sanctuary nicely.

Chital tourist lodge, Sundarban offers the best accommodation facilities to the tourists. In this government lodge, there are 30 double bedded rooms equipped with entire modern amenities in order to offer a convenient and comfortable stay to the tourists. The rooms of this lodge are adequately designed in such a way that it offers the best comforts to the tourists in addition to its excellent facilities and quality services.

Dining facilities of this resort is also excellent. At this Chital tourist lodge Sundarban, the tourists are offered 3 times meals in a day. The meals of this lodge are famous for tasty mouth watering dishes which are responsible for pampering your taste buds. You will compel to say that the dinning and the staying facilities of this tourist lodge are excellent.

Here in this tourist lodge, you will also enjoy various recreational facilities. This tourist lodge offers you the some recreation like:

  • Tours to the tiger projects.

  • Watercraft services to Nimkhana, Lothian, Bhagabatpur and Holiday Islands.

  • Transportation and Bus Services from Sunderbans to Kolkata.

  • You can hire tourist launches from the Tourist Bureau.

  • You can enjoy cruise by a special dedicated motor boat through the famous mangroves.

  • Apart from all these facilities, you can enjoy 24 hours reception, telephone/fax facilities, car parking and many others.

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How to Book Online Safari in Corbett

Away from the exhausting pollution of the cities, Jim Corbett wild life sanctuary offers a fascinating and energizing respite for the visitors. This natural habitat enthralls nature lovers with its mysterious beauty of a large variety of flora and fauna. Corbett National Park in India offers a fascinating diversity of wildlife as well as irresistible natural scenic beauty. The national park offers ample opportunities for the tourists to have close and thrilling encounters with Indian wild life. This fine park has retained its primevieal ambience despite heavy tourist inflow. Positioned in the foothills of the majestic Himalayas it is essentially a low valley surrounded by picturesque lake, evergreen deciduous forests and emerald grasslands

A visit to the Corbett National Park is undoubtedly the most memorable, exhilarating and adventurous experience of one’s life. If you want to have a look at the flora and fauna of this place conveniently, Jeep Safari in Corbett National Park is your best bet. The Holiday packages for Corbett are different than traditional tour packages. Corbett holiday packages can be customized according to the personal requirements of the tourists. Trekking in the jungle along with the jeep safari in the Jim Corbett is the best way to explore this awe inspiring region.

Corbett Safari jeep tour package can be conveniently booked online with the click of the button or through telephonic assistance. You can visit any travel website and get Online Safari Booking in Corbett done in advance to facilitate your stay in the park.

The jungle jeep safari enthralls the tourists and offers the chance of seeing the Himalayan bear, Yellow throated Martens, Leopards, Otters, Barking deers, Nightjars, the Bengal Tiger, over 500 species of birds and a variety of aquatic animals. In a jeep safari you will be accompanied with a local driver and an experienced naturalist. They assist in wild life tracking during the safari excursions in the park.

To Book online your Jungle Jeep Safari in advance, you have to furnish the name, age, gender, Passport or driving number and your mobile number on the internet. You must carry your ID proof to support your identity. Online jeep safari booking is also available for the benefit of the tourist. It provides hassle free and efficient booking and thus minimizes stress. Jeep Safari in Corbett National Park will give you a chance to see the animals in their natural environment.

The jeep safari allows the wildlife enthusiast to cover large distances in the jungle in a short span of time, allowing tourists, wildlife lovers and photographers to cover large tracts of the park in a day. Open jeep roofs allow for a panoramic view of the wild jungle. The vehicle also provides ample security to the animal watchers.

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Kedarnath Yatra From Delhi

Kedarnath is one of the most eminent Dhaam of Chardham Yatra . According to Hindu legends, it is a second home of lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and here’s journey gives long, healthy and prosperous life. You can worship one of the 12 holy Jotirling of lord Shiva; along with it, you can also seen Adi Shankaracharya’s Samadhi and many kundas here.

If you want to feel Almighty’s divinity then we offer you a very attractive package which transport you comfortably and safely in Kedarnath .

Kedarnath yatra – it’s a 5 days, 4 nights spiritual tour which covers Delhi , Haridwar, Srinagar , Garhwal, Rudurprayag , Guptkashi, Gaurikund , Kedarnath , Devprayag ,Rishikesh. A very nice package provides you hygienic accommodations and fresh cuisine all over the journey. With this package, you can explore almost every famous temple and place of Garhwal region of Kedarnath route. Aarti darshan at Haridwar and Kedarnath darshan is the best part of the tour.

Kedarnath Darshan enriches your mind and soul with divinity’s blessing and natures love It’s a grand experience of spirituality. It is a chance to say lord thanks for his blessing and sorry for our sins. So book your tour and pack your bag for a spiritual journey

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Role of Corbett National Park in Indian Tourism Industry

India is a nation with dissimilar environmental surroundings. The unique diversity of India attracts millions of tourists from every nook and corner of the world. Nature lovers find solace and tranquility in the wide variety of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries that are found in India. These parks and sanctuaries are well protected in India and no human intervention is permitted. These spots not only protect the affluent flora and fauna of the nation but at the same time they attract lot of tourists round the year. Jim Corbett National Park of India is one of the oldest sheltered regions in the country. This park was discovered in the year 1936 by the Governor of United Province (Uttarakhand in British era). Presently this park is situated in the foothills of Himalayas in the currently established Uttarakhand state. The park is declared as a reserve for the Bengal tigers.

Several tourists come to Corbett each year to feel the picturesque beauty and attractiveness of nature which has given a major boost to the tourism of India. Every year the number of tourists is augmenting but Jim Corbett never appears crowded and is successful in offering desired isolation and peace for which it is known. In a short span of time, Corbett has adorned itself as the center of tourism in the country. The stirring victory of ecotourism in Jim Corbett has lent a hand in creating it as a major tourist center. Jim Corbett has positively contributed in changing the old picture of tourism in India. Corbett National Park is the primary choice with majority of the wildlife visitors coming from different countries all over the world and has earned an approximate profit of Rs 310 lakh for the tourism department of Uttarakhand, which is perhaps 90% of the total tourism revenue earned by the state.

These days the wildlife sightseeing at Corbett National park provides grand opportunity for seeing different wild animals in their natural environment. Going for a vacation to the Corbett National Park will be a wonderful experience for people of all ages and one can discover the best that Indian Forests have to offer. It goes without saying that ever since Uttarakhand emerged as a state on the map of India; the amazing Corbett National park has contributed significantly in increasing the wildlife tourism. It has grown by leaps and bounds in the last decade and given a major boost to the tourist industry of India.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Discount In Badrinath Hotels

Badrinath is a famous pilgrimage of Hindu, one of most important sites of Chardham Yatra. It is unfathomably natural beauty and great architecture of temple attract tourist towards this place. If you want to do worship in lord Vishnu’s oldest temple then you are most welcome.

For your comfortable and full enjoyment, we offer you best Badrinath hotels.

Hotel Dwarikesh- It’s a moderate price Hotel of Badrinath provides you 2 bedded and 4-bedded rooms with attach bath electricity back up and 24-hour room service.

Hotel Nanda Residency- A nice Hotel with very pleasant surrounding. Badrinath temple is only 5-minute walking distance from Hotel.

Hotel Narayan Palace- It offer 40 well clean rooms with all current facilities attach Bath , colour T.V. in room, 24 hour room service Doctor on call, safe deposit facilities parking , Laundry etc.

Hotel Sarovar Portico- Finest four-star hotel of Badrinath . A centrally heated Hotel with current and modern facilities like attach clean bath colour T.V. dining and conference facilities laundry, 24power back up etc.

Hotel Snow Crest- A nicely build Hotel provides you facilities like all major credit cards accepted CCTV, clean and quality lines, laundry, T.V., attach bath etc. Hotel is only 500 meter away from temple.

All hotels of Badrinath are well cleaned and provide you warm hospitality so pack your bag and enjoy the company of god.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ok Right! Wanna Tour Of Jim Corbett National Park

Ok right you are ready to enjoy the thrill of jim Corbett park, pack your bag and start. But are you conform you will enjoy the tour? Is Corbett prefect for your wildlife tour? If yes then why? And the most important question is whether we go for the tour to ourselves or should hire and travel agent to maximise the joy of the tour. These are the common question which we have to think about. Jim Corbett is not single wildlife reserve in India. It’s true that Corbett Park India is one of the biggest and naturally grown forests in India and situated on the shivalik range of Himalaya.

The first point thinks on which we have to think about before booking our tour is, why Corbett park! For Delhights and people of near places, the national park is easy to accesses. But the accessibility is not a single point. The park which is feed by three rivers has richest verity of wild spices and also play important role in Indian tourism Industry. So Corbett must be a good wildlife spot for Indian wildlife tour.

Now move towards the second question, is Corbett prefect for you and your family wildlife tour? The answer obviously yes. The park which has prime place in Indian tourism Industry and in Indian Wildlife Spots is undoubtedly the best wildlife destination for everyone. There are too many hotels and resorts situated on the outer edge of Jim Corbett National Park India rendering form luxury to budget one, to make your stay easy during Corbett tour.

The question which is very important for every tour whether it’s of Corbett or elsewhere is, whether we do Corbett tour to ourselves or hire any Corbett tour expert? One can do any tour every easily to their selves. But travel agents, who are expert, know the destination best and must give you best value of money as well. They have ability to maximise the joy of your tour. After booking the tour from any expert you just need to pack your bag and get ready to enjoy. And on the other hand if you are performing the tour to yourself, you need to book hotels, safaris and also have to ready with full information related to your tour as necessary documents, clothing, best time for the tour, availability of hotels etc. whereas travel agent will guide how to do the tour and all the necessary information regarding the tour.

It’s sure if you seriously consider on all above points then return with life time experience of Corbett tour.

A Nice Offer For Ranthambore Vacation

Vacation season is started and Ranthambore National Park is ready to welcoming you with its supreme beauty and adventure .if you want to enjoy Ranthambore’s beauty but you are little budget conscious then no need to worry because we give you up to 20% discount on our all Ranthambore packages.

Ranthambore national park well known national park of Rajasthan as well as India. It is famous for Royal Bengal tiger and richest flora and fauna. Beside wild animal and wild beauty you can also take pleasure from Ranthambore fort and many tal(pound)which located in park . To take full pleaser from the park we offer you some money and time saving packages. Our packages are

Ranthambore weekend tour (2 days /1 night)
Ranthambore tour (2 Night/ 3Days)
Ranthambore tour with Taj Mahal (5 Night/ 6 days)
Ranthambore with Golden Triangle (7 Night /8 days)
Ranthambore tour with Rajasthan (15Night/ 16 days)

These Ranthambore Tour Packages are incomparable in service. You can easily opt any of them as per your desire with discount but hurry up! Because discount’s duration is limited so book your tour and enjoy the royalness of Ranthambore

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hotels In Haridwar And Uttarkashi For Comfortable Chardham Yatra

Haridwar is located amidst attractive surroundings. It is located at the base of Shivalik hills where the river Ganga, which is coming down from the Himalayas, meets the plains. Haridwar is a beautiful place and it is famous as ‘The gateway to the Gods’. It is also famous by some other names like Gangadwar, Mayapuri and Tapovan as it is the gateway of the four important pilgrimage of Uttarakhand. It is said that the Haridwar got its name from the rishis in its prehistoric times. Lots of tourists visit this important pilgrimage center every year to offer their prayer in the holy Ganga River. In order to accommodate thousands of tourists every time round the year, there are numerous hotels in Haridwar. Each of the hotels of Haridwar offers its best services to the guests of the hotels. Some of the unique Hotels in Haridwar are:
Aalia Resort In Haridwar: It is a luxurious hotel which is situated on the banks of the majestic river Ganga. Each and every rooms of this hotel offers a world class accommodation. The location of the hotel is very close to the nature so the guests enjoy the stunning natural beauty also along with the comforts of the luxurious hotel.
Alpana Hotel In Haridwar: This hotel is well known for its luxurious service with the help of serviceable staffs. It is located very closely to a holy bathing ghat, Har-Ki-Pauri. It is located at such a place that you can easily enjoy a holy feeling of the city. It is a perfect place for tourists and the pilgrims. This hotel also offers various other facilities for rejuvenation like Spa, Massage and Yoga in order to have a perfect relaxation for the customers.
Like this Uttarkashi is also a holy town which is situated on the banks of river Bhagirathi. It is said to be a religious place having similar importance as kasha. Uttarkashi which is known as the kashi of North spreads all along the river Ganges which is known as Bhagirathi. This place is also famous as a base camp for Char Dham yatra and it is also famous as climbing and trekking destinations of the Garhwal Himalayas. Thousands of tourists round the year visit this place and in order to accommodate them in proper way there are numbers of comfortable hotels in Uttarkashi. Some of the famous Hotels of Uttarkashi are Hotel Shiv Parivar Resort, Hotel Aakash Ganga, Hotel Abhinandan, Hotel Divine Palace and many others.

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Best Way to Find out a Suitable hotel in Corbett

Corbett National Park is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the Uttarakhand region of Northern India. it is not only famous as a wild life park but it is also known for its excellent climate all round the year as well for the rich diversity of flora and fauna.
Tourism in this area is growing day by day. So a large number of hotels have been set up in Corbett. There are large numbers of Hotels in Corbett which varies in shapes and sizes. You can easily find out a large five star resort as well facilities of budget accommodation too. There are large numbers of hotels in Corbett which suits to your specific requirement. So it is not hard to find out the hotels in Corbett as per your suitability due to a large range of hotels in Corbett of different categories.
Most of the visitors are conscious enough to reside in the hotels which are in close contact with the nature. There are many hotels in the Corbett where you can enjoy the thrilling experience of wild life and also a close proximity to the mighty Himalayas. Most of the hotels in Corbett offer their guests a thrilling outdoor experience along with the indoor comforts.

Perfect Escapade in The Lap Of Nature With Adventure Tour In Sunderban

Bestowed with the world’s richest reserves of flora and fauna, Sundarban national park, is one of the biggest wild life sanctuaries in India. Famous for being one of the largest tiger reserves in India, Sunderban is a perfect vacationing spot for the animal lovers. There are huge varieties of rare species of plants and animals that are taken good care of by the authorities. Sunderban is also well known for being the largest delta in the world, formed by the deposition of the river Ganges, Meghna and Brahmaputra. Due to its beautiful natural environment and wide species of plants and animals, hundreds od people visit the park every year to get a glimpse of the wild life. A number of hotels in sunderban provide for a safe and comfortable stay.

The lush green fields, crystal clear lakes, and the mangrove forest provides for a perfect getaway spot for ones looking for some adventure and fun. “Sundarban” the term is derived from the mangrove trees, known as the Sundari, as the area is filled with a dense cover of mangrove trees. The main wild animals that can be found here are the tiger, elephant, chital, deer, monkey, crocodiles and many more. The rare snake variety of the Indian python and the vicious cobra can also be seen here. One can also come across exotic birds such as the Caspian tern, large egret, paradise flycatcher, herring bull etc. Birding is also a fun activity at the sundarbans. Being a tropical rain forest the best time to visit the sunderban national park is the winters. Apart from animals and birds, sunderban has some of the best varieties of flora in the world. There are saltwater mixed forest, mangrove scrub and mangrove forest. The trees variety includes Kankar, garjan, genwa, dhundal, passur and many more.

One can get top class accommodation facilities at the sunderbans. There are many rest houses, amazing forest lodges and hotels in Sunderban that allows you to watch the activities of the wild animals closely in their own natural environment. Hotels and lodges are available in Piyali, Bakhkhali and sajnekhali. There are also many jungle camps where one can have a fun time with friends. Both budget and luxury hotels can be booked in the Sunderbans. Multicuisine food options are available in the hotels, with comfortable room and efficient sevices by the hotel staff. Sunderbans Jungle Camp, Sunderbans Tiger Camp, Sunder Chital Tourist Lodge Sunderban Mangrove Retreat, is some of the major places of accommodation in the sunderbans.

The Glory Of Ranthambore National Park And History

Ranthambore has a rich in history. This area was under the control of the Rajput King Hamir. But they were defeated by Ala-ud-din Khilji’s. Ranthambore declare is one of the biggest park which is renovated by Rajasthan Government. The national park is suited in Sawai Madhopur which is a well know city of Rajasthan, which is just 130 kilometer from Jaipur. The history reached of highest dignity of tiger when king Akbar won this place. Firstly the former rulers of Jaipur felt the need to protection for this area. If we will look for this history then we will come to know, this place.


Ranthambore National park has rich history, everybody wants come here for visiting. It is famous for tiger hunting. Now there is restriction for hunting and we can say its former hunting ground of the maharaja of Jaipur. Ranthambore is also famous for its old Ganesha Temple. Hanuman-Langur monkeys are very much resided at this Ganesh Temple. At this particular temple the monkeys are encouraged to eat human food.

Today Ranthambhor National Park is major attraction of Rajasthan tourism or you can say its big wild life tourist attraction. Its generate a big tourist business in Rajasthan, foreigners are wants to visit this place once so its a source getting foreign currency. Local person gets business by this park and from foreigners also.

The attraction of Ranthambore National Park is very long Ranthambhore Fort is one among then. Its spread almost 6 to 7 kilometer area. It is believed the Ranthambore fort is the oldest forts built in India. Many Mugal emperor and Rajput king fought war for this fort. The Excellency of the best construction of the Ranthambore Fort can be seen in its enduring structures even today, every visitor be it outside of India or inside of India wants to enjoy visiting of this fort. Many temples suited in Ranthambore Fort, including a temple to Lord Ganesh and a temple to Lord Hanuman, but Ganesha Temple is most famous here.

This park’s spreading area of 1334 square feet. It’s a best place to view animal. Its suited between Aravali and Vidhyachal hill range, and this is most famous for tigers, which we can see here easily and everybody know it well that tiger is a nation animal of India, photographer used to enjoy this place as wild life photography. Ranthambore is favorite destination for wildlife photographers in India.

In the year of 1955 the Government of India established the national park as Sawai Madhopur Game Sanctuary and was declared as Project Tiger reserve in the year of 1973. Later the glorious sanctuary is declared as Ranthamnore National Park in 1980 and in 1984 adjacent forests was declared the Sawai Man Singh Sanctuary and Keladevi Sanctuary, which are in now park of the national park.

Rajasthan Tour with India Hotels In Rajasthan- A Regal Escapism

Encased by the Great Thar Desert, Rajasthan is often referred as the ‘Land ok Kings’. What justifies this name is the aura of valor, heroism, historical grandeur and aristocracy associated with this state in northwestern India. Rajasthan is a treasure house of majestic forts, exquisitely carved temples, grand havelis, colorful fair and festivals. Once the motherland of Rajput kings, now Rajasthan is one of the most chased places in India. Thousand of footfalls throng this place every day. The state is bedecked with enchanting cities like Jaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Mount Abu, Udaipur and Bharatpur. Rajasthan Tour India will give you the exclusive opportunity to visit this noble medieval kingdom and the Hotels in Rajasthan will endow you with some of the best services with a royal touch.

lake palace udaipur, rajasthan

Rajasthan Tour India is a grand tour to some of the most majestic places in this princely state. You can either choose for a self-planned tour or you can book any of the package tours to Rajasthan. It offers a mixed bag of everything a tourist wishes for. Some of the major tourist attractions of this state are Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Pushkar Lake, Mehrangarh Fort, Moti Mahal, Jaisalmer Fort, City Palace, Lake Palace, Junagarh Fort, Dilwara Temple and a lot many. For tension free trip you can easily opt for a suitable package as per your budget and expediency. Imperial Rajasthan Tour Package, Golden Triangle Tour, Rural Tour of Rajasthan, Rajasthan Heritage Tour, Rajasthan with Agra Tour, Rajasthan Train Tour, Rajasthan Wildlife Tour are few of the best packages offered by the agencies. Your anxiety for booking a hotel, your worry of hiring a car and travel guide and your hunt for good food will be solved by these packages. If you come to Rajasthan don’t miss the authentic Rajasthani cuisine comprising of dal bati churma, lal mans, gatte ki sabzi, ghevar and sohan halwa.

holidayinn jaipur, rajasthanHotels in Rajasthan enjoys a worldwide popularity owing to their royal ambiance, richly carved interiors and noble guest relation. The historical grandeur and regal aura of the Rajputs are reflected from these hotels. The heritage hotels and luxury hotels will give a glimpse of kingly pleasures with the top-notch international level infrastructural amenities. The standard hotels too, excel in terms of hospitality, affable services and homely atmosphere. Some of the reputed hotels in Rajasthan are Hotel Rambagh Palace, Hotel Ajit Bhawan Palace, Jawahar Niwas Palace, LeMeridein Hotel, Park Plaza, Chandra Inn, Kadam Kunj and Hotel Hillock. Rajasthan’ hotels accurately justify the phrase ‘Athiti Devo Bhabha’.

Rajasthan Tour with India Hotels In Rajasthan- A Regal Escapism

Encased by the Great Thar Desert, Rajasthan is often referred as the ‘Land ok Kings’. What justifies this name is the aura of valor, heroism, historical grandeur and aristocracy associated with this state in northwestern India. Rajasthan is a treasure house of majestic forts, exquisitely carved temples, grand havelis, colorful fair and festivals. Once the motherland of Rajput kings, now Rajasthan is one of the most chased places in India. Thousand of footfalls throng this place every day. The state is bedecked with enchanting cities like Jaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Mount Abu, Udaipur and Bharatpur. Rajasthan Tour India will give you the exclusive opportunity to visit this noble medieval kingdom and the Hotels in Rajasthan will endow you with some of the best services with a royal touch.
Rajasthan Tour India is a grand tour to some of the most majestic places in this princely state. You can either choose for a self-planned tour or you can book any of the package tours to Rajasthan. It offers a mixed bag of everything a tourist wishes for. Some of the major tourist attractions of this state are Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Pushkar Lake, Mehrangarh Fort, Moti Mahal, Jaisalmer Fort, City Palace, Lake Palace, Junagarh Fort, Dilwara Temple and a lot many. For tension free trip you can easily opt for a suitable package as per your budget and expediency. Imperial Rajasthan Tour Package, Golden Triangle Tour, Rural Tour of Rajasthan, Rajasthan Heritage Tour, Rajasthan with Agra Tour, Rajasthan Train Tour, Rajasthan Wildlife Tour are few of the best packages offered by the agencies. Your anxiety for booking a hotel, your worry of hiring a car and travel guide and your hunt for good food will be solved by these packages. If you come to Rajasthan don’t miss the authentic Rajasthani cuisine comprising of dal bati churma, lal mans, gatte ki sabzi, ghevar and sohan halwa.
Hotels in Rajasthan enjoys a worldwide popularity owing to their royal ambiance, richly carved interiors and noble guest relation. The historical grandeur and regal aura of the Rajputs are reflected from these hotels. The heritage hotels and luxury hotels will give a glimpse of kingly pleasures with the top-notch international level infrastructural amenities. The standard hotels too, excel in terms of hospitality, affable services and homely atmosphere. Some of the reputed hotels in Rajasthan are Hotel Rambagh Palace, Hotel Ajit Bhawan Palace, Jawahar Niwas Palace, LeMeridein Hotel, Park Plaza, Chandra Inn, Kadam Kunj and Hotel Hillock. Rajasthan’ hotels accurately justify the phrase ‘Athiti Devo Bhabha’.

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Dev Vilas Resort And Hotel Raj Palace Ranthambore A Regal Abode In The Kingdom Of The Wild

Dev Vilas Resort RanthamboreOnce the most illustrious hunting ground of the Maharajas of Jaipur and now the territory of a diverse species of flora and fauna, Ranthambore continues to allure people since ages. This exotic national park located in the Sawai Madhopur district of southeastern Rajasthan, is the harbor of the most esteemed members of the cat family, the tigers. The perfect amalgamation of impeccable scenic beauty and the lifetime opportunity to view the wildlife in their natural habitat will feast your eyes. Ranthambore is a perfect holiday destination for wildlife fanatics and nature lovers. Thousand of footfalls march into this place every day, making it great also for hotels and resorts. Hotels in Ranthambore offer their guests with both luxury and standard accommodations facilities, so a luxury hotel like Dev Vilas Resort as well as a standard hotel like Hotel Raj Place Ranthambore is equally in demand.

Ranthambore Hotels are nestling amidst the breathtaking natural aura and are the perfect sojourn for tranquility and comfort. Their unobtrusive gracious hospitality and swift services will impress you to the fullest. There are a number of luxuries, deluxe and standard hotels in Ranthambore, as per your need and budget. Accessible location, good food, 24 hour room service, parking facilities, attached bathroom, medicinal facilities are some of the basic arrangements of these hotels. The more you spend; the quality and quantity of services will get better and even better.

Dev Vilas Resort Ranthambore is situated on 3.5 acres of land at the edge of the Ranthambore National Park. Its intrinsic structure and artistic ambience remind us of the hunting lodges of the Rajput Maharajas. This deluxe hotel is placed in an eco-friendly zone and is adorned with 28 rooms consisting of 19 deluxe rooms, 7 tented bungalows and 2 suits of different colors, d├ęcor and style. Every top qualities of services is available here, starting from multi cuisine restaurants, bar, travel desk, swimming pool, parking facilities, laundry service, STD/ ISD facility and so on. With Dev Vilas Resort enjoy the royal moments of life.

Hotel Raj Palace Ranthambore on the contrary is a pocket friendly standard hotel. Situated only 2km from the Ranthambore National Park, the hotel is a perfect example of aesthetically pleasant and comfortable reside in an affordable price. The hotel offers you fully furnished rooms, delicious food and amiable and friendly services by the staffs in the vicinity of the wildlife. The clean and pictorial gardens enclosing the hotel will free you from every stress of life.

A Delightful Tryst With Wildlife And Nature

Infinity Resort in CorbettJim Corbett National Park is the ultimate retreat for nature and wild life lovers. Spread across a huge area in the city of Uttaranchal, Corbett national park is one of the most spectacular Wild life sanctuaries in India. The perfect destination for adventure lovers Corbett national park is a Haven for animals and birds. It consists of wide stretch of hills, grasslands and placid lakes. Densely populated with deciduous forest, it is a home to exotic animals like Tigers. Elephant, Mongoose, Otter, Crocodile, sloth black bear etc. The excursion tours offered by the resorts and the park provide you with amazing glimpses of these rare wildlife resources. There are several resorts with which one can enjoy their stay, The Infinity Resort in Corbett and the Corbett River view Retreat in Corbett are the two of the most popular resorts in the park.

Situated amidst the dense greenery of the silent woods the Infinity Resort in Corbett can get you as close to nature and wildlife as possible. The wooden rafts and the wooden dome shaped ceilings work to give a feel of the forest ambience. The resort is equipped with all sorts of modern facilities, to make your long planned adventure tour a complete success. One can observe the animals closely in their natural habitat while staying in this resort. Twin bedded spacious rooms with attached bathrooms, makes your stay extremely comfortable and private balconies with breathtaking views of the outside add to the ultimate luxury. Local marble stones and terracotta tiles beautifully decorate the hotel. All types of accommodations are available to suit your budget. Multi cuisine facilities are available to suit all needs. Welcome drinks are offered to each visitor on arrival.

The Corbett River View Retreat resort placed along the boundary of the national park is a luxury resort with an excellent view of the park. Extremely charming looks and serene ambience allows you to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing holiday away from the hassle of city life. Located on the bank of river Kosi, the scenic view that one can enjoy from the resort is absolutely extraordinary. There are exclusive villas and private lodges facilitated with gardens and private kitchen that takes complete care of your privacy. You can sit in the garden and enjoy a drink with your family soaking in the bliss of nature’s beauty. Other contemporary facilities like swimming pools, multi cuisine restaurant, play stations are also available along with a bar and Bar-B-Q option to add fun to your perfect family getaway.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Rajasthan Seeks Trial Of Armymen Accused Of Poaching Chinkaras

The Rajasthan government in its letter to the Union defence minister AK Antony has sought trial of the army personnel, who have been accused of killing chinkaras, under the wildlife Act. The letter comes days after armymen dwelling in Rajasthan, as part of the then desert war games, were accused of killing three chinkaras and feasted on them in Barmer. The Chinkaras are protected animals under the wildlife protection act.
The army has already started a court of inquiry into the incident. It’s learnt that the accused did not appear before the forest officials, conducting inquiry into the matter.
Revealing more content of the letter, forest minister Bina Kak said that her ministry had complained about the non-appearance of the accused before the state inquiry committee. However, Kak said that there are no concrete evidences to take strict punitive measures against the accused but she has sought strict action against the accused.
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Armed Police Gun Down Tigress

Kaziranga National ParkAn adult tigress was shot dead by Assam Police at Kaziranga National Park after it entered into the residential settlement and reportedly attacked people near the Kohara forest range of the national park.
Assam chief wildlife warden Suresh Chand reveals a two-member inquiry committee had been formed under the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA). Members, Jyoti Das and Firoz Ahmed, belong to the NTCA.
Talking to the media, Chand further discloses that the NTCA had formed the committee to conduct inquiry into the killing. The authority, he adds, received the information of the killing soon after the incident took place.
Meanwhile, Kaziranga National Park director Surajit Dutta informs the media that the tigress was shot dead at Bosagaon near Kohora forest range early morning. Dutta adds that the armed personnel shot the tigress after it tried to attack the people in the area.
The tigress, official claim, had wrecked havoc in the settlement areas in the vicinity. Prior to the killing of the tigress, it had already wounded two persons, including a local media personnel. Police used force after it attacked another person, according to an official.
The wounded media personnel, Ranjit Rajak, said that the tigress attacked him on the back when he was trying to capture images of the incident.
It’s learnt that back in April this year, officials had discovered a tiger carcass at Kathanibari forest camp of the park’s Kohara forest range. Officials have not yet known the reason of the death. In a similar incident, another adult tigress was found dead on a sand island of Brahmputra incident earlier this year. Official suspect poisoning is the reason behind the killing.
Kaziranga has so far lost five tigers, mostly due to territorial fights. Kaziranga national park is considered to feature fourth highest tiger density in the nation. According to the latest NTCA report, the park has some15.92 tigers per 100 square km. As per estimates, there are nearly 106 tigers in an area of 830 sq km of the Kaziranga tiger reserve.
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Rajasthan Tour India Reflect The Style Of Royal Rajput Culture

Rajasthan TourThar Desert is the world’s most colorful desert and the province of Rajasthan truly reflect this multihued vibrancy through its people, fairs, festivals, costumes, art, dance and music. It is the cultural hub of diverse civilizations, each pouring its idiosyncratic essence in this land of golden sand-dunes. This vivacity is further glorified by the historical grandeur this state offers in the form of lofty palaces, royal forts and exquisitely whittled temples. Despite of extreme harshness proffered by this arid land, Rajasthan and its people has been able to maintain their primal ambience and cultural aristocracy making this place truly the ‘Land of Kings’. These are the two factors that primarily magnetize oodles of visitors towards this place. Rajasthan Cultural Tour and Historic Rajasthan Tour are the two most happening Rajasthan tour packages. These packages will accompany you to the cultural and historical havens of Rajasthan.
Rajasthan Cultural Tour is an extensive tour of 15days to some of the finest cultural sites in Rajasthan. The package generally covers places like Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Kumbalgargh, Udaipur, Bundi and Agra. All these cities mirror the Rajasthani culture and tradition beautifully. Some of the major attractions in this trip are City Palace, Jaipur Museum, Lallgarh Palace, Junagarh Fort, The Rat Temple, Kumbalgarh Fort, Garden of Maidens, Taj Mahal and Fatehpur Sikri. To further boost up your energy, a short trip to Ranthambore National Park inclusive of jeep safari has also been included. Jaipur will be your first destination and Agra will be the last. Shopping in all these places is a must because it is the only way by which you can re-live the memories of these places. Rajasthan is famed for its jewelleries, colorful ghagras, handicrafts and textile goods.
Historic Rajasthan Tour will take you back in the medieval era of the royal kings and queens and the package will make you feel like one of them. Places like Mandawa, Bikaner, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Udaipur, Ranakpur, Ajmer, Jaipur and Delhi is covered in a time span of 15days in this trip. The tour begins with an extensive sightseeing both in Old and New Delhi. In Rajasthan Mandawa under the Shekawati Region is the first destination which is famous for its colorful and houses and vibrant lifestyle of the residents. Karni Mata Temple, Jaisalmer Fort, Jain Temple, Mehrangarh Fort, Jaswant Thada, City Palace Museum, Chittorgarh Fort, Pushkar Lake, Jantar Mantar and Hawa Mahal are some other hot spot destinations of this package. The package will also take care of your food, accommodation and transport fares.

Chardham-Darshan.Com Launched New Web Design, one of the leading Chardham-specialised tour and travel companies, has launched a new look version of their official website. The new look has been optimised for enhanced usability, furnishing direct click numbers, quotes and right information on the front. The website with altogether looks simply fresh, captivating and soothing for easy navigation. The revamping of the is aimed at catapulting the website into the New Year as the pioneer in the industry. You can find a number of new features, which include:
  • Simplified interface allowing users to easily find information they are looking for.
  • Specialised Packages for 2012: includes a range of new schemes.
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  • Contact details on front, inviting you to directly communicate
  • Apart from Packages 2012, showcasing of Char Dham Bus Tour, Char Dham By Helicopter
  • Direct enquiry forms, allowing you to immediately contact the right person.
  • Simplistic and easy to load page helps access Chardham-Darshan page with utmost ease.
The refreshed Chardham Darshan website also features Kedarnath, Badrinath, and other Dham yatras. The new website has bigger and attractive font. To back its credibility, the site has a new section called ‘Client List 2011’, which features a long list of happy clients, with their testimonials.
Announcing the launch of the redesigned Char Dham Darshan, company managing director Mr. Tarun Shrivastava says, “2011 is all set to bid adieu and here comes 2012. New Year and new ideas. The Char Dham Darshan is our flagship website and is very important for us. The new design is likely to usher massive popularity of the website across the country.”
“The new design ensures tourists get maximum information and grab the deal without wasting a single second. Users are always in rush, and this is why, we need to serve them all on the forth."
Char Dham Darshan is one of the most favourite tour and travel Internet companies. It has been the most popular site in the year 2011. For more details and offerings, visit

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Kaziranga Tour Packages and Hotels Are Waiting For Your Auspicious Presence

  Kaziranga National ParkWe consider ourselves lucky if we are able to see a patch of clear sky in the morning. Excessive air pollution is turning our world into a big ball of gas chamber. All of us are becoming greedy of a little greenery and some fresh air. Probably this is the reason why forests attracts every individual sometime or the other. They are an outlet for relaxation and mental harmony. The Kaziranga National Park situated in the Golaghat and Nagaon districts of Assam is one such escape route in the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas. The place is a haven for a diverse breed of wildlife like one horned rhinos, tigers, sambar, wild boar, elephants and avifaunal species of birds. The place is accessed by nature lovers and wildlife fanatics from far across the world which has a positive impact on the Hotels in Kaziranga and Kaziranga Tour Packages. They are aiming to render best possible services in affordable prices to attract more and more visitors in this area.

Kaziranga Tour Packages offers a fairly wide range of touring services. All the packages ensure a safe, comfortable and pleasant trip for all the tourists. Food, accommodation and transport cost are included in all the packages to release you from the worries of normal touring. Some of the packages also include trip to other heritage sites without confining the tour only to Kaziranga. Weekend Kaziranga Tour Package, North East India and Kaziranga Tour Packages, Rhino Safari Tour Packages, Kaziranga Tour Packages with the Seven Sisters, Kaziranga Tour with Assam, Birding Tour Package are some of the best tour packages available. Jeep safari and elephant safari to the national park are common in all the packages. So just strike the best deal and commence your journey to this adventure land.
Hotels in Kaziranga offer some of the best services to their guests. Irrespective of the price, hospitality, warmth and comfort are some of the key characteristics common to all the hotels in Kaziranga. If you prefer to have a luxurious stay then Iora Resort, Grass Land Lodge, Landmark Woods, Jupuri Ghar, Nature Hunt Eco Camp are just the perfect names for you. Grand is the word that describes these hotels. On the other hand Boni Lodge, Dhansiri Resort, Aranya and Bagori Rest House are for people who choose a simple and economical accommodation over the luxury hotels. But be it luxury or standard hotels, their picturesque location and exotic surroundings is something to watch out for.

The Ultimate Mountaineering Expedition

Trekking in IndiaTo explore the unexplored creations of god is a different experience altogether. There is no better way to explore the mighty mountain ranges of India than Trekking in India. One of the leading adventure sports in India, trekking is a fun filled activity that has your adrenaline rushing even at the coolest of the temperature. In India, in the Himalayas alone there are numerous possibilities of skiing, trekking and river rafting. The garhwal, karakoram(k2) and the Kumaon regions are some of the best in India. The musical sound of the flowing river, pristine snow covered mountains and lush green valleys, doubles the excitement of the trekkers. Trekking enthusiasts have all the pleasure of delving into the ruggedly handsome mountain ranges, and loose themselves in the perfect harmony of nature. There are several trekking tours in the Kumaon, Garhwal, ladakh ranges. The roopkund trek, Indrahar pass trek and the Markha valley trek are some of the popular trekking ranges in India.

India being a country of surprises in blessed with myriad forms of terrains within its boundaries. From plains to plateau, from mountains and hills to deserts, India is a land of variety. Such variety facilitates different tourism options and adventure sports. Due to the presence of the magnificent Himalayas, trekking is a favorite option in India. Trekking in India takes place in several places like Kulu Bara Bangal trekking, Valley of flowers, Roopkund trekking, Dhauladhar trekking, Nukun Zanskar trekking, Padum Zanskar trekking, Pokhra Annapurna trekking, Lahaul valley trekking, Saurkundi pass, Milam glacier and many more. Majority of the trekking ranges exist in the Himalayas, making the Himalayan foothills a favorite trekking destination. It attracts several geologist, nature lovers and trekkers every year. Trekking in India has Rafting tour, jeep safari tour, motorbike tour and other different cultural tours.
The beautiful Markha valley is located along the Markha River, In the Himalayan region. Popularly known as the ‘little Tibet’ area, it is an ideal place for trekking. With the panoramic view of the great Himalayas it is one of the most populated areas in the region. The region has two high passes, elevated to 17400m, that one can cross while trekking, the beautiful stretches of wild roses, willow groves and the beautiful canyon is a sight that will remain etched in your memory forever. While trekking here one can also meet the nomadic families and pay a visit to the tiny monasteries built in the tranquility of nature. Thus Markha Valley Trek is an ultimate adventure expedition.

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Attractive Tour Packages Of Corbett

Jim Corbett National Park Most of the people especially who are the wild life lovers are interested in exploring the Corbett. They just want to spend their holidays in exploring Jim Corbett National Park. Exploring Corbett offers a unique experience for the wild life lovers. You can go by your own vehicle also in order to visit Corbett. But visiting Corbett with the help of tour packages is a great experience. There are different tour packages like Corbett Tiger tour, Corbett Fun Tour, Corbett Weakened tour, Corbett tour with Taj and many others. You have to decide of your own which tour suits you the most. You must plan your trip as per your comfort ability and suitability. Most of the places who are residing at the nearby places choose the Corbett weekend tour.
For most of the people Corbett weekend tour is the most appealing tour packages. This package suits to the people who resides to the nearby places and wants to explore the Corbett National Park in their weekends. It suits most to the people who just wants to refresh and rejuvenate for the further work in their offices. They just visit the Corbett in the weekends for a break from the busy daily routine.

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Residence In The Mesmerizing Cities Of Rajasthan

Home to numerous temples of different faith, the city of Ajmer is one of the holiest cities of Rajasthan. Thousands of tourist visit Ajmer every year for religious as well as vacation purposes. The city has a simple and healthy lifestyle. One can come across different live performances by folk dancers of Rajasthan; Puppet shows the city of Ajmer is full of fun and magic. Situated in the Northern part of Rajasthan Bikaner is the city of forts and many sand dunes. Popularly known as the country of camels the city provides with the best experience of camel rides in Rajasthan. There are several luxuries as well as Budget Hotels in Bikaner and Hotels in Ajmer, which provides an affordable stay for all class of people.
As Ajmer is known for being a heritage city as well as a holy town, several Hotels in Ajmer offers accommodation facilities to pilgrims and other tourist visiting the cities. One can find all kinds of hotels in Ajmer like Heritage Hotel, Luxury hotels, star hotels as well as Cheap and budget hotels to suit everyone’s needs. Mostly the hotels are situated close to the Dargah, which is the main attraction of the city. Some of the famous hotels in Ajmer are The Hotel Merwara palace Ajmer, Hotel Regency Ajmer, Phool Mahal palace , Rupangarh fort etc, the magnificent hotel Ambassador is famous for its palatial structure and luxurious stay. Apart from its temples and shrines the glorious city of Ajmer is also known for its well equipped educational institution.
Founded by Rao Bikaner in 1488 AD Bikaner is one of the most ancient cities of Rajasthan. A huge number of forts and fortresses are scattered allover Bikaner. It is Famous for its beautiful Havelis and the temples of Deshnoke and Junagarh. Visitors generally stay here for a night or two and then move over to the cities. In these two days people wander in the city, see temples and also check out the famous handicrafts of Rajasthan. However Hotels in Bikaner are no less facilitated than the hotels in other cities of Rajasthan. From 5 star luxury hotels to budgets hotels, Hotels in Bikaner provide for a comfortable stay and give you a feel of home away from home. Authentic Rajasthani delicacies are a speciality in these hotels. Hotel Harasar Haveli, Laxmi Niwas palace, Maan Bilas, Hotel kishan palace and Sriram hotel are some of the prominent hotels of Bikaner.

Journey To The Buddhist Stronghold Of Himalayas

Along with an exciting adventure sport, trekking is a wonderful exercise for your body and legs it is an on foot journey to places inaccessible by transport. Though difficult, the fun and excitement attached to trekking makes it a favorite sport for many. The breath taking view of the lofty mountain, beautiful valley, crystal clear lakes and rivers attracts tourist and travelers from all around the world. The main trekking routes include Yuksam, Leh, Kangra, Kulu, Lahaul-spit the Ladakh Zanskar trek and the Stok Kangri trek. Several travel agents are available to help to choose your ideal trekking route. There are also many hotels and resorts to make your trekking experience comfortable and convenient.

Situated at an altitude of 5350 m the Zanskar region lies along the Pansila water range. The isolated Himalayan valley, decorated by tiny Alpine lakes and bounded by snow covered peaks; the Ladakh Zanskar Trek is an enticing place for mountain lovers. One can also get a panoramic view of the famous Drang- Drung glacier, which is one of the largest glaciers in the Ladkh region. Doda and Stod are the main tributaries of the Zanskar River that flows along the Zanskar valley. Spread along an area of 5000sq km the Zanskar valley is home to the Buddhist population. The Zanskar region is surrounded by deep gorgeous and high rise mountains. Due to extreme temperature during the winters these areas remain inaccessible throughout the winters, for around eight months. If you are lucky you can also come across the remote caves, used by the Buddhist saints for meditation.
The Stok Kangri Trek at an altitude of 20075 is one of the most prominent peaks of the Leh. Trekking in this valley one can come across the beautiful Buddhist monasteries, at Hemsi, Thikse, Shey. One can also trek through the Markha valley region from here. The picturesque location and pleasant weather, takes away the stress of the tedious journey. The small and pretty Budhist villages, that one can see while trekking in this region gives a glimpse of authentic Budhist culture. The path runs along the Nimaling plain below the majestic peak of the Kang Yatze. There are also many camping options that one can venture into, while trekking along the path. It is an interesting as well as challenging task to climb the steep mountains of the Himalayas. There are a few hotels that one can use as comfortable resting places, in their trekking expedition.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Have A Closer Look Of Corbett Forest Lodges

If you really want to enjoy your visit to Corbett, then it is advisable that you must visit the Corbett National Park while staying in any of the Corbett forest lodges. There are various Corbett forest lodges which offer you the opportunity to experience some life time experience.
Some of these Corbett forest lodges are:
  • Gairal forest lodge in Corbett: it is at a distance of 20 kms from the Dhangadi gate.

  • Dhikala forest lodge in Corbett: it is just 32 kms from entry gate and offers the best services to its guests.

  • Khinnanauli Forest Lodge in Corbett: it is one of the recent constructed rest houses. It offers you a comfortable stay.

  • Kanda Forest Lodge in Corbett: it is located at a distance of 50 kms from Dhangari gate.
  • Sarapduli Forest Lodge in Corbett: this is the place where you can enjoy the company of various migrated birds, large mammals, crocodiles, gharials and many others as it is situated in the bank of River Ganga.

  • Sultan Forest Lodge in Corbett: it is the first forest lodge in Corbett. You have to take your own food material, if you are interested in staying in this forest lodge. Even in the night, you are not allowed to sit in the verandah of this forest lodge.