Thursday, January 12, 2012

Jim Corbett National Park The Year 2011 Is Very Painful For Wildlife.

The year 2011 is very painful for wildlife. There are total 18 tigers, 71 leopards, 24 elephants were died due to natural occurrence and poaching in which 15 tigers, two leopard and eight elephant are only form Corbett landscape. A man eater tiger had to shoot whereas a leopard trapped in cage was burned in the year 2011.

If we look at the data, a tiger die due to stinging a chopped of Sehi in kakagarh range of Corbett national park on 25 of January 2011. On 27th of January a female elephant was hunted by a tiger. On 30th January a male elephant died in their own conflict. On 9th of February in dhikala range a male elephant lost his life after entangled in the quagmire.

On 17th of February a female elephant lost his life in sonanadi range. In kalagarh range tiger was killed in their own conflict on 19th of February.Whereas in adnala range the outrageous villagers of shamdhara village rikhnikhalke burned a leopard on 23rd of March. Another accident was happen on very first day of April, a tiger was killed in kalagarh range. On 3rd of May one another tiger lost his life in their own conflict in srpdhuli range. On 14th may a female injured elephant was died during treatment. On 6th june a leopard was Died down from the hill in maidavan range. On 7th of june a tigress was die in own conflict due to injury in head. On 14th of june Tiger made morsels of baby elephant. On dhala range a Tiger Cubs was killed by collision in unknownvehicle. Similarly on 14ih September a elephant, 15th September tigress, 14th December a cube, 17th October a died body of Python and on 2nd of November a body of crocodile wear caught on cctv.

Six tiger were also killed in Ramnagar forest range which is very near to Jim Corbett National Park. Where the man eater was shoot on 27th of January in Sonanadi Range.