Thursday, June 30, 2011

How Exciting Indian Wildlife Tour Is

India is famous for its affluent bio diversity and offers enthusiasts number of possibilities to explore. In order to experience the adventure of Indian wildlife, Indian wildlife tour is the best way. There is plethora of options available to organize an exciting wildlife tour in India. These wildlife tours are specifically planned for wildlife sightseeing of India. Indian wildlife tour takes you through beautiful surroundings of graceful flora and fauna. One of the integral parts of Indian wildlife tours is the Indian Tiger safari. Under this package you will be thrilled to have a glimpse of the Royal Bengal Tiger and Asiatic Lion.

Few of the rare animal species in India comprise the following :

The Royal Bengal Tiger: Royal Bengal Tiger is specifically seen in grassland spreads and rainforests in countries like India, Bangladesh, Burma, China and many more. Tiger belongs to Felidae family. There is something extraordinary about Tiger which attracts people to have a glimpse of this symbol of Royalty.

Asiatic Lion: The Asiatic Lion is commonly found in the famous Gir forests in Gujarat. It is amongst five cats. Other four cats include The Royal Bengal tiger, clouded leopard, snow leopard and Indian leopard.

The Indian Elephant: The great Indian Elephant is generally found in dry deciduous forests, grasslands, evergreen forests and humid deciduous forests. Known for its huge size, elephant is said to have gracious nature.

Cobra: The Indian Cobra is normally seen in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. It is an Inhabitant of Indian sub continent. Birds, frogs, toads, rodents and other snake species are some of the common prays of Cobra. Its venom is quite prevailing.

Rhinoceros: Rhinoceros are known for their huge body built. These Rhinos are famous in grasslands of Himalayan foothills and Nepal’s Terai area.

For all animal lovers, there are many popular wildlife sanctuaries and National Parks in India. These sanctuaries are adventure lover’s paradise. Ranthambore national Park, Corbett National Park, Sariska Tiger reserve and Bandhavgarh national park are some of the famous forest reserves in India.

Jim Corbett national park: This park is popular for Tiger reserve and was named after author/photographer, Jim Corbett. Jim Corbett played a vital role in establishing this famous park. The park was set up in 1936with name Hailey National park and is one of the oldest National Parks of India. It is situated in the state of Uttarakhand. The park is known for its rich flora and fauna. The flora includes some rare species of plants like Shisham, Chir, Laldu and Sal adding charm to the beauty of surroundings. The fauna consists of animal breeds such as Chital, Gharial, Bengal Tigers and Elephants, to name a few.

Ranthambore National Park: Ranthambore National park is spread in a huge area of 400 sq. Km. If love to experience the charming aura of nature along with some thrill than Ranthambore is the place to be. You can visit the park any time between November and May. The forest is surrounded by Vindhya and Aravali hills. Feel the excitement by looking at a roaming tiger. The famous Ranthambore fort is situated in the middle of the park and adds to the mystery and beauty of area.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Interest of Spending One Day In Wildlife Habitat

India is a paradise for all nature lovers and is a home for various species of animals. There are many wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in India with lots of rare species. Together these form home for around 30000 birds, 2000 birds’ species, 15000 plants and nearly 3500 mammals. Every year travelers from different parts of the world and from all walks of life come to visit these habitats of natural vegetation and wildlife. India is a proud home of rare species like the Royal Bengal Tiger.

National parks provide an opportunity to visitors to meet many beautiful breeds of plants and animals depending upon the terrain and the area. The uniqueness about national parks and sanctuaries in India is discrepancy they offer. The flora and fauna is vast with natural environs. Visitors can experience an amazing tour in a jeep or sitting on an elephant. The thrilling adventure is simply unforgettable and you always feel like coming back again and again to have a close shave with rare species which you have till now only seen on television.

Ranthambore National Park

This National Park is situated in Eastern parts of Rajasthan and is surrounded by Aravali hills. This park used to be hunting area of Maharajas in Jaipur. Two famous rivers, Banas in North and Chambal in South guard this park. Lush green belts, bunches of mango trees, Piple, Dhok and Banyan trees form the beautiful surroundings. Alternatively you can see open lands and dense forests. The park is characteristically dry and deciduous having maximum Dhok trees. Ranthambore is mainly popular for its Tigers and is a photographer’s paradise. The flora and fauna is spread across comparatively small area. Another attraction of the park is Ranthambore fort situated in the middle of the forest and dates back to tenth century. This is one of the oldest forts in Rajasthan. October-March is the best period to visit Ranthambore.

Corbett National Park

This beautiful park is situated in Himalayan foothills. Corbett national park is popular for wild Tigers, Elephants and Leopards. This area is blessed with natural flora and fauna. This was the first park in India to come under project Tiger and appropriate vegetation makes it a perfect destination for Tiger. Corbett national Park was formed in 1936 and was named Hailey National park. Later on it was named after Jim Corbett who had great contribution in establishment of the park. Project Tiger was started in the year 1973 here and used to be the only Tiger reserve of India.

Sundarbans National Park

The marshy delta of two famous rivers, Ganges and Brahmaputra extends to form vast Mangrove forest. Sundarbans National Park is situated in these mangrove forests. The name Sundarbans was basically originated from Sundari trees that were present in large numbers here. Mesmerizing flora, fauna and various forms of life awaits you in Sundarbans. This park is famous for its Tiger reserve. The great Royal Bengal Tiger lives here and is a major tourist attraction. Every year many visitors from across the world come to meet this rarest of rare species.

Some Tour Packages For Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park is situated in the Uttarakhand state of India. This Corbett National park is famous for wild life Sanctuary along with the holiday destination. This park is also known for its Tiger conservation project. Corbett is regarded as the good home for wild life creatures including Birds who are available in different varieties. Visitors can enjoy Elephant safari in jim Corbett , Canter safari in jim Corbett along with Bird watching with other different activities.
Visitors to explore the park fully along with the other destinations, they are offered different packages in which you can get the chance to capture the good moments of the park along with main destination like Nanital, dhikala and Ranikhet. There are many Corbett Packages are available which is of minimum days and most important areas are covered. The tour will include Corbett fun tour along with Dhikala tour, tiger tour, Tour with Taj, Tour with Agra, and Nanital tour with Rishikesh rafting tour. It will also include Golden Triangular Tour with Bird watching tour of different states.
Corbett tour with Dhikala is a good package which will cover important destination like Corbett wildlife Resort along with Dhikala forest lodge and safari zone. This tour will take 2 nights and 3 days to view the destinations. It will start the day by visiting jim corbett national park and the destinations which are situated nearby. Then on the next day it will start its journey from resorts to Dhikala forest lodge. After taking their lunch visitors will further move for jeep safari in Safari zone. This 2 day package is fun loving as visitors get a chance to stay in Corbett resort and Dhikala forest lodge from where visitors will grab the best moments of the wildlife.
Jim Corbett Weekend Tour is also one of the tours which will cover the important destinations of the Corbett National Park with Corbett museum, Corbett fall and Garjia temple. This tour is a short tour which will cover 2 nights and 3days. On the first day it will cover Corbett national park where you will see the areas which is situated nearby. Corbett Museum, Garjia temple and Kosi River will be covered by the visitors.
On the next day visitors will explore the Corbett forest where they will get the chance to see the tourist zones of Bijrani along with Jhirna and Durga Devi. In the afternoon time after having the lunch visitors may go for Corbett fall which is situated on Nanital –Kaldhungi road. Then in evening get back to resort and enjoy tea and snacks. Thus these 3 days packages will include 2 nights stay in resorts along with sightseeing and walk. It will also include jungle safari which will covers the important areas of the park.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Rajasthan Historical Tour Packages

Rajasthan is an amalgamation of two words, “Rajas” and “than” which means land of Rajas. The state is situated in North-West part of India. Surrounded by beautiful Aravallis hills, this state is famous for its glorious past and rich culture. Rajasthan is also famous for well known Thar desert. Though Rajasthan is known to be formed in the year 1956, it has also been mentioned in popular Ramayana and Mahabharata. On you tour to Rajasthan, you find number of heritage hotels. These heritage hotels once upon a time were Havelis and palaces of kings. They still haven’t lost their grandeur and stand tall with proud.
People from all over the world come to Rajasthan to experience lives of kings which they have read only in books. They love to explore lifestyle of king and queens in older times. Rajput warriors of 6th and 7th century are compared with kings. Dry deserts of Rajasthan come alive when people gather to celebrate their lives on various occasions. Everything about Rajasthan is unique. Colorful cloths people wear, marvelous art & craft, music, architecture, forts and palaces together represent this beautiful state. This historical tour focuses on visit to forts and palaces that symbolize richness of Indian culture.
The historical tour of Rajasthan covers cities like Jaipur, Bundi, Lake Palace in Udaipur, Jaisalmer, and Bikaner etc. The famous City Palace in Jaipur is pride of Rajasthan is a blend of Rajasthani and Mughal architecture. Places like City Palace Museum, Sri Govind Dev temple, and Chandra Mahal are worth visiting. The five storied wind Palace or Hawa Mahal is a place you should not ignore while on a tour to Jaipur city. Its balconies were specifically built for ladies keeping in mind their privacy.
Jaisalmer city is famous for its stunning monuments and is present in the heart of Rajasthan. Oldest fort of Jaisalmer is also a major tourist attraction. Jodhpur, also known as “Blue city” is popular for its stretch of a stone wall on a hill of sandstone. The wall covers Mehrangarh fort, with a brave and glorious past. Udaipur city is known for its City Palace, which is a striking place with heart-capturing designs made of ivory and mirrors. The peacock courtyard is amazing and worth visiting. Sisodias ruled Udaipur for good 1200 years.
A glimpse of Mina and Bhil tribes is also a part of Rajasthan Tour Packages. It is believed that these tribes are the oldest settlers of Rajasthan.
In addition to the above mentioned attractions, Rajasthan historical tour also includes few more charming cities. Great forts and palaces of Rajasthan attract huge number of tourists every year from all over the world and from all walks of life. Some of the well known forts are Lalgarh Palace of Bikaner, Junagarh fort, Golden fort of Jaisalmer, Mehrangarh fort of Udaipur, Umaid Bhawan Palace, Hawa Mahal of Jaipur, Nahargarh fort, Amber fort, Jaigarh fort etc. In addition to these forts and palaces, there are other historical sites as well most visited by tourists. Places like Dilwara Jain temple, Ranakpur temple and Jantar Mantar are equally popular among visitors.
if you are searching for historical tour packages and Ranthambore National Park packages then doesn’t waste time browse us at We are offering rajasthan tour packages, rajasthan tour package with symbol of love and Rajasthan Wildlife Tour and tour packages.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Uttarakhand Tour Covering Some Packages

Uttarakhand is the place which is famous for its Hill station. There are many packages available in which the visitors enjoy the most with the beautiful memories of each and every place. Most of the visitors choose this place for Honey Moon purpose because of the weather purpose which is pleasant every time. Visitors enjoy the Famous places like Nanital, Almora, Ranikhet, and Kausani with Jim Corbett National Park.

Corbett safari also arranges packages for Honey purpose in which each and every place along with resorts or hotels is also covered in that. As there are many packages Uttarakhand Tour Packages include.

Honey Moon Package- This package will entertain the visitors in 7 days along with the visit to places like Nanital, Almora, Ranikhet, and Kausani with Corbett National Park.

Other packages are also offered in which it will take around 10 days and places like Mussorie, Haridwar, and Rishikesh along with Auli is also covered.

In Corbett also offers many packages in which Dhikala Tour Packages is one of them which includes.

Dhikala One Day Tour- This package is only for one day and it will covered important places of Dhikala forest along with Jim Corbett National Park and elephant safaris.

Corbett explore wildlife Tour- This package is also of 3 days and it will covered everything starting from Dhangari gate to Thandi road, sambhar road and sunset point. You will also cover the best moments in bird watching tour and also had a chance to see reptiles like Turtle, Crocodile and alligators.

It will also include packages like Corbett safari tour along with Corbett Tiger Tracking tour and Excursion tour.

Corbett packages also includes Corbett Safari packages which includes.

Dhikala Jeep Safari- Dhikala is the main zone in Corbett national park and you will make your way in this forest through Dhangari gate. Visitors who wish to stay in the forest will permitted to take the safari. Visitors are not allowed to take the Gypsy in daytime. They are allowed to travel by Canter which will cover each and every site in forest. Gypsy will be allowed to take in nights.

Bijrani Jeep Safari- Bijrani is the tourist spot in Corbett national park which has vast Greenland along with forest with stormy drains and wildlife. For entrance into this area visitor has to take permission from the directors. This tourist zone is the first choice of the visitors and they can also enjoy the elephant safari.

Jhirna Jeep safari- This is the tourist zone which is famous for its natural beauty and wild beer.

Along with these safaris there are other safari package which includes durga Devi jeep safari, Sitabani jeep safari, dhikala Canter safari along with Corbett elephant safari.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

My honeymoon Tour To Uttarakhand

Honeymoon is a time which leaves behind golden memories to remember and to cherish throughout life. It is the time when two strangers get to know each other and plan a great future ahead. Wonderful surroundings and a comfortable accommodation make this experience even more beautiful.

A great place to spend these unforgettable moments is Uttarakhand. A state blessed with nature’s beauty. Serene Environment of hill stations at Uttarakhand invites many couple to begin a new phase of their life at a place where the nature is at its best form. Lovely weather throughout the year makes it a number one choice for spending the leisure time at Uttarakhand. The state offers variety of hill stations like Almora, Ranikhet, Kausani, corbett national park, Nainital and lots of others. The magic of pure nature attracts people to come here frequently. Our uttarakhand tour packages offer a wide range of options to plan a honeymoon tour worth cherishing.

The six day tour begins from railway station at kathgodam followed by lovely sight seeing of places like Nainital and Ranikhet. This beautiful journey comes to an end at Corbett National Park where a variety of wild animals like the famous Royal Bengal tiger live.

There is no need to worry about accommodation at Uttarakhand as the place offers many Hotels and resorts to make your journey comfortable. All of them are available reasonable and affordable prices and are equipped with all the required facilities. We also enjoyed a variety of mouth watering food offered by the restaurant at our resort.

Uttarakhand Honeymoon Tour: Our journey started at Kathgodam railway station from where we were picked up for our first destination Ranikhet. We got to enjoy beautiful sceneries while on our way to Ranikhet. We were thrilled by looking at beautiful Crystal Water Lake situated at Bhimtal, Kanchidham temple and Bhowali while on our way to Ranikhet. We had our lunch at very neat and beautiful Ranikhet and took our rest. We went out in the evening to visit Jhula Devi temple and Chaubatia Garden.

Next day after having breakfast we left for Nainital and on our way also got to explore Kumaon Regiment Museum and Major Somnath Memorial ground. Had our lunch at Nainital and then went to see Hanuman Garhi temple. We spent a beautiful evening at famous Mall road in Nainital and retired for the day at our resort.

The coming day was waiting for us to spend our time full of adventure. We were to visit the famous Corbett National park, the home for Royal Bengal tiger. Post lunch we headed toward Dhangarhi museum. Our next day was also full of adventure as we were going to experience jungle safari. Early morning a jeep came to pick us and soon a guide joined us to provide us all the information for the wildlife at National park. After spending three hours, full of adventure and thrill, we were back and had our breakfast at resort. We relaxed at swimming pool present in resort premises.

On our last day i.e., day six we were free to explore the place on our own.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Resorts in Corbett National Park

Corbett National Park is a place which attracts the visitors not because of its wildlife sanctuary but also because of its good accommodation facility. There are many Resorts and Hotels in Corbett which are on luxury basis, standard and deluxe one. They have many facilities that will come along with the same facilities as the international hotels are adopting to maintain their standards. One of the main advantages of this hotels and resorts is that, they can also be available by online booking. These resorts have special amenities like Cricket, volley ball, badminton.
Along with the Special amenities, visitors also enjoy the other refreshment mode like swimming pool as well as of Spa. Luxury Resorts in Corbett is a meant for its relaxation with entertainment and recreation facility. Luxury Hotel in Corbett boasts many visitors because of its special activities like golf and water sports. There are more than 30 luxury hotels and Resorts In Corbett along with 10 standard type resorts. They also have the facility of eco-camps with the natural location inside the jungle. This resort provides the best scene of wildlife to tourist. It also includes Deluxe Resorts in Corbett.
This Deluxe Resorts In Corbett are suited for those people who want to have an extra facility with them. These Deluxe resorts have an extra facility of television along with air conditioner restaurant with good food with all the latest cuisine. This Deluxe room has the facility of pools, indoor and outdoor games, spa facility. Doctors on call facility, Children Parks and other services like laundry and travel desk this deluxe room are situated near the Kosi River which reflects its beauty along with green surroundings.
It also includes Tented Accommodation Resort which is build up of tents in a particular area. All these tented Accommodations are mostly white in color and are mostly found in rows. These accommodations are very clean and are surrounded by beautiful flowers along with the facilities in it. It is specially built for the main purpose of imparting heat because it is a cold weather. These accommodations have the facility of food. Safaris are organized to have a full experience of this beautiful place. People mostly prefer to go for Tented Accommodation Resort because these resorts are covered from all sides excluding the main one; they can easily entertain the visitors by showing the external beauty with all the green surroundings. They are mostly found in white color.
All these resorts provide the facility of taxi from their hotels itself which will take the visitors to the important places and then returns back to the resorts. This facility is good for the visitors as they don’t have to move from one place to other in search of taxi.

Comfortable Stay at Chardham Hotels

For all who are in search of peace and a refreshing break from their hectic work schedule, Chardham is a best place to visit, a place to rejuvenate mind, away from all tensions and stress. The happiness you feel by looking at Holy shrines is immeasurable. It is believed that a visit to Chardham keeps you away from the circle of life and death by washing away all the sins. Chardham yatra consists of places situated in the state of Uttarakhand, a place situated in North India. It is believed that this place is God’s own home and that is why a large number of devotees come to visit this place every year. Chardham yatra makes them feel rejuvenated and refreshed. White sheets of snow covering huge mountain ranges send invitations to tourists to come and feel the purity of nature. Here the nature is at its best. Uttarakhand also mentioned as “Devbhumi” has been gifted with four holy shrines known as “Chardham”. It is believed that Chardham is a journey to attain “Moksha”, according to Hindu Mythology. People from all walks of life and from all over the World comes to visit this Holy place by overcoming all the hurdles during their journey to experience the presence of God. Keeping in mind the comfort of devotees, a large number of accommodation options are available here.
After spending hours in yatra, one needs a place to relax. A place to enjoy a comfortable stay is a must. Keeping this in mind here we give a small view of Hotels In Chardham.
Uttarkashi: This place is situated near holy river Ganga which is also called Bhagirathi. One can enjoy a great experience of visiting temples. Along with temple visits, you can also experience and enjoy adventurous activities like climbing and trekking. Hotels in Uttarkashi are available at reasonable prices and offer a peaceful and comfortable stay.
Badrinath: This Holy place is situated near river Alaknanda in Tehri-Garwal. Pilgrims experience a memorable tour by visiting places like Narad Kund, Brahma Kapal and 15 temple idols. Every year huge number of pilgrims comes to this Holy and a very beautiful place.
The place offers various hotels to stay at by making your trip more comfortable and memorable. hotels in Badrinath are available at very reasonable and best prices. Rooms are well equipped by keeping in mind the hygiene. You also get an option to book them in advance. After a long day of yatra you can enjoy a delicious treat of food offered by restaurant situated in your hotel. From Indian Thali to continental food, all forms of meals are served here.
Kedarnath: Kedarnath is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva and is situated at marvelous Kedarnath range. The place attracts many pilgrims every year by its serene environment and natural beauty. Keeping in mind the huge number of visitors, many hotels have come up in last few years to make their visit comfortable and affordable at the same time. Rooms are available at reasonable prices and are equipped with all required facilities.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Golden Triangle Tour: The Best North Indian Tour

Golden Triangle Tour is the best package tour. It takes the tourists to the most remarkable places in India like Delhi and Jaipur Agra Tour. These cities are well known for their historical monuments. These cities never fail to attract tourists from all over the world.
The first target of the tour is the capital of India which is Delhi. Monuments like the Red Fort, India Gate, Qutub Minar are easily catch people’s attention towards them. There are various means of transport in this city and a comfortable from of transport is the metro trains. It is the best way by which anyone can enjoy exploring this city.
The next target of the golden triangle tour is Agra which is known for the marvelous creation of man ever in this world which is the Taj Mahal. The Taj Mahal is the main attraction of the tourists in Agra. The Taj Mahal is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. These creations of man make Agra a wonderful place to visit.
The final destination of the tour is Jaipur which is also known as the pink city. There is a long list of magnificent places available to visit in Jaipur because of which it is very famous. Some of the mesmerizing places are Heritage Hotels, Amber Fort, Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal, Jal Mahal and many more. If you really want to cherish yourself and have a fabulous experience you should really visit these amazing places.