Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Safari in Ranthambore: An Extreme Pleasure Of Wild Life

Ranthambore National Park is one of the most eminent wild life parks. It is consider as one of the best places in the country to see the wild animals. It also has deserted castle and lakes. It supports a varied series of flora and fauna which makes it a wonderful destination to visit. Ranthambore is commonly known for its large tiger population and it is the prime example of project tiger’s conservation efforts.

Ranthambore is popular for its wildlife and safaris. Though pleasing Ranthambore has two Safari In Rantambore its lap Jeep Safari and Canter Safari. Jeep Safari and canter safari are the piling of the Ranthambore tour, so both Safaris are essential to make travelers tours enjoyable. The park is open from sunrise until sunset, except from July 1 to October 1 when it closes due to the monsoon rains. Safaris run for two and a half hours from 7 a.m. and again from 2 p.m.

Canter safari is the ultimate approach to watch wildlife bordered by Ranthambore national park, Canter safari makes the tourists visits the jungle by offering the day time facility broken in to two parts first is sunrise and second in afternoon. The Jeep Safari in Ranthambore takes tourists during the release plain, covering of wilds and added wooded regions inside Ranthambore National park. The visitors can spot wild animals close to these areas. The tourist can also relish the glance of a superb Royal Bengal Tiger in this wildlife sanctuary. The best time to visit Ranthambore national park is during the months of October - March and April to June. One can also visit Malik Talao, the Ranthambore Fort, Rajbagh Talao, and Padam Talao and in Jhalra area are some of the most visited places in Ranthambore. This park is good for birding some of the best birding areas are on the outskirts too.

Ranthambore tiger tour attracts tourists not only from India, but from all over. World class accommodation facilities, easy accessibility and the spectacular presence of extremely gorgeous nature make it the most exciting holiday destination by tourists. In the end we can say that, ranthambore tour packages offers happiness and a memorable trip to all the tourists.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Ladakh Trekking Tour Is Resumed By Xpertravels

After being one of the biggest e – travels service provider of chardham pilgrim tour and Indian wildlife tour XperTravels is now resuming his service for Ladakh trekking tour. The Indian trekking paradise, ladakh is situated in the state of Jammu & Kashmir. It a very good chance you have to experience the pleasure of trekking as the origination announce heavy discount for first 100 costumers.
Ladakh Trekking tour is controlled by the Mr. Tarun Shrivastava who is also MD of Xpertravels. Mr. shrivastava is on 7 days ladakh tour to ensure the comfort and safety of the travelers. According to him to provide best services in best possible price is their priority. When we asked about the discount that they are providing to the 1st 100 tourist he laughed and said that this is really a nice offer one should take the benefit of the offer. It’s only a small thank fullness to all of you who make us one of the leading e- travel service provider.
For the easy of the travelers they have a special website ( After going through the site we find that they try to manage everything in the site as hotels in ladakh, festival in ladakh, adventure packages. They try to manage every small and small thing that a tourist need during a tour. It’s a complete online ladakh tour portal.
Never the less if any organization provides services for ladakh a good news but if such a leading brand like XperTravels, it’s awesome.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Jim Corbett National Park- Two Very Famous Luxury Resorts

Corbett Park is located in Nainital a district of Uttarakhand; it is one of the significant places for the nature and wildlife lovers. Corbett Park acts as a sheltered area for the seriously endangered Bengal tigers in India. The park is considered one of the India’s best wild life sanctuaries. The park is situated along the valley of the Ramganga River and covered by the Himalayan foothills in the north. Jim Corbett National Park has a long custom of conservation. You can find enormous and amazing variety of flora and fauna in park. The presence of nature and wild life together is a combination that attracts people from all over the world. The Resorts in Corbett are very popular for their excellent service to the people coming in from all over the world. They provide great accommodations, food and ambience to make your trip with great comforts .Manu Maharani Resort and Mapple Leisure Resort two famous luxurious wildlife resorts.
Manu Maharani Resort offers 33 spacious AC luxury cottages in corbett that come along with a balcony. All the cottages are well arranged and barged with modern facilities. These cottages offer an ideal combination of luxuriousness and wilderness. The stylishly decorated interiors with a view to die for outside the window can be a home away from home. Manu Maharani Resort has a beautiful restaurant that offers a sumptuous buffet of exotic food to their visitors. You need not worry on cold winter nights as the restaurant’s fire place would keep you warm as well as comfy. The resorts houses a well stocked bar too where some of the finest beverages are offered.
Mapple Leisure Resort is one of the significant resorts in Corbett. The resort is situated within the proximity of wild beauty and lush green mountains. The Mapple leisure resorts offer a luxurious accommodation and a wonderful experience during your stay here in Jim Corbett Park. Mapple leisure resorts offers 15 well- prearranged double bed rooms and suites with all modern facilities to ensure to have a comfy experience of Corbett. The resort assures an amazing holiday experience unparalleled. The resort is also well equipped with all the luxurious facilities such as a swimming pool, a multi-cuisine restaurant, a lounge bar, a garden cafe. It also has facilities of conference halls for groups and corporate.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dhikala Safari Zone: The Key Attraction In Corbett National Park India

Corbett National Park India is located in Nanital. The Park is extremely beautiful and is divided into four zones Bijrani, Dhikala, Durgadevi and Jhirna. Dhikala has perpetual water sources visitors can see wild animals closely that’s why the location is its main attraction. Dhikala zone is one of the famous zones among all. It is one of the best places for the Nature and Wildlife lover’s. It is perfect places where you can relax your body and soul in the soothing climate with the presence of wildlife make this place more attractive.

Usually Dhikala is popular for safaris. You can enjoy three kinds of safaris in dhikala, which are elephant safari, jeep safari and canter safari. Only those who have the permission to stay at night in the Park are allowed to take the Safari. You can do the Jeep safari twice in a day. Only six persons can accommodate in Jeep at a time. Own vehicles are not allowed into this zone even if one has overnight stay bookings the authority do not allow own vehicles. But you can go for the Canter Safari in this zone even if you have not booked accommodation inside the corbett park.

Canter Safari In Dhikala is the best way to look at the Dhikala forest when you are staying outside the Corbett tiger reserve. A Canter safari usually starts from Ramnagar area in the morning and returns back in the afternoon. In Canter safari around eighteen people can travel at the same time. If you are in a group then Canter safari is the best way to go to Dhikala.

Dhikala Forest Lodge is a pleasant accommodation for visitors to stay inside the Park. There are around six rest houses in Dhikala forest lodge which has 32 rooms in it named as New Forest Rest House, Old Forest Rest House, Dhikala Annexe, Hutment Cabins and all Range quarters. Although they don’t provide luxurious room but all the 32 rooms at Dhikala forest lodge has attached bathrooms with running hot & cold water facility which is appropriate for the travelers.

Dhikala is the place where you can fully enjoy the wildlife and the nature. Dhikala Tour will take you to the mystery zone of life where you will find yourself getting extreme delight and adventure. Looking forward to take a wild trip then come to Dhikala zone and enjoy the thrill and the excitement then go ahead and opt for it.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Budget Holiday Tour Packages - India

At a time when the world is grappling with global economic recession, terrorism and other things that have created an atmosphere of negativity, going for a vacation can be a good way to relax yourself and stay positive. But as stated earlier, recession has hampered various sectors including tourism. Thus, you need to restrict your expenses and go for vacations that fit to your budget and give the utmost satisfaction. However, it does not mean you have to compromise with the enjoyment or fun during the vacation but just need to restrict unnecessary expenditure.

You can begin cost cutting with choosing tour packages that fit to your budget. In terms of tour operators, such holiday packages are known as 'Budget Holiday Tour Packages'. Under such packages, you are provided with low-costing ways to enjoy the holidays. Flights to India remain relatively expensive, but domestic flights in India are not that costly. Trains are also good option to tour India, especially locations such as Nainital, Darjiling and others. Budget holiday tour packages entail booking in advance in three or four star hotels, lunch and dinner, sight seeing and other facilities. Please do not forget that the budget tour packages are low-costing travel packages, where you do not have to compromise with the "quality".

Now, the biggest challenge is to find right tour operator that can provide the finest services without disturbing your budget! Here's what to look for before striking any deal pertaining to budget holidays.

Criteria I: End-to-end services: The service provider should give you a comprehensive package that entails all kinds of services such as dining, accommodation and others.

Criteria II: Package Rates: Since it's a budget holiday, price is likely to be on the topmost priority. Try to negotiate if possible.

Criteria III: Experience Matters: Don't give your precious holiday into the hands of novices. Go for experienced and settled names in the market.

Criteria IV: Detailed Information: You should avail complete information about the hotels or packages. This will help in chalking out a better package.

Criteria V: Extra Offers: Some tour operators provide extra offers ranging from concession in accommodation rates to free gifts.

Well, experts will keep on giving their suggestions and telling all the do's and don'ts. But at the end, it's up to you how you manage everything.

Are you looking cheap holiday tour packages in India? Find budget holiday tour packages, wildlife tour packages, tours and travels information India at

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Resorts In Corbett- “Natural Environment With Excellent Amenities”

Every year many visitors from around the country and the world come to accomplish their desire for wildlife to the gorgeous and breathtaking reserve of Jim Corbett National Park. Being placed in the foothills of Himalayas this is one of the most exhilarating holiday destinations in India which can make you have your drive for nature and wild life get complete pleasure. The presence of nature and wild life together is a cusp that simply attracts people from every corner of the world. There are even beautiful river like Koshi and Ramganga flowing from inside the garden which makes it more attractive. Activities like fishing, angling and many other can be enjoyed here with love.

The Resorts In Corbett are much admired for their excellent service to the people coming in from all over the world. They offer great lodging, food and ambience to make your trip with great comforts. Manu Maharani Resort and Wild Crest Resort are the significant Wildlife Resorts in Corbett. Both the resorts situated within the proximity of wild beauty and lush green mountains. The impressive sight of the nearby hills and thick forest make these places the ultimate retreat in the woods.

Manu Maharani Resort offers 33 where as Wild Crest Resort offers 22 Spacious AC luxury cottages in Corbett that come with a private balcony. All these cottages are well prearranged and boast of contemporary amenities. These cottages offer an ideal combination of lavishness and wilderness. The tastefully decorated interiors with a view to die for outside the window, can be a home away from home.

Manu Maharani Resort and Wild Crests Resort both have a restaurant that offers a sumptuous buffet of exotic food for its borders. Apart from the regular Indian, Chinese and continental stuff you also get a lip smacking variety of local Kumaoni cuisine. You need not worry on cold winter nights as the restaurant’s fire place would keep you warm as well as cozy. Both the resorts houses a well stocked bar too where some of the finest beverages are offered.

Experience the marvels of Jim Corbett Park, with their best deals on luxury resorts.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Resorts In Corbett, The Other Name For Ecstasy

Corbett National Park is the first and the most virgin natural reserve in India and obviously one of the most exciting journeys of the world, it is the natural habitat for wild life, birds and as also the flora and fauna of the place is being extremely good. It is a place for people who are in love with the wild life and nature. The park is gifted with Sona, Koshi and Ramganga Rivers. The famous Royal Bengal Tiger makes the place more and more thrilling and exciting.

There are many resorts and hotels in the form of luxury, deluxe and standard available as Corbett Tiger reserve. There are around 80resorts present in the reserve out of which 50% are luxury resorts in Corbett, and around 30 are deluxe resorts in Corbett and the left are budget resorts in Corbett. All the Luxury resorts in Corbett are like dream living for us and they offer all the facilities that are elite class with the ecstasy to be in the jungle. With the Luxury resorts in Corbett the thrill of jungle can be aptly got along with the thrill of the activities like river rafting, fishing and angling. There are also the facilities of camp fire, camping and many other facilities being present here.

The deluxe resorts in Corbett are also facilitated with great features. Jims Jungle Retreat Resort, Suman Grand Resorts are some of them which provide perfect deluxe features for the travelers coming to Jim Corbett. Those who are in love with activities during their holidays must go for these resorts as they offer safari trips and all other facilities like the luxury resorts available in the area. There are many of the resorts present, who even care for the presence of activity centers being present within their reserves like the Badminton, swimming and many more.

The budget resorts in Corbett are also facilitated with varied features within that budget. They offer great accommodation and fantastic food along with other features. All the reserves present in the Forest of Jim Corbett are very hygienic, clean and clear in a word they are perfect example of the dream holiday being world class in India. All the resorts be it luxury, deluxe or budget can be booked online with the help of the online travel agents and pre booking is a must to get perfect resorts during your stay there.

Safari In Ranthambore, The Necessity Of Perfect Jungle Thrill And Ecstasy

Every wild life lover knows the value of safari trips as this is the way of getting close to the dwellings of these wild animals. The safaris are available with each and every forest reserve around the world and this is not an exception. The Safari in Ranthambore is an extraordinary journey to the deep jungle with the help of Jeep or canter. The safari trips of Ranthambore National Park, makes the proper fulfillment of the tourists coming here from all over the world. The beautiful safari makes them fell like being in heaven.

Safari In Ranthambore is a heavenly trip of forest as also marks the difference of the beauty and the lustrous joy together. For those who are devoted scenery followers appear smiling every time they are inside the jungle. The Ranthambore Jeep Safari is the right choice as it will help you in discovering the cranny as also niche of the park. The jeep safari will make you take a look at the dwelling places of the wild life from a close perspective. The virgin world of wildlife comes close to you making you get the highest thrill of the trip. The beauty of the trip is like one which you cannot forget for long. This is really going to stay in your memory lane for long. Travelers from every corner of the world come here to get close to the presence of wild life and nature together.

The timings for Ranthambore Jeep Safari is at the morning around 6.30am and in the evening at 4 pm but this timings are found to change with season so it will be better to enquire before hand to get the facilities must. The success of project tiger made more and more people come to this coveted natural reserve. This is the reason why Ranthambore Canter Safari came out. The canter safari takes 20 people at one go, which is obviously a good thing more over this gives you a feeling of enjoyment with friends and family. Though booking can be easily done still you must book before hand to have secured seats. The timings for Ranthambore Canter Safari are the same and hence it also changes with season. So enquiring about the time beforehand is better. So come and just mesmerizing yourself into the stunning nature and wild life destination.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Resort In Corbett Offer: 20 Percent Booking Rebate On Every Resort

Take leave from office, pack your bags and kick off Corbett tour. Every resort in Corbett is offering a whopping 20 per cent discount! Yes you heard it right 20 per cent booking discount any resort in Corbett National Park. This fantastic offer is just for you, aspiring travel enthusiasts. Make your Corbett stay more enjoyable, pleasurable and soothing with the discount. This is in fact the grandest accommodation discount offer so far. Think any Corbett resort, it’s yours. Be it Sumans or Dhikala, you are the king. 20per cent discount is simply magnificent.

Corbett resorts are amazing and available in wide range. Be it luxury ones or normal ones, you have everything here. Most of the resorts are big time luxuries and amazing to stay in. Corbett luxury resorts are another charm of this fantastic wildlife reserve. This is fantastic weather and climate to tour Corbett. This wildlife park is the grandest wildlife reserve you have in India. Spread in a massive land area, every nook and corner of this park is bestowed with superlative features.

Some of the resorts are located at banks of beautiful rivers that flow via Corbett. Their banks and ambience around them is superb. The resorts are surrounded by great range of wildlife and tranquilising greenery. Chirp of birds to smooth breeze, everything is simply amazing about Corbett.

Mr. Manoj is one of the avid Corbett travellers. He has come to Corbett every season but he never enjoyed as much as he did this time. The 20 per cent booking accommodation played a pivotal role for that. Here’s what he has to say after Corbett tour plus 20per cent booking discount. “It’s awesome. For the first time, I chose my favourite resort in Corbett. It was fun and seriously loved every moment I spent. I cannot think anything such as 20per cent grand offer has been made ever to tourists. Man I cannot believe it, it is 20 per cent discount on every resort!”

You can cash in on this fabulous offer scheme just by calling up XperTravels, the specialised Corbett tour operators. Xper Travels is leading Corbett tour operator based in Delhi. It offers range of Corbett tour packages. So what makes you think now, 20 per cent booking discount on Corbett resort is just a call away!

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Some Exciting Tour Packages For Summer Tour Around Delhi

Surprise your family with a good exciting Tour Around Delhi during the coming holyday season. Make you fell batter by booking River Rafting in Rishikesh starting form just RS. 2100 only. River Rafting Tour is an excellent thrilling journey. The presence of awfully beautiful nature and cold water makes the thrill go double and your enjoyment, excitement and fun reach a rare level of ecstasy. The River Rafting Tour in rishikesh is obviously a special journey for all.

Beside the river rafting hill station tour package is also a very good choice. It will give you adventure, sightseeing and a great relax to summer. Shimla Tour, Manali Shimla Tour, Delhi Mussoorie Dhanaulti Tour, Delhi Manali Volvo Tour are some of the most demanding packages in the summer. People from all over the globe look these Indian hill station tour packages. It must be a good option this summer.

Never the less there is lots of exciting tour packages around as weekend special tour, wildlife tour packages, religious tour packages etc. which are also not a bad idea. So mover forward and book your tour today.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Luxury Resorts In Corbett Undoubtedly The Best To Accommodate In Corbett Tour

Those who want to enjoy the thrill of jungle and have fun must come to Jim Corbett National Park, India’s oldest and obviously virgin forest with the presence of awes inspiring Royal Bengal Tiger. The presence of various other animals and more than 500 types of birds have made it one of the most coveted holiday destinations for jungle thrill lovers in the world. People from all round the globe come here to make their thrill take a new name. Looking into the number of tourists coming up every year into the park there are a number of resorts that have come up. Corbett Resorts are the next name of luxury and they are ready to welcome tourists from all over the globe with warm welcome and open arms.

There are 80 Resorts in Corbett. Out of these more than 50% are luxury resorts. Luxury Hotel in Corbett is undoubtedly the best and the symbol of how world class holidays must be spends. The first and foremost example of it is the presence of the beautiful and exciting activity facilities with them. They arrange for camp fire, bone fire as also many other activities. The hidden angler in you might get some outing here with the beautiful rivers like Koshi present here. The resorts are easily available and you need to book them online in order to get all the facilities. You will be amazed to see the kind of service they are providing along with great world class food.

The Corbett Luxury Resorts are exclusively for those who wants great relax and comfort. Though you will be staying in extreme comfort you will not be away from the thrills of the jungle. The safaris are easily available with the packages of luxury trips as also the facilities like swimming make it dream place to be in holiday. Covered with the beautiful valleys of Himalayas the resorts are really of international standard and makes them felt in every little details. Coming here you will feel like having the ecstasy of real holiday and wish to come back here again and again.


Rishikesh River Rafting Tour the Ultimate Adventure Tour Of India

Adventure is something that has attracted human being from the early stages of civilization. India is one of the most perfect holiday destinations throughout the world for adventure lovers. People who love real adventure come here every year and get the feel of their thrust for adventure fulfilled completely. There are many destinations in India which are really great for adventure lovers. One of such most enjoyable trip is the trip to Rishikesh River rafting. The river rafting trip of Rishikesh takes you deep into the hilly regions of Himalayas in boats on the cold waters of Ganga. There are various River Rafting Tour Packages available online and mainly all of them are of 2 days and one night package. But if you wish you can go for longer trips also. These packages will make you stay in the beautiful resorts located in the foothills of Himalayas and the camps are also available. These are nature camps which are made for your luxury with world class facilities.

Rishikesh River Rafting Tour is entirely for those who are adventure lovers and the thrill and excitement drives them. The presence of awfully beautiful nature and cold water makes the thrill go double and your enjoyment, excitement and fun reach a rare level of ecstasy. The days of rafting in Rishikesh will make you feel like living your dream and also being with your spouse and friends in these beautiful locals will make you understand why this is called the heaven on earth.

The River Rafting Tour actually takes you to Shivpuri which is a drive of approximately 15 Kms and there you will be able to find the camps and have you lunch also. The trip then moves to sandy beach where you can enjoy the rest and take looks of the beautiful Ganga. Then you come to enjoy your night dinner with the special bone fire that will be also arranged by the camp peoples. Then enjoy the night stay in the camps with comfort and luxury.

In the morning the most thrilling and exciting river rafting is waiting for you. This is the moment which has been in your dreams for many years and now you are living it. The distance that is covered in Rishikesh River Rafting Tour is around 15KMS which will take you near to Laxaman Jhoola. Then you can have lunch at the famous Chotiwala restaurant. This is where your trip ends in Rishikesh. Then you can just take rest and move towards the Delhi back.

If you are planning for river rafting tour log in to Tour Around Delhi, we have greatest selection of tour packages like Delhi Neemrana Tour, Rafting With Mussoorie Tour, Corbett Nainital Tour, Ranthambore Tour, Golden Triangle Tour and more.