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Glitter Your Holidays With Golden Triangle

If you think that a weeklong tour will refresh your spirit to work more stupendously then Ranthambore and its Golden Triangle Tour Package is worth for you. A week in the arms of the country’s most exciting destinations will chill your soul and make you more productive for sure and when it includes places like Delhi, Agra, Jaipur and Ranthambore National Park,it is more relishing and scintillating for you. Just imagine, if a mere thought can excite you to this extent then what the real holiday will cause! So don’t think and just fill in your suitcases and get ready for a 7 day extempore in the umbrella of India.

Your trip will start with the National Capital Delhi, where you will stay and feel alive after daylong sightseeing which will include all the astonishing monuments of the city. The next day you will be leading to Agra, where the eternity will be waiting for you. After spending the day there, Ranthambore will call you to camp in the shade of life and nature. After a short break, you will be moving to Jaipur where your entire ancestry will welcome you heartedly. So get up, don’t think just act and reaction will come your way.

Tour of a Colorful State- Rajasthan

If you are interested in spending your vacation in some colorful place along with camel safari, enjoyment with the company of wild life, ancient and unique architecture, age old forts, mouth watering cuisines and many other things than plan your vacation for Rajasthan which is one of the most majestic states of India. The area of the Rajasthan is said to be the vastest in India. So you will get the opportunity to visit various place having its own specialty. You will love to have unique cuisine of Rajasthan. Rajasthani dishes are liked by most of the people. Your taste bud will automatically get tempted by only viewing the Rajasthani dishes. There are many things for attractions like the colorful dresses of Rajasthan which attracts the tourists, melodious songs of Rajasthan are not only famous in India but they are famous worldwide, the ancient palaces, the rhythmic dances and it also include the barren desert. Rajasthan Tour India offers you various, life time and unforgettable memories. So you must plan to visit this marvelous state of India. This colorful state is not only famous in India but the people from outside India also have a dream to visit Rajasthan.

It is advisable that you should book you trip online in order to avoid any type of inconvenience or discomforts. There are different packages which offer you a comfortable and exciting tour of Rajasthan as per your desire, comforts and budget. Most of the tourists are interested for Golden Triangle Tour. As per this package, the tourists will cover the destinations like Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. This tour is known as the most popular tour among the tourists. This itinerary golden triangle tour includes three main cities of India. It starts from Delhi then Agra and then Jaipur.

Tourists will get the opportunity to visit various important places of Delhi. By touring each and every corner of Delhi, you will be amazed, inspired impressed and fascinated. You will love to see the important places of Delhi like Red fort, India gate, Chandni chowk, Jantar Mantar, Kutub Minar and many others. Delhi is also known as a paradise for shoppers.

Agra is a place which famous for Taj Mahal and The Taj is considered as the seven wonder of the world. It is also considered as the live symbol of love. These days it’s noted that couple likes to visit together to give an new edge to their love. You can also visit Fatehpur Sikri, Agra Fort and many other places. Last destination of the Golden Triangle tour is Jaipur and it is famous for various attractions.

Resort Options in Corbett: A Way To Make Corbett Journey Mesmerizing!

However the land of India has many national parks, but when it comes to Jim Corbett National Park, no one can question of the popularity and profoundness of this park. Corbett National Park is an oldest park and wildlife reserve of India. This park is also famous as Bengal Tigers’ abode. Thus, it is a great attraction spot for nature and wildlife savvy belong to all parts of the globe. Though, in this place, tourists can find wild life abode but along with that, they can find magnificent line of resorts. There resorts are well designed with modern amenities and perfect architecture. It gives tourists a heavenly stay while their trip to Corbett. Get the details for some ultimate resorts available in Corbett and this detail would help you deciding the best stay option for you.

Country Inn Resort in Corbett: Country Inn Resort in Corbett is a luxury resort with 34 rooms including suites, double rooms, and independent cottages. All these rooms are quite big in size and provide comfortable living accommodations. If you like to get an independent cottage for you, then along with that cottage you will get a separate arrangement for sit-outs as well as a fire place. In case you want more special cottage for your stay, there is a cottage tree top which is designed in a remarkable way with glass bedroom and mango trees have bounded it from all corners. This cottage is 40 feet up from ground and seriously astonishing. To give vacationers perfect stay, the resorts provides several facilities including health club, spa, travel desk, pool, medical aid, nature shop, garden, children park and so on.

Corbett Solluna Resort in Corbett: This is a great resort and scattered in 25 acres. This huge resort processes Ramganga River and lush greenery that fascinate vacationers and provide them amazing feel while their stay at Corbett Solluna Resort in Corbett. This resort is not only popular for its ultimate appearance, but services it offers are very classy. To make vacationers’ tour mesmerizing, it provides awesome cuisines and perfect cottages.

Corbett Riverview Retreat in Corbett: this resort has designed amazingly which is an image of style and perfection. Corbett Riverview Retreat in Corbett provides ultimate options stay to vacationers and is built in perfectly innovative designs and very elegant. Here, tourists can find a perfect time to relax and chill. Thus, they can enjoy their Corbett tour in a sound way.

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Different Safari Zones of Jim Corbett National Park

Corbett National Park is one of the homes for numbers of wild animals like wild boar, deer, Jungle cat, Leopard cat, Elephant, Tigers and many other animals. In low hilly regions, tourists get the opportunity to watch the activities of the Sloth Bear and in the higher hills Black Bears are found. Some of the major attractions of this national park apart from Tigers and Elephants are Gharials or crocodiles, Rhesus monkeys, Goat Antelopes etc. Jim Corbett National Park is known as an ideal place for the wild life lovers in order to have an exciting forest trails due to thick marshy riverine vegetation and also due to diversified species of wild life. Now we can say that Jim Corbett National Park has become the perfect destination for the nature lovers as well as for the wild life lovers. It is a place where you can enhance your experience by viewing the fauna and flora from your naked eyes. Here you will get the opportunity to speak with the birds, relax amidst the sea of grasses, ride on the back of big Asian Elephant and also to hear the roar of the Royal Bengal Tiger.

Jim Corbett national Park is also famous for its safari rides. Most of the wild life lovers are interested in having Elephant safari which takes the visitors to the places which are not accessible by the jeeps, deep into the forest. Elephant safari ride is associated with trained mahouts. You can easily have a clear and safe view of the tiger from a height of about 10 feet. While doing elephant safari ride tourists get the opportunities to watch the activities of different animals in their natural habitat and that too very closely.

By Jeep Safari ride you will get a unique experience of coming across the herds of elephants along with the other wild life. If you want to enjoy comfortable and convenient safari ride then take the help of Online Safari Booking in Corbett.
There are four safari zones in Corbett National Park where you will get the opportunity to observe the activities of rare species. They are:

Jhirna Safari Zones

Bijrani Safari Zones

Durga Devi Safari zones

Dhikala Safari Zones

Dhikala Safari Zone is said to be one of the best safari zone of this national park. This zone is a perfect place to gather some thrilling experience of your life. Each of these zones is having its own importance and it is divided as per the required environment for the specific animal.

Chardham Yatra: A Journey To Connect Your Soul With God!

In Hinduism, there is a great significance of Chardham Yatra and is said that this is a journey to divine dwelling. With this Yatra, Hindus have several spiritual beliefs and it is believed that Hindus must go for Chardham Yatra at least once in their lifetime. Basically, this yatra is consisted of four main designations and all four have religious values. Many people believe that with successful completion of Chardham Yatra, a person can get rid of life or death circumlocutions. In this way, it is very clear that Chardham Yatra has a great spiritual value for Hindu people.
To know overall value of Chardham, one must know correct meaning of terms Chardham. So, it indicates 4 pilgrimages as char stands for 4 and dham for pilgrimage. Thus, it is about a tour to 4 pilgrimages that include Yamunotri, Gangotri, Sri Badrinath and Kedarnath. All four pilgrimages are versatile and threshold to spirituality and eternity.
However, if you have understood the value of Chardham Yatra and want to get benefit of this yatra as well, then Chardham Yatra Packages can make your journey more perfect and appreciable. The Chardham Yatra package is a planned tour package that covers all four pilgrimages and provides all accommodations to tourists that can make a journey successful.
First of all, the yatra starts from its first pilgrimage Yamunotri which is near Garhwal. This pilgrimage is basically consisted of a temple for Yamuna goddess and to get blessing of Goddess Yamuna, thousands of devotees come over Yamunotri in time.
After Yamunotri, it is a time for next Chardham Yatra halt, Gangotri and it is said that Gangotri is a place from where the holy Ganga has originated. In this way, this pilgrimage is completely dedicated to Goddess Ganga and as there is a great significance of Ganga in Hindu mythology, so devotees visit Gangotri with great devotion.
Third destination is Sri Kedarnath and it is a pilgrimage dedicated to Lord Shiva. This shrine has located on River Mandakini and for Hindus; this pilgrimage has a great significance. After this devotional yatra for 3rd pilgrimage of Chardham, now it is a time for final destination, Sri Badrinath which is located on River Alaknanda bank. This shrine is related to Lord Vishnu and has a great spiritual value.
Thus, all these 4 pilgrimages have vast spiritual significance and thus, it is like heaven for people who want an essence of God. Though, this yatra is not really an easy but if you have Chardham tour package, certainly you can make your path easier and can have a successful journey for Chardham.

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Attractive Packages for Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park is known as the pride of the India especially North East India. It is known to most of the people that Kaziranga National Park is very rich in the population of rhinos. This place is said to be a symbol of natural beauty. This national park offers a wide range of scenic sight. Apart from rhinos, here you will get the opportunity to enjoy the company of wild water buffalo, elephants, swamp deer etc.

Thousands of people from different parts of the world come here to enjoy various attractions of this national park. One of the main attractions of this national park is the vast population of one horned rhinoceros apart from various other animals. Tourists also enjoy watching of bird life at bird watching point.

There are different Kaziranga tour packages in order to avoid any type of inconvenience to the tourists. Each and every tourist chooses the Kaziranga tour packages as per their suitability and budget. Tour packages are the best way to explore the park in the best way.

In order to accommodate a large number of tourists every time, there are various resorts at Kaziranga Wildlife Park. Entire resorts and hotels of Kaziranga National park are committed to offer best services to their guests. Though there are various places for accommodation but there is one lodge name Wild Grass Lodge, Kaziranga which is very famous. The location of this lodge is at the outside of Kaziranga National Park. It has 18 double rooms in 2 jungle lodges. Each of the rooms of this lodge has attached bathroom and also associated with the facilities of hot and cold water in the bathrooms. There are also tented camps which also offer a wide range of amenities. Here in this lodge, there is a provision of three times meals in a day. There are various types of sports and leisure activities for tourists.

Like this there is a Bonhabi Resort in Kaziranga, which is located at a walking distance from Kaziranga National Park. Here you will get the opportunity to enjoy some truly exciting and a great rewarding experience. In this resort, there are spacious 14 rooms, twin bedded cottages. Entire rooms of this resort are airy, large and associated with modern layout and amenities. You can say that this resort is different from the ordinary resorts as here you will feel yourself to be very close to nature.

Some Comfy Stay Options In Corbett Choose Any As Per Your Interest

The Corbett National Park is one of the most famous tourists’ attraction situated in Uttaranchal and people all across the world come here to enjoy splendid environment of this park to the fullest. The famous Bengal tigers are also an integral part of this park. Though, we can’t say that this park is only known for the presence of tigers. This park is the habitat of several kinds of animals, birds, reptiles etc and the list includes 600 birds’ species, Asiatic elephants and miraculous landscape of the park.
Therefore, if you want to see the exclusiveness of this park from your own eyes, then this park is ready to welcome you from November to June. To reach at this ultimate destination, there are options for rail, road which is directly connected from New Delhi. After reaching by Corbett, you must require hotels or resorts where you can stay while your trip. Therefore, many resorts will serve you world class amenities and services that would make your trip more beautiful indeed.

Here we have list out some resorts that you can choose while your trip in Corbett.

Wood Castle Resort In Corbett: For tourists who are interested in a luxurious stay, Wood Castle Resort in Corbett is the best resort alternative for them. This resort has world class wood architectures that you will not find in any other resorts in Corbett. At this resort, all who visit Corbett for a peaceful and relax time, Wood Castle resort in Corbett offers vacationers sedative comforts. Kosi River that flows alongside the resort enhances the beauty of this resort and gives vacationers an ultimate view. Additionally, Wood Castle is located in the center of Corbett national park, thus to give full expression of this park, this resort is unique stay option for tourists.

Tarika Resort in Corbett: This resort is another splendid stay option for tourists who want to use their maximum trip in this park only. One side of this resort has flanked by park and on other side, there is Kosi River. Thus, such location offers a harmonious living experience to vacationers with sweet sound of birds and sound of flowing river. So, staying at such location with natural music is only possible with Tarika Resort in Corbett.

Manu Maharani Resort in Corbett: In the list of superb Corbett resorts, Manu Maharani resort in Corbett is having a great place. This resort has spread across eight acres on Kosi River banks and it has around 52 bedroom cottages. All the cottages have designed with modern amenities and give ultimate ambience. Apart from it, there is indoor restaurant, swimming pool, health club, bar etc. that make tourists stay more convenient.

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The Thrill of Ranthambore National Park Wild Life Tour

The thrill for understanding the wild life more deeply is indeed stirring and those who are passionate for this discover the real fun of enjoying the wild life trips instead of just watching wild life based television channels. If you are one of such active and bold people, then the Rajasthan Wild Life Tour packages offered by Ranthambore tour services offering portal are the best choice, which lets you to explore the real fun of wild life in excellent manner.

Being one of the most trusted tour related services especially in the field of wild life category, as per the need of customers, Ranthambore National Park, India is the company which is best suitable option for picking up the best tour package and this wild life trip to Rajasthan mainly includes nine days of wild quest through the thick woodlands of Rajasthan, UP and Delhi. The major places covered under this trip are Sariska, Ranthambore, Bharatpur, Jaipur, Agra and Delhi. For the people who want to sightsee the thick woodland and rich wildlife section if the state Rajasthan and its adjacent regions in order to create some captivating memories, this tour is very important as it offers them with the same experience.

Interesting Trekking Routes of Ladakh

Ladakh is a famous place among tourists for various reasons. One of the most popular reasons is trekking. It is said that Ladakh is an inspirational destination especially for the trekkers in true sense. Here tourists can enjoy the scenic beauty, different cultures along with colorful people, villages, green fields and monasteries of the valley. When any of the tourists start trekking than one can get an opportunity to enjoy various ancient temples, isolated monasteries and numerous other settlements. Here tourists can get an unparalleled experience of enjoying their time amidst glaciers, snow-capped peaks, lush meadows, rivers and many other things. There are various famous treks but Trekking in Zanskar offer you an unforgettable and life time experience. Zanskar is the most elevated portion of the Ladakh area. This region offers numbers of challenging and interesting safaris and treks to the seekers and trekkers. You can easily approach to this beautiful region from Kargil by jeep. Zanskar is a famous place in Ladakh region and also the second largest town of this region. Zanskar Trek offers you an opportunity to trek in the area of high altitude. Here you will enjoy the trekking in the area with snow peaks and clean and clear atmosphere. Here trekkers will get the opportunity to trek which ranges from luxury treks to hard treks. In Ladakh, tourists will get the opportunity to enjoy different types of exciting treks. You should plan your trip to explore the fascinated mountain ranges of Ladakh which offer you a breathtaking view of this beautiful region.

Ladakh Sham Valley Trek is famous by the name of “Baby trek”. It is famous by this name due to its low altitude or comparatively less walking hours. This trek offers you the opportunity to visit various important monasteries of Likir, Lamayuru, Rizong, Palace of Temisgam and Alchi. This is an interesting trekking from village to village trek where you can easily watch out some typical villages of Ladakhi with very little number of houses. The best season to go for Sham Valley trek is from June to October. This trek is of easy level and the tourists enjoy going for this trek.

Markha Valley Trek is one of an attractive and the most diverse Trek. You can easily access to this trek from Leh and it offers you to enjoy a wide range of diversity of Landscapes. This trek is encircled by the Himalayas and it is located in the northwestern corner of India.

Sunderbans A Famous Wild Life Destination

West Bengal is a mysterious land and there are numbers of things to attract tourists from different corners of the world. The state is proud of having the UNESCO world heritage site Sundarban Wildlife Tour. Sunderbans is famous for having magnificent jungle of mangrove which is famous worldwide for the uniqueness and thrill. You will enjoy the thrilling experience of exploring the Sunderbans. So you should not miss this unforgettable experience of exploring Sunderbans. Tourists find this place as a worth to visit. Here you will get the opportunity to enjoy the company of spotted deers, a large number of Royal Bengal Tigers, herons, kingfishers, wild pigs, white-bellied eagles and many others.
A large number of tourists visit this national park every year and in order to accommodate them in a comfortable way, there are numbers of resorts. You can book as per your requirement and as per your budget. Apart from various other resorts, Sunderban Tiger camp is in great demand. It is a luxurious resort which is located amidst a beautiful environment and in the heart of Sunderbans. This is a famous resort and it offers the services and facilities as that of star hotels. From this resort, you can enjoy the panoramic view of the surroundings. Here tourists can enjoy the music and folk dance of the local artists along with bonfire. Tourists can enjoy the facilities of latest AC conference hall which is equipped with the modern and latest amenities like LCD Projector, Projection screen and many other things. Here in this resort, the tourists enjoy the homely feeling due to its serviceable staffs.

Sunderban Tiger View Point is one of the known resorts of Sunderban National Park which is located on Dayapur Island on the banks of Gumar River. This resort covers a vast area of about 10 acre. There are 4 luxurious cottages in this resort which is equipped with various modern facilities and services. This resort has the capacity to accommodate 20 beds. There is a separate balcony in each of its room. From each of the balconies of this resort, you can enjoy the beautiful scenic beauty of River Gumar. In the recreation hall of this resort, there is a home theater system. This resort is also famous for its unique fooding. Here tourists enjoy different kinds of delicious mouthwatering food. You can also enjoy some other facilities like laundry, first aid, luggage storage, reception for 24 hours, travel desk and many others.

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Fascinating Trip of Delhi Agra and Jaipur

Delhi is the third largest Indian city and also the capital of India. You can say that this city is a fusion of modern and ancient culture. Delhi Agra Tour is a very popular tour, now a day one can easily find Delhi Agra tour package, which comprises of lots of comforts and convenience. It’s batter to take the help of local operator or other traveler who already did the tour in order to avoid any inconvenience or discomfort. If you will go to Delhi Agra tour through any packages then you will be in a position to enjoy your trip to a great extent. These packages are made by a group of professionals who have a good experience in the field of tourism sector.

Delhi Agra Tour is one of the most famous trips in India. Most of the tourists just enjoy to go for this trip every year or some take it for two times a year. A trip from Delhi to Agra is a marvelous trip. Delhi attracts tourists from all over the world as it is a capital of India. Delhi is famous for its own cultural heritage and apart from it; it also forms a unique circuit with the places like Haridwar, Rishikesh and Mussoorie. In Delhi tourists get the opportunity to visit various temples, mosques, monuments and many other things. Sightseeing, eating various delicious foods and shopping are the major attractions of Delhi. From Delhi when tourists reach to Agra, they enjoy the visit of Taj Mahal which is the dream destination of each and every people. In Agra, you get the opportunity to visit Fatehpur Sikri and many other important places in and in nearby Agra. Tourists just enjoy having multi cuisines at Agra in various restaurants. You can also enjoy shopping in Agra. Taj Mahal tour offers you the opportunity to gather some unforgettable memories.

Most of the tourists also go for Delhi Jaipur Tour. You can also take the help of Delhi Jaipur tour packages in order to have a comfortable journey. Jaipur is a known as a pink city and there are many tourists’ attractions in Jaipur. They are Metropolis Palace, Chandra Mahal, Badal Mahal, Shri Govind Dev temple etc. tourists just enjoy the visit of Hawa Mahal in Jaipiur. Apart from various attractions of Jaipur, tourists also enjoy mouth watering Rajasthani dishes at various restaurants. There are lots of attractions in Jaipur. You must plan for Jaipur as it is very near to Delhi. Even you can plan for Delhi, Agra, Jaipur tour also.

Wood Castle Resort Corbett – A Resort That Provides Comfort & Peace!

As the number of tourists’ visit Corbett National Park in time from all corners of the world and that is why, usually crowd can be seen of tourists related to difference places. It is because, Jim Corbett National park is a popular Indian park and the place is known for the rarest animals of the world. So, for nature lovers or fans of nature’s mystery, Jim Corbett is the best place to hand on. But to enjoy a tour in this park, a good living accommodation is must.
For having such remarkable and appreciable accommodation, Wood Castle resort Corbett is a great resort which is listed in one of the best Luxury Resorts In Corbett region. Here at Wood Castle resort Corbett, the adventurers won’t get only good accommodations or hospitality services; however, like its name, the resort is completely decorated with woods and also has built near the woods of Corbett national park. Thus, it gives the real feel to people who come over the tour especially for having thrilling experience of wild life.
About general amenities of Wood Castle Resort in Corbett, it provides unmatchable amenities to customers and such services cannot be found from any other resort. The rooms in resort have AC facility that comforts people who are sensitive for hot or warm weather. The entire resort framework has spread in wide territory and has sufficient overt space. The well qualified staff serves completely an aristocratic treatment to customers. To maintain good customer relations, Wood castle has well trained staff and they give service immediately with one phone ring.
So, the resort is devoted for providing seamless general amenities to its several customers, but this resort is not good only for basic amenities. However, to please tourists with more exotic feel, there is a spa parlor in this resort. To give relief to soul as well as body, this parlor benefits customers greatly. The new wed couples or people who come with their spouse, can make the most exotic and romantic moment, having spa together.
In general, people aspire for calm or sooth surroundings at the time of their vacations, and such things can surely possible in Wood Castle resort Corbett. Finding a peaceful ambience which generally is not possible in all places, can only find in this resort. Additionally, for loners too, it can be an ideal location as it helps them providing a time without being disturbed by anyone. Walking in pleasant surroundings, reading a favorite book in garden or mediating in such surrounding can give a great feel to travelers while their tour.

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Enjoy Mouth Watering Dishes in the Hotels of Ranthambore

In spite of incoming of a large number of tourists every year, Ranthambore authorities don’t have to face any type of difficulties in accommodating the tourists. There are a large number of hotels and resorts in ranthambore which are designed as per the suitability of the customers.

In Ranthambore, there is a Ranthambore Regency Hotel which is having a pride and a reputation as a friendly hotel with a special personal touch. The main aim of this hotel is to offer an enjoyable and a peaceful experience to the guests associated with entire modern amenities which are usually expected by the guests. Here in this hotel, guests can enjoy the accommodation in 20 poolside cottages, a luxury suite as well as in 22 super deluxe rooms. Entire rooms of this hotel are well designed, spacious and have all the basic facilities. It is said that the stay in this hotel will offer you some unforgettable memories and life time experience.

Sawai Madhopur Lodge, Ranthambore is located amidst 12 acres of beautiful gardens. It is a 70 year old hunting lodge and located at a distance of almost 20 minutes drive from the Ranthambore National Park. There are 35 rooms in this lodge. Out of which, 17 are standard rooms, 10 are superior, 2 are suites and 6 are tents. You will get the facility of hot and cold water in your bathroom which are attached with the room and also the facility of telephone. Here you can enjoy Indian as well as Continental cuisines in the dinning room of this lodge which is opened for breakfast as well as for lunch and dinner. You can enjoy the morning tea as well as coffee in your room only. Apart from these facilities, there are many different options for recreation like tennis, swimming pool, bicycles etc.

There is an Aman-I-Khas Hotel in Ranthambore which offers a unique accommodation to the tourists. There are 10 air- conditioned tents which are located at a splendid location. If you will stay in this hotel, you will realize that each and every activity of this hotel is outstanding. Here you will get an outstanding service. The chefs of this hotel offer different tastes of food in order to satisfy different tourists. Stay in this hotel will make you to realize that this trip of Ranthambore national park is a worth trip. It is the best place for the wild life lovers apart from the other facilities required by the tourists.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Eco Friendly Resorts of Corbett

Corbett National Park is a great place for wild life lovers. If you are planning to visit Jim Corbett National Park then plan to stay on Country Inn Treetops Resort. It is a jungle resort which is an ideal place for relaxation. Here you will get the opportunity to live a dynamic ecosystem. This resort offers 18 a/c rooms. Of which 05 of them are suite rooms, 5 of them are luxury deluxe rooms, seven rooms are cottages and one is a tree top cottage. You can enjoy delightful food in the restaurant of the resort. Different dishes are prepared by the expert chefs who are responsible for stimulating your taste buds. In this resort, there is a conference hall which can easily accommodate 400 people and the seating arrangement of the people in this hall is just like theatre in a U-shape seating. Apart from all these facilities there is a multi cuisine restaurant, 24 hours room service, laundry service, health and fitness center etc.

Solluna Resort in Corbett is built on the theme of eco friendly. It is located in the charming valley of Marchula. Especially tourists, who are nature lovers, should stay in this resort. The location of this resort is perfect for the wild life and nature lovers. It is located in the leopard zone amidst the dense forest area. This resort is located on the bank of river Ramganga and it is said to be the largest resort near the area of Jim Corbett National Park. There are 18 cottages in this resort. Entire rooms of this resort are having attached bathrooms and well air conditioned. Apart from all the other facilities there is a multi cuisine restaurant and a cozy bar. Here the tourists enjoy different kinds of cuisines along with their favorite drink. There are many other facilities in this resort which includes 24 hours hot and cold water, laundry services, 24 hours security services etc.

If you have planned to stay in Riverview Retreat in Corbett, then you will enjoy a heaven like experience. In this retreat you will enjoy air conditioned cottages along with a drawing room and small kitchenette. Here the facilities are best especially for the tourists who enjoy preparing their food of their own. In this jungle resort you will get the opportunity to enjoy exclusive villas with independent rooms, kitchen and a beautiful garden. This type of accommodation is best suitable for the tourists who travel in group of 2, 3 or 4 families.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hotels That Delight You During Ranthambore Tour

A large number of tourists from different parts of India or outside India visit Ranthambore National Park every year. The forest authority of this national park has made the arrangements in such a way that the tourists don’t have to face any type of difficulty in visiting the national park as well as in staying there. There are numbers of hotels and resorts in the Ranthambore National park as per the requirement and the suitability of the tourists. Budget is not always big concern for tourist, the comfort, clean and beautiful environment is the first attraction for a normal tourist then the budget can affect the choice of tourist. But as there are various kinds of Resorts in Ranthambore, none of the tourists have to worry for accommodation.

There is a Hotel Green View Ranthambore which is a perfect hotel for the wild life lovers. Even its location is also perfect for the tourists. There are 4 deluxe rooms, 4 standard rooms and it also include 1 luxury rooms. Each of the rooms of this hotel is spacious enough and well furnished. Bathrooms are spacious, clean and have the facility of running cold and hot water. It is a three star hotel and so it is associated with all the modern facilities like good restaurant, laundry, air conditioning, first aid etc. each of its room is designed in an unique way to attract various customers.

Hotel Raj Palace Ranthambore offers the tourists of the national park well furnished and aesthetically pleasing rooms in order to make your stay memorable for life time. This hotel has numbers of expert chefs and they offer the food which suit to the people having different taste buds. The staffs of this hotel are also serviceable and attentive. The cottages and the rooms of this hotel offer a look of simplicity associated with ornamentation. Entire rooms of this hotel have attached bathrooms which are well sanitized and clean spotlessly. Apart from good restaurant, there are several other facilities in this hotel to entertain the tourists.

The Ranthambore Bagh offers you the accommodation with full of comforts but with a difference. It is a perfect place for the wild life lovers as it is located amidst the greenery environment. Here tourists of different category can accommodate easily as it will suit to your budget. There are also Luxury Swiss Cottage tents which are equipped with all the modern amenities and basic facilities. In order to accommodate a large group of people, there are dormitories also. Apart from all the other facilities and cultural activities, here you will also enjoy a good quality food.

Luxurious Hotels of Rajasthan

A large number of tourists from all around the world get fascinated by the majestic Rajasthan due to its life style, vivid culture, geographical diversity, affluent tradition and also lip smacking food. If you want to visit Rajasthan nicely then Rajasthan Tour packages are the best option. With the help of Rajasthan tour packages, you will get the opportunity to visit this regal state nicely and that too within your budget.

There are different packages and tours which are especially organized to meet the requirement of the tourists. You should visit each and every place of Rajasthan as every city of Rajasthan has it own importance, different tourist destinations and distinct flavor of culture. So visiting to these places will offer you an opportunity to gather some life time memory.

Accommodation is also not a problem in Rajasthan as there are large numbers of hotel here. Some are luxurious, some are deluxe, some are budget and many others. If you are planning for Jodhpur visit then you will also enjoy staying in the hotels of Jodhpur. Hotels in Jodhpur offer the tourists various types of accommodations depending upon the type of the hotel. Usually the rooms of the hotels in Jodhpur are spacious enough and the rooms are neat and clean. Here the tourists enjoy the feeling of warmth in the hearts of the Jodhpur people for their guests. Here you will get luxurious as well as comfortable accommodation at very reasonable price amidst the beautiful surroundings. Generally the hotels in Jodhpur are located in the posh locality totally free from noise and air pollution. Usually in the hotels of Jodhpur, you will get a touch of traditional look associated with all kinds of facilities and modern amenities. These things are enough to gather some memorable and pleasant moment of their life time.

Hotels in Udaipur are famous for their splendor and elegance look which was prevalent from the olden days. Udaipur is famous as a ‘City of Lakes’ and it is also famous for various beautiful palaces. The appearance of Udaipur is so beautiful that it is emerged as romantic settings forb thev tourists. Generally the hotels in Udaipur are the residences or properties of the kings which are converted into luxury hotels. So in these hotels you will get the opportunity to enjoy the life like a King. There are various hotels in Udaipur. Tourists should book them as per their requirement and budget.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Explore Fun of Wild Tiger Safari with Ranthambore National Park Packages

If wild safari is something that thrills your nerves and you enjoy watching wild animal closely the visiting the Ranthambore National Park is the perfect option for you, as this tour offered by the Ranthambore National Park, India tour services is something which is adventurous, exciting and revitalising. The Indian tiger tour is a 17 days long electrifying trip which covers all the major National parks of the country including Sariska, Keoladeo National Park, Ranthambore National Park, Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve & national park, kanha national park and the tour ultimately finishes at the Corbett National Park, Delhi.

This is the experience which you are going to cherish for a lifetime. The stimulating 17 days with the threatening tigers, far away from any sort of work and daily life issues, so close to nature and exploring every bit of it. Above all what adds to the entire jovial experience is the outstanding tour management done by Ranthambore National Park, India organisers, who offer you with top class stay, food and travel services best suitable as per your budget range. Thus, it is a smart choice of opt for such solution provider which dedicatedly works to enrich your experience of wild tiger safari.

Enjoy Warm Hospitality in the Resorts of Corbett

Jim Corbett National Park is the most popular place among the wild life lovers. People from different corners of the world visit this national park and gather lots of unforgettable memories. Apart from exploring the park, the accommodation facilities of Jim Corbett is also excellent. There are numbers of resorts and hotels in Jim Corbett National Park in order to accommodate numbers of tourists from different corners of the world.
Wood Castle Resort in Corbett is said to be one of the best resort in Corbett. This resort offers you the unique beauty of wood architectures and also offers a great seclusion and a sedative comfort. Here you will enjoy a peaceful environment free from hustle bustle of city life. Here you will get the feeling of a royal castle which is concealed in the forests as the entire resort is built in the dense mango orchard. The beauty of this resort increases by the sty beating mountains as well as smooth flowing of the river Kosi. This place is best for different categories people. It best suits to every individual whether he or she is from middle class, foreigners, corporate guys and other different kinds of people. Apart from various other facilities, there is a large conference hall which can easily accommodate 400 people.

Tarika Resort in Corbett offers 46 luxurious rooms/cottages in its deluxe resort. Entire rooms of this resort are equipped with modern amenities and facilities. It is said that this resort is the choice of many people due to its beautiful ambience and personalized hospitalities. Apart from numbers of facilities there is a multi cuisine restaurant in this resort where you can enjoy various mouths watering dishes. Some other attractions of this resort are conference hall, spa centre, swimming pool, discotheque, playdium for kids, recreational games like Tambola etc.

The location of Manu Maharani Resort in Corbett is easily accessible to the tourists of Jim Corbett. This resort is very much famous for its warm hospitality and serviceable staff. Though there are 50 wonderful cottages but still you can enjoy individual attention and the best services in these wonderful cottages. As the location of this resort is in the lap of the nature, the tourists enjoy their stay here along with the comforts. Some of the important facilities of this resort are spa facilities, conference hall which can easily accommodate 200 guests, laundry services, swimming pool, geyser equipped rooms and many other facilities.

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Unseen Story of Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park might be not a new topic for you as there are so many blogs, news, article online today. One can very easily get the news update and tourist information very easily, one just need to google but in this edition GTI Travels going to present you some unknown or comparatively less heighted story. We already know that the Jim Corbett National Park is one of the oldest virgin forest of India and the park was named ‘Jim Corbett’ to honor the great hunter of Britain; Edward James ‘Jim' Corbett who later became conservationist and play a vital role in the establishment of Corbett Park.

The legend hunter Edward James Corbett was born on 25 July 1875 in Nainital in the Kumaon of the Himalaya. He was eighth child of Willam Christopher and Mary Jane Corbett. His father William Christopher Corbett was the postmaster of Nainital town. Between 1907 to 1938 Jim Corbett tracked and shot 19 tigers and 14 leopards, all these are man eater and killed over 1200 people.

The famous tiger and leopard killed by Edward James Corbett:

The Champawat Tigress, who killed up to 436 before been killed by Jim Corbett in 1907. Tigers of Chowgarh, another name of horror in Kumaon Division of Uttarakhand killed by Jim Corbett Thak man-eater were a tigress of Eastern Kumaon division. The tigress killed only four human being but her story is wildlife famous as the last hunt of legendry hunter Jim Corbett before being conservationist and the author.

There is a village on the outskirts of Corbett National Park, Chhoti Haldwani (Kaladungi) where the legendry hunter gunned down. The bungalow of Corbett has been converted into a museum. All his personal items that he used when went after man-eaters like his caps, jackets, torches, walking sticks, medical kit and articles used during camping. All details of his hunting expeditions, rare pictures and letters are handle with care and available in Corbett museum.

However Mr. Jim Corbett was no longer with us, he was dead more than 50 years ago on 19 April 1955 in Nyeri, Kenya but the villagers of Kumaon division are still keeping the memories of the legend with care. For instance, the ‘chaupal' (meeting place), which was used by Jim Corbett for meeting with the villagers is still there and the gun that he used for hunting, gifted to his assistant Sher Singh Negi before leaving for Kenya, now a day that gun is with Trilok Singh Negi who is son so Sher Singh Negi, is a proud possession of the villagers and is displayed before visitors.

For more stories about Corbett browse

Thursday, March 15, 2012

GTI Travels Now Planning To Contribute To Make People Aware Towards Wildlife

Its a day dream of many yet to be the guests of nature. Exactly the guest of nature means live you vocation in the lap of nature to live in a resort or tree house which is surrounded by deep forest. Some times its very hard to make the dream true due to the budget and time.

Now you have a splendid opportunity to make your dream true as your favorite travel agency announced a huge discount on every kind of Indian wildlife tour packages. The discount is available for every corner of India.

The list of national park where you will get the discount for your tour.

In north East Indian: Kaziranga National Park

In East India: Sundarbans National Park

In North India: Corbett National Park

In West India: Ranthambore National Park

The offer is valid till April only as the organisation is dedication the whole month of April to the wildlife. It is also head that in this month the company will organize some interesting games and quiz contest for the tourist in between tour. It is expected that this kind of innovative things can add a new flavor in tour and also help you to know wildlife even more closely.

For More Information Browse

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kaziranga National Park Wildlife Treasury in North East India

Kaziranga National Park is located in Assam in the bank of Brahmaputra River. It is especially famous for the huge numbers of one-horned rhinoceros and thick fauna and flora. Even for the bird watchers, Kaziranga National Park is the best selection as this national park is famous as a paradise for bird watchers. Tourists get the opportunity to watch almost 450 species in which there are native as well as migratory. Apart from various other animals, tourists get the opportunity to enjoy the company of Swam deers, Hoolock Gibbons, Indian bison and various other animals. Some of the popular bird species of this famous national park are swamp partridges, crested serpent eagle, pelicans, Bengal florican herons and many others.

If you want to explore the Kaziranga National Park nicely then safaris are the best option. You can easily explore the park with the help of an Elephant Safari as well as with the Jeep Safari. Most of the tourists prefer to go for Jeep Safari in Kaziranga as this is the fastest way to explore the park. This option of exploring the park is preferable by most of the tourists as you can easily dive or reach to the heart of the forest in very less time. If you want to explore the wild life slowly and very closely and if you are an adventure lover, then go for Elephant Safari. Though this option is very slow but you can enter in any part of the forest. Safari rides are the best way to throw a glance at any part of the National Park.

But each of the national parks has its own rules and regulations and you have to follow it strictly while exploring the Kaziranga National Park. These rules and regulations should be strictly obeyed by any of the tourists in order to secure the life of the wild animals.

If you want to explore the national park in a comfortable and convenient manner then take the help of Kaziranga Tour Package. There are many different types of tour packages especially made for the convenience of tourists. Choose the packages which best suits to your requirement and the budget. Some people want to make their plan for two days some want to make their plan for 13 days. Plan your trip for Kaziranga National Park so that you will get the opportunity to some days amidst the nature and the wild animals.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Peacocks Are Also Being Hunted

A recently heighted news shows that peacock are being hunted. It’s the first news comes in light from the Kaladhungi reason of Uttarakhand. Some weeks ago when young boy was attempting to wring the neck of Peacock the forest officials caught him.

It said that there are lots of people who are creasy for the meat of peacock and they are hurting our national bird for quite a long time. It is heard that the meat of peacocks are hot and very testy. It is the biggest reason why the peacock is being hunted.

Last time when I was on the tour of Corbett National Park done jeep safari in Bijrani safari zone after the safari we are very disappointed that we could not enjoy the wildlife as we are expecting for this tour we just encounter black deer, spotted deer and peacocks. But suddenly after the safari when we were taking tea in a very small tea stall at Ramnagar heard when some people were chatting to each other that the local of that area also creasy for the meat.

Comfortable Hotels at Different Pilgrimages

Chardham is the most auspicious place especially for the Hindus. The tour of Chardham is performed especially in between the periods of Akshaya Tritiya and Dhanteras. Most of the Hindu pilgrims visit these holy places in order to attain Moksha. Millions of people visit Chardham every year. During the Chardham tour season there is a great rush in finding out the good accommodation in Chardham but if you plan earlier then you can easily book hotels through online as per your requirement and budget.
Though there are various hotels of different category in order to accommodate the pilgrims of different nature but as the numbers of pilgrims are too much sometimes the pilgrims have to face a great problem in finding out a good accommodation. Online you will get a detail idea about the various types of hotels in the chardham route or you may take the help of tours and travels. They will plan your journey accordingly with full of comforts and convenience.
Haridwar is also a holy place and it is known as the gateway of all the famous four pilgrimages of Chardham. Haridwar is mainly famous as the starting point of the Chardham Yatra and the religious “The Ganga River”. Most of the pilgrims from all over the country visit this place round the year. In India it is a famous pilgrimage and here you will enjoy ‘Har ki pauri’ and the famous ‘Ganga Aarti’. In order to accommodate numbers of pilgrims in Haridwar there are numbers of big and small hotels in Haridwar. Hotels in Haridwar are famous for its serviceable staffs and good hospitality. You can easily book hotels of Haridwar through online as per your suitability.
Rishikesh is in Uttaranchal and it is a great place for pilgrims. While proceeding towards Chardham from Delhi pilgrims have to take rest at Rishikesh. Though there is wide range of Hotels in Rishikesh starting from economy, budget to deluxe, luxurious. You have to choose as per your budget and requirement. It is advisable that you should book your suitable hotel through online as Rishikesh also attracts a large number of pilgrims every year from different parts of the country.
Getting accommodation in the hotels in Badrinath is also not at all a problem as there are various types of hotels in Badrinath at possible rates. It is best to book through online for the hotels in Badrinath. There are luxurious hotels, heritage hotels and the hotels of all categories.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

GTI Travels New Launch Of Web Design!

A tour & travel company GTI Travels, which is successfully running in DELHI, has recently launched the latest web design for The new web page is quite informative and user-friendly. Once a visitor switch to this latest web design of GTI Travels, the users learn the entire process of taking information about various pages of the site on their own.
The web page has designed as per user demand for changes. All the packages for various tours in Kaziranga are mentioned in full detail and information. Clicking on any link, a user will reach by related page and thus, can find out all necessary information regarding that particular tour package. The same process applies to other links and pages as well.
Apart of tour package, the new design has not spared the significance and value of Kaziranga National Park. But the new page has all the information and tourism importance for all happening moments and sights of this park.
The necessary information about various resorts and hotels which are always at the top of priority list can also be found easily from this new launched web design. Thus, everything is managed in such a marvelous way in this new web design of

Friday, March 2, 2012

A Tour of World Heritage Site Sundarbans National Park

Sunderbans is a stretch of mangrove forest and it also covers a vast area of 4264km in India which is alone in India. It is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a famous national park due to mangrove forest as well as due to largest Tiger Reserve. This place is also known as a paradise for bird watcher. Here the tourists can enjoy rarities bird watching which includes Mangrove Whistler and Mangrove Pitta.

Sundarbans National Park is a home of more than 250 tigers. Bengal Tigers of Sunderbans are very famous and they are well adapted by the aqua and the saline environs. They are known for their excellent performance of swimming. Tourists from various part of the world visit Sunderban and get thrilled by observing the activities of rhesus monkey, chital deer and many other animals. Along the mud banks you will also get the opportunity to observe the activities of crocodiles. You can enjoy the different activities of various animals and that too very closely.

Sunderban National Park is very close to Kolkatta. People residing in Kolkata or nearby places can easily plan for Sunderban Weekend tour. In order to reach at Sunderban National Park, tourists from Kolkata have to travel to Basanti port which is almost a 3 hours drive by car from Kolkata. Then from Gosaba you have to take a boat ride and then a short ride of local rickshaw will drop you at the entrance of Sunderbans forest. Whole day you will get the opportunity to enjoy different attractions of Sunderbans like a forest museum and the various species which are having their home in the world of mangrove of Sunderbans. Enjoy your evening with leisure in Sunderbans and plan to stay overnight in the forest lodge of Sunderbans. Next day you may go back to your destinations. In order to enjoy your trip fully you should take the help of packages. They will plan your trip well as per your budget and suitability.

Most of the tourists are also interested for Indian Tiger tour. It is known as one of the most important tour whether you want to enjoy Indian Natural Beauty or just tourism. Indian Tiger tour is said to be an impressive tour which shows the tourists a glimpse of Indian beauty. It is a long tour and it covers various places like Delhi, Kolkata, Sunderbans, Gondia, Kanha, Bandhavgarh, Katni, Agra, Bharatpur, Ranthambore, Delhi, Corbett Delhi.

Ranthambore National Park Weekend Tour

If you don’t have a week long holiday to spend in Ranthambore then need not worry, just a weekend tour in ranthambore can chill and spill your tension for a while. After a hectic Friday, you just pack your backs and get out the next day to take the train to Sawai Madhopur. After a long journey in train, excite yourself and just drop the bags to the Ranthambore Resorts, and this is the point where your real hunt for fun starts. Experiencing and encountering the real fun at Rathambore is a must do once in a lifetime.

Getting cozy with bears, leopards, chinkara and the tiger is something you can relish for your lifetime. A whole day extravaganza at the Ranthambore National Park will make you not tired but ready and steady to look for much excitement. First day will end in this curiosity and will mark the beginning of the excitement that what is waiting for you on the other side of this trip. On second day, you will be heading towards the Ranthambore National Park once again where the real excitement waits for the thrill and anticipation. Therefore, what are you thinking look out for the next weekend and make your way to Ranthambore as early as possible.

Forest Department Again Going to Census the Rhinos Form 15th March

A census for one-horned rhinos will be held form 15th of March 2012 in the state of Assam. Last time the census for the rhinos was done in the year of 2009 as according to that census the state has nearly about 2200 rahinos. The census operation will start form the Orang National Park. The pre schedule of census are; 15th March- Orang National Park; 20 March- Pabitora wildlife sanctuary; 26th and 27th march- Kaziranga National Park. Two days allotted to Kaziranga National Park considering the large number of rhinos here.

According to the data of last census the Kaziranga National Park had 2048 rhinos where as only 84 in Pabitora and 64 in Orang. In this census the officials use the camera trap technology. The concerning department is hopeful that the census at Pabitora wildlife sanctuary and Orang National Park will done in single day as the number of rhino in the park are very low.

The Kaziranga National Park is famous worldwide for one horned rhinos. Tourist form every corner of the world come here to have experience rhino as it is very easily sight here. Beside Kaziranga National Park rhino is also found in Pabitora wildlife sanctuary, Orang National Park and Manas National Parks, (Assam), Dudhwa National Park (Uttar Pradesh) and in some places in Nepal.

The protection of this animal is challenge for forest officials because demand of horn of this animal is very high in Indian Sub Continent and China.

Kedarnath and Badrinath Yatra Way to Attain Moksha

If you are planning to go on your dream destination, Chardham Yatra, then you have to plan a lot before starting your yatra for the auspicious places of Chardham. You have to enquire in details about the various packages, hotels, routes, destinations and various other things before starting your Chardham yatra.
For most of the pilgrims, Chardham Yatra is the only way to attain moksha. In Kedarnath Yatra, there are several kunds in which the pilgrims get the opportunity to have bath. Each of these kunds is having its own religious significance. The temple of Kedarnath is dedicated to Bhaironathji. This place is said to be the seat of Lord Shiva as well as famous as one of the twelve Jyotirlingas of great Lord Shiva. This temple is located at a height of 3584 m and it is said to be the holiest pilgrimage for the Hindu religion. You can’t plan for Kedarnath Yatra during winter season as the shrine is submerged in snow and thus it is closed for few months during winter season. If you are fortunate enough then you will finish your journey in good weather but if you get a chance to visit Kedarnath temple during moonlit night then you are double lucky.

The opening and the closing of the Kedarnath temple is fixed for the pilgrims. Normally it opens on mid May and closed on second day of Diwali. The devotees get the opportunity to offer their prayer from 6 am to 2 pm in the morning and 5 pm to 8 pm in the evening.

Like this the pilgrims explore Badrinath Tour during their Chardham Yatra. Badrinath yatra gives you the opportunity to visit Badrinath temple which is divided into three parts. They are sanctum sanctorum or ‘Garbha Griha’, the ‘Darshan Mandap’ and the ‘sabha Mandap’. At ‘Sabha Mandap’ devotees get assembled as well as at ‘Darshan Mandap’ rituals are conducted.

Offering prayer at the Badrinath temple is said to be one of the main attractions in Uttaranchal. The location of this temple is too beautiful. It is bordered by two mountain ranges which are named as ‘Nar’ and ‘Narayan’. This auspicious place is bounded by the adjacent peak known as ‘Neelkantha’ and the mountain ranges. This temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The route of the Badrinath Yatra is little bit tough and it is also situated at a height of 3, 133 metres. Pilgrims faith over this auspicious place makes the way of the pilgrims easier and they travel to these hilly roads with a faith and offer their prayer at the temple.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

GTI Travel Bring In A New Design for Ranthamborenationalpark.In, Have A Look on It!

New Delhi: Recently, the Delhi based travel company GTI Travels has uncovered website’s new design. This new design is quite advanced and designers have brought a new change for giving clients more ease while choosing the best tour package for Ranthambore National Park.

After observing visitors' suggestions and their experience, the company has decided to bring in new ideas and design in the website. All the suggestions of customers have taken up while developing this website, so that customers would feel satisfaction and convenience while finding information regarding various tour packages.

The Company believes in providing the best service to its customers. So, whether it is of tour related services or booking or attracting visitors. They only aim of providing contentment to various customers in all possible ways.

Knowing the value of time and money, this new design would save lots of time and would help finding the best suitable tour package in which a tourist can get maximum benefit with affordable price range.

This website basically serves a tour for Ranthambore National Park, so for all wildlife lovers, this website can be truly a revolutionary tool that can help them fulfill their thirst of witnessing and feeling wild animals with a closer view.

When a visitor reaches by this exclusive website, there is no chance to feel confused, but everything is designed in such a pleasant and clear way. All the options are available on the home page and clicking on requiring link, the information can be fetched easily. To know more and more about various things in Ranthambore National Park, the new design website has put many pictures that are truly attractive as well as informative.