Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dread Tusker Of Rishikesh Was Shifted

The top officials of Uttrakhand forest department sifted the dread tusker of Rishikesh to Rajaji National Park. For around two months, there was terror of the tusker in Rishikesh and had killed many people. In the presence of top executives of forest department the tusker was leaved in the chila range of Rajaji National Park.
Said that the forrest officials were planned to leave the Tuskar in Corbett National Park early but suddenly the programe was changed and the tuskar was leaved in Rajaji National Park. To move the tusker in Jim Corbett National Park there were three pet elephant called but the tusker was left in chila range of Rajaji.
But the forest official didnt find the tusker after 6 days even a team of Rajaji national park is working to located the tusker. In search of violent Tusker of Rishikesh, a team of Rajaji National Park is roaming the forest. The Tusker was left in chila range on 7th of January this year, yet the Tuskar damaged a well of Chila Hydro Electric Corporation and a monk has been killed in the crush in Pantdweep. The Tusker already killed 10 people in two months in Rishikesh rigion. The director of Rajaji National Park SP Subudhi told that the Tusker was last located in the Motichur range. A special task force is also engaged in searching for the Tuskar.