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Jhirna Safari Zone In Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park is a mammoth wildlife reserve. For convenience of public, tourists and authorities it has been divided in different safari zones in corbett. Among all the zones, the best and most comfortable for tourists is Jhirna Safari Zone. Though it will be bit unfair to other zones, Jhirna Zone is endowed with relatively more natural beauty. Nestled in beautiful Himalayas, surrounded by mesmerising lush green jungle and tranquilised by fantastic flora and fauna, Jhrina Zone is must watch for every tourist coming to Corbett. The zone is also endowed with tigers, the USP of the entire park. It is said that these beasts are seen in truest state in this zone. You may capture their images while bathing, hunting or just taking nap. And if you seek more and different adventure, the zone is tailor made for elephant safari, jeep safari and other kind of trekking.

Geographically, Jhirna Zone is located just 16 kilometres away from city of Ramangar. In order to access the zone, you need to get the permission, which is provided by the park authorities. It’s a normal procedure which includes verification of your identity and address. The process doesn’t take much time and soon you get to enter the park. With the very first into the zone, you will be greeted by a unique music, inclusive of chirps of birds in wide range, roars of gracious tigers. And with your entry into deeper jungle, you will feel the charisma of Corbett, infused by a phenomenal tranquillity and isolation.

The zone is famous for safaris, and that’s why known as Jhirna Safari Zone. In case you want to book morning trip safaris, you shall have to make the booking at least six days before the start of tour. Though it’s mandatory but it’s very helpful.

Last but not least fact about Jhirna, it is only zone in Corbett that is open for all 12 months. Don’t forget to take a guide along with you as it’s mandatory.

Visit the four abodes of God - Char dham by bus

For centuries, the popular Hindu belief is that undertaking Chardham Yatra once in life time will wash away the sins and relieve the humans of the cycle of birth and death. The Chardham is believed to be the place where heaven and earth converge. This may be because these dham or 4 places are located in the lofty peaks of the icy Gharwal ranges of the Himalayas. The religious aura that surrounds these pilgrimage destinations in northern Indian state of Uttarakhand is unbelievable. It’s not possible to express it in words but has to be experienced first hand.

Yamuna River, Gangotri is where the river Ganges originates, Badrinath famous for Narayan temple, and Kedernath dham known for the Shiva temple. Each of places is very scenic and has matchless beauty. No traveler can fail to notice the nature in its entire splendor, and the exquisiteness of these abodes of God.

Tour of Chardham can be done through many modes of transport but the recently introduced tour by bus has become the most popular choice. The Chardham bus tour is an eleven day trip. The bus tour commences from Delhi being the centre point for tourists from all over. The bus covers all the important places on the way like Hardwar, Mussoorie, Yamunotri, Uttarkashi, Harsil, Gangotri, Tehri dam, Srinagar Garhwal, Rudraprayag, Guptkashi, Kedarnath dham, Chopta, Gopeshwar, Chamoli, Joshimath, Badrinath, Devprayag and Rishikesh. Tourists have the choice of joining the trip at Haridwar/Rishikesh too. Their food, accommodation and travel within the cities are all included in the package. Every bus has a tour guide to assist the travelers with all their needs. They brief the pilgrims about the historical significance of every spot and abreast them of the rites and rituals to be performed.

The Char Dham are very busy during the summer months when millions of people come on the holy journey to experience the eternal bliss. The picturesque surroundings of the mountainous region attract leisure travelers too. The come here to unwind themselves and fill their lungs with fresh air.

These locales are silent and tranquil only resound with the names of the Lord as the pilgrims advance towards their destination. Whether the trip to the four dham- the resting places of the gods is taken up with religious connotation or not, it’s bound to bound to leave a mark on the travelers mind. provides complete information about chardham yatra, chardham bus tour and chardham hotels as Hotels in Badrinath, Hotels in Kedarnath etc. These entire things available in affordable price.

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Best Wild Life Safaris in India

Wild life safaris are an excellent passage to increasing knowledge about wild life with refreshing and adventures vacation. India hugely blessed with flora, fauna, and avifauna. There are 13 biosphere reserves,500 wild life sanctuaries and 80 national park approximately. They gave shelter to many mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles.

Wild life safaries in india-

Corbett national park– it is located in beauteous state Uttrakhand. it cover 520.82 sq km area. It is a famous and first tiger reserve and national park of India. beside tigers you can found there five kind of deer, Himalayan black bear, otter, leopards and rare fishing cat, Asian elephant etc. Best time to visit there is mid November to mid June. Canter and elephant safaris are available.

Ranthambore national park– located in Rajasthan. It covers an area of approx 400 km sq. It is well known for tiger reserve along with jungle cat, marsh crocodile, hyenas desert monitors, vipers, Indian pythons and dear are also found there. Best time to visit in park is November to May and available safaris are canter and jeep.

Kaziranga national park –situated in Assam. It covers an area of 430km sq. It is only homeland of one horned Rhinoceroses in India apart from that Kaziranga gives shelter to many other species like tiger, elephant, wild water buffalo, swamp deer, pythons, otter, hog etc. Elephant safari and jeep safaris are available for walking in the park. Best time to visit in Kaziranga is mid November to early April.

Bandhavgarh national park- situated in Madhya Pradesh covering 450sq km area. It get its name from an ancient fort in the area. It is famous for rare white tiger and tiger reserve but it also provides shelter to nilgai, chausingha, chital, chinkara , wild boar, fox and jackal. Best time to visit is February to june(closed 1 july-31oct). Jeep and elephant safaris are available.

Kanha national park – located in Madhya Pradesh .it had 1945 km sq area. It is well known for different kinds of Barasingha and swamp deer and other attractions are tiger, bison.gaur, barking deer, black buck, mouse deer, pea fowl, monkey, mongoose and many birds etc.

Sunderban national park- located in west Bengal .it had 1330.10 sq km area and world’s largest mangrove forest. This park is home land of royal Bengal tiger and gives shelter to many rare species like olive ridly, river terrapin, king fisher and spotted deer etc. Cruise and boat safaris are there’s main adventures attraction. Best time to visit December to feb.

Apart from these there are number of wild safaris in India like Gir national park, periyar, dibru, royal chitwan park etc. which introduce you the bio diversity of India and creativity of god

Find more information about Corbett safari, elephant safari, canter safari in Corbett national park at and also find here best Corbett tour packages, Corbett tour packages, Hotels in Corbett and more.

Indian Tiger Need our Help

Bengal tiger (Pantera tigris), India’s national animal symbol of power with beauty according to Hindu mythology tiger is an vehicle of goddess Durga and according to ecology its a top predator play an important role in the diversity of a unmatched ecosystem. Bengal tiger is a member of family “Felidae”. Tts coat is orange and stripes are dark brown or black. It is also found in black and white colour.

We all know we have only 1411 tiger approx. In 1990, 3642 tigers was reported. From 1973 when project tiger was launched, tiger haunting is banned and we have 40 national park with project tiger .a tiger can reproduce in the age of 4-5 then why the population of tigers are continuously decreasing ? The tiger hunting is banned but things made by tiger’s body part are still illegally available how? Because we are not aware or we are not able to seeing the danger hidden on it.

Its dangers but truth if the tigers are extinct then after few years we are also forced to extinct because the ecosystem lost its balance , if tigers are extinct then poacher and hunter destroy all resources of jungle. so we can say tiger protect the forest and effect us economically and ecologically.

How we can save tiger

(1) Dishearten Poaching -Don’t buy anything belongs to tigers body part and if you know anybody involve in this crime please inform the police because selling tiger bones ,skin and other body parts is the biggest reason why Indian tigers are going extinct .

(2) Save Environment - Tiger need forest to live because he eat deer and other herbivorous which depends on grass , plants and plant need water means it all make a chain and in chain every link is important . In simple words tiger are the best indicator of ecosystem’s balance.

(3) Share and Give Education About Tiger- Share your knowledge about tiger and discus how we can save tiger? Because discussion open new ways.

(4) Support the Program Running to Save Indian Tiger- If you know about any program running to save tiger take part on it and promote it.

(5) Plan a Trip of Tiger Reserve- Jim Corbett National Park must be the best one. It can help you understand more about tiger and it will raise love for them in your heart means more chance to survive tigers.

So hurry up! It’s our next generation’s right to see tiger alive not only in pictures.

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Festival Tour of Ladakh

The festivals of Ladakh are as good as the land itself. They are simply amazing. They are highly colourful, enigmatic and showcase the truest meanings of Indian culture and most importantly spirit of Ladakh. In spite of Indian governance, Ladakh resembles more Tibet than India. The look of the people and their lifestyle is very much Tibetan. They practice Tibetan style Buddhism. Sometimes you may have illusion that you are not in India but in Tibet only. Ladakh, however, is not only known for its steep valleys and outrageous mountains but some colourful festivals. Read on to know the most enjoyable festivals in ladakh.

Losar : Losar is commemorated as the Tibetan new year and in Ladakh the festivities go on for a period of three days. Houses are washed and lit up with candles, prayers are offered at worship places and images of ibex are hung at the doors of the house. The most exciting rituals are held in the evening as you see the procession of fire, 'Metho' that is taken out to drive out evil spirits and hungry ghosts - the consequence of one's bad actions. The Ladakhis celebrate the coming year with fire and light.

Hemis Festival: It is one of the most popular festivals in the country and Ladakh. This is also considered as the most monastic festival. The celebrations are intended to mark the birth anniversary of Guru Padmasambhava who is supposedly the reincarnation of Lord Buddha. The festival continued for two days. During this period the courtyard of Hemis Monastery hosts masked dance, music and other cultural activities. The masked dances describe victory of good over evil. Another highlight of the festival, though every twelfth year, is the showcasing of giant thankga. The thangka is worshipped with pearls and other precious stones.

Sindhu Darshan: Even though it is not a Buddhist festival but still people throng Ladakh in large numbers to witness it. The festival, though not even a religious one, is highly popular. Why? Because the festival marks the cultural unity of India and also pays tribute to those soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the country from external threats. Tourists and locals bring water from different rivers of the country and immerse it into the Sindhu as a mark of unity. The festival is held in the month of May-June with the combined efforts of Jammu Kashmir government and Minstry of Tourism India.

Ladakh Festival: Ladakh Festival is celebrated from 1st to 15th of September every year and celebrates the rich culture and tradition of the Ladakhi people. Various cultural and sporting events like folk dances, polo and archery are the main highlights of the festival. Entire Ladakh is painted in the colours of merriment, enthusiasm and a feeling of pride.

Other Monastic Festivals: There are a number of monasteries in Ladakh and a number of them celebrate their annual festival. Some of the monastic festival so celebrated are:-

Thiksey Gustor is held in the month of October in Thiksey Monastery

Matho Narang is held in the month of March in Matho Monastery

Spituk Gustor is held in the month of January in Spituk Monastery

Phyang Tseruk is held in July-August in Phyang Monastery

Likir Monastery is festival held in February

Yuru Kabgyat
is held in the month of July in Lamayuru Monastery

Tak Thok Tse Chu is held in the month of July in Taktok

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National Park And Hikes In North East India

North east India means colourful culture, richest and amazing bio diversity, full of natural beauty and adventures bliss. It consist 7 sisters and one brother state, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Tripura, mizoram, Nagaland and Manipur every state has its own culture and tradition.

If you are a nature lover, wild life researcher, adventure seeker or all the north east India Full fill all your desire of fun. North east india have many attraction of tourism like beautiful cities, amazing national parks and most interesting adventures and eye catching surrounding.

Main wild life of north east India- there are approx 17 national park with richest bio diversity but Kaziranga (Assam) is most famous from them.

Kaziranga national park
–it located in the two districts of Assam golaghat, nagaon . It is only home land of “one horned rhino” and also famous for high tiger density. It also give shelter to many other animal and birds like jungle cat , leopard cat, hoolock gibbons , wild boar , jackal pythons and fishing eagle , black kite etc.

Famous destination of north east india

Darjeeling- located in assam famous for refreshing tea gardens and natural beauty . Its main attraction is himalayan train and world heritage site.

Guwahati- it called “light of east” . It is full of attraction like umananda temple, kamakhya temple, assam zoo, state museum, botanical garden, chandubi lake etc.

Itanagar- The capital of Arunachal Pradesh. Its main attractions are Jawaharlal Nehru state museum, buddhist temple, ganga lake etc.

Gangtok-gangtok means “hill top” views of mighty himalaya , rich culture beautiful buddhist monasteries, colourful , handicrafts and views of hills and valley make it best holiday destination of north east.

Adventoures sports in north east india – north east offer many adventures sport

Trekking- Nagaland, Meghalaya , Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh, are best destination for trekking.

Mountaineering- there are two types of mountaineering available (1) snowy at sikkim (2) green mountaineering in assam and mizoram.

White water rafting- teesta and rangit rivers in sikkim and brahmaputra in arunachal pradesh are best for water rafting.

Hang gliding and para sailing- guwahati and kamakhya hills around kaziranga.

Other attraction- mighty kanchenjunga, twang monastaries , nagaland’s tribe, cuisines and bihu festival etc.

North east is a colourful and spiritual so if you are thinking for a light and refreshing vacation or a adventures trip then do not forget it because it is best vacation destination.

Hotels In Kedarnath In Chardham Destination

When we go on a tour, what we expect---excellent site seeing, learning new things, experience new culture, break from hustle bustle of city life and comfortable accommodation. Most of the aforementioned requirements depends upon the place your are going for the tour. But “ comfortable accommodation” is common requirement. The comfort becomes necessity when you go on a religious tour, especially on Chardham tour. You need to check out for the cleanliness, proximity to the temples and other important aspects. Kedarnath is one of the prominent Chardham destinations and is very lucky to meet “comfort” need of tourists. Kedarnath has some really great hotels. Five stars to budget hotels, you find all of them here.

The greatest thing about Kedarnath hotels is that they are in accordance with the local surroundings of the area. They are in great conditions and even in peak season, they don’t give “over-crowded” look . High quality amenities and services are some of the most appreciated attributes of Kedarnath hotels. The hotels are very clean and hygienic. And most of them have been constructed keeping religious values of Hindus in mind. The cuisine is prepared with utmost cleanliness in order to maintain the “purity” of the region.

There are various hotels in Kedarnath. They are in accordance with the various requirements of the tourists. One can choose his/her hotel according to his requirement. Since Kedarnath Dham witnesses a huge number of footfalls, it’s strongly recommended to book hotels in advance. Most of the luxury and reputed hotels in Kedarnath have their own website. Hence you can make your bookings through their websites as well. If you want to study about all the hotels in Kedarnath, you can go various portals that have been specially cater this information. Some of the travel portals allow visitors to submit their review, experience and their feedback. In fact they have facilities to book their rooms as well. The reviews and feedback are really good parameter to scale any hotel on Internet. Most of the reviews are unbiased and give you true pictures of hotels.

Above all, you are aware about each and every information about the hotels in Kedarnath. You can draw comparisons and make an informed decision. Kedarnath hotels also provide you additional travel, pilgrimage and spa services. It would be beneficial if the hotel you choose to live-in provides these offers. You can choose from these services as per your interest.

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A Trip to Char Dham……the route to salvation and devotion

India is known for its religious opulence since the incarnation of human culture and civilization, it is often refers to as the spiritual power in the world. So, if you want to take yourself away from the daily hectic routine and enter into the world of peace, devotion and eternal happiness the chardham yatra is best suited for you. Char Dham literally means four destinations, the destinations of religious importance which has the power to make one enter into the stage of self-actualization and eternal peace. The Hindu mythologies describe this Char Dham into four religious destinations as Sri Gangotri
Dham, Sri Yamunotri Dham, Sri Kedarnath Dham, and Sri Badrinath Dham. Apart from their religious importance these destinations presents a spectacular view of natural beauty which mystically canopies the entire area.

Sri Gangotri Dham refers to the place which is the source of the holy river Ganga, which is worshipped by the Hindus in India. The Gaumukh glacier present in the area is the source of the river Ganga, pilgrims and tourists are fascinated to see the natural beauty of the place.

The Yamunotri Dham is the source of river Yamuna it is the place of Goddess Yamuna located in the western part of the Garhwal Himalayas, Kedarnath Dham is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva the place is covered by several pools called as Kunds in Hindi these pools are of religious significance and the sacred shrine is of high religious importance. Badrinath Dham is guided on the either side by two mountains Nar and Narayan the temple at this place is devoted to Lord Vishnu according to the Hindu mythological stories Badrinath Dham is situated on the bank of river Alaknanda river which is a hot water spring called as “Tapt kund”. These destinations are the flooded by the tourists throughout the year, not only Indian but also the foreign nationals are also allured by the divinity and spiritual pleasure which these destinations offer to the

The treks present across the area are highly adventurous and exciting for the visitors. There are several tour packages available for the Char Dham tour which is meant to suit the needs and span of the tour. These destinations has good connectivity with air and road, it has also got excellent fooding and lodging facilities. The hotels in chardham destinations range from luxury, deluxe, standard and economy class.

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Nubra valley trek in Ladakh

Nubra valley is one of the most popular valleys in Ladakh. It is known for high-end adventures and extremely mesmerizing scenes. People come here mostly to trek, as its nook and corner exhibits an amazing experience of solace and tranquillity. Nubra valley trekking is highly popular and people from all over the world to come here.

The valley of flowers is been called the name for Nubra valley which is situated in the north of leh ladakh. The Nubra is a tributary of the Shyok River which flows parallel to the Indus on the northern side of the Ladakh range it is on high altitude of….5450 mtrs.This orchard of ladhakh is very vast in vegetation due to its mild weather. The place is often been used as trekking and scenic landscapes which makes it as a hot spot amongst tourists. There is an oldest 350 years old Buddhist monastery in nubra and largest among all.

History Of Nubra Valley:
Historically, the Nubra Valley is known as a major trade route linking South Asia with Central Asia. There was a time when traders drove past the Nubra River in their caravans along with herds of yaks and camels. The traders came from different nationalities and cultures to this place. And this is the reason why locals speak Balti and other few languages other than Ladakhi. The place will mesmerize you than any other. A sense of mystery will certainly drive you deeper into the valley.

The facilities for communication in Nubra are not in plenty and smooth. The inconsistency is due to the unpredictable weather conditions and very high altitude.However, one can make international phone calls can be made from telephone booths in the Diskit village in Nubra. One can also send posts and faxes from this village.Airtel and BSNL offers coverage in this area, but the higher terrain may cause signal trouble.

Word of caution:
To have a comfortable journey be cautious from the start. The locals can make out the difference between a regular visitor and a first time visitor. Make sure you have as much information about this area as you can before coming here. While shopping here pay with caution as some shopkeepers may ask for double prize.If you know how to bargain then you are good to go.

More info vist:-

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Markha Valley Trek In Ladakh

Do you want really something different and thrilling on your next trekking venture? Well, why not try Markha Valley Trek? It is a fascinating valley in Ladakh—which is globally known for its high altitude region and extreme climatic conditions. It is also known for its unique proximity to the incomparable beauty of the Himalayas and Zansakar range. Markha Valley is simply a fantastic place. The valley has received high acclaim from trekkers across the world. Some of them have gone on to say that Markha is the best trekking destination in South Asia.

If you are thinking Markha is like any other crowded trekking destinations, then you are absolutely wrong. It is an isolated destination yielding a tranquilising comfort to trekkers. On parameters of trekking, it is seriously fantastic destination. Those who love adventure and what to experience something must not Markha at any cost.

Let’s know more about the valley. Markha is normally covered with a thick layer of snow. There are many destinations where you will find zero population with no human trails in radius of at least five kilometers. The gigantic Himalaya along with an amazing climate makes Markha trekking very special. Even though Ladakh is located in India, the culture and traditions are very similar to Tibet. You can see wild roses and Tibetan prayer flags in every nook and corner of the valley. And how can you miss the mesmerising Markha River. The clean strip of River enhanced the beauty of the place. Some nomadic people may meet you on your journey.

You can also embark on a marathon trekking from Markha, which is well connected to other trails such as Ganda La, Stok Kangri, matho, Zanskar River, Gongmaru La, Hemis and some other small Laddakhi villages. These trails guide you to the beautiful gorges, barely and mustard fields. Buddhist monasteries are scattered all over the valley. These pilgrimages are great learning centres for outsiders or those who wish to experience glorious Buddhism in its truest forms.

If you have sky-is-the-limit attitude, you should trek to the high altitude places in the valley. At these roofs of the world, you will have an exclusive splendid view of the giant Karakoram range. These attractions altogether combine together to become a fantastic destination for adventure trekking tours. And why only trekking, you can come here for spending vacations or simply on weekend vacation. There are various centers from where you can have more and detailed information about Ladakh trekking.

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New Year celebrations In Jim Corbett National Park

NEW DELHI: XperTravels has unveiled a new design of in view of New Year celebrations. The new design is aimed at making the website easier for users to search for a suitable Corbett New Year packages . Web designers based changes to the website on feedback grabbed an overwhelming response from the customers. The website’s New Year page has received tremendous appreciation and is rising on popularity chart rapidly.

People from all over the world visit to seek information about the best hotels in Corbett National park and which one of them would best suit to them,” said Mr. Tarun Shrivastava, Managing Director of XperTravels. “It is the preeminent tool for reaching out to the public to guide them on how to spend best time in Corbett National park. website has been catering to the customers with ever-changing needs.” The site also serves as a first stop for people living abroad when they need official information about Jim Corbett National Park and any kind of information about one of the largest parks in India. The website has detailed information about every resort. Information includes package details, facilities, amenities and what best is being offered this New Year. The details are available on a single page; therefore, one can go through the information with the very first stroke.

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Rajasthan Wild life Tour

Rajasthan has abundant flora and flora. This makes it a perfect place for a wild life tour. Rajasthan houses the world-famous Ranthambore National Park, Sariska National Park, Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary and the Desert National Park These reserves have some of the world’s rarest species of flora and fauna. The highlight of Rajasthan Wild life tour is the magnificent Indian Tiger. Other prominent wild animals they get to watch out on these Indian Tiger tours are leopards, wild boars, sloth boars, chinkaras, mongoose, black bucks, porcupines, antelopes, monitor lizards, deers and jackal.
While tigers are available in Sariska and parts of Rajasthan, Ranthambore National Park is the best place to visit. Ranthambore National Park is home of various wild animals and is the most famous for its Tigers. Ranthambore is designated as the Tiger Reserve in India in an effort to protect these endangered species.
These days there are plenty of tours and travels offering packages to Rajasthan’s wild life destinations. Being on Ranthambore Tiger Tour or other wildlife tour is an experience of its kind. Visitors can comfortably take up a jeep safari or canter safari and watch these jungle predators in their natural surroundings. The tiger trails tour of Ranthambore is one to the most adventurous wildlife tours on these tours, tourists get to see the scenic beauty of the desert forest of Rajasthan along with the adventure of close up view of these man-eating mammals.
Ranthambore being the natural habitat of these tigers, visitors can see the tigers and other animals doing their daily activities. Many time tourists get to see the tigers quietly drinking water or dozing under the sun. It’s amazing and thrilling to see the tigers wait and pounce on the prey and the animals giving the warning signals. Wild enthusiasts and photographers from around world join the Tiger Trails tours to study the behavior, pugmarks and take pictures of these great Bengal Tigers. The guides accompanying the tourists on the wildlife tours are very knowledgeable and give first hand information of the nature and behavior of these forest animals. 
Ranthambhore Rajasthan tour is remembered by tourists for its exotic species of birds, animals and trees along with the wonderful landscapes. Also, safari rides themselves are full of fun and adventure. Each of these National Parks of Rajasthan has varied landscapes and is worth a visit.
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Sunderbans National Park Tour Information

Sunderban national park is largest national park of India. It located in 24 parganas district in the state of west Bengal. It acquires its name from local mangrove sundari trees which found a great plenty there. This easily comprehensible park is part of the world’s largest estuarine delta formed by rivers ganges and lower brahmaputra and meghana. It had 1330 .10 sq km area and the world’s largest mangrove forest. This park has huge the year of 1997 UNESCO to grant sunderban as world heritage site. There’s dense forest, huge water net and animals are realized the presence of creature.
It is the best place to see power with grace and beauty .It is home land of royal Bengal tiger apart from that

it gives shelter to many flora(kankara, khalsi, garjan, sundari, goran) , fauna(fishing cat, jungle cat, flying cat, grey mangoos, pangolin) , avifauna( water hens, herring gulls, large egrets, knots) ,reptile (mouse ghekos, hard, shelled batgun and endangered species(estuarian crocodile ,river terrapin, olive ridly, , gangetic dolphin, ground turtle etc .you can also see white tiger there and enjoy royal boat safari ,cruise safari ,spotted deer, king fisher.

If you are looking for a new type of hazard or you want to see some rare kind of species or you want to try some new kind of safari (boat safari) then sunderban national park is best holiday destination for you .


1. Netidhopani(temple) , bhagabatpur , kanak, holi island, piyali, kaikhali
2. Bhagabatpur crocodile project
3. Kanak
4. Holiday island
5. Piyali
6. Kaikhali
Best time to visit there is December to February

AIR – nearest air port dum dum airport(112 km away)
NEAREST ROAD – Kolkata-namkhana (105), sonakhali(100km),
RAIL HEAD- canning ( 105 km away)

Sundarbans Tour Packages - there are many exciting tour packages are available for you
1. East india tiger park
2. Indian tiger and wildlife
3. Jungle resort in sundarbans national park
4. 01 night/02days tour itinerary
5. 02 night/3days tour itinerary

Hotels and resorts in sundarbans
sajnekhali tourist lodge, sunderban tiger camp sunderban, chital tourist lodge, jungle camp, sunderban mangrove retreat, sunderban tiger land resort, sunderban tiger camp etc. All are well and comfortable and ready to make your trip memorable.

NOTE- for foreign tourist a permit from secretary of forest department of west Bengal is necessary to enter the special zone of park

For further details u can visit-

Chardham Yatra With Helicopter

As per the Hindu belief, the sanctified centres of Gangotri, Yamunotri, Badrinath and Kedarnath are termed as the Char dham. A Chardham yatra is said to be the most blessed of all pilgrimages. A trip to these destinations will wash up one’s sins but also make on free of sequence of birth and death—known as moksha. Considering the geographical complexity of India, Chardham yatra has been very difficult. But the “difficulty” hasn’t let down the Hindu devotees to go on the yatra. However, to provide utmost comfort to people on this trip, Helicopter journey has been introduced. The helicopter yatra is very comfortable and affordable. People having less time for Yatra can hire helicopter to venture this trip. 

Helicopter facilities from Agastya Muni to Kedarnath are really splendid. The chopper is scheduled to leave Agastya Muni every day between 6:30 am to 11:10 am. Agastya Muni is located approximately 17 km further than Rudraprayag route to Kedarnath. Rudraprayag is situated nearly 140 km from Rishikesh and is interconnected by first-class roads. The services starts from the point located at big place at Agastya muni. The total time taken for an around trip i.e. Agastya Muni-Kedarnath-Agastya Muni is about 45 minutes. The first flight takes off at 6.30 am, while the final flight from Agastya Muni departs at 11.10 am. 

The devotees are given one and half hour darshan period at Kedarnath. Those who wish to spend a night can catch the last flight of the day that is around 11.10 am from Agastya Muni. Kedarnath is facilitated with some good accommodation facilities. You have lodges, resorts and Dharmshalas. Travelers are suggested to reserve the room on their own at Kedarnath.  Commuters need to pay for tickets for one way i.e. Agastya Muni to Kedarnath or vice versa. This depends on the accessibility of seats. 

Parents should be aware about the fair charges for children. For children below two years, the cost will be 10% of the ticket cost and no extra accommodation is allotted for the baby. Also, there is no privilege such as “half tickets” for children. Children above two will be charged with full ticket and they will be given individual seats. In case the flight is postponed or called off due to bad weather or technical snag, you will have to arrange travel on own. 

Chardham Helicopter Tour is wonderful trip. During the tour, you will experience pure brilliance and spirituality. Nature in all its supreme is experienced at this place and trip of Chardhams is simply a life-time experience. 


Ranthambore Tiger Tour

Talking of Indian Tigers, Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan is the first to top the list. Ranthambore National Park is home of various wild animals and is the most famous for its Tigers. Ranthambore is designated as the Tiger Reserve in India in an effort to protect these endangered species. The dry weather and the terrain at Rajasthan offer a very conducive environment for the forest inhabitants. There are natural and man made water holes and lakes spread all across the park that provides relief to the wildlife in the extreme summers.

There are many travels who arrange for Ranthambore Tour. Being on Ranthambore Tiger Tour is an experience of its kind. Every year millions of tourists from world over come to Ranthambore National Park as a part of the Wild life tour to India to watch these majestic predators in its natural surroundings. Other prominent wild animals they get to watch out on these Indian Tiger tours are leopards, wild boars, sloth boars, chinkaras, mongoose, black bucks, porcupines, antelopes, monitor lizards, deers and jackal.

The Ranthambore Tour with Rajasthan of Ranthambore is one to the most adventurous wildlife tours on these tours, tourists get to see the scenic beauty of the desert forest of Rajasthan along with the adventure of close up view of one of the dangerous predators of jungle. Ranthambore being the natural habitat of these tigers, visitors can see the tigers and other animals doing their daily chores. Many time tourists get to see the tigers quietly drinking water or resting under the sun.

It’s amazing and thrilling to see the tigers wait and pounce on the prey and the animals giving the warning signals. Wild enthusiasts and photographers from around world join the Tiger Trails tours to study the behavior, pug marks and take pictures of these great Bengal Tigers. The guides accompanying the tourists on the wildlife tours are very knowledgeable and give first hand information of the nature and behavior of these forest animals. They also help to track and trace the tigers based on their pug marks, smell, calls of the birds etc.

The Ranthanbhore Rajasthan tour has always proved to be memorable experience for the tourists. The tour is remembered for not only the destination but the whole journey with being full of full of joy and breathtakingly serene moments. Tiger Tour of Ranthambore is a treat for the young, olds, singles, family and the brave- hearted and sober ones.

want more info visit :-

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Safari in Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore National Park stands majestically on the foothills of the Aravalli hills in Rajasthan. Ranthambore national park is most popular for its Royal Bengal Tiger and has been designated as Tiger Reserve. Visitors come in high numbers to Ranthambore national park to experience and enjoy the wilderness and watch the tigers.

Government arranges for Ranthambore safaris for the tourists to go around the Ranthambore national park and cherish the wildlife of Rajasthan. Due to security issues, no private vehicles are allowed into the forests. The wild life safaris are conducted on Jeep and on canters. Gypsy is more personalized where about 3-5 people travel in a vehicle. Canters are large open top bus which accommodates about 20 -22 people. Canter Safari & Jeep Safari happen only twice a day at fixed times. Each Ranthambore safari takes place for about three hours. These safari vehicles pick up the tourists from their hotels and drop them back too.

A guide accompanies the tourists in every vehicle and details about the various species of trees and animals found along the way. The guides are very friendly and are very happy to answer the tourist queries

To ensure the animals are not disturbed by too many vehicle movement and crowd, the park is divided into zones and only a few vehicles are allowed in each zone at any point of time. Each zone has different landscape and it’s amazing to see so many varieties of trees and plants and animals in a single forest. Therefore, every zone is a must see spot.

Safari vehicles are usually limited in number, so the visitors must book their vehicles well in advance. Tourists are recommended to opt for two or more safaris as they can visit only one zone on one safari. As the zones are allocated randomly to the tourists, there may be chances of getting the same zone more than once. Therefore, booking a few safaris would increase the chances of seeing different landscape and spotting the tigers too.

Ranthambore national Park is open throughout the year except in the monsoon season i.e, between 1st of June to 31st of September. During this period, rain lashes the forests and the roads for the safari are inaccessible.

There various travels who operate whereas tours such Indian Tiger Tour, Ranthambore Tour , Ranthambore Tour with Rajasthan etc and cover the important areas of the Ranthambore National Park. These travels book for accommodation, transport and safari.

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Top Ten Hotels In Barkot

Barkot Hotels

Barkot is a tiny town in Uttarkashi region in the state of Uttarakhand among the beauty of India. Mostly tourists attract towards Barkot for the touring point of Yamunotri is the enjoyable trip. If you can spend your few time in Barkot, you will always remember that time in your life. The town named as Barkot has a definitely special for culture which is chiefly shows in the village. It also has a wealth of natural beauty, not the least of which is its spectacular sunsets and a panoramic view of the Banderpunch Mountains.

The touring town of Barkot is the indication of Yamunotri is celebrated for being the scenery where the river Yamuna appears. This area observes tourists from the whole earth tripping the Yamunotri temple and the authentic situate where the river emerges in lots every time. The tour in Barkot is also a very attractive one through fine-looking springs and mounts neighboring you multifaceted while wandering uphill. On the way on trek up the mount the visitors stay whole night at different- different type hotels in Barkot that has many comfortable camps to accommodate the tired travelers due to the non availability of Luxury / Deluxe / Budget and Economic hotels in Barkot.

The nearest Luxury hotel in Barkot’s vicinity would be the Chardham site that is located most important to Yamunotri. This is solitary of the highly inexpensive places of accommodation all round Yamunotri. The Barkot hotels present the budget accommodation at the less room price but with the best accessible comforts. The hotels in Barkot are admired for its well reserved rooms and general regions and its welcoming staff and have a handful restaurants and bars positioned close by. This region is wonderful for travelers, backpackers, students and foreigners.

The whole trip to Barkot necessitates spotting and flora and fauna with wildlife beauty is the extra attracting point to impressing visitors. Identical to all trekking scenes there are lot of under budget and economic hotels in Barkot which is filled with up to the minute amenities in the line of airy rooms with attached bath room during luxury service and with fresh Indian, continental / Rajasthani, Chinees food.

In the end, hotels in Barkot is the most welcoming site for rejoicing Barkot travelers includes accommodation on top of the trekking point who will make your journey to Barkot a memorable one.

Top Ten Hotels In Barkot -

Hotel Bharat Palace In Barkot

Hotel Chauhan Annexe In Barkot

Hotel Diya Raj In Barkot

Hotel Hill Queen In Barkot

Hotel Inder Palace In Barkot

Hotel Pawan Hans In Barkot

Hotel Priyanka In Barkot

Hotel Shiva In Barkot

Hotel ShivamIn Barkot

Rautela Lodge In Barkot

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Hotels in Rishikesh

Rishikesh Hotels -

The Garhwal district of north India is spotted with a few of the most divine of Hindu pilgrimage places and Rishikesh is one among main attractions. Packed with Sadhus and pilgrims as of the whole world, Rishikesh is the native land of yoga. It impresses lots of visitors every year, who come here for mental peace amid the boring of current living. The different ghats and holy places help the individual spirit in its attempt for pleasing and relaxing their mind. Rishikesh is also an appeal for visitors looking for adventure and excitement.

Tourist Attractions in Rishikesh-

Rishikesh established lot of temples. Most of the pilgrims who are near to Rishikesh on their way to the Himalayan temples of the Char Dham wait for a divine dip and puja at Triveni Ghat, in the main piece of the city. The river in Rishikesh appears chiefly impressive with aarti in the evening worship when diyas or oil lamps drift on the stream. Close to the Rishikesh, Bharat Mandir id the oldest holy place, devoted to Lord Vishnu.

The most attractive part of Rishikesh are Chandreshwar temple, Hanuman Mandir, Swarg Ashram, Shivananda Nagar, forested hills the abodes of sadhus or hermits, Parmarth Ashram the symbol of God and Goddess, Lakshman Jhula, Lakshman Temple and lot of. Some other Rishikesh attractions are Kailashananda Ashram, Shivananda Jhula, Ganga Museum etc. these tourist attraction is the main cause of the growing demand of Hotels in Rishikesh.

Accommodation of Hotels in Rishikesh-

Although, there are lot of 3 star hotels in Rishikesh but they are made for high class people. Normally Rishikesh hotels are established in form of budget hotels, economy hotels, deluxe hotels and luxury hotels according to the visitor’s budget. These hotels are Enough vast and spacious room with suits and well fitted with modern amenities. The Rishikesh hotels show a panoramic vision of the natural mountainous vicinities around the entire region.

Hotels in Rishikesh present an ample variety of accommodation amenities. The various 2 star, 3 star, 4 star and government hotels are presented in Rishikesh region with fresh Indian and continental cuisine quality and not avoid the accommodation arrangements. Hotels in Rishikesh are filled with airy rooms with attached bathroom with hot and cool running water according to the atmosphere. The few hotels according to its situation are pointing as-

4 Star Hotels in Rishikesh- Aryan Resort in Rishikesh

3 Star Hotels in Rishikesh- Hotel Rajdeep in Rishikesh

2 Star Hotels in Rishikesh- Hotel Rajmahal in Rishikesh

Information about Dhikala Tourist Zone (Corbett national park)

Dhikala forest zone: Dhikala forest zone is a most demanding park of the world renowned Jim Corbett National Park. It is the biggest forest zone and most preferred destination in the Corbett National Park. Dhikala is situated at the extreme of broad Patli Dun Valley; the entire area is mystically surrounded by river Ramganga and its various channels. Dhikala offers an awesome panoramic view of the entire valley. It attracts tourists due the spectacular view that it provides for the entire forest zone. The herds of Chital, spotted deer and Elephants could be easily spotted in and around the region. Moreover it also encompasses a variety of flora and fauna which could be a life time experience for anyone. It also offers various safari options which are best suited to give you an ultimate adventure and thrill experience.

Dhikala forest lodge: Dhikala tour is journey of adventure and thrill. The entry into Dhikala is through Dhangadi gate. Dhikala forest lodge is about 30km from the Dhangadi gate. It brings you closer to the spectacular beauty of the Corbett National park. There are several tour packages available for the tourists to have a closer and deeper view of this heaven on the earth. There is a several forest lodges in the Dhikala forest zone. But Dhikala forest lodge in the most famous all of them, the lodge gives you a solace to heart and mind as you are surrounded by the nature in its utmost pure form. The view of floral diversity from the lodge is a joy to watch.

Jungle Safaris in Dhikala: Dhikala safari zone is a wide area which encompasses a variety of wildlife in its natural inhabitant. There are three types of safaris available at Dhikala i.eElephant safari in cobett, Jeep safari and Canter safari. Among the entire three elephant safari is the most sought for as it offers a deeper and closer view. It takes you through the dense forest and the rugged trails of the forest area. One could avoid the hustle and bustle of the Canter or Jeep; moreover there are certain zones where these vehicles are not allowed to move in. Jeep could be good option for the people who want to explore the wildlife in Corbett National Park. One can avail the Jeep safari in the morning and the afternoon time. Canters safari is also available its runs from the Ramnagar Daily in the morning and afternoon. Maximum 18 persons can be accommodated in a single canter. 4 Canter entered in the Dhikala every day morning and evening respectively.

Corbett Safari Tour

The Jim Corbett National Park which is India’s oldest National Park offers you a comfortable wildlife
safari tour. The Corbett safari tour brings to you a real life experience of thrill and adventure. It’s a
dream tour for the adventure freaks. The Corbett National Park is located in the laps of the majestic
Himalayas. One can enjoy a variety of wildlife tours available here in order to get a more vivid picture of
the wildlife in its natural habitat. Corbett National park is a heaven for a variety of flora and fauna and
this diversity in its habitat makes it one of the most spectacular wildlife sanctuaries of the country. The
various safari options available at Corbett National Park include the Jeep safari, Canter safari and elephant
safari, . Dhikala jeep safari gives one an opportunity to enter into the biggest forest
Zone in the entire National Park.

Canter Safari In Corbett:
Canter safari is available at the Dhikala forest zone, and is the most preferred mode to explore the
Dhikala region. In the day time a canter safari is the best way to go deep into the mystic ways of the
Dhikala zone. A Canter usually starts from Ramnagar area in the morning and returns back in the

Elephant safari In Corbett:
Elephant safari is the most sought for safari option in the Corbett National Park. It gives an opportunity
to be in close proximity to the flora and fauna in and around the park. With the help of Elephant safari
one can delve deep into the splendid natural habitat and the scenic beauty of the Corbett National Park.
Another option which is available with the Elephant safari is the long Elephant safari, where one can also
stay in the lodges inside the park having a heavenly experience of the deep forest and getting ample
time to view and analyze the diverse inhabitation at the place.

Safari Packages:
There are various safari tour packages at Corbett National Park designed to deliver you the maximum
thrill and adventure at reasonable prices. During the entire tour period there are adequate and efficient
arrangements for fooding and lodging of the tourists. Along the tour one gets time to relax and enjoy
the diligence and chasteness of Nature and then move further to explore more thrill and spectacular

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Leh Ladakh – An Adventure Trek of India

A tour to Leh and Ladakh is truly a heavenly experience. Leh which is the largest district in India in terms of area. It is one of the two districts of Ladakh which is a part of Jammu & Kashmir. The mystic beauty of Leh attracts tourists from across the world. Leh Ladakh is the most sought location for the adventure freaks and cultural enthusiasts. One could get a splendid experience of Adventure, Pilgrimage, Wildlife, Valleys, Monasteries and Fair festivals. The valley remains flooded with Buddhist pilgrims throughout the year. The central part of Ladakh is concentrated with major Monasteries they are also called as Gomas.

Leh and Ladakh are the epitome of adventure in India. It is acquainted with a number of adventure sports which includes mountaineering, jeep safari, cycling and river rafting. The mighty mountain ranges, deep valleys, scenic trails and high passes add on to the adventure of Ladakh. Ladakh has a range of deep valleys which includes Indus Valley, Dracha Valley and Nubra Valley. Indus valley is geographically very crucial part as it touches the borders of Pakistan, Afghanistan, China and India. Festivals in Leh Ladakh are distinctive characteristics of its cultural heritage.

Trekking tour to Leh Ladakh: Trekking in Ladakh and Leh is filled with thrill and excitement. It can rather arouse your adrenaline to an unprecedented level. Ladakh trekking is an independent organization; the trekking tour is designed in such a way that the people who wish to feel the beauty and serenity of nature at a closer proximity tucked by thrill and adventure. One has to be very cautious while he is on the trekking tour, moreover he should take with him/her all the necessary items and objects while he commences his tour. It is advisable to the trekkers to hire a travel agency for the tour.

Treks of Leh Ladakh: Leh Ladakh treks gives you a never before seen experience. It is entirely a new world in the laps of the mighty Himalayas. It is canopied by the Buddhists and monks. No adventure seeker can afford to neglect the treks of Leh and Ladakh. The major treks include the Sham valley trek, Spituk to stok rek, Stok Kangari Expedition, Lamayuru-Padam, Padum darcha, etc.

Hotels In Haridwar

Haridwar or 'the main entry to the gods' is shining place among the whole divine places in the sense of hindu mythology, as the gods are supposed to have left their footsteps in haridwar destination. In the scale of its geographical position, haridwar indicates as the gateway of the chardham destinations for instance rishikesh, badrinath and kedarnath. By analyzing all we can find, haridwar has always stayed a main pilgrimage for the hindus.

In haridwar, a list of tourist attractions is never-ending. The main haridwar tourist attractions are har-ki-pauri, chandi devi temple, gauri shankar temple, gurukul kangadi university, maya devi temple, bharat mata temple, shanti kunj, bhimgoda.

The vaishno devi temple in haridwar is recently built and an exact replica of the original vaishno devi shrine in jammu & kashmir. In the evening, you can enjoy the ganga aarti ceremony at the ganga ji ghat.

Hotels in haridwar are very special for tourists owing to the titanic spiritual significance of the city. Haridwar hotels present worldwide facilities to their visitors. According to the category, hotels in haridwar categorized in to three parts such as luxury and deluxe hotels, economy hotels and budget hotels which are pointing as-

Haveli hari ganga hotel haridwar, Hotel Anuradha Palace haridwar, country inn and suites haridwar, ginger hotel haridwar, Hotel Disney Inn haridwar and etc are foremost heritage hotels in haridwar, which have specious rooms and suites that are well air conditioned and proffer services like t.v., attached bathrooms and nonstop dial telephones with vegetarian food.  

The economy hotels in haridwar are also made for middle class visitors who have not more money, presenting here- hotel midtown, Hotel Dolphin , hotel pramila, hotel shiva, Hotel Kings , janhvi dale. These premiums haridwar hotels are centrally air conditioned accommodation with extra conveniences like 24 hour in room dining, satellite television and telephones amid isd facility with international cuisine.

The budget hotels in haridwar are hotel mayur haridwar, Hotel Oasis , hotel himgiri international, hotel regency, Hotel Paradise , hotel mansarovar international, hotel lee grand, hotel alpana, haridwar, Hotel Sharma Palace , hotel khanna palace, hotel maha laxmi, hotel sachin international, santosh regency which is made for every one with all amenities who is going for haridwar tour.

In order to create the journey to haridwar even more fantastic you require preferring just the accurate accommodation in haridwar. The different hotels packages in haridwar proffer the best of services. The well-equipped accommodation make outstanding place to reside in haridwar. You may benefit from the unforgotable moment on your living at the haridwar hotels.

Hotels In Kedarnath In Chardham Destination

When we go on a tour, what we expect—excellent site seeing, learning new things, experience new culture, break from hustle bustle of city life and comfortable accommodation. Most of the aforementioned requirements depends upon the place your are going for the tour. But “ comfortable accommodation” is common requirement. The comfort becomes necessity when you go on a religious tour, especially on Chardham tour. You need to check out for the cleanliness, proximity to the temples and other important aspects. Kedarnath is one of the prominent Chardham destinations and is very lucky to meet “comfort” need of tourists. Kedarnath has some really great hotels. Five stars to budget hotels, you find all of them here.

The greatest thing about Hotels in Kedarnath is is that they are in accordance with the local surroundings of the area. They are in great conditions and even in peak season, they don’t give “over-crowded” look . High quality amenities and services are some of the most appreciated attributes of Kedarnath hotels. The hotels are very clean and hygienic. And most of them have been constructed keeping religious values of Hindus in mind. The cuisine is prepared with utmost cleanliness in order to maintain the “purity” of the region.

There are various hotels in Kedarnath. They are in accordance with the various requirements of the tourists. One can choose his/her hotel according to his requirement. Since Kedarnath witnesses a huge number of footfalls, it’s strongly recommended to book hotels in advance. Most of the luxury and reputed hotels in Kedarnath have their own website. Hence you can make your bookings through their websites as well. If you want to study about all the hotels in Kedarnath, you can go various portals that have been specially cater this information. Some of the travel portals allow visitors to submit their review, experience and their feedback. In fact they have facilities to book their rooms as well. The reviews and feedback are really good parameter to scale any hotel on Internet. Most of the reviews are unbiased and give you true pictures of hotels.

Above all, you are aware about each and every information about the hotels in Kedarnath. You can draw comparisons and make an informed decision. Kedarnath hotels also provide you additional travel, pilgrimage and spa services. It would be beneficial if the hotel you choose to live-in provides these offers. You can choose from these services as per your interest.

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Wild Life Tour in India

This region of incredible India is dotted with some of the best and famous wildlife destinations. If your world orbits wildlife, North India has a lot to captivate you. It is blessed with a variety of flora and fauna. Visit its wildlife destinations and you are sure to enjoy the thrill and beauty of wilderness. These are some of the most famous wildlife destinations of India:

Ranthambore National Park:
Ranthambore National ParkRanthambore National Park is a world renowned National Park. Famous for its tigers and several other wildlife species, Occupying a prized place on the itineraries of wildlife aficionado from across the globe, the Park was once the hunting reserve of the raja-maharajas of Rajasthan.The lakes Raj Bagh Talab, Milak Talab and Padam Talab are the promising sites for tiger sighting. Covering an area of 1,334 sq km, the Park also houses the Ranthambore Fort and Joghi Mahal. The best time to visit is from October to February. Sambhar, Jungle Cat, Jackals, Leopard,Monitor Lizard, Sloth Bear, Indian Hare and Marsh Crocodile are some of the other animals spotted here.

Corbett National Park:
The Corbett National Park was established in 1936 and it was declared a Tiger Reserve in 1973. Yes It is one of the oldest sanctuaries of corbett national park India. Project into the jungle on an elephant's back and experience the wilderness. The fauna of the park includes the evergreen Sal (Shorea robusta)and all the associated trees, the Sheesam (Dalbergia sissoo), Kanju (Holoplete integrifolia).You can also opt for Jeep safari. Close encounters with wildlife will surely give you kicks. It is very famous for its wildlife for many centuries now. Hunting was constrained barely to wild animals 1904 and was absolutely forbidden since 1939.This mistical place wasonce ruled by the period of the Gond kings.

Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary:
Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the high-flying tourist spots of Rajasthan that is visited by numbers of tourists throughout the year. It is among the best protected forests in India which is located in the backdrop of Aravalli mountain range. It has royal landscapes and a variety of wildlife. In 1955 it became wildlife sanctuary and in 1978 it came under India's Project Tiger scheme and became the Tiger Reserve of India. Tourists throughout the world visit this place to see resting, roaming and hunting tigers in specific and panther, jungle cat, jackal, hyena, and fox in general.

Kaziranga National Park:
Kaziranga National ParkKaziranga National Park is one of the primmest national parks in the world and also known as the pride of the North East India. Located in the extreme geographical location, the park offers a gigantic range of flora and fauna. You must be already aware about the rich abundance of the rihnos in the park, which is why the park has been rated as the finest parks in the world. Talking in detail, the park is located in the Golaghat and Nagaon districts of the state of Assam, India. The park is one of the best locations to view wildlife giants such as elephants, wild water buffalo, and swamp deer.
Kaziranga is also known as an "Important bird Area by Birdlife International for conservation of avifaunal species" (quoted in a website). If we look at other parks in the country, the Kaziranga has been highly successful in conserving the wildlife. Also, watch out for a gigantic stretch of tall elephant grass, marshland, and dense tropical moist broadleaf forests, which have been showered by the beauty of Brahmaputra and other four rivers.

Sundarbans National Park:
You must be aware of the glorious Royal Bengal tigers and thus must know the most charismatic location on the planet Earth, which is comprised of the richest flora and fauna. Yes, we are talking about Indian Sunderbans National Park, a land where the Sundarbans National Parkentire Indian wildlife is embroidered to the perfection. No wonder, why the UNESCO described it a World Heritage Site. The Sundarbans are also the largest Tiger Reserve and National Park in India and natural arena to get vis-à-vis with rare Masked Finfoot, Mangrove Pitta and the Mangrove Whistler.

The national park is situated at the bottom portion of the Ganges and is stretched in the territories of Bangladesh and West Bengal, which actually forms the delta. The Sunderbans are also known for its freshwater humid forests, which provide the best climatic conditions for the growth of mangroves. Thus known as one of the biggest mangrove forests as well. Apart from a gigantic variety of flora, the park offers world's best window to sneak peak Royal Bengal Tigers. According to officials, the park has almost 300 tigers, 30,000 spotted deer and many other animals in plenty.

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Religious Tour Of India Around Delhi

India is synonymous for its diverse culture, traditions and of course religion. Home of over 100 billion people, India, has many religious destinations. Ranging from temples of Hindu deities to tombs of Sufi saints, India exhibits true meaning of divinity. In view of geographical challenges and complexity of esthetical values, you cannot explore entire India within a week or even a month. But you can still manage to experience the glimpses of diverse colors, if you are from New Delhi or staying in the capital for a short span. New Delhi is bestowed with a mesmerizing neighborhood. It is some hours away from religious sites such as Ajmer Sharif, Mathura, and Haridwar. A religious tour around New Delhi will certainly give you a true picture of India, “Incredible India”.

Here are some best religious tours available around New Delhi:

Delhi Ajmer Pushkar Tour: Delhi Ajmer Pushkar Tour is a unique tour as it comprises Ajmer Sharif, a Muslim religious destination and Pushkar, a Hindu shrine. Ajmer Sharif is popular for its mosques and tombs. The most popular is the spectacular tomb of the Sufi saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti that is also known as Khwaja Saheb or Khwaja Sharif. It is said that the shrine stands as Mecca and Medina for the Muslims of South Asia. Ajmer Sharif is just 132kms away from the nearest airport. It is also easily accessible from train from New Delhi.

Pushkar is yet another popular shrine in Rajasthan, a neighboring state to New Delhi. Pushkar is popular for its magnificent, colorful and gigantic traditional religious and cattle fairs. Pushkar is a sacred place and has whopping 400 temples. And it’s only shrine in the world to have dedicated temples for Lord Brahma.

Delhi Mathura Vrindavan Tour: Mathura is some 200kms away from New Delhi. Mathura is birthplace of Lord Krishna. People across India throng Mathura city to express their gratitude to Lord Krishna. Mathura is all about temples and colorful people. Vrindavan is also related to Lord Krishna. It is a one-day tour and will certainly give you utmost pleasure. Delhi Mathura Vrindavan Tour are very calm and relaxing shrines. Best time to visit is March when Hindus celebrate festival of colors—Holi.

Delhi Haridwar Rishikesh Tour: Haridwar is one of the most prominent Hindu shrines in India, luckily lies in vicinity of New Delhi. It is easy accessible via train and road routes. Haridwar is called home of gods and is bordered by India’s most sacred river--Ganges. Haridwar is facilitated with all the luxuries and tailor-made for tourists from outside the country. Rishikesh is also a beautiful shrine. The Himalayan cities are must for everyone who boards in India.

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Tiger Tour In India- Top Ten Wildlife Destination

India is a land of traditions, travelers, treasures, temples, temptation tit bits and Tigers. India has always been an ideal tourist destination and people from different cultures and continents have thronged in to explore its vast culture and traditions. Tiger safari is one of such tourist attraction. Tiger is our national animal. It symbolizes the pride and Potential of India. The word tiger comes from a Greek term” Tigris” meaning arrow. Tiger has been so quoted with name due to its amazing speed. This 11 ft long and 300 kgs, apex predator is a fun to watch, when in action.

tiger in india
Tigers are known for their power and bulky bodies with peculiar patterns of dark vertical stripes on the white to reddish-orange fur. Its Roar and sharp canines of 4 inches of length are enough to threaten anybody on the planet. Tigers are also an inseparable part of our Indian Mythology. Their Aura has always made them camera adorable and thus they have also been symbolized as the mascots to many Indian Sports teams and on flags as well. It is an acclaimed animal, being the national animal of several Asian nations worldwide. A jungle without tiger lacks the usual fear and fun factor! This Royal predator has always been a star attraction and a fun to watch for the tourists. Its so exciting to watch the big cat live in action in jungle. Tourists come to watch this king of jungle and elate themselves by capturing the rare moments in their cameras. But today, this valuable species is on the verge of extinct. Imagine! A jungle without a tiger. So, we should all take a plegde to do our best efforts in saving this invaluable asset of our nation. Now Let's check out some famous national parks in India.

tiger In jim corbett national park india
JimCorbett National park : Jim Corbett National Park is located in the Nainital region of Uttarakhand. It spreads across an area of 500 sq. Kms. It is India's first wildlife reserve . Its know for its varied wildlife. It is a live display of the distict flora and fauna of the forest. Every year, More than 70,000 tourists from across the world throng into to enjoy the wild safari. Its home to species like Tiger, Chital, Nilgai, gharial, king cobra, elephant, muntjac, wild boar, hedgehog, Indian Pangolin, flying fox. Corbett National Park provides a lot of facilities to the tourists like Guest houses, wild safaris, Camp fires, meals at very affordable prices.

Bandhavgarh National Park: Bandhavgarh National Park is surrounded by woods of Vindhyan mountains. It's plains are a carpet of grasslands and reeds wetlands with species like Kingfishers, Egrets. It has thicks woods of Sal trees and bamboo trees. This 437 sq.kms national park is a home to 25 resident tigers. Its major attraction are the White Tigers of Rewa . Besides, you can also catch a glimpse of Nilgai, Chausingha, Chital, Chinkara, Wild Boar and sometimes a Fox or Jackal, while the wild safari.

tiger In RanthamboreRanthambore National Park: Ranthambore National Park is located in Swai Madhopur region of eastern Rajasthan. With diverse species of flaura and fauna featuring 300 trees, 50 aquatic plants, 272 birds, 12 reptiles and 30 mammals, it is truly an exotic location for wild safari and photography. Ranthambore National Park is famous for its Tigers

kaziranga national park
Kaziranga National Park: kaziranga National Park , located on the banks of the holy bramhputra river in assam spreads across an area of 430-sq-kms is famous for its major attraction, horned Indian Rhino. The other major attractions include Indian Elephants, Tigers, Indian Bison, Barasingha, Hog Deer, Sloth Bears, Leopard Cats, Jungle Cats, Otters, Hog Badgers, Capped Langurs, Hoolock Gibbons, Wild Boar,etc.

Bandipur National Park: Bandipur National Park is a major tourist attraction because of its vast tiger reserves. Spreads in an area of 643.39 and is located to the south of Kabini river white nagarhole. Tall thick forests with moist environment are a home to many other wild beings like gaur, chital, sambar, elephant,leopard,etc. It is a famous tourist attraction because of the excellent facilities provided to the tourists while enjoying the wild safari and the beasts like gaur, elephant,tiger ,chital, etc, in action. Also, its open forest facilitate the safarians to see the Gaur and Elephant in their natural habitats.

sunderbans national park
Sunderbans National Park : The Sunderbans National Park is located near Piyali in West Bngal. It streches around an area of 1330.10-sq-kms with bunches of sundari trees. Thus, called sundarbans. The sundarbans national park is accliamed due to its major attraction, the Royal Bengal Tiger. Due to the reason, it is also referred to as the “Home of the Royal Bengal tiger”. It a home to more than 400 Tigers. Another major tourists arrtractions include, Rhesus monkey, Chital dear, Crocodiles, king cobra, rock python, water monitor, red fiddler crabs, hermit crabs, Ridley sea turtle, a vast variety of fishes and many more aquatic as well as land creatures. Some other famous attractions of Sundarbans include Kaikhali, Piyali, Haliday Island,Kanak,Bhagabatpur,etc. The best time to pay a visit between September and May.

Kanha National Park: Located in the Mandla district of Madhya Pradesh, Kanha national park is one of the largest Tiger reserves in India, with a population of around 400 Tigers. The total area of the national park is around 1,940-sq-kms. Tourists throng in majorly to catch a glimpse of Tigers in their natural home. Sometimes, you may be even lucky enough to spot other wild beasts like grazers, Gray Langurs, Mongoose, Hyena, Mongoose, Leopards, Jungle cats, species of Deers like Chousingha , Chital the Barasingha, Chital or Nilgai,Swamp deer, Black Bug, Indian Bison and wild Pig. Its attractions include Elephant Safari and Kanha meuseum. You can plan to have a safari in Kanha National park during April -June and November-January.

Dudhwa National Park : Dhudhwa National Park comes in the Lakhimpur-Kheri region of Uttar Pradesh, Somewhere at the border of India and Nepal in the Terai belt of the sub-himalayan area. It spreads across 680 Sq kms of area. It is one of the famous Tiger reserves in India. Besides,it has varieties of flora and fauna such as 31 species of grass, 89 different types of trees, 107 species of herbs,shrubs ,fishing cat,swamp deer,tigers,sloth bear,hispid hare,leopard cat, respectively. Aside this, the dhudwa national park is also famous for barasingha.

Simplipal National Park : Simplipal National Park is known to be one of the oldest tigers reserves in India. Located in the Forest zones of orissa. It has vast varieties of flaura and fauna in abundance. Besides a home to giant creatures like Tigers, Gaur and Asian elephants, its also a habitat of leopard,wild dog, wolf, barking deer, sloth bear, Striped Hyena, sambar, leoprad-cat, Leopard, Jungle cat, spotted deer, Mouse Deer, Chowsingha, King Cobra, Rock Python,etc. Tourist get the oppurtunity to enjoy jeep safaris and discover the wild surroundings of Simlipal. If you are a nature lover then the Simplipal National Park is a ideal destination where you get to explore and study the behaviour and living styles of several species of birds like Black Eagle, Booted Eagle, Dusky Eagle Owl, Oriental Honey-buzzard and many more.

Nameri National Park: The Nameri National Park comes in the region of himalayan mountains, situated at a distance of about 35 kms from Tezpur in district Sonitpur of Assam. It spreads across an area of 200 sq.kms. Its the second largest Tiger Reserve in assam. Its a famous safari destination where you can easily catch a glimpse of reare animals like Tiger, Civet Cat, Elephant, Leopard, black bear, Indian wild dog, Jackals,pangolin,deer,various varieties of birds,reptiles and much more. Its major attractions are the four species of the Hornbill bird. You can go for a safari with your camcorders and handicams sometime between November to march,which is considered to be the best time for a visit.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Historical Tour Around Delhi

History has always fascinated me. Love for historical monuments brought me to New Delhi, the capital of India. After arriving in the capital, I decided to explore the city on my own. I knew it would be really difficult to understand the monuments and sites on my own. Therefore I decided to go for “historical tour”—a customized tour package dedicated to cities with historical values. The package I availed was customized and included destinations in vicinity of New Delhi—exactly what I was looking for.

New Delhi is itself known for its glorious history. The Indian capital has seen various people sitting on the throne. Whether its Hindu rule or Mughals, New Delhi has seen all. And the remains of every rule, including Britishers, can be apparently seen in New Delhi. Qutab Minar, Jama Masjid Humayu Tomb, Red Fort, Makbaras and many more, Delhi has all. The central Delhi, the Lutian Zone, is a fantastic example of Anglo-Indian art. The Parliament and Rashtrapati Bhavan are great piece of art. The guide also took me to Chandni Chowk and old Delhi Tour. The congested gullies and some hundred year old buildings reminded me the glory of the capital. One can feel the glorious past of the Indian capital in its every nook and corner.

After having explored the Indian capital, it was time to visit some prominent historical cities in the vicinity. Agra is one of the closest travel destinations from New Delhi. Though you already know this, but let me complete the formalities—Agra is renowned for Taj Mahal, also one of the wonders of the world. Made of white marbles, Taj is said to be epitome of love. I also visited Red Fort, which was huger than the Red Fort I saw in New Delhi. The fort is simply amazing. The Mughal artistry and their high-end technology to keep the then palace cool and beautiful simple amazed me. The other impressed me was respect for other religions. Red Fort has Hindu artistry as well that was especially done for Hindu queens. Fatehpur Sikri and other monuments were similarly amazing.

Delhi Agra Tour
was simply amazing. The best thing about it was that short and hassle free. Agra has luxury hotels and bars so I didn’t face any kind of problem. The guide also told me about Golden Triangle tour, a unique travel package that included three different cities—Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. Jaipur is yet another fantastic travel destination in the vicinity of the Indian capital. Whether its Muslim monuments or Hindu forts, each one of them is absolutely great. Tourists throng this mesmerizing city all round the year. Best time to visit Jaipur is winters as it is very hot in summers. If you want to visit these cities, you should go for Golden Triangle tours.