Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dhikala Forest Lodge Most Preferred Accommodation to Stay in Corbett Park

Jim Corbett National Park is one of the most important and famous national park especially for the wild life lovers. Here the tourists get the opportunity to enjoy the delightful climate, lush greenery, Wildest Wild life and many other things. This is the oldest national park and you will love to live amidst the wild animals. It is said that the Corbett National Park is a great place for Bird Watcher, Fishing lovers, wild life lovers, and adventure lovers and also for the other people.
Here you will love to explore the park with the help of different safaris. There are facilities of different safaris in Corbett National Park. They are canter safari, Jeep Safari and elephant safari. Wild life lovers love to explore the park with the help of elephant safari. You can book your safari trip through online also in advance.
Dhikala Forest Lodge is one of the main attractions of Jim Corbett National park. This forest lodge is managed and run by forest department of the Corbett National Park. Dhangadi gate is the main entrance of Dhikala forest lodge and this lodge is about 30 kms from its entrance gate Dhangadi gate. If you are an adventure lover then you will love the journey from Dhangadi gate to Dhikala lodge. You have to take proper permission from the forest department and you must have to show this permit to the forest guard before entering into Dhagadi gate to reach Dhikala. From the entrance gate Dhangadhi, it requires almost 1 hour 15 minutes to cover the route and finish the adventurous journey. On way you will get the opportunity to cross Ramganga River, dense sal forest and numbers of seasonal rivers. You will get the opportunity to view herds of Most of the animals like Barking deer, spotted deer, Sambhar, Elephants, Barasingha, Fox, Hyena, Monitor Lizard and many other animals. Wild life lovers will love to see Tigers so closely on their way. It is said that Dhikala forest lodge is the perfect place for the wild life enthusiasts.
In Dhikala forest lodge there are 6 wings with total of 32 rooms. In the wing of New Forest house there are four rooms, in Dhikala Annexe there are 7 rooms in total, in Cabin wing there are 6 rooms, Hutment consists of 6 rooms, in Old Forest lodge there are 5 rooms in total and in All range quarters, there are four rooms. It is the oldest lodge in Corbett National Park.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Tourists Attraction in Nahan

Nahan is a beautiful town which is located in the Shivalik hills on an isolated ridge. Nahan Tour offers you the opportunity to enjoy a pleasant climate and that too round the year. You can say that the beauty of the Nahan town is such that it is known as the arresting town. Tourists automatically get attracted by the beauty of this town and just don’t want to leave this beautiful place. This beautiful town offers the tourists to enjoy the pleasing and the attractive views of lush green fields.

This beautiful town was established in 1621 by Raja Karan Prakash. This place is also having importance as numbers of saints are also related with this place, land of Nahan. It is believed that this town was named after a saint whose name was Nahan and he use to live at this place, once in his life time. You will amaze to see the attractive and dust free streets of the town. This beautiful city is located at a height of 932 m and it is famous for having numbers of temples, artificial lake and the gardens.

There are numbers of attractive destinations in Nahan. Some of the major attractions of this place are:

Dhaula Kuan: This tourist destination is located at a distance of 20 kms from Nahan. This place is famous for a beautiful orchard which is full of mangoes and citrus plants. There is a factory of fruit canning for various kinds of juices, jams, canned fruits and pickles. This place is also famous as a research center for tropical fruits.

Suketi Fossil Park: It is an attractive and wonderful destination which is associated with the housing fiberglass models of rare pre historic animals. It is said that this is the first park of its own kind where fossils were discovered.

Katasan Devi Temple: This tourist spot is located just ahead of the tourist spot Dhaula Kuan. Here at this spot there is a temple which was built by Raja Jagat Singh and it is built at the spot where Raja in a battle defeated Rulam Quadir Rohilla. Even now the victory of the Raja is celebrated at this temple.
Trilokpur Temple: It is a beautiful city which is located little bit far from the town Nahan. This temple was built in 1573 by Raja Dip Prakash and it is said to be an important temple for Hindus.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Facility of Online Booking for Safari Ride

Jim Corbett National Park is a great place for the nature lovers as well as wild life lovers. It is a great place for relaxation and you can enjoy the opportunity to spend some time outside from the polluted cities. At Jim Corbett National Park, you can enjoy the company of the wild animals in their natural habitat. This place offers you a wide range of fascinating diversity of the life of the wild animals as well as the unique scenic beauty. You can easily watch the life of the wild animals very closely. A large number of tourists visit this national park every year as it is famous for various things like picturesque surroundings, emerald grasslands, evergreen deciduous forests and the affect of the Himalayas. All these things make Jim Corbett National Park a great place for the wild life lovers, nature lovers, bird watchers etc. a visit to this place will offer you some life time unforgettable memories and you will have the desire to visit more and more.
One of the main attractions of the Corbett is Corbett Safari. Rather you can say that it is a way of greeting the tourists of Corbett. There are different types of Corbett Safari. Here the tourists can enjoy, Corbett Elephant Safari, Corbett Jeep Safari and Corbett Canter Safari. It is better to take the help of Corbett Safari Packages in order to avail any type of incontinence in Safari ride. Most of the tourists are interested for Elephant Safari which is usually the favorite of the wild life lovers. You will get an adventurous and exciting experience of getting closer to the wild animals of Corbett by sitting on the back of an Elephant. By this safari, you can even enter into deep forest.
Jeep Safari is the fastest mode of exploring the Corbett National park. For most of the tourists, Jeep Safari is the first choice as they want to explore the Corbett more and more in less time and it is possible only by Jeep Safari. Enjoy the flora and fauna of the Corbett along with the company of the wild animals by Jeep Safari.
The most common way of exploring the park is the canter safari. If you are interested in exploring the Dhikala forest this is the only way to explore.
For any of the Corbett Safari Packages, it is advisable to book your trip in advance, now a day its more easier through online. Most of the tourists take the help of Online Safari Booking in Corbett in order to avoid discomfort.

Marvelous Tour of a Colorful State Rajasthan

Rajasthan is one of the known places which are famous for having rich cultural heritage along with the basking monuments and glorifying forts which it has. It is associated with two important words. They are adventure and luxury. There are various places in Rajasthan for the tourists and each and every places of Rajasthan is having its own story. Rajasthan is such a place which is still famous for retaining its old culture. As there are so many wonders in the Rajasthan, it attracts thousands and thousands of tourists every year from all over the world.

You can see the luxury from very close in which the old peoples and emperors of Rajasthan used to spend their life. Most of the hotels in Rajasthan are even maintaining these architectural designs. Some of the important places in Rajasthan are Jodhpur, Ajmer, Jaipur, Pushkar, Jaisalmer, Sariska, Udaipur, Kota, Mt Abu and many others.

Rajasthan trip offers you the fascinating trip as the entire state is full of traditional aura. A trip to a “Land of Kings” offers you a marvelous experience. It is a most exotic and colorful state so each of the tourists is more excited in having perfect Rajasthan tour. Rajasthan tour India offers you an exciting trip to many interesting destinations of Rajasthan like Samode, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Udaipur etc. you will get the opportunity to explore the interesting history of Samode or experiencing an interesting journey in desert safaris in Jaisalmer or enjoying the historical attractions of Jaipur and also simply experiencing the beauty of Udaipur. Entire things will make your Rajasthan tour to be a life time memorable tour.

Rajasthan Tour India offers you to explore Rajasthan perfectly. You will get aware about each and every places of this traditional and cultural rich state. This colorful state also offers you different mouth watering Rajasthani recipes. As different categories of tourists visit this place round the year so there are different categories hotels in Rajasthan. There are heritage hotels in Rajasthan, luxury hotels and also budget hotels. People choose the hotels as per their suitability and budget.

In order to accommodate thousands of tourists round the year there are numbers of hotels in Rajasthan. Hotels in Rajasthan boast of facilities and services. Each of the hotels in Rajasthan tries to satisfy the tourists with typical ethnic hospitality. As accommodation in Rajasthan is easily available due to numbers of Hotels in Rajasthan, a large number of tourists get attracted towards Rajasthan tours.

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Manali not Merely A Hill Station to Rejoice Heart and Mind

Manali is a beautiful hill station which is situated in the lap of an ancient town known as Kullu. It is located very close to the end point of the valley just on the National High way which leads to Leh. Manali Tour offers you the opportunity to enjoy the landscape of this place which is breathtaking. Tourists enjoy Manali tour a lot amidst the river Beas which flows through the town and it is famous for its clean and clear water, snow capped peaks, beautiful view due to pine and deodar trees, fruit orchards and tiny fields. Here you will observe that this hill station is surrounded by the towering peaks and that too very closely. Closeness to the snowline is the major asset of this beautiful hill station. This beautiful hill station is a great place for the homey moon couples, nature lovers and also a great place for the adventure sport lovers. It is said that this is an ideal place for performing different kinds of adventure sports.
This place is also known as pilgrimage center as it is a belief that meaning of the Manali is literally home of Manu and it is said that when the whole world drowned in the flood, Manu survived and recreated the life of human again. So this place is also famous for having numbers of temples and treated as an auspicious place.
There are various places of attractions in Manali. Some of the important attractions are:
  • Hidimba Devi Temple: It is also famous with the name of Dhungiri temple. It is one of the most famous temple of this region. This temple is made up of wood and it is four storey temple. It is known as Dhungiri temple as it is located in the middle of the Dhungiri Van Vihar forest.
  • Heli Skiing: Manali tour is a perfect place for adventure lovers. If you are interested in high mountain thrills then you must enjoy the magic of heli-skiing. You can enjoy this sport in the important area near Manali like Rohtang Pass, Hanuman Tibba, Chanderkhani Pass and Deo Tibba.
  • There are many other attractions of Manali. Tourists usually reach Manali and prefer to go for an excursion tour from Manali and visit beautiful places like Beas Kund which is a source of river Beas, Rohtang Pass which is the highest point at 4,112 m, Kothi, Jagatsukh temple, Arjun Gufa and many others.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Famous Pilgrimages of India

India is a country having its own unique religion, history and culture. Chardham Tour involves the pilgrimages of four famous holy pilgrimages of India. These four pilgrimages are Yamunotri, Gangotri, Sri Badrinathji and Sri Kedarnathji. These places are referred as Dev Bhumi and millions of Hindu pilgrims visit these four holy places with a view to attain ‘Moksha’. Chardham Yatra was started by Adi Shankaracharya in 8th century. In order to attain salvation, every year millions of devotees register their presence for the famous Chardham tour. Entire four spots of Chardham are located in the lap of Himalayas. When you will visit these holy spots you will get the feeling of deep cleansing from deep inside of your heart.
Chardham Pilgrimage tour starts from east direction and ends to the west direction. You have to start your pilgrimage tour from Yamunotri and then it proceed towards Gangotri and then towards Kedarnath and finally it ends to Badrinath. You may make your chardham tour to be a relaxation tour as usually it is performed in the summer season and you will enjoy travelling through the scenic beauty of these holy places.

There is also one of the most sacred spot in India which is one of the most famous and religious destination of the Hindu in India. The shrine of Maa Vaishno Devi is an auspicious place for the Hindu pilgrims and millions of pilgrims visit this place every year. You can easily reach to Vaishno Devi Shrine from Delhi. It is said to be one of the oldest shrine of India. It is located on the holy hills of Trikuta of the Shivalik Hill Range at a height of 5300 feet. In order to reach the holy cave, you have to travel 13 kms from Katra which is the Base Camp.

If you are interested for Mata Vaishno Devi Helicopter Tour then you have to board for helicopter from the foothills at Katra. The helicopter will board you just a stone’s throw away distance from the Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine. A visit to sacred place of Mata Vaishno Devi by helicopter will offer you the opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking heli-hop journey.

If you are planning to visit the shrine of Maa Vaishno devi Shrine by Helicopter then plan your journey as the services of flights are daily. 5-6 passengers are accommodated in one trip of Helicopter to Vaishno devi shrine and it takes about 8 minutes to reach there.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Thrilling Experience of Sunderban National Park

Sunderban National Park was established in May 4, 1984 and it is famous for mangrove forest as well as the world’s largest delta which is the result of confluence of three important rivers the Brahmaputra, the Ganga and the Meghna. The location of the Sunderban National Park is so attractive that people love to spend their holidays in its ambience apart from the company of other animals. Tourists just enjoy the thrilling experience by moving in this national park and enjoying flora and fauna of this region. Here you will get a unique ecosystem due to the presence of mangrove forests. The presence of world famous Royal Bengal Tiger is one of the major attractions of this national park apart from the other animals like crocodile, chital, estuarine, monkeys, dolphins etc. Here you will enjoy the company of numbers of mongooses, hundreds of fishes, more than 25 species of reptiles and many other animals with their attractive features.
If you are interested in Sunderban Special Tour which is conducted by the Government of Best Bengal, then you can easily know its detail through online. For this you have to start your journey from Kolkata Airport and you will have to go for about 3 hours drive to reach Sunderban. Staying in the Sunderban National park is not a problem as there are numbers of hotels and resorts which are equipped with entire modern amenities amidst the wild life. Tourists enjoy their tour with Sunderban special tour as they enjoy the opportunity to stay in the luxurious hotels and Sunderbans along with the company of various animals. If you want to avoid any type of discomfort and inconvenience then you should go for online booking. Tourists should also carry their camera with them to catch unique glimpses of the wild animals.
Most of the tourists are interested in Sunderbans Weekend Tour. It will offer you the opportunity to enjoy the thrilling experience of the wild environment with unlimited excitement. There are numbers of other attractions also in Sunderban National Park which includes Kanak, The Sajnakhali Sanctuary, Netidhopani, Piyali, Bhagabatpur, Holiday Island and many others. In this national park there is a special reserve for crocodiles and tigers. You will gather lots of unforgettable memories in exploring this national park. Your enjoyment of trip doubles when you get the luxurious facilities in the hotels and resorts of the Sunderbans along with the mouthwatering dishes. You should book your trip as per your desire and requirement through online especially in the months in between April to November as these are the best months to visit this national park.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Four Years Later, the Tiger Could Not Be Tracked and Identified.

It is the news of Ranthambore National Park, a tiger cube that is hidden form the forest department for last four years. The tiger left form the numbering that was held in 2009 after that the tiger was also hidden from all the resources for trekking the park and the wildlife of the park. Last day some tourists and driver took the picture of the tiger, when they try to identify the tiger forest department has not any evidence of this tiger.
A detail report made by Ranthambore CF, Rajesth Gupta, to identify suddenly appeared tiger. He considered in his report that the tiger was originally a cube of Ranthambore Park, which left numbering. It is possible that the tiger was pushed out by the others tigers or by any reason made territory outside of the park and the tiger come back to the national park again. However, the story is hard to take by the experts. The tiger is said to be the age of four and half years.
It is the first case that a tiger cube was missing since the birth and suddenly appeared. Obviously one thing is very clear from the incident that the current trekking system for monitoring the tigers in Ranthambore National Park is not successful. Now a question mark on the statics of tigers in the park offered by the forest department!
A driver and some tiger lovers provided the photograph of tiger to the department. For identifying these pictures they were matched with other photographs of tigers then find out that department has no any picture of new tiger. Then the experts of tiger sent a photo of the tiger. This photo was taken in 2009 of the Tiger, concluded that it is the same tiger.

Most Picturesque Scenery In India Rajasthan My Favorite Touring Destination

Personally, I really love travelling and visiting different places of the world. Even, I can call that I am simply crazy about travelling indeed. Because of my traveling craze, I plan tours for me and my family after every six months or so, or whenever I get some time, I pack my luggage and all set for a new travel to new land. In the list of my favorite traveling spots, Rajasthan and its nearby areas have a great importance as I am a person who loves Indian culture and rituals. That culture and its fragrance can be sensed in Rajasthan Tour India easily.

So, I remember, when I was planning for a tour to Rajasthan, I had asked for advice or suggestions from some of my friends and in response, they have bring such a fantastic idea about this amazing land and its beauty. Apart of it, to get full advantage of touring in Rajasthan, they have suggested a wonderful platform, which have given all necessary assistance and help while my tour as well. Yes, that time Rajasthan tour India has proved a true boon for my Rajasthan tour.

While planning this tour, I come to know several things about Rajasthan and its worth visiting spots or cities. In these cities, my friend has suggested Udaipur, Jaipur and Pushkar on priority. My friend who is a photographer by profession, has told me that Udaipur is having a complete royal feel and a visitor can taste aristocratic life by visiting or spending some time here, and believe me, all her sayings have proved an amazing truth of my life. After visiting Udaipur, now it was Pushkar which is a splendid and a religious place and I feel true peace and calmness in the atmosphere of there.

In Pushkar, I have met several other visitors and it seems, the beauty fragrance has spread up everywhere across the world. But, along with favorable and pleasant moments, there have been some disappointing things as well, so better be careful from such things. In these disappointing things, I must consider those people who offer some flowers and asks for money in return, which is truly a fraud in my esteem. So, using some alertness, Pushkar is such a wonderful place to roam around.
Now, the turn for Jaipur has come and about Jaipur and its beauty, who is not familiar with, so I already have so many romantic views and spectrum about Jaipur visit, and truly, Rajasthan tour India has helped me a lot in making my tour more splendid and awesome.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Kaziranga National Park Wildlife Adventure In North East India

Kaziranga National Park is located in Assam and it is famous as the best home for Great Indian one horned rhinoceros. Tourists will love to spend their vacation ion Kaziranga National Park amidst the beautiful landscape which covers tall elephant grass, sheer forest, shallow pools, marshes and rugged reeds. Apart from the beautiful landscape you will love to have a company of different wild animals like Elephant, Rhinoceros, Sambar, Indian bison, Tiger, Jackal and many other animals as well as different kinds of birds. If you plan to visit this national park in winter season then you will get the opportunity to view numbers of migratory birds.
There is no any problem of Accommodation for the tourists in Kaziranga as there are numbers of Hotels in Kaziranga. Hotels of Kaziranga offer a great comforts and convenience to the tourists. Hotels in Kaziranga are divided into various categories like luxury, deluxe, budget and also economy hotels. People of different categories choose the hotels as per their own choice, requirement and budget. Each of the hotels at Kaziranga National Park is equipped with modern amenities as per its category. Most of them offer airy atmosphere to the tourists. The locations of the hotels are in the clean environment so each of the hotels is having its own importance. Entire hotels of Kaziranga are famous for its serviceable staff, beautifully decorated rooms, airy and clean rooms and the most important for fresh food. Here you can easily enjoy continental as well as Indian cuisine which increases your taste buds.
All the hotels and resorts of the Kaziranga are well known for offering a warm welcome to their visitors. Here in the luxurious hotels you will get protected, attractive and cozy residing facilities to their respected visitors. You can enjoy your stay in the rooms of the luxurious hotels which have attached bathrooms and equipped with modern facilities. The rooms of the luxurious resorts are decorated beautifully in local style with beautiful furniture and also it has carpeted walls. As per your budget you can enjoy the comforts of your accommodation as there are lots of options.
It is best to plan for visiting this national park in between the months from November to April. The best way to explore the park is by Jeep or by Car or by an Elephant. It depends on your choice and temperament. Usually adventurous people and wild life lovers go for Elephant ride in order to explore the park.

Various Attractive Destinations of Dalhousie

Dalhousie Tour is a famous tour among the tourists who are nature lovers and want to spend their vacation in a peaceful environment. This tourist spot is very much famous among the Indian tourist as well as foreign tourist. If you want to enjoy Dalhousie tour to a great extent than try to take the help of packages as they will offer you the opportunity to explore the charisma of this beautiful hill station.
Dalhousie is a peaceful town. So it is a perfect place for the tourists who want to spend their time far from the hustle and bustle of the city life. In this picturesque town, you will get the opportunity to view buildings of colonial era, low roofed hotels and stalls. You can also enjoy walking along the paths and the treks covered with pine trees.
This peaceful town was a colonial town and the gateway to the valley of Chamba. This town was established in 1854 by Lord Dalhousie who was the British governor general. This beautiful place is surrounded by alpine vegetation. Here the tourists enjoy the panoramic views and charming architecture of plains as well as mountainous ranges covered with snow.
Apart from scenic beauty of the place, Dalhousie tour offers the tourists to visit various important attractions of Dalhousie. Some of the important destinations are:
Subhash Baoli: This place is located at an altitude of 2, 085m. From here you will get the beautiful view of nature and the snow capped mountains.
Khajjiar: This place is one of the most popular retreats for the visitors. There is a saucer shaped meadow which is surrounded by the pines and in the middle there is a lake. There is a 12th century temple of Khajjinag. There is also a beautiful golf course which adds a great beauty to this place. Tourists like this picturesque spot due to saucer shaped meadow which is located amidst the deodar forest. In its centre there is a lake which has a floating island, a little temple, a golf course and a forest rest house.
Kalatope: This place is located just at a distance of 5 kms from Dalhousie. This place is a beautiful getaway associated with an enchanting palace, a panoramic view and it also includes a forest rest house. This place is also famous as the home of Dogri families. There is also a little Kalatope Sanctuary which has varieties of wild animals like Bears, Deer, Leopards etc.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Operation To Catch The Smugglers Network

A major success in the hand of Uttrakhand forest department in the matter of seizure tigers skin. Exploring the network of smugglers the forest department team has caught the most wanted with the help of the police. All are being questioned in the secret place. Although no any forest official is conforming such happening.

Uttarakhand forest department had bothered after the seizure of five tigers and leopard skin in Najibabad. Jim Corbett National Park and surrounding forests used to hunt was admitted by the poachers. On the statement by the poachers the forest department began investigation.

On the other hand to arrest the 'Didi' (A nepali lady smuggler) forest department ask the CBI for the support. To catch the international network of 'Didi' CBI has been asked to issue a red corner notice against her. As well as the CD is ordered in which the act of the 'Didi' is recorded.

It also said that the all the cases of ’Didi’ who conduct the gang form Dharchula of Pithoragarh and Mahendrangr in Nepal, will be reopened

Ten Peacocks Are Killed Daily In Rajasthan

The regional incharge of people for animal, the organisation which works for the conservation of words and animals, Babulal Jaju claimed that daily ten national birds are killed in the state of Rajasthan. As according to the statement of Jaju hundreds of peacock are killed by putting poisonous seeds in Jhajpur of Bhilwara, Kushlgd of Banswada, Jaipur, Nasirda of Tonk, Maharajapura, Amet in Rajsamand last days. In the lack of any strong step by the police the moral of poachers is high. Jaju said that in last one year 150 in Jodhpur, 200 in Nagaur, 150 in Ajmer, 250 in Bundi, 150 in Bharatpur, 125 in Bhilwara, 150 in Ganganagar, 100 in Kota and over hundred in Chittorgath were killed.

Meanwhile, a senior forest department official dismissed that claim of Jeju. He said that the department is Keepping eyes constantly on killers of peacocks (National Bird of India) especially on the criminals of Bawrian and also if any such incident happens they act immediately and take necessary action.

The information is delivered by Ranthambore National Park India Portal to aware people towards the cruelty against the our national bird, Peacock.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Comforts of Resorts in Ranthambore

Ranthambore National Park offers the opportunity for the tourists to have a priceless experience in watching the animals in their natural habitat. It is also a favorite destination for wild life enthusiasts and photographers. Here in this national park, you can easily spot the tiger in the day light. Thousands of tourists visit this national park every year. In order to accommodate the tourists with full comforts and convenience, there are numbers of hotels in Ranthambore National Park.

There is a Vatika Resort Ranthambore, which is a charming jungle resort. It is located very close to national park so it is the best place for the wild life lovers as they may have some exciting experience just at the door step. There are 9 cottages in this resort which are classified into 4 standard cottages and 5 deluxe cottages. Entire cottages are equipped with beautiful furniture, spacious beds and all the modern facilities. Private gardens are attached with the cottages which offer a stunning view of the surrounded area to the tourists. Here the guests enjoy finger-licking menu as well as drinks and beverages in a well stocked bar. Here you can enjoy the services of massage center, activity centre, laundry, games rooms and many others.

Tiger Moon Resort Ranthambore is designed exotically and offers a unique look as it is located amidst the Aravali hills. In this resort, there are cottages having gentle sloping roofs of tiles. Each of the cottages of this resort is designed in local Rajasthani style and equipped with modern amenities. Apart from the various other facilities, here you will enjoy various delectable Continental, Chinese and Indian cuisines in the romantic jungle dining hall of Tiger moon resort. The management of this resort also organizes puppet shows, folk dances and Barbeque nights in order to entertain the guests.

Ranthambhore Bagh hotel is located very close to Ranthambore National Park. There are 12 luxury tents and 12 rooms in Ranthambore bagh for the guests which are equipped with entire modern facilities. In Ranthambore Bagh, there is only one family room which has four beds and rest of the 11 rooms is twin bed rooms. There is a multi-cuisine restaurant in this resort which serves Indian and Continental dishes. There are 3 gardens associated with this resort so the guests get the opportunity to enjoy bird watching. Here tourists also enjoy trekking, travel counter, Jeep Safari, 24 hours room service etc.

Comfortable Ride of Corbett Elephant Safari

The best way to explore the Jim Corbett National Park is by Elephant Safari. By this way you can easily investigate the life of wild animals in the tiger reserve. Without elephant safari, you will feel that your Corbett tour is incomplete as this is the most adventurous and the exciting part of exploring the Jim Corbett National Park. With the help of elephant safari only, you will get the opportunity to watch the life of wild animals very closely and you also get the time to spend more time with them in watching their activities in their natural habitat. The ride of Corbett elephant safari helps you to go deep into the forest to observe the mysterious act of the wild animals. On way you will get the opportunity to enjoy beautiful scenic valley, river, vast grassland, rugged trek and many other things. Elephant safari is especially enjoyed by the people who are adventure and wild life lovers. When you will get the chance to go closer to the wild animals especially like elephant, tiger and many others, you will have a scary as well as adventurous feeling will be an unforgettable memory for your life time.

Elephant Safari in Corbett is offered to the tourist for two times a day. They are morning as well as in the evening. If you are a real adventure lover and interested for only Corbett Elephant Safari, then it is advisable to book your trip in advance as it will offer you comfort and convenience. Thousands and thousands of people visit the Corbett National park every time. It may be possible that due to heavy rush you may not get the opportunity to have a ride on Elephant Safari and if you are a real adventure lover then it will be a disappointing issue for you. In order to avoid this situation, you should book your elephant safari in advance. Now there is a provision for booking Online Corbett Safari. You can easily book for any of the Corbett Safari for you are interested in advance. Safari ride is the major attraction of Corbett National Park.

Though you can easily explore the Corbett with the help of Canter Safari and Jeep Safari but ride on Elephant Safari offers you a great enjoyment. You can also explore the areas which are inaccessible by any other man made transport with the help of Elephant Safari.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Attractive Resorts of Corbett

Corbett National Park is one of the most famous places for the wild life lovers. Thousands of tourists visit this park every time. In order to accommodate the tourists along with comforts and convenience there are large numbers of comfortable resorts in Corbett.
One of the resorts is Corbett Riverview Retreat which is said to be one of the stylish resorts of Corbett. In this resort there are 32 exclusive villas and each of them is associated with private garden and kitchen. Here in this stylish resort, you will get each and every thing with great style. Here the tourists enjoy and relaxed completely due to its location as it is located amidst charming environment. In this environment, the tourists relax completely and enjoy a life out of the present world for some moment. The name of the resort is Riverview as it is located in the banks of Kosi River. The location of this resort offers the tourist an exotic view along with modern amenities and the other modern facilities. Here the tourists also enjoy mouth watering dishes in its restaurant. Here you can enjoy various services like bar and grill, swimming pool, evening bonfire, and various games also like volleyball, archery, croquet, cricket and many other things.
Manu Maharani Resort is a deluxe resort having the facilities of four stars. This resort is fully equipped with modern amenities and deluxe facilities. Here in this resort, you can enjoy fun and escapade and that too amidst the greenery environment. This beautiful deluxe resort is situated in the center of the Corbett Country. The location of this resort is such that even if you are not an adventure lover, the environment will compel you to do some adventurous activities and you will love to stay at this place.
It is said that this resort is only one of its kind. There are 50 cottages here and each of them is in clusters of two or three rooms which offer the tourists a blend of perfect wilderness and luxury accommodation. Here tourists enjoy the exotic food in its multi cuisine restaurant. In restaurant, you will get a fire place which keeps you cozy and warm during the cold winter nights. Apart from these facilities, the spectacular view of the River Kosi attracts lots of tourists to stay in this Manu Maharani Resort in Corbett.
Like these resorts there are various resorts which offer great comforts to the tourists.

Chardham Yatra from Chennai

People from south India are also of very religious nature. They want to visit different pilgrimage of India. In spite of having numbers of temples in Chennai itself, the people of Chennai are interested in going for Chardham Yatra. Though there are various ways by which they can complete their Chardham Yatra. But if you have planned to visit Chardham Yatra then reach to Delhi by train or flight or as per your convenience. Chardham yatra is the dream destination of almost every Hindu and south Indian people have a great faith in all these spiritual activities.
As soon as the pilgrims reached to Delhi, from there you have to take the help of Chardham tour packages. There are different Chardham Tour Packages. You should choose the best one as per your requirement and suitability. It will be advisable to book your trip through online by gathering detail information. South Indians are very choosy in their food habit. They can’t adjust themselves in north Indian foods. Most of the south Indians just dislikes north Indian foods. They want to eat food of their own type.
As soon as they start their journey from their home destinations, they prefer to take rice, curd, pickles, lemon rice, curd rice, tamarind rice, idli and the different food item like this only. But on way they face lots of difficulties in eating food as they don’t get the food of their choice at all places. They prefer to eat sambhar instead of Dal. Any way they manage to complete their Chardham tour by adjusting themselves. They always prefer to take lots of home made snacks so that they could satisfy their taste buds on way to Chardham.
After reaching to Delhi, people from Chennai prefer to take bus or tempo traveler. Usually they travel in their own group of friends and relatives in visiting different destinations including pilgrimages. They enjoy the company of their own people. Basically they are very talkative and so they enjoy their company a lot. From Delhi, you have to move to Haridwar, Rishikesh, Hanuman Chatti, Uttarkashi, Gangotri, Srinagar, Gaurikund, Kedarnath, Badrinath, Pipalkoti, Haridwar and back to Delhi. Fro Delhi you have to come back to your home destination by train or flight. Accommodation on way as well as in Chardham hotels is sufficient enough to satisfy your requirement. Accommodation in Chardham hotels are managed in such a way that tourists will not have to face any type of problem.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Travel Taj Mahal & Wildlife with Ranthambore National Park tour packages

There are people who want to check out the different aspects of travelling enjoyment in just one go, as they believe that investing the travel time in exploring intensity is the central ideas of travelling and in order to fulfil the demands of these kind of tourists in excelled manner the unique packages are required and in this field Ranthambore National Park, India tour services excel as the Taj Mahal Wildlife Tour Package offered by the travel service provider is best suitable in meeting such requirements of the customers. It is simpler than anything to enjoy world class quality trips with this travel service provider on reasonable prices and with the assurance of reliable and quality services in return.

The excellent thing about this tour offered by Ranthambore National Park, India tour services is that it amalgamates the beauty of eternal love and romance with the adventure & ecstasy of knowing the wildlife with handy angle. This 15 days long full of fun and quest tour covers Delhi, Jaipur, Ranthambore, Agra, Khajuraho and Bandhavgarh plus the package offered by the organising company includes all the facilities including travel, accommodation, sightseeing and food, what all one needs to have the real great time on a vivacious trip.

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Chardham Tour from Kolkata

Chardham Yatra is known as one of the most popular spiritual journeys of Hinduism. It is the belief of the people that a visit to chardham yatra offers you the opportunity to attain moksha by the blessing of the Lord. Every Hindu is interested in going for this spiritual journey in order to attain salvation.

People from Kolkata are also interested in going for Chardham Yatra. It depends upon the choice and the requirement of the people that which type of journey they want to travel. Most of the people prefer to go by train or flight to Delhi and from there they prefer to take the help of Chardham Tour Packages. But some of the people plan to go for Chardham tour by their own means of transport.

Bengalis are very fond of visiting different destinations. They always make use of their holidays and try to visit new destinations. Chardham tour is also the part of their destinations. Usually Bengalis prefer to move in group with their family members or even with their Bengali friends only. If they start their journey of Chardham yatra from Kolkata then they take the help of flight or train to reach Delhi. If they make use of the train then they definitely try to bring fish and rice along with the Bengali sweets to eat on their way. They are too much fond of eating different varieties of fish, rice and different Bengali sweets especially Rasgulla.

Once they reach to Delhi by train or by flight then they have to take the help of Chardham tour packages to proceed for chardham. It is advisable that you should book your tour and travel program well in advance. From Delhi take the bus services which are involved in Chardham Yatra. After Delhi you will get the opportunity to visit various beautiful destinations on way to Chardham. People from Kolkata will love to enjoy this sightseeing of various destinations like Haridwar, Mussoorie, Yamunotri, Uttarkashi, Gangnani, Gangotri, Rudraprayag, Guptkashi, Gaurikund, Kedarnath, Badrinath, Brahma kapalam, Saraswati Nadhi Dhara, Vyasa Guha, Mana, Vishnu Prayag, Nandha Prayaga, Karna Prayaga, Deoprayaga, Rishikesh, Mathura, Brinhavanam, and Agra etc.

You can easily book your trip online. Then responsibility of each and everything including your fooding and lodging will be included in this package only. You have to book as per your requirement and budget. You will be provided accommodation in Chardham hotels or any other hotels depending upon your packages only.

Book Your Corbett Safari Ride in Advance

Jim Corbett National Park is one of the best places for the wild life, nature and the adventure lovers. Tourists from various parts of the world as well as India visit this national park to explore it and enjoy their vacation in different ways. There are three ways by which you can explore the park nicely. Though you may come to Jim Corbett by your own vehicle also but inside the park entry of the private vehicle is not allowed. For general people Canter Safari is also enjoyable. For some people, who want to explore the park in a separate group they may take Jeep Safari and for the wild life and adventure lovers, elephant safari is the best option.
Elephant Safari in Corbett is one of the most important attractions for the tourists who love adventure. You will get the opportunity to sit on the back of the elephant alone or you may accommodate four people and start your journey of exploring the Corbett along with expert Mahout. Along with the guidance of Mahout, you can go deep into the forest to observe the wild animals in their natural habitats very closely.
Especially for hard core wild life lovers, Corbett Tiger Reserve has also a long elephant safari. In this ride you have to stay in the forest lodges which are located inside the Corbett National Park along with the Elephant Safari. In this ride any of the adventure or wild life lovers will enjoy just double. For having complete enjoyment, you should book your trip in advance.
You can also enjoy the richness of fauna and flora with the help of Jeep Safari in Corbett. Jeep Safari in Corbett is the best safari ride for wild life photographers as well as for adventure lovers. Jeep Safari in Corbett helps you to explore the Corbett Jungle and to observe the life of wild animals very closely in very less time. It is the mechanized way to explore the park, so it consumes very less time. With the help of Jeep Safaris, wild life enthusiasts get the opportunity to cover large distance in a day. In Jeep Safari there is an open jeep which allows you to view various animals all around you. Jeep safari allows the animal watchers an ample security with the wild animals.
It is advisable that you should book your trip for Elephant Safari in Corbett or Corbett Jeep Safari in advance in order to avoid any type of discomfort.

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One Horned Rhinoceros of Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park is famous for one horned Rhinoceros apart from the other animals. Though it provides a great shelter to large number of animals but this park is known as the homeland of Great Indian one horned Rhinoceros. This national park is located on the banks of the mighty river Brahmaputra. Here you can enjoy, viewing the herds of elephants roaming here and there. The location of Kaziranga is at such a nice place that it is easily accessible from the different parts of country. So people from different corners of the country come here to have some rewarding experience of life.
It is said that the location of the park is such that due to support of nature only, this park has been designed in such breathtakingly beautiful habitat otherwise it was impossible for any man to create a national park of such design and natural diversities. Mainly this park is famous for having one horned rhinoceros in great number. This reserve holds more than 1000 rhinos.
Jeep Safari Kaziranga is one of the best way to explore Kaziranga National Park. With the help of this safari you will get the opportunity to view the animals closely and in their natural habitat. You can go for Jeep Safaris in two different timings. One starts at 6:30 morning and the other starts in the noon at 14:30. You can select the timing as per your comfort and suitability. This jeep safari takes almost 3-4 hours to explore the park and it is accompanied by a escort or a guide which will help you in exploring the park in an unique way. You will get a chance to view various kinds of animals, water animals, different kinds of birds and many other things. There are different ranges for Jeep Safari in Kaziranga National Park like Kohora, Bagori, Agoratoli, Burapahar and Panbari Reserved Forest.
Every year lots of tourist visit this park and accommodation is also not a problem here. There are numbers of Hotels in Kaziranga National Park, which is famous for its unique service and hospitality. Numbers of parks are located at different attractive locations. Each of these hotels is decorated in rural stylish architecture. Some of the parks are located very near to the park and some hotels offer breathtaking greenery to the tourists. You will love to stay at these hotels which offer modern amenities along with the multi cuisine restaurant.

Marvelous Tour of Shimla

Shimla tour is the dream destination especially for the honeymoon couples. This beautiful hill station is the capital of Himachal Pradesh and one of the most popular hill stations. People know this popular hill station by the name of “Queen of Hill Stations’’. Tourists from all over the world come for Shimla tour and enjoy the attractive destinations of Shimla. It is a great place for vacationers, nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. It was also famous as a summer capital in the period of British Raj. Honeymoon couple loves to enjoy amidst the beautiful environment of Shimla. You will enjoy your Shimla tour as this town is located amidst picturesque hills. This place also gives a beautiful look as there are forests of pine, deodar, oak and rhododendron trees. Visit to this beautiful town offers you the opportunity to view the spectacular views of the mountain ranges which are covered with snow especially towards north. Apart from the scenic beauty, Shimla tour also offers you to visit many colonial edifices, quaint cottages, intricate churches, ancient temples and many other things in the city.

There are various places of interest in Shimla and you will enjoy visiting these places while on your Shimla Tour. They are:

Christ Church: this place is said to be one of the most important landmarks in Shimla. In North India, this church is said to be the second oldest church. Most of the tourists just enjoy spending some time at this place.

The Mall: this place is the main shopping area for the people of Shimla as well as for outsider. It is said to be an attractive place for the tourists. In this mall there are many clubs, bars, banks, restaurants, post offices, tourist offices, government building and many other things.

Jakhoo Hill: it is famous as the highest peak of Shimla and located just 2 kms away from Shimla. From here, you will get the opportunity to view mighty Himalayas covered with snow and the entire Shimla.

There are many other attractive places in Shimla. Some of the other attractions of Shimla are Shimla State Museum, Tara Devi Temple, Sankat Mochan Temple, Botanical Garden, St Michael’s Cathedral etc.

Tourists can also prefer to go on excursion tour from Shimla as there are various attractive places around Shimla. Some of them are Kufri, Naldehra, Arki, Tehsil, Mashobra, Narkanda etc.

This tourist spot is easily accessible from different place and well connected by air, road and rail from various important places.

Adventurous Trip of Corbett

If you are really an avid nature lovers and an adventure freak then Jim Corbett Park is a unique place. This place is known as a major destination for ecotourism. It is an ideal place for nature lovers as well as for adventure lovers. It is the oldest national park of the country and a great place for enthusiasts. It is famous for Royal Bengal Tigers and due to its various attractive features it attracts thousands of enthusiasts from all over the world every year. The flora and fauna of Corbett is also a significant point of attraction for the tourists. This national park boasts for having diverse and rich flora and fauna. This national park is a prominent location for ecotourism and due to this reason there is a heavy influx of tourists in the Corbett National Park . Due to incoming of a large number of tourists every year, there are many hotels in Corbett. Some of the hotels are located even outside the Corbett but just near to it. As this park has numerous hotels and resorts, so the tourists have no problem for hotels in Corbett and they enjoy their trip fully.
There are many attractions in Corbett National Park but one of its main attractions is elephant safari. If any person is an adventure lover and a wild life lover then he or she will love to have Corbett Elephant Safari. By doing elephant safari you will enjoy the opportunity to observe the wild life in their natural habitats very closely. You will get the opportunity to enter into the deepest area of the forest where you can’t go by jeep safari. Each of this elephant safari packages is associated with all the things required by the tourists to enjoy their trip. You can go alone or you can travel along with your family members by choosing elephant safari packages.
If you are interested in this safari and want to know the details about it then you can easily search about it through online. Even if you are interested in booking your safari tour in advance, you can easily book it through online. But plan properly before booking the trip otherwise you will have to lose your money in case of cancellation. You also have to give proper details about the members who are interested in elephant safari ride. Really this ride is an exciting ride and you will have some life time experience.

Chardham Tour Package For Comfortable Pilgrim Tour

Chardham Yatra is the major attraction of the people belonging to Hindu religion. It is said to be a supreme place especially for the pilgrims interested in achieving Moksha. Devotees from all over the world visit these places to offer their prayer at these sacred and the holy places – Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath which are said to be the four dhams for the pilgrims. Millions of devotees, every year walk down to the famous and beautiful valleys of Char Dham Yatra. These are the pious places which are enclosed by Himalayas and lush green surroundings. The tour of Chardham tour offers you the opportunity to offer your prayer to the four famous holy rivers. They are Yamunotri (Yamuna), Gangotri (Ganga), Mandakini (Kedarnath) and the famous Alaknanda (Badrinath). It is said that the Chardham Yatra is especially designed to the doorways of almighty god on the beautiful picturesque path of Himalayan range.
Though the path of Chardham Yatra is little bit difficult but the faith of the pilgrims in God makes their path easier. Most of the Hindu pilgrims think that it is the only way to attain moksha. Mostly these Chardham yatras are arranged by different packages. You should take the help of packages only as it will help you to simplify your journey. Chardham yatra packages arrange your yatra as per your choice and desire. You can easily make your Chardham tour as a leisure trip with the help of packages.
Chardham Tour Packages design your journey as per the choice of a customer. You have to give the details about your choice and requirement. In order to arrange the trip as per different packages, a great effort is required. Generally these packages are arranged and designed by knowledgeable and specialists of travel. They will try to satisfy you as per your requirement from the moment you began to think about the yatra till the trip concludes. Any of the packages is a team effort by different specialists of travel. So if you want to have a best journey than take the help of Chardham Yatra Packages. As soon as you will plan to start a journey, any of the expert or consultant will help you in designing and planning your journey in an absolutely perfect itinerary. The packages by these experts includes well planned and compelling touring, best accommodations along with mouth watering dishes. You can also enjoy various sightseeing at different places.

Hotels In Ranthambore-A Sublime Sanctuary For Junketeers

It is rightfully alleged that recreation is akin to a rainfall on a scorching summer day or an angelic ray of moonlight in awful darkness. Apportioning some of your precious time from your busy schedule for recreation, exercising and indulging into al fresco activities helps you revive your enervated psyche and proves to be salubrious in the long run.

Now that your mind has already started wandering in that meticulous direction, just skim further to ascertain that you have reached the accurate place. There are a plethora of heavenly places in India that a person would certainly prefer to visit if he frenetically wishes to revitalize himself from his daily tedious chores. One such place is Ranthambore National Park, housed in the picturesque natural beauty of Sawai Madhopur district in Rajasthan. Distinguished for the prominent Ranthambore tiger reserve along with its most chromatic flora and fauna, the Ranthambore National Park is inundated with sightseers throughout the year.

With the tourism industry mushrooming apace in Rajasthan, the “hotels in Ranthambore” have got a gigantic boost. Incorporating plush infrastructure, cozy dwellings, appetizing Indian delicacies and state of the art recreational facilities, all the “hotels in Ranthambore” have turned out to be a paradigm of conviviality and hospitality, satiating all the multifarious demands of each and every traveler.

One of these exotic hotels is “Hotel Tiger Machan Ranthambore”. Flanked with wilderness on one side, this 3 star hotel is one of the finest wildlife experiences. With a customer centric approach, this hotel provides air conditioned luxury cottages and deluxe rooms. Together with its bizarre cuisines, the various other amenities proffered by “Hotel Tiger Machan Ranthambore” consist of restaurants, swimming pools, laundry facilities, first aid services and telecommunication facilities, just to mention a few.

Another hotel in the list of most sought-after “Hotels in Ranthambore” is the “Ranthambore Bagh Hotel”. A virtual gateway to communicate with the natural world, this 3 star rated hotel provides all those facilities which are necessary to make your wildlife expedition, a scintillating success. Known for its natural flora and fauna, the “Ranthambore Bagh Hotel” is camped in the midst of the captivating splendor of Ranthambore. Along with the comfy abodes and scrumptious Indian cuisines, this encampment provides other conveniences like spacious car parking, swimming pools, laundry facilities, web access and a gamut of other services.

All the “hotels in Ranthambore”, including the “Hotel Tiger Machan Ranthambore” and “Ranthambore Bagh Hotel” provide an online enquiry and booking facility. With this ideal proviso, planning and executing a memorable expedition to the tranquil wilderness of Ranthambore can certainly morph into a reality. So, why wait and let grass grow under your feet, when the superlative wildlife haven of Ranthambore is mesmerizing you?

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Three Day Extravagant at Ranthambore

If you expect your holidays to be spectacularly different and divisive, then join us at Ranthambore. We can definitely make it for you a 3 day extravaganza which will cover the entire Ranthambore National Park, world famous for its diversities and the tigers. Day 1 will start with getting down at Sawai Madhopur railway station from the train and then getting energized at the wildlife Resort in Ranthambore which will revitalize your entire body and soul. Following is a trip to Ranthambore National Park, which is the actual destination of playing your mind and heart. Experiencing the real fun and adventure is the actual aim of this trip and this is what will thrill you at every moment even at the time when you are in the Ranthambore National Park. After this fun filled automated curious short trip, the day will end with a tired body. Day 2 will commence a bright morning and a tea on the bedside, which will be accompanied by a day roving and getting familiar with the wilds of nature and environment. Beginning of Day 3 will mark the end of your frolic journey to the zenith of excitement and energy. This is not the guarantee but a promise that it will be one of the unforgettable trips you have ever experienced.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

NTCA Told State Government to Acquire Land Around Tiger Reserves

One of the biggest disinterring news coming these days that many resorts and hotels around the tiger reserves in India may get cease as the state government has to acquire around one thousand square kilometres land. The centre asked the state to acquire the land to provide core inviolate area for the big cat and also the tourist are ban in these areas. As according to new guideline issued 6000 families will be relocated which live around 41 tiger reserves of India. The NTCA (National Tiger Conservation Authority) given a very straight guideline to respected state that every kind of land should be acquired even private estate also.
Wild Life Institute of India based in Dehradun has shown a study report that inviolate area is required for viable population of 20 breeding tigresses. As according to the National Tiger Conservation Authority the core area will help the tigers in sustaining population of around 100 tigers in a reserve.
The NTCA very clearly told the state government to acquiring the land and reallocate the people with compensation of up to 10 Lakh INR. The resorts and hotels around the smaller reserves would get cease. Manly the acquisition will be done in the smaller tiger reserve such Kanha of Madhya Pradesh, Ranthambore of Rajasthan etc. However if the guideline will be implemented Corbett National Park and the hospitability industry will not be affected.

Enjoy Comfortable Stay in Ranthambore Resorts

Ranthambore National Park is one of the most popular national park in Northern India. It is considered as one of the famous former hunting grounds especially for the Maharajas of Jaipur. But now this famous park has become a major wildlife tourist attraction spot. Most of the wild life lovers and wild life photographers visit this place frequently. Certainly it is a great place for nature as well as wild life lovers. You must explore this park at least once in your life time. It will be a great experience of spending your time amidst the roar of the tigers, chirpy birds, Verdant greenery and various other attractions. Really this trip will be your priceless and worthy. You should plan your vacation in order to explore this national park. There are various comfortable resorts for the tourists. So staying in Ranthambore is not at all problematic.

Resorts in Ranthambore are of many categories. It ranges from heritage, luxurious to budget. You have to choose as per you requirement and budget. In Ranthambore National Park there is a Tiger Den Resort which boasts for offering quality services and accommodation. It is a jungle lodge but too much popular among the tourists due to its quality services. There are 18 cottages which are air conditioned, 2 suites and apart from these, 8 luxury Swiss Cottage tents. Entire cottage and tents are equipped with modern amenities. There is a well planned landscaping which adds natural beauty to the ambience. Each of the toilets of this tent is designed with attached toiled along with hot shower. Apart from all the other facilities this hotel serves different types of hygienic cuisines to its tourists like Western, Indian and Chinese. The resort amenities and the room amenities of this Tiger Den Resort, Ranthambore is excellent.

Tiger Safari Resort, Ranthambore is known for its superb architecture. In this resort every thing is superb, its design, its structure and its landscaped. The rooms of this resort are large and too much airy. Each of the rooms of this resort has unique designed furniture, luxurious bathrooms, spacious balconies along with multi cuisine restaurant. You will enjoy your comfortable stay in this resort. Here you will enjoy your life amidst the lap of the nature along with the birds and animals. Here you can also enjoy Rajasthani cuisine and you will get the feeling of involvement in Rajasthani tradition and culture. The facilities and amenities of this resort are marvelous.

Chardham Yatra from South India

Especially for South Indian Chardham Pilgrims, the packages of Chardham Yatra is designed in a very special way. Chardham tour packages from Bangalore starts and ends at Bangalore only. Most of the people from Bangalore or different parts of South India are interested in visiting the holy destinations for Hindus. They want to offer their prayer at Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamunotri. In order to avoid any type of inconvenience, you should take the help of Chardham tour packages.
There are various ways by which you can complete your Chardham yatra from Bangalore. One of the convenient ways to perform Chardham yatra from Bangalore is to reach Delhi by train or flight as per your suitability and requirement and from there you have various options to reach different destinations of Chardham. From Delhi, you can take the help of bus, Innova, Tempo travel, Indica & Indigo cab in order to complete your Chardham tour.
It is said that Chardham Yatra is the leading pilgrimage tour especially for Hindus. So people from far distance come to this place to offer their prayer. If you are from Bangalore and want to go for Chardham Yatra then first you have to reach Delhi by flight, train or by your own or reserved vehicle. Usually people from Bangalore or from other parts of South India travels in group while, going for Chardham tour. After reaching Delhi, it’s up to your choice to choose the packages and the mode of transport.
Chardham tour by bus for the pilgrims starts from Delhi then it cover the places like Haridwar, Mussoorie, Yamunotri, Uttarkashi, Harsil, Gangotri, Tehri dam, Srinagar Garhwal, Rudraprayag, Guptkashi, Gaurikund, Kedarnath, Chopta, Gopeshwar, Chamoli, Joshimath, Badrinath, Devprayag and Rishikesh.
While going on for Chardham yatra, you have to spend night at most of the places of Chardham Hotels. On way there are many Chardham hotels which works in such a way that tourists stay there with comforts and convenient. These hotels also take care of their specific food. As Bangalore people always prefer to eat only south Indian dishes even on their travelling so these hotels take special care about their taste.
Usually people from Bangalore book their tour of Chardham yatra through online. They book their chardham tour by going through different packages as per their requirement, suitability and budget. As they usually travel in group so after reaching Delhi they prefer to book 15 or 18 seater tempo traveler to complete their Chardham yatra.

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Noth Eastern Paradies of Wild Life Kaziranga National Park is Abode of Black Panther Also

Black Panther, a species of wild animal which is assumed to be found in south india only, specially in the state of Karnatka. But recently a camera trapped in the dense forest of Naorth East India, Kaziranga National Park, captured a Black Panther for the first time. the black panthor was seen only on in Anshi-Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary in Karnataka. The Panther Pardus (scientific name of black Panthor) blongs form the melanistic common leopard family
There are four animal corridors in Kaziranga national park which is popuraly known as safari zones in Jim Corbett National Park. The animal corridors are widely known as Kanchanjuri, Panbari, Amguri, and Haldibari. The Brahmaputra River flows along the northern border of the Kaziranga Park by which in monsoon season the national park get flooded.
The Kaziranga National Park (including the Kaziranga Tiger Reserve) is spread in Sonitpur, Nagaon, Golaghat and Karbi Anglong districts. The park is considered as the best destination for birding in Eastern Himalyas. You might already know that Kaziranga is the best destination to spot one horned rahino as the park has greatest population of rahinos beside the rahinos the wild buffalo species, the Royal Bengal Tigers, Asian elephants and Eastern swamp deer are also abode here.