Monday, January 23, 2012

Dhikala Tours Ideal Itinerary For Wildlife Adventurers

Jim Corbett National Park located in Nainital district of Uttaranchal is India’s foremost wildlife haven, celebrated as a cosseted refuge for perilously endangered Bengal Tiger. With its tranquil sub-Himalayan backdrop, chromatic biology and an extensive variety of fauna, the Jim Corbett National Park has factually turned out to be a sanctuary for voyagers.

Corbett’s main camp Dhikala, overlooking the Ramganga reservoir, is situated 40 km from Ramnagar. Dhikala forest lodges, just 30 km from Dhangadi gate, an alleyway to Dhikala, is a place swamped with adventures. An itinerary to Dhikala forest lodges is a breath-taking experience as you will encounter various animals like herds of spotted deer, sambhar, elephants, barasinga, hyena, fox and of course, Tigers, en-route the lodge.

The entire area covered by the Dhikala Forest Lodge is divided into 6 wings which include 32 diverse rooms designed to serve the optimal for the tourists. The forest lodges of Dhikala are classified into a gamut of types like 4 Rooms in New Forest Rest House, 5 Rooms in Old Dhikala Forest Rest House, 4 Rooms in all Range Quarters, 6 Rooms in Dhikala’s Hutment, 6 Rooms in Dhikala’s Cabins and 7 Rooms in Dhikala Annexe.

All the aforesaid abodes are not luxury accommodations but have an attached lavatory. They also incorporate two dormitories having 12 beds each but with shared bathrooms.

Apart from the plush infrastructure and ambient milieu of Dhikala forest lodges, you can also relish in the Dhikala canter safari. Online canter safari booking is an idyllic way to uncover the nuances of Dhikala forests. With highly intricate fabric of wilderness, it is frequently possible to get lost in the labyrinth of the trees. To avoid getting secluded in precarious places, you need to be assisted by a canter. The canter safari is organized twice a day with each canter accommodating 18 passengers at a time. Furthermore, if you are resorting to Online canter safari booking, there is no need to stay inside the Corbett National Park to employ this safari because this safari starts at Ramnagar and culminates at its inception point. The canter safari tour is also acknowledged as Ramnganga conducted tour and it is permitted by the Corbett Tiger Reserve.

Now that your curious mind is not letting you sit idle, satiate your ravenous psyche by booking one of the Dhikala forest lodges or resorting to Online canter safari booking and rendering your Corbett National Park excursion, an electrifying experience.