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Infinity Resort In Corbett-An Ideal Resort To Enjoy Corbett Tour

Jim Corbett National Park is one of the finest locations of the wildlife resorts in India. Jim Corbett National park is located in the foot hills of Himalaya. The area of this National Park extends spreads across Nainital, Almora and Pauri district. Corbett National Park is the first tiger reserve zone in India and it is also the biggest wild life sanctuary of the India. Here you will find the different species of birds and wild animals especially Royal Bengal Tiger. In order to enjoy the Corbett National Park with elephant or Jeep Safari in Corbett, it is necessary to stay there in any wild life resort of your choice.
There are many wild life resorts. One famous Luxury Resorts in Corbett is Infinity Resort. This resort is owned and managed by Khatau international. It is located on the banks of the river Kosi in the Himalayan foot hills. Here in this wild life resort you will find out a high standard of jungle accommodation. It is a unique wild life Accommodation in Corbett National Park.
Infinity Resort offers a distinct outdoor atmosphere. It has different type of jungle ambience with its huge wooden rafters in a dome shape. It has a lounge with a cozy fire place, a dining hall and also a fully stocked bar. It has 24 twin bed rooms. Entire these rooms of this resort offer a panoramic view of the Kosi River.
Infinity Resort in Corbett is associated with lots of facilities. It has 32 spacious bed rooms with adjoining bathrooms as well as individual balconies. Here you will enjoy swimming in a full sized swimming pool. From here you can have some unbounded enjoyment of the view as Terra-cotta tiles, local marble stone etc are arranged on several levels in the main lodge building. There are many entertainment and Leisure Facilities at this resort like multi cuisine restaurant with open dining deck, fully stocked bar, conference hall, safari desk which are managed by the team of expert Naturalists, medical centre with resident doctor and ambulance, wild life conservation centre etc. You can recreate fully amidst nature’s luxury as there are swimming pool, indoor/outdoor games, jungle gym especially for children which offers open air and full of youthfulness to the visitors, Cub CafĂ© & TV Room, wild life library and different types of cultural shows.
This is the place where you can will relax fully and enjoy your holiday trip fully.

List Of Popular Trekking Treks In Ladakh

Ladakh is the land of colors which comprises of mountains, rivers, lakes, gompas and even quaint little houses and land of high passes and much more. In fact when it comes to reaping delight out of adventure activities and sports than Ladakh tops all the charts. This beautiful destination is situated in the Northen most part of India. The place comprises of high snow covered mountain terrains that have altitudes ranging from 9000 feet at Kargil to 25,170 feet at Saser Kangri in Karakoram. Ladakh has India’s most fun filled trekking routes and offer you the most adventurous trip of your lifetime.
Ladakh Tour offers wonderful adventurous trekking trips held between two world’s greatest mountains ranges. The thought of Trekking in Ladakh fills everyone’s heart with excitement and pleasure as it takes you through the lofty mountains and offers you fun beyond your imagination and expectation. Ladakh is considered as a delight for trekkers and adventure lovers as it owns one of the world’s most high terrain and steep routes. The place takes you along the most beautiful mountain ranges like Greater Himalayan and the Karakoram and two others, the Ladakh range and the Zanskar range. It also comprises of popular trek routes like Spituk to Markha valley, Lamayuru Gompa to Chilling and Likir to Temisgam, Stok Kangri Trek, Nubra valley trek, Trans Zanskar trek, Rupshu Valley Trek, Padum Lamayuru trek, Pahalgam- Panikar- Kargil trek, Likir- Nurla trek and much that can take your breath away and give you treasured memories.
Visiting all these places is not only a trek but a journey into the heart of nature that is cut from the outside world over half the year and can only be visited in winter by following one of the strangest trade routes in the world. The main trekking season for Ladakh is during the summer months of June through September. These treks are conducted in the grand Himalayan tradition, where trekkers hike with only a day pack and the trekking crew takes care of the tents, food and trekkers duffel bags.
So if you area adventure freak than pack your bags and get ready to explore Himalayan region of India and create memories that you can cherish throughout your life and write it with a golden pen. As it will offer some fantastic and challenging hiking opportunities that one can never forget.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Sundarban The Abode Of Royal Bengal Tigers

Sundarban National Park is formed by confluence of three rivers-the Ganga, the Brahmaputra and the Meghna which covers an area of 2585 sq km wildlife sanctuary which is extended into Bangladesh too. The Indian Sundarban forms the largest tiger reserve and national park in India. This wild life sanctuary is the world’s largest estuarine sanctuary which is really worth visiting. The forest of this sanctuary is dense and comprises of about 270 royal Bengal tiger along with spotted deer, wild pigs, monkeys, herons, kingfishers and white bellied eagles. It is considered as a paradise for birdwatchers as it comprises the rarest species like Masked Finfoot, Mangrove Pitta and mangrove Whistler.
This Sundarban forest is a habitat for numerous tiger. The Bengal tigers have adapted themselves in the saline and aqua environment. As one enters this adventurous dense land of Sundarban you will mesmerized to see chital deer and rhesus monkey. The aqua fauna of Sundarban comprise of variety of fishes, red fiddler crabs and hermit crabs which are rarely found elsewhere. One can also explore crocodiles which can be found on the mud grounds of Sundarban. You can also explore very rare reptiles like king cobra, rock python, water monitor and much more.
The variety of forests that is present in Sundarban comprises of mangrove scrub, littoral forest, saltwater mixed forest, brackish water mixed forest and swamp forest. The varied Flora in Sundarban comprises of genwa, dhundal, passur, garjan and Kangra and much more. But the tigers are the major source of attraction in the reserve. You can even find beautiful migratory birds like whimbrel, black tailed godwit, little stint, eastern knot, curlew, sandpiper, golden plover, pintail, white eyed pochard and whistling teal flock this place.
Due to its proximity to Bay of Bengal Sundarban experiences very high humidity. Rainfall is quite heavy during monsoon, which prevails from mid June to mid September and once the monsoon is over pleasant weather prevails till the mid of March. Accommodation in Sunderban
facility is fabulous as they offer you ethnic cottages where you can enjoy the charm old world with spotless rooms, large dinning, fishing deck and modern bath.
So if you are planning for a adventurous journey in the woods than opt for Sundarban national park as this beautiful natural destination takes you though the wonderful places and offers you memories that you can cherish throughout your lives.

Delhi Ranthambore Tour: The Best Way To Enjoy Weekend

India is a magnified country with numerous things to explore. But it is not possible to cover the whole country or all best places in a short tour, you will be glad to know that there are numerous places to explore in every state where you can spend your weekend. Wild life sanctuaries are one of the major attractions among the tourist. Ranthambore National Park is the one of the most visited tiger reserve of India which offers a perfect weekend getaway to the travelers.
The park is located in the Sawai Madhopur district of southern most rajasthan, which is about 130 kilometers from Jaipur and 403 kilometers from Delhi. Ranthambore was the favorite place for the rajputana rulers for hunting and has now been converted into a world’s heritage site where several endangered species and birds. For relatively small area the park has rich diversity of Flora In Ranthambore and fauna species which comprises of 300 tress, 50 aquatic plants, and 272 birds, 12 reptiles including very rare marsh crocodile, amphibians and 30 mammals.
For wild life savvy travelers who intend to visit a national park in a stipulated time, Delhi Ranthambore Tour offers the best way to enjoy weekend and take a break from robotic city life. Tigers are the park’s pride but apart from it you can also observe large number of sambar, chital, nilgai, gazelle, boars, mongoose, Indian hare, monitor lizard and much more. Along with mesmerizing greenery, landscape with the ruins of palaces, remains of ramparts and the famous Ranthambore fort makes this place the most desired among the travelers. The park also features three lakes namely Padam Talab, Malik Talab and Raj Bagh Talab. Tourists can witness heards of animals coming together to drink water from these lakes. Along with this tourists can sight the mesmerizing views of nature and indulge in photography and video shooting. You can also explore one of the largest manmade lakes. Father in this national park you can view majestic tigers, which move freely around the ruins of the fort from such close quarters as they emerge out of water of this lake.
So get ready to explore this beautiful place this weekend on your Delhi Ranthambore tour and return back to your work with lots of enthusiasm and new energy in your life as this place will rejuvenate your monotonous life.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Dhikala The Most Sought After Destination In Corbett

Dhikala is one of the most renowned destinations in Jim Corbett National Park. It is located at the extreme edge of Patil Dun valley through which the Ramganga flows in numerous channels. This place is positioned in the midst of dense forest and gifts you with enchanting beauty of nature. On your visit to Corbett you can explore Dhikala which offers an awesome uninterrupted panoramic view of the valley, with the kanda ridge in the backdrop.
Dhikala is the most admired and appreciated tourist accommodation which attracts park visitors enormously. Dhangari gate is the main entrance for Dhikala Forest Lodge, Dhangari gate is located 19 kilometers away from Ramnagar, Dhangari tourist complex is 32 kilometers away from Dhangari gate. This forest lodge is run and managed by forest department and is located in the core of the national park in the midst of dark woods. The journey from Dhangadi gate to Dhikala is full of adventure as one has to cross dense sal forest and Ramganga river with seasonal rivers, the animals you most likely to spot while going to Dhikala are heards of spotted deer, barking deer, Sambhar, barasinga, elephants and Hyena, fox, monitor lizard and if you are lucky enough you can also spot tigers.
Dhikala is open for tourists from 15th November to 15th June as the place is inaccessible in the rainy season. There are total 103 beds for the travelers. They even offer 24 bunk beds in log huts and other rooms are situated at comfortable bungalows and cabins. This forest accommodation is not only a luxury accommodation but offers a perfect ambience for true wildlife lovers. Elephant safari and open Dhikala Jeep safari are also available for wildlife viewing at Dhikala. At Dhikala one can view wild animals roaming at large in their natural habitat and spend some fabulous time in the arms of Mother Nature.
But if you intend to confirm booking at Dhikala Forest Lodge than make it in 60 days advance as there in limited accommodation which is available on first apply first get basis only. So if you are planning for a wild adventurous getaway to Corbett national park then book your accommodation are Dhikala as it is one of the most sought out destination. If you want to spend your weekend at Corbett or just enjoy evening this mesmerizing destination will offer you memories that you can cherish throughout your lives.

Festivals, Art and Cultural Experience In Leh, Ladakh

Leh and Ladakh are two mesmerizing destinations which are visited mostly during the onset of summers. Leh is the capital of Ladakh, while Ladakh is a plateau and valley lying close to greater Himalayas. This beautiful destination offers all the visitors the experience of the most exotic excursion of your lifetime in the laps of great Himalayas. The place is situated at a height of 3000 meters offers everything to satisfy your travel instinct.
Apart from virgin mountains and good trekking opportunities the Ladakh Festivals, art and cultural experience in Ladakh offers life time memories to the travelers. The culture of Ladakh is perfect cusp of various practices, rituals and beliefs which to great extent offer a close proximity to Tibetan culture. Ladakhi food stands very close to Tibetan food, the most prominent food that will touch your taste buds with thukpa, noodle soup and tsampa, known in Ladakhi as ngampe roasted barley. You can also try purely Ladakhi pasta dish with root vegetables, gurgur cha tea which is traditionally prepared with strong green tea, and if you are in a party mood than what better than traditional chang beer prepared using barley.
On your trip to fabulous Leh Ladakh Tour you can come across antique ruins of palaces and forts display architecture which reflects the mesmerizing craftsmanship of Indo- Tibetan style. The Gompass found across this region portray the real Buddhist culture and tradition. If you come to Ladakh during the Buddhist monastic festival will take you around the religious chanting in Tibetan and Sanskrit which are sung with the essence of Ladakhi music. Once can also explore the famous mask dance inspired by the masked carving of Neolithic era, these dances are performed by narrating the stories of wares between the good and evil in which evil is always defeated by the good in the end.
In Ladakh you will also come across their handloom occupation which comprises of gonchas or velvet cloth is among the most famous fabric woven which is specially manufactured to make waist coats, boots and hats which heavy embroidery and work.
So by now you must have understood than Ladakh is not only an adventures paradise but also rich in culture and festivals. So this time if you planning for a getaway with your family and friends than opt for Ladakh as if will offer you unforgettable memories.

Hotels in Badrinath Are Welcoming You

Badrinath is considered to be one of the most holy towns situated in Chamoli district in the state of Uttrakhand, India. This famous town Badrinath is situated in between Nar and Narayan mountains ranges and in the shadow of Neelkanth peak. The major attraction of this place is Badrinath temple which is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is also one of 108 Divya desams of holy shrines of Vaishnavities. It is also the most important of the four sites in Chardham Tour.
Hotels in Badrinath offer cheap accommodation to all the travelers who intend to visit this place. The Hotels in badrinath take proper care of your requirement and offer you rooms that have homely essence. As Badrinath Tour is one of the popular and demanding tour package it experiences a high inflow of travelers, so badrinath tourism has various types of hotels in Badrinath to choose from as per your requirement and need. One can choose from various types of options which range from luxury hotels, middle range hotels to economy and budget ones. One can also opt for government guest houses, Dharamshala and ashrams in badrinath as they will offer you the perfect ambiance of a pilgrimage tour. You will be glad to know that most of these hotels are in the close vicinity of the temple and are easily accessible to all the travelers. These hotels have very well trained and friendly staff who will help you to plan your travel and will offer you with all the basic amenities required for your convenient stay in this place. The efficient and bilingual staffs of the hotels are on their toes to cater to all your needs. They treat every guest as an individual and hence offer you rooms as per your necessity. Though you might not find very luxurious food and accommodation in this destination as it is only open only for 6 months.
So if you are searching for best hotel deals in badrinath than there are many online portals that can offer you online booking of hotel at best possible rates. Whether you want luxury or an economical hotel the hotels in badrinath offer deals and comfort for all classes of people. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and book your tickets now and explore this fabulous pilgrimage at very economical and budget friendly rates and give you family memories that they can cherish throughput their lives.

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The Kaziranga National Park The North East India Package

Kaziranga National Park a mist of beauty and serenity together has all the attractions desired for a holiday in jungle. The thrill, the excitement and the charm of the wild life present here works as the main attraction of the place along with the vivid picturesque nature gifted with the water of Brahmaputra River. The calm beauty of the place is strictly contrasted by the roaring sound of the tigers and the chirping of the birds. Together they make the place an exotic beauty to watch and a lovely holiday destination for all.
Located in the north east state of India Assam, this is the home land for horned Rhino. The forest is having an area of around 429 Sq.ft and the whole place is dense forest with the presence of wild life like elephant, tiger, deer and many more. There is the presence of more than 200 types of birds and all of them fit your thrust for nature invasion. This place is for extreme nature loves full of tea bushes and an extraordinary charm of north East India, this place is waiting for you to come and just spill yourself into the lanes of beauty.
Kaziranga national park is having easy communication being connected with national highway which connects with both Guwahati Airport and railway station. This place is full of tourist throughout the year but the main rush is seen during the march- April months. This is no doubt the moths of summer holiday and the perfect time for you to fill up your thrust for nature.
Looking into the demand of tourists coming from around the world this place is having extremely good hotels in Kaziranga and resorts. They offer world class accommodations along with facilities that are demanded in a luxury holiday. Kaziranga national park is having safari systems both Jeep Safari Kaziranga and Elephant Safari in Kaziranga to take you close to the abode of these wild animals. Those who want to have much more thrills must have to go for bone fire and adventure sports generally arranged by the resorts. In a word this is the perfect next holiday destinations for you.
To come to Kaziranga national park you can easily contact the online travel sites or agents they will make the full arrangements for you and while coming in holiday seasons coming with booking is the best thing. If you come here you will get a complete fulfilment for your nature love, wild life and the love for birds. This is a place perfect for you to make your holiday get a new meaning.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kaziranga National Park The Land To Thrill And Excitement

The beauty of nature is not only awesome but also stunning. Its serenity and diversity is one of the main attractions of it. India is a country that has full of natural forests and reserves that are the attraction for people around the world. Kaziranga National Park is such a destination that is blessed with the view of River Brahmaputra, the chirping sounds of around 100 types of brides and the thrill is present in it being the home land of horned Rhinoceros. This is obviously the most exciting holiday destinations waiting for you.
This is located in the state of Assam and the reserve is connected with Guwahati airport and railway both. This place is famous for the presence of serene nature and diverse beauty of wildest shapes of animals like horned Rhinoceros. This is also the preservation centre for the same. Kaziranga national park is that place where your complete thrill and natures thrusts are going to be fulfilled with the help of proper desire fulfilment. This cannot be ignored that those who are birdwatchers will also get a complete holiday over here.
The park covers an area of around 420Sq. Km and is one of the oldest and virgin reserves of the country with presence of animals other than horned Rhinoceros being tiger, deer’s, monkey and obviously this is a paradise for birdwatchers. This is actually a paradise for all three of the things wild life, nature and bird watching. This is a holiday destination for real nature lovers and obviously for those who want to make a perfect dream out for themselves in this holiday.
Kaziranga national park has been the attraction for people for years and obviously this has made it one of the main reasons to attract people from over the world. This has a made a number of Hotels in Kaziranga, resorts, inns and guesthouses to come up surrounding the park to give you a perfect destination package that suits your holiday and makes you feel the thrill of the jungle.
Kaziranga national park resorts offers full nightlife vies and bone fire and other attractions also. They have even safari systems and adventure sports for you to make the most out of this holiday and spill yourself into the lap of nature for some day forgetting the hustle of city life and making an ease journey through the ecstasy of nature. So what are you waiting you can book all the resorts online and come here to spend a perfect holiday with ease.

Jim Corbett National Park: An Famous Wild Life Destination In Uttrakhand

A trip to Jim Corbett National Park takes you the exotic landscapes and offers you an opportunity to experience a wide variety of flora and fauna. It has long extended virgin forest and jungle is home to numerous flora and fauna.

This mesmerizing land of wild animals have more than 50 mammals and 580 varieties of birds, 110 species of trees and 33 species of wild cats and more. On top of that Jim Corbett Park takes pride in serving you some of the rarest species of tiger and works on tiger reserve project. One can also opt for corbett jeep safari or corbett elephant safari to capture some of the rare moments of life which one can cherish throughout your lives. Other wild life attractions of Corbett national park like chital, nilgai, sambar, gharial, wild boar, king cobra, hedgehog, flying fox, Indian Pangolin and many more beautiful creatures of nature.

Large number of tourists comes every year from all parts of the world to explore the varied wild life of India. So pack your bags and get ready to explore this beautiful gift of nature with all the basic amenities offered within the national park.

The Most Adventures Activities Of Jim Corbett National Park

Corbett national park is another name of escapade. You can enjoy here most adventures activities like safaris, Fishing, bird watching, tiger trace and many more. Corbett is the reverie destination of every adventure seeker. We can say Corbett is the best mishmash of beauty, wild life, adventure and fun.
Corbett National Park is most fĂȘted national park of India, situated in the unfathomably beautiful town Ramnagar state Uttrakhand. Corbett is the India’s first tiger reserve and national park. It covers 512 square marshy and hilly areas. Two beautiful rivers Ramganga and Kosi give a new height to Corbett’s beauty. It is famous for huge amount of rarest kind of plant and animal species. Tiger is the main attraction of Corbett.
It offers variety of Adventure activities and beautiful sightseeing. Adventures Activities in Corbett
Corbett Safaris– Corbett is famous for its breathtaking safaris, there are three thrilling safaris available in Corbett.
Elephant Safari- Most awe-inspiring, natural and grand safari. If you want, close and energize look of animals in their natural habitats then elephant safari is a best choice. With Corbett Elephant Safari, you can explore each part of park easily especially deep dense forest where can other safaris can’t move. You can book your Elephant safari from Dhikala, Khinnanauli and Bijrani.
Canter safari- A nice safari which is a great concoction of fun with family, thrill and safety. A canter is 18-seated vehicle that can provide you and your friends and family a safe and exhilarating sightseeing of Corbett. You can hire it from Ramnagar.
Corbett Jeep Safari– An illustrious and stimulating safari, which provide a new look of Corbett’s wild life. If you are swiftness lover and want same excellent and infrequent photos of wild life of Corbett then jeep safari is best option for you. Jeep safari is best safari for tiger trekking. You can keep Jeep safari from Ramnagar.
Fishing and Angling- Corbett is also a paradise for fishing. You can catch Mahseer and cat fish from Ramganga.
Other Activities– Corbett also offer some Sporty adventure activities like river rafting, Mahseer parasailing/paragliding, river crossing and rock climbing, and swimming in river Kosi in Corbett. Therefore Corbett is the bliss for comprehensive vacation which can rejuvenate your body as well as soul and please you an unique way. So waiting for what book your tour and enjoy the beauty of Corbett.

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Kaziranga National Park Is Truly A Heart Rending Place

For wildlife lovers and nature lovers, India is a real treasure waiting for them in its every corner there is one or other forest waiting for you to invade them. They are all gifted with virgin land and astounding presence of deep and calm forest. The thrill is in every bent here and the mysteries seem to be never ending. The same is applicable for the Kaziranga National Park, the home land for horned rhinoceros. Located in the beautiful Assam the forest is blessed with the water of river Brahmaputra and the valley is undoubtedly one that has its own mesmerising charm inside. There are several of attractions in the place which makes it one of the most awaited holiday destinations for you.
Kaziranga national park is waiting for you with the chirping sound of birds, mesmerising blue diamond of Brahmaputra water and goose bumping thrills of the horned rhinoceros. This is an obviously holiday destination for you which is going to make you get a complete satisfaction for those who are bird watchers, nature lovers, wild life lovers and obviously adventure holiday lovers. This park is easy to reach from Guwahati which is around 217 km away from the park and the Furkating railway station is located 75km away from the park.
The park covers an area around 430Sq. Mt and the full area is having dense forest and full of fierce, awe inspiring animals like tiger, Sloth Bears, Leopard Cats, Hog Badgers, Capped Langurs and many more. This is the exact place for your wildest thoughts to come and fulfil their desires. The place is flooded with beautiful surroundings and lovely nature that surpasses everything else.
Kaziranga National Park is having facilities of Elephant Safari Kaziranga and many other services that are making them a perfect holiday for you. There is even luxury accommodations facility available and these facilities can be easily availed with the help of the internet. The best time for coming here is March and April and for that you need to make the booking in advance to get the facilities available here.
Kaziranga national park stands for beauty and seductive nature and obviously thrilling wildlife. The presence of both is here with the ecstasy of resorts and hotels in kaziranga to give you the most remarkable holiday of your life. This is going to make your memory lane filled with beauty wine and will make you remember the place long after you finished visiting the place. This is the right holiday destination for you.

Indian Tiger Tour The Best Tiger Tracing Tour In India

India is diverse country where we get the existence of beauty and thrill together with most exclusive nature scattered around. There are several reserve forest around the country where you can get the unexpected thrill and beauty of the jungle king and make your journey a very stunning and the holiday will be getting a full loaded in memory lane with the ecstasy and joy that you get in the full journey. Indian Tiger Tour is truly for adventure lovers and you can get the fulfilment of the adventure with the help of the countless beauty and ecstasy mixed in it. The tiger reserves of India are located in the beautiful valleys or delta that makes them extremely interesting as a holiday destination for nature lovers also.
The most memorable of them is obviously the virgin forest of Jim Corbett national Park. Undoubtedly the king forest of India with more population of tigers than anywhere in India. The forest is the largest in India with more than 500Sq. Ft. Area and the presence of more than 250 types of birds in it. This is absolutely a place for wonder for you. Make sure that you are going to get the joy and ecstasy of the place without any comparison. Situated in the beautiful valley of Himalayas this is a absolute wonder for nature lovers also.
The next is the Ranthambore Forest reserve. This can also be covered from Delhi and this is also one of the oldest forest reserves in India with a good population of the Tiger. This place is also having dry natural beauty and luxury resorts for you.
The next destination is Bandhavgarh and this is obviously one of the best places in India for those who love a small jungle safari and a single night stay to give them a perfect thrilling experience.
The next is obviously a big name the birth place of the king of tiger in beauty and unending thrill Royal Bengal Tiger, the Sunderbans. This is different in looks and beauty forms all the others. This is set in the delta of a Hooghly river and is having a very good population of Tigers. The beauty of the mangrove forest is also very touchy and this is a world heritage destination for you. You will be stunned to see the silent nature getting thrilled with the existence of the roaring tigers, man eating crocodiles and other animals.
If you are a wild life lover then obviously India is the destination for your next holiday and now it’s your time to book the trip in advance so that you get full facilities when you come here. Indian tiger tour is waiting for you to make you go thrilled with the existence of nature’s wildest shapes.

Luxury Hotels in Sunderbans Make Your Stay Memorable

Sunderban National Park the name for only virgin mangrove forest in the world, located in West Bengal is a fantastic place for nature and wild life lovers. If you are a nature lover you cannot resist yourself from coming here and have a sip of freshly cut honey and a look at the green luxury beauty of mangrove with the thrill of Royal Bengal Tiger in it. This obviously makes you turn on your eternal trust for the natural beauty and wild life with more than 250 types of brides chirping around you. The soft mangrove growth followed with thrilling and ever hungry wild life like crocodiles in water and on land dangerous yet beautiful Royal Bengal tiger. So this is the next perfect holiday destination in India for you. This is pretty easy to reach with only three hours car or bus journey from the Calcutta international Airport. There are car hires easily available as also you can hire them online.
The demand for sunderban is more for the existence of exuberance beauty and extreme thrill that makes your senses completely numb. The mystery of jungle being discovered in front of you every second and this valuable journey on water and the silent mangrove forest telling you a story that makes your skin get goose bump with a view of the royal Bengal tiger. Set in the delta of Ganges this is extremely gifted with both stunning sceneries and lovely wildlife like seal, jungle fox and obviously tiger. With the demand of people visiting this place a number of good luxury hotels have come.
These luxury hotels are for making your journey the most exclusive one and make it stay in your memory lane for long. While going for them advance booking online is better as generally in the season time of November to March they are full. You can get boat safari in several packages that they offer. The luxury hotels are also available in various budgets and you can go for them in internet and then decide which one you need to go for.
The Luxury Hotels in Sunderbans are very hygienic and make sure that give you world class facilities. They are expects in making your jungle thrills go head to head with their accommodations as they offer you bone fire, barbeque and several other thrilling night experiences. So what are you waiting of just book them online and make a unmatched holiday with the tigers and birds and loads of happy moments in serene calm nature.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jim Corbett National Park The Land To Thrill And Excitement

The amazing and thrilling wildlife destination of Jim Corbett national park is situated in the Himalayan foot hill in the Indian state of Uttrakhand. Established in the year of 1936 as a Hailey National park after that go through many reformation and now known as Jim Corbett National Park named after great hunter, conservationist Jim corbett, who played very important role in the establishment in the park.
The park is feed by three rivers River Sona, Koshi, Ramganga. The dense forest comprises the around 500 spices of planes and diverse variety of fauna. It is also habitat of over 590 spices of birds. Now a day it is the most favorite wildlife destination among wildlife lovers. Vast magnitude of people comes to the park to enjoy the wildlife beauty from every corner of the world.
Dhikala, Elephant safari, canter safari, jeep safari in corbett, Kalagarh Dam is the major tourist attraction in Corbett park. There are many tour packages are available for Corbett. All the packages are designed very will keep in mind the easy and comfort of travelers. These packages are also easy to afford. The biggest thing is that there are around 80 hotels and resorts available of the outer edge of Jim Corbett national park. The resorts of Corbett are mainly divided in three category luxury, deluxe and budget resorts. But now a day tour operator classified it as luxury resorts, deluxe resorts, Standard Resorts, Camping and City Hotels.

Sundarbans National Park The Thrilling Wildlife Destination In East India

The most thrilling and adventurous wildlife destination in East India is Sundarbans. In the year of 1997 this Indian national park was entitled as UNESCO World Heritage Site. The name “Sundarbans” may drive for the tree “Sundari”, which is found here a lot. The marvelous granitic forest, Sundarbans park is situated in the Indian state of West Bangal. It is the largest on its own hunk of tidal halophytic mangrove forest on the earth.
Sundarbans covers the granitic land of 38,500 sq km, of which around one-third area is covered by water and marsh. Sundarban has extremely rich diversity of aquatic and terrestrial flora and fauna with a rich wildlife environment. The wildlife management authority is presently restricted fauna from poaching. It is habitat of around 500 Royal Bengal tigers as according to the survey of 2004. With the exception of the Royal Bengal Tiger; Fox, Fishing Cats, Forest Cats, Macaques, Flying Fox, Wild Boar, Pangolin, Common Grey Mongoose and Chitals are also found in large quantity in the forest. The peacock soft-shelled turtle, water monitor, yellow monitor, Indian flap-shelled turtle, Indian python and the Bengal tiger, river terrapin are some the variety of resident.
it is the truth that the most attractive feature of the park is watching the Royal Bengal Tiger but the sundarbans national park is famous for conserving the Ridley Sea and Turtles. The Sajnekhali Visitors' Centre is also one of the major tourist's attractions in Sundarbans National park as in this center there is a shark pond, a turtle hatchery, a Mangrove Interpretation Centre, and a crocodile enclosure.
There are huge number of hotels and resorts in sunderbans to full fill all the desire of travelers, as Jungle Camp in Sunderbans, Chital Tourist Lodge, Hotel Krishna Kunj, Hotel Mainak and lots more.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Select A Good Accommodation And Tour Operator For Corbett National Park

Corbett is the most preferred wildlife destination in India. Who wane miss the picturesque scenery and amazing wildlife beauty of the park. The foot hill of Himalaya gives new edge to the unforgettable beauty of Jim Corbett National Park India. A part from the great Himalayan foot hill, the three revivers, who feed the national park, play a vital role in marking Corbett Park the most preferred wildlife destination of India.
To enjoy the beauty and the thrill at best one should have good Corbett tour package and for good Corbett tour package it must have a good tour operator. These days you can easily google online for Corbett tour operator. But the biggest question is that question is that whether the operator is good enough to make your tour superb. Generally a good operator have full information about the tour, accommodation facilities and more exactly everything at one spot as well as 24 hour assistance with customers.
But the biggest confusion is to selecting a resort. Which one is prefect in my budget? There are more than 70 resorts and hotels in corbett. Almost all of these resorts are situated of the foothills of shivalik range of Himalaya, famous for warm hostility, good services, amanitas, and homely behavior.
Some of the most preferred resorts in Corbett are:
Manu Maharani Resort- This is most vital natural world’s luxury resort in Corbett national park vital natural world’s luxury hotel in Corbett national park. The resort is spread over the land of 8 acres with 50 well-appointed cottages. The resort has also multi-cuisine restaurant along with bar, outdoor Swimming Pool, Health Club, Travel Desk, Gardens, Internet Facility, Jacuzzi, Bar, Parking, Room Service, Doctor on Request, 100% power backup, Nature Shop, Laundry Facility, Cultural Dance, Folk Dance, Telephone etc.
Corbett Hideaway Resort- Corbett Hideaway is another name of luxury in Corbett, spread over the land of 13 acres. The resort is full of all the modern facilities. All the accommodation of this resort is air-cooled attached with hygienic toilet with tea and coffee maker.
Corbett Suman Grand- This resort comes under the category of Deluxe and also the best resort in corbett under this category. It has 24 air-conditioned cottages. All the cottages are beautiful decorated and are equipped with all modern amenities. The resort is just on the bank of river Koshi.
Beside these resorts there are many other also which are known for their warm hospitality, services and for their amanitas like Wild Trail Resort, The Den Corbett, Country Inn Resort, Camp Riverwild Resort, Safari Park and many more. But before booking any trip make sure that the operator giving you best tour in cost efficient price.

Missing Tiger at Ranthambore National Park

Three tiger and one tigresses missing from world famous wildlife destination Ranthambore National Park. According to the source one tiger is missing from December last year and others are missing from February this year.

Principal Chief Conservator of Forest and Chief Wildlife warden U M Sahai said that no signs of territorial fight have been detected yet and the teams of forest department are making efforts to locate then.

No dead body found yet and the park officials are hopeful to trace the tiger and tigress after the monsoon session.

Notably the second tiger census this year reported the increasing number of tigers. Population of tigers increased to 1706 from 1411. But the question is still the same that is wildlife safe in India?
Some days before a tiger cube reported dead by a road accident in Corbett National Park, which is somewhat similar to the paradise for wildlife lovers.

The Tour Operator Where You Can Customize Itinerary Your Own

Now a day people very frankly like to go for journey in search of peace, leisure, rejoice and for new energy in their work. All how want to go for journey need to search for an operator and book their desire tour but everybody their own need and budget. Most times it happens that we search for packages for any particular destination but the itinerary not suite us. So a Delhi based e-travels service provider, decided to provide new and unique facility.
When XperTravels was founded the founders of the origination had set an ambition for themselves. Their chef ambition is to give first priority to their costumers and the satisfaction of customers. Because of their ambition the organization became the leading brand for Indian Pilgrim tour and Indian wildlife tour as according to the director of XperTravels.
Now the excited team of Xpertravels for their grand success launched a new unique service where you can customize your own Itinerary. The Xpertravels team fells that it’s a demand of time to customize own Itinerary.
The origination has also separate sites for every particular destination. The itinerary customization facility is already started in almost every site. Following are the list of sites where you can find the customization facility with the description of site. – This website is dedicated to Corbett tour packages. Anyone who wanted to visit the Jim Corbett Park can customize their tour here and also there is lots of exciting tour packages available with their full itinerary. – This site is specially designed for the visitors of Ranthambore National Park. One can find various ranthambore tour packages, ranthambore resorts and hotels and can also customize their itinerary. – The site is for chardham pilgrims. Here you can find greatest selection of hotels in chardham, chardham packages with customization facility of itinerary. – The site take you to the trekking paradise of India i.e. ladakh. The site provides each and every facility which is necessary for making ladakh tour. Here you can also get the customization facility of your own itinerary for leh-ladakh tour.
Some of their site which has not yet customization facility will get the facility very soon.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

India Tour: The Journey That Give You Life Time Experience

India is the land of varied culture, full of excitement, adventure and thrill. From east to west, north to South it’s a land of great unity in diversity. The unique scene, flora and fauna of the country attracts visitors all round the world. Some of the very famous Indian tour that always wish to have are:
Golden Triangle tour
Indian wild life tour
Indian pilgrim tour
Indian trekking tour
Golden Triangle Tour: The tour of three historical cities of India Delhi, Agra and Jaipur is commonly and famously known as Golden Triangle Tour. To see the popularity and Importance of the tour many travel service provider try to make it more exciting and offer Golden Triangle Tour with Ranthambore, Golden Triangle Tour with Udaipur, Golden Triangle Tour with Goa, Golden Triangle Tour with Corbett and some also divide this tour according to the duration of the tour as Golden Triangle Tour four days and five nights.
Indian Wildlife Tour: India has many exciting and thrilling wildlife destinations. In the list of Indian wildlife destination the first one is Corbett National Park which is situated on the foot hill of Himalaya in Nainital district of Uttarakhand. It is enough to explain the wildlife beauty of the park that Corbett is the oldest verging forest of India.
The next in this series is Ranthambore National Park. This national park is situated in the Sawai Madhopur distinct of Rajasthan, India. The rajasthani culture and amazing wildlife beauty of the park attract uncountable number of visitors round the world throughout the year.
While discussing about Indian national park how can forget about Sundarbans National Park, the largest mangrove forest of the world. This national park is situated in South 24 Pargana district of West Bangal, India. It became inscribed as a UNESCO world heritage site in 1997.
After the amazing wildlife destination of North, West, East now the time comes to northeast. Kaziranga National Park the amazing and thrilling land of north east India. It is situated in the Indian state of Assam. Kaziranga National Park is mainly famous for one horned rhino.
Indian Pilgrim Tour: Commonly chardham tour is known as Indian pilgrim tour. This tour is being held only form akshaya tritiya to dhanteras i.e form mid May to October. It is holiest tour of Himdu. According to Hindu mythology, chardham is the journey of mokasha. This tour compresses the journey of Sri Gangotry Dham, Sri Yamounatry Dham, Sri Badrinath Dham and of Sri Kedarnath Dham.
Indian Trekking Tour: the most famous destination as Indian trekking tour is ladakh. Ladakh is somewhat paradise for trekkers. Frozen River Trek, Lamayuru Alchi Trek, Indus & Nubra Valley Trek are the most famous treks of India. Nevertheless many like to Garhwal Trekking, Sikkim Trekking, Himachal Trekking as well.
If you are thinking to visit India don’t hesitate. India has lots to offer every one.

Monday, August 8, 2011

The Beauty And Amenities of Jim Corbett National Park

In the year of 1936 the world renowned Corbett national park was established. At the time of establishment of the park it is known as Hailey National Park. Now a day it contends 488 different species of plants. The park is spread over the land of 520.8 km2. It is situated in the Nainital District of Uttarakhand, India. The foot hills of Himalaya increase the beauty of Jim Corbett National Park.
The park is home of around 110 species of tree, 25 species reptile, 580 species of bird, 50 species of mammals and also of endangered Bengal tiger. Around 73% of dense moist deciduous Corbett forest consists haldu, sal, rohini, pipal and mango trees, and around 10 Visitors from all round the world come to catch the amazing beauty of Corbett Park.
The park is also famous for its resorts and Hotels in Corbett. There is many type of fine luxury resorts on the outer edge of Corbett that brings luxurious accommodation for tourist. Many luxury resorts of Jim Corbett Park are situated near the entry gates of the park. These Resorts are luxurious amenities like good room services, specious rooms, swimming pools, bar, spa and meditation centre, bonfire arrangements, wildlife movie doctor on call, in house parking, stocked library, conference and many facilities.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Three Days in Heaven - Corbett National Park

India is a land of diversity and one can see diversity not only in cultures but also in geography. This country has something to offer for everybody. For those in search of spirituality or peace, there are places like Haridwar and Kanyakumari. For those in search of adventure, there are various sanctuaries and national parks. In short, there are many places of interests for all depending on their preferences. If you are an avid traveller, and are in search of a place with all the qualities, Jim Corbett National Park is a place to be at. This is a place where you can feel the purity of nature, can satisfy your adventurous soul and can get peace of mind.
With lives becoming hectic these days, all of us want some relief from routines and to unwind our minds. There is no place in the world like Corbett National Park to relax and rejuvenate your souls. Therefore one should not leave a chance to plan a fully fledged holiday with your loved ones at the Corbett Park. In fast paced lives of today, weekend holiday trips are becoming popular. A three days weekend trip to the Corbett National Park is a perfect way to experience the heaven.
Corbett National Park is the most preferred tourist destination of India and is a hit amongst adventure seekers. Every year an appreciable number of visitors come to visit the park from across the globe. Visitors from nearby places like Delhi or Lucknow generally plan short weekend trips. The park is only 280 km away from Delhi and is also well connected to cities like Chandigarh and Jaipur Agra Tour. If you begin the trip by Friday, you can conveniently get back to your work by Monday.
On day one, you can plan a trip inside the park and have a great time by having glimpses of some of the wonderful species of wildlife. Inside the park you get to see animals like Leopard, Jackal, Lion, Elephant, the Royal Bengal Tiger and many more. The place is frequented by visitors to catch a glimpse of Royal Bengal Tiger roaming around here and there. The thrill of hearing a roaring tiger is simply amazing. The Corbett Park is a treat for children. Young kids look so excited after spotting so many wild animals all at the same place. You get two options for taking a tour inside the park. Take a Jeep Safari in Corbett or choose elephant’s back to take a safer and happier tour of the Corbett.
During your second day you can enjoy some more adventure. The park authorities also offer activities like Trekking, Angling or River Rafting in Rishikesh. Feel rejuvenated by indulging yourself in these activities. Through these activities you can enjoy lovely landscapes of the place. The great Himalayan range offers an unmatched treat for your eyes.
Next or the final day is for taking rest at the resort itself. You can plan local sightseeing in the afternoon or can buy souvenirs for your friends.
This three days heavenly weekend tour is worth trying. So go for it.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Are You Ready For Most Thrilling Tour Of India

Tourists from all over the world have always been fascinated by India and its varied culture. This country is fast becoming the most sought after destination for travellers across the globe. Tourists are allured by its glorious history, diverse culture, monuments and natural beauty. If you love wandering amazing destinations of the world, India is a perfect choice. This golden opportunity provides a chance to relive the past and get impressed by simplicity of people of India.
Diversity is visible in Indian culture, yet there is an reflection of unity. People in India welcome you with open arms taking inspiration from a famous saying Atithi Devo Bhawa, which means guest is our God. A collection of 28 states, India is a land of diverse geographies too. At one end, there are huge mountains, at other there are vast sea shores. The great Himalayan range is a proud of India. Snow clad mountains insist travellers to begin their journey from here. India offers a wide variety of tour packages. From Pilgrim, ethnic, cultural, adventure, Ayurveda to historical tours, this country has plethora of options when it comes to deciding a specific tour package. The great India tour not only includes eye-catching sightseeing but also nearly 5000 years old culture. People of India welcome you with utmost respect. Showered by love, travellers feel like not going back to their respective countries.
There is no better way to start your journey than a pilgrimage tour of India. This is what India is recognized for. There are places like Varanasi, Rishikesh, Haridwar, Tirupati, Pushkar meeting all your spiritual needs. The calmness and peace that you achieve after visiting these holy places is incomparable. The feeling of ultimate ecstasy and nirvana can be achieved at amazing temples and ashrams here. Yoga and meditations are some of the activities to get indulged in while your stay at any of these places.
Adventure seekers should always try their hands at numerous adventurous opportunities in India. There is no better option than to plan a tour of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in India. Indian Government has established these wildlife reserves in order to conserve rare species of plants and animals. The rich flora and fauna of India is safe in hands of these sanctuaries. Although adventure is the soul purpose of visiting these parks, a lot many people also come to explore the purity and richness of nature here. Jim Corbett National Park, Ranthambore National Park, Sundarbans National Park, are some of the most visited reserves. Feel the thrill of hearing a roaring Tiger here.
Tired of long travel hours? Get yourself rejuvenated by indulging in Ayurveda activities. Pamper your body and soul by planning Yoga or Ayurveda tour. For few moments you forget all worries and tensions and only thing you experience is sense of awakening. Some visitors come to India only to get enthralled by these healing exercises.
Get ready to start a marvellous journey which not only satisfy a traveller in you but also pampers you like a kid.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Wildlife And Safari Tour Of India

India is a land of kings who used to be men of valor. A glorious past inspired this country to add to it more adventure. Keeping this in mind, Government of India has established numerous national parks ans sanctuaries here. Indian safari tour is a hit among tourists all over the world. The Jim Corbett National Park is one such destination. Here your adventurous soul rest at peace. A unique thing about the place is that it has been blessed with enormous beauty also. Corbett is known to be the first wildlife reserve to conserve endangered Tigers.
Corbett weekend tours are quite popular among visitors. Corbett Weekend Tour at the Corbett takes you away from pains of routine life. Visitors almost forget all tensions and worries amidst laps of Himalayan Mountains. The flora and fauna of Corbett is rich and this is what the park is famous for. The Corbett National Park has been home for the Royal Bengal Tiger. A sight of this amazing creature is what everyone desire for. Apart from the tiger, there are numerous other species that catch the attention of every traveller. The Corbett park is a photographer’s paradise and help them catch stunning pictures of the charming landscape and its wild residents.
After reaching at this adventure lover’s heaven, one thing that strikes every mind is “how to explore the park?”. Visitors are advised not to worry about the medium of safari. There are plethora of options available and Jeep Safari in Corbett is always on the top of the list. Since jeep is the most convenient and safest medium, a lot of visitors gives it the topmost priority. You are accompanied by a driver and a nature guide in the jeep. Canter safari is another option having more seats than jeep. Elephant Safari in Corbett is for those looking out for some extra adventure and has enough time to explore the jungle.
When it comes to the accommodation, Corbett park is not behind. A vast number of tourist lodges, resorts and hotels are available. All are well equipped with modern amenities. You can always enjoy a comfortable stay at Corbett. Authorities make sure that these rest houses are safe keeping in mind the fear of wilds. Recreational activities at these places add another feather to the hat. Try your hands in Trekking, River rafting, Angling and many more. After trying your luck in these activities, you can feel a fresh flow of energy inside your body. The best part is that accommodation doesn't leave a hole in your pocket and is available at affordable prizes.
The Corbett National Park is well connected to all important places. It is nearly 280 km away from the capital city, Delhi. Corbett is also connected by road to places like Lucknow, Jaipur, and Chandigarh etc. This is a perfect weekend destination loved by all. Corbett is especially popular among younger brigade of India. Their desire of adventure gets fulfilled here. Corbett park opens gate to a world lesser known.