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Experience The Heavenly Beauty Of Ladakh In Ladakh Adventure Tour

Do you want your vacation in India to be filled with a lot of adventure? Then you should start taking a closer look at the various trekking and adventure tours that are offered in Ladakh. Ladakh is a place known to be filled with exciting mountain ranges and even Buddhist monasteries and communities that would awaken something in the spiritual aspect of your life. Here are some of the Ladakh Adventure Tours that you can choose from.
Camel Safari in Ladakh: Camel Safari in Ladakh is one of the most popular safaris done in the region of Ladakh. The camel for sure is not just limited to the deserts but can also transport you well along with freezing lands. This can be traced back in history when everything was ancient. The best time to experience the Camel Safari in Ladakh would be the months of July to September. During this time of the year, taking the camel safaris serve to be one of the most memorable experiences one can gain in traveling to India. It is also a comfortable mode of transportation to bring you to the variety of amusement spots of the land.
Jeep Safari Tour in Ladakh: Jeep Safari Tour in Ladakh tour is very beneficial especially when you will explore the icy fields of Ladakh. July to October are the best months to experience this kind of adventure and this tour involves you trekking around the Suru Valley, Zanskar and many more. Another great destination that this tour would lead you to is the Karsha that is an amazing and well celebrated monastery. This is really one pleasant experience for most passionate trekkers. Jeep Safari in Ladakh is perfect to be experienced with traveling families as well.
Mountain Biking Tour in Ladakh: If you are a biking enthusiast, then you would definitely choose this Mountain Biking Tour above everything else. You will be well oriented with the most famous passes such as the Baralacha La, Rohtang, Lachalangla and the very high Tanglangla. The tour begins in New Delhi and you will be assisted with a lot of expert travel guides.
You can be assured that all these adventure tours are worth all the thrill without compromising on the level of security and safety that you need. Throughout the duration of the tours, you can be sure to enjoy great views, amazing interaction and exciting adventures for your travel to India that would happen only once in a lifetime.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Markha Valley: An Amazing Trekking Trek of India

Gigantic Himalayas and its daunting neighbors have always tempted trekkers, mountaineers and adventure lovers for years. Ladakh, in particular, has remained as the primmest location for adventure and culture tourism. Soon after the Indian government opened this region for tourism. Ladakh is very different from other Indian tourism spots and more akin to Tibetan plateau. Over 31000 tourists throng Ladakh region in prime season, which makes almost 60 percentage of total revenue. The region is mainly popular for trekking routes over high passes and snow blanketed peaks and luring adventure prospects. Markha valley is one of the most challenging destinations in leh ladakh and a popular trek called Markha Valley Trek, has been named after this valley.
The trek is a long narrow stretch, almost 13-14 kms along the mesmerising Markha River, which emanates from Nimaling plateau. The entire region is bestowed fantastic sceneries ranging from epic deserts to deep gorges. Stoke and Mashu mountain range provide ultimate scene. And Zanskar range on other side simply enhances the charm. It is the route to Kang Yatse Peak, which is about 6400 meters high.
There’s an amazing view of snow covered Kang Yatse twin peaks, which are mitigated by snow covered rocks. At times it gives illusion that these rocks touch the sky. The amazing ambiance is simple irresistible any trekker or adventure lover. During summers, you can see many young shepherds bringing their livestock for grazing in this area. Out of two Kang Yatse peaks, peak that falls on the right hand side is easily accessible for trekkers, especially non technical climbers. However, you need to carry your mountaineering equipments to climb the peak 6200 meters.
Before kicking off the journey of Markha Valley, you will be advised to avoid any brisk movement. This is because of the climatic conditions which can be simply defined as extreme. First of all the trekkers need to acclimatize to the climate as here oxygen is relatively lesser.
The Markha Valley Trek in Ladakh is considered as the most exciting tramps in the Himalayan region. Markha Valley Trek is inclusive of gigantic stun peaks, thin taints, beetling cliffs and prayer-bannered surpasses. During the trek you come vis a vis to mesmerizing the Ganda La and other is Kangmaru La. Summit monasteries, involved Tibetan “chortens” (temples) and “mani” (plea) parapet, also compliment your journey. A blessed traveller may see the exceptional flurry leopard which is the main attraction of Markha Valley Trek. The views are stunning and towards the conclusion of this Markha Valley trek tourist will be capable to observe the icy capped zeniths of Tibet and the Karakorum series of mounts.
Trekking in ladakh is one of the most exciting tours in India. Zanskar tour, Markha Valley Trek, Sham Valley Trek are the name of some trek which make a soft corner in our heart silently.

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Budget Hotels In Jim Corbett National Park

Before going in details of budget hotels in Jim Corbett National Park  , let's talk about the need of “budget” first of all. In an era of consistent price rise, one needs to save on money to survive and bear the heavy costs around. And when we say “budget”, it does not mean one need to compromise with quality. Yes there can be some compromise with luxury but of course not with comfort. Purchasing budget items or availing budget services does not mean you are choosing for lower quality or comfort. It's just that you are going for lesser luxury. Let us tell you there is no shame in going for budget hotels in Corbett. In fact, it's the smartest way to make most of this exciting wildlife reserve and that too without shelling out extra penny. 
There are loads of budget hotels in Jim Corbett. They are in good shape and equipped with high end equipments. The infrastructure of these hotels is also good. Facilities such telecommunications, Internet, availability of potable water and others are available here. And among budget hotels, you have lot of options of accommodations.  You have two-rooms, single rooms, AC rooms and so on. And at any point of your stay you wish to upgrade your accommodation, you can. And generally you can avail up gradation in prime season as well. 
Here are some reputed budget hotels in Jim Corbett National Park:
Tiger Street Hotel In Corbett : The high-end hotel assures tourists across the world a memorable stay in Corbett. The hotel has been approved by the Indian government. The facilities available in the hotel are tailor made for those who seek to explore forest secrets and break into all new jungle adventure. And last but not least, you have an exclusive view to birds and animals such as tigers, nilgai, chousingas, foxes, porcupines etc.
Corbett International Resort : This superlative resort is situated in the heart of the city. Corbett International Resort is just 60 km away from the airport while the railway station is 9 kms away. This is one of the most famous budget hotels in Corbett.
Well, you can search for more details of above mentioned hotels on Internet as Jungle Paradise Retreat in Jim Corbett National Park, Hotel Anand in Corbett National Park, Hotel Rainbow Inn in Corbett, Hotel Corbett Kingdom and more. 

Best Majestic Trekking Destinations In India

Whether you are an enthusiast of trekking or not, the famous Treks in Leh Ladakh would surely encourage you to make it a sure memorable experience of a lifetime. They can be one of the most essential and unforgettable trips you can ever make in your entire life. It would lead you to the greatest mountain ranges of the world which is the Himalayan. You would get to witness a very rich yet diverse kind of culture and it offers a wide sense of spirituality in the footsteps of Buddhism. No one would not feel that they are closer to God when fulfilling these famous treks in leh ladakh.
Markha Valley Trek: Markha Valley Trek is a lone yet highly diverse trekking package you can encounter in the Himalayan region. It has the most stunning of sceneries when it comes to the amazing mountain peaks and all its beeting cliffs. It would really encourage you to pray and get closer to God once you level up one step at a time. The most respected and celebrated monasteries in the land would also welcome you with this trek.
Nubra Valley Trek: Nubra Valley Trek is considered popularly to be the flowers among the valleys. It is one of the most popular treks you can do in the ladakh part of India and it offers high end adventures packed with amazing sceneries. If you are in search of a peaceful and serene trekking package, then you should not miss this trekking route.
Zanskar Trek: The zanskar trek would bring you lots of snowcapped valleys that would truly capture much of your attention. Its hiking expedition is done best between the early June to the mid October. This trekking tour offers a variety of opportunities that range in various levels of trekking difficulty.
Stok Kangri Trek: If you want to see one of the prettiest peaks in the Ladakh area, then this is the ideal tour to catch. It has a medium range kind of climb and would not require you to have technical skills in climbing or mountaineering. You would be able to climb even as a beginner a 6150 m mountain in just less than seven days. This is not possible at all if you would try it in other parts of the world. Its summit symbolizes one of the most amazing views that you can ever see of the Saser peak.

Bijrani Safari Zone in Jim Corbett National Park

Corbett National Park is one of the best wildlife conserves in south Asia. The untouched creation of Mother Nature is famous for its giganticness and raw beauty. The vast jungle is globally famed as people in massive numbers throng all round the year. In an endeavour to provide superior way to understand the creativity of, the park has been divided into four divisions– Bijrani Safari Zone, Dhikala Safari Zone, Durga Devi Safari Zone, Jhirna Safari Zone. The division into zones makes stay at Corbett more pleasurable and enjoyable. Most of the zones are reckoned for their qualitative access for all kinds of safari, which is most availed travel package for corbett national park.
This article is dedicated to Bijrani Safari zone. In layman’s language, the zone is simply the best. The zone is endowed with magnificent wildlife reserve and the ambience is enhanced with utmost tranquility. A complete isolation from the hectic life of city can be felt in this zone only.
The first trivia about this zone is that its first zone of Corbett. This is because it stands first and list just one kilometer away from the entrance—Amanda Gate at Ramnagar. After this zone comes Dhikala Safari zone. Bijrani boasts of a wide range of unique landscapes and picturesque scenes.
Here is some more information about this reserve:
Winter Timings:-
Entry:- Exit:-
Morning Safari: 0700 hrs Morning Safari: 1000 hrs
Evening Safari: 1400 hrs Evening Safari: 1730 hrs
Summer Timings:-
Entry: Exit:
Morning Safari: 6000 hrs Morning Safari: 0930 hrs
Evening Safari: 1500 hrs Evening Safari: 1830 hrs
The interest for Bijrani tour is always on rise. And in case you wish to visit this zone, you need to plan your trip properly. Consult with your tour operation and ask him which corner of the zone will provide you best isolation and comfort. And also which safari will suit to your purposes.
There are many tour packages which are inclusive of Bijrani zone. Go through the packages offered by your tour operator and make the right choice. So there you are, to experience truest meaning of nature, come to Bijrani!

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Accommodation Facility of Beautiful District of Uttarkashi

Uttarkashi is an unfathomable beautiful and well known district of Uttrakhand’s Grahwal region. It located on the bank of holy river Bhagirathi and homeland of many ashrams, temple and famous Nehru institute of mountaineering. It’s an important stop of Chardham route. The main tourist attractions of Uttarkashi are Kandar devta Mandir, Joshimath, Vishwanath Temple, Ujeli (constellation of sages), Tiloth dam, Maneri Bhali Dam, Nachiketa Tal etc. It also known for river rafting, adventure trekking tracks and mountaineering.
hotels in Uttarkashi are comfortable and illuminate with ultra modern facilities, the accommodation of hotels are figurative, fully furnished with large airy rooms, attach bath and luscious cuisine with many varieties like Gujrati , chineez , South Indian etc. Some nice hotels of Uttarkashi are –
Hotel Bhandari- Hotel Bhandari in Uttrakashi is a budget hotel with nice facilities like attach bath, Television, clean and comfortable beds etc.
Hotel Divine PalaceA deluxe hotel that provides you deluxe and standard two bedded rooms in suitable price with best facilities like Doctor on call, taxi service, 24 hour room service , Television , attach bath.
Hotel Everest – It’s a comfortable and budget hotel with number of existing facilities like ample parking space, cable Television, and trekking and other tourist activities help, Doctor on call, local guide, tourist information, and well furnished room.
Hotel Ganga Putra – Located in main road on Gangotari highway. It provides you non A/c rooms with attach clean bath, 24 hour room service, Doctor on call, Taxi service and woollen bedded, extra beds facility also available.
Hotel Himanshu- It provides you 2, 3, 4 beds rooms with many nice facilities like, in house restaurant, Doctor on call, Taxi facility, and laundry service in nice charges.
Hotel Jhanvi – A very beautifully built and nicely architected hotel give you hygienic accommodation with many current facilities like Doctor on call, Taxi facility, 24 hour room service , ample of parking.
Hotel Shiv Anand Located on Gangotari highway. It offers you deluxe and standard two beds clean room with attach bath, cable Television.
Hotel Shivlinga – It is situated at the bank of river Bhagirathi, a deluxe hotel. It provides you 45 deluxe rooms with all current facilities like attach bath, satellite Television etc. Shivlinga also provides standard rooms for low budget.

Zanskar Valley - A Beautiful Place In The Adventure Capital Of India

If you are headed to India and you are still wondering which tour packages to choose, then better start with the Ladakh zanskar Tour. Zanskar is a place located 20 kilometers the south of Rangdum, Ladakh and the best time to visit the place is between June to September. Any Ladakh Tour would offer great sightseeing tours and is well loved by the passionate trekkers. In fact, through time, it has been a known tourist spot which led to the establishment of various hotels and camping areas to offer accommodation.

Places to See in Zanskar
The best parts about any Ladakh zanskar Tour would be seeing the great ranges of the Himalayans and of course, the Zanskar Mountain. It also has a valley system which is dominated by the population of Buddhist communities. As you head to the Pazila watershed right on the road of Zanskar, you would first get to see the Stod Valley, which is one of tributary valleys in the place. It renders you an amazing view of the Drang-Drung glacier which is believed to be the biggest in the entirety of Ladakh. The rest of the wide area of Zanskar is about mountains and other deep gorges.

Flora and Fauna in Zanskar
Majority of the vegetation of Zanskar can be discovered in the lower levels of the valleys around the area. Most of these are made up of alpine and tundra and you would be amazed with its meadows that are covered with numerous edelweiss. You can also find blue poppies right at the foot of the Gumburanjon Mountain. Hardworking farmers around grow a variety of crops like lentils, potatoes, barleys and apricot trees. You can also find some animals on the side like the sheep, horses, dogs, yak and dzo. Zanskar would of course never be out of wildlife animals such as the bear, wolf, bharal, lammergeyer, snow leopard and many more.

The Ladakh zanskar Tour can render you a great deal of trekking experience that would introduce you to its marvelous mountains, pleasing monuments and other temples. All the treks can be either short or long, depending on the package you would prefer but everything offers an enchanting panoramic view of the entire place. The tedious treks in the mountains would be well loved too by the more daring tourists who would even allow them to set their own camp site out in the woods.
Give a new wing to your desire adventure tour in the adventure capital of India with us at It is best online portal for Trekking in Ladakh, Ladakh Adventure Packages, Ladakh Festivals Tour and more.

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Taking A Closer Look At The Ranthambore National Park

The Ranthambore National Park is one amazing destination that you should not miss seeing in your entire life. This is an exciting opportunity to see wildlife at its best especially if you are fascinated with birds and tigers. Recently, you can take advantage of the various promos and offerings of the Ranthambore national park that are fit to spend the Christmas and New Year with your whole family. You can choose from a wide array of safari tours and resorts that you would truly enjoy and will remain memorable in your mind.
The Ranthambore National Park:
This is known to be one of the best national parks in the whole of South Asia. It is also considered as one of the biggest when you talk about the area and it has the largest tiger reserve in the entirety of India. The place is not just wealthy in nature and wildlife but also rich in culture and history.

Resorts in Ranthambore National Park:

There are multiple resorts in Ranthambore national park. It offers the finest of services since you can be sure to experience the most luxurious of services in terms of accommodation. The resorts range from deluxe, 3, 4 and 5 star types of accommodations. Amongst the most famous resorts would be the Jungle Nivas Resort, The Ankur Resort, The Sanctuary Resort, Sher Bagh Resorts, Vanya Villas Resorts, Khem Villas, and many more. All these resorts offer clean and peaceful ambiance along with sumptuous food servings.

Safari in Ranthambore:
You can enjoy Safari in Ranthambore either through Jeep or Canter. The ones who are more into the play safe mode would prefer the Jeep Safari tour. But if you want to travel through the thick and deep forests of the place, you must not hesitate to take the Canter safari tour option. You would be amazed with the wide array of fauna and flora that you will discover within along with meeting the wildest of beasts that lurk around. You need not worry for you will be able to view all these from a very safe distance.

Hence, it is not troublesome or too dangerous to bring your kids to witness such amazing creations in nature. Make it a point to consider booking online to stay in the resorts of the park and also take the opportunity to enjoy its wildlife offering. You will surely not regret booking for the Ranthambore national park and all that it can render you.

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Hotels in Stair Places of Chardham

The Garhwal region of Uttarakhand prosperous with few of the most important and divine of Hindu pilgrimage called chardham (Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri, yamunotri). chardham means four places of god where’s journey gives salvation and fulfillment of every physical and spiritual desire.
Stair places of Char Dham are also blessed with natural beauty, temples, and rich culture and it have also their own importance. Hotels in those places are really refreshable, peaceful with nice modern facilities.
So if you are planning to visit chardham then must be visit these nice places around chardham and also enjoy the grand hospitality of these nice hotels.
Hotels In Guptkashi – It’s a holy place located in district Rudraprayag, an important stop on the rout of Shri Kedarnath Dham. There’s main attractions are ancient Vishwanath Temple, Ardhnareshwar Temple, Manikarnika Kund etc.
Hotels in Guptkashi are nice comfortable, peaceful, having nice accommodation and food facilities with suitable charges.
Hotel Himalayan –It provides you well clean rooms with hygienic bedding and attach bath, television and many more facilities.
Hotel Madhuban – Nice traditional looking hotel offers you nice basic modern facilities like big hygienic rooms, attach bath with hot and cold water facilities, television, telephone etc.
Hotel Subham – One of the best hotels of Guptkashi. It located in kedarnath highway, hotel provides nice clean room, attach bath and modern facilities beside it you can enjoy beautiful views of Himalaya and outermost scene of Kedarnath and Badrinath from the hotel. The best thing is gaurikund is only 14 km away from hotel by trekking and 32km by driving.
Hotel Tridev – Situated in Kedarnath highway. It provides you two bedded and four bedded nicely clean room and attach bath with hot and cold water facilities in budget.
Rawat Tourist Lodge – Hotel placed in main market so you can also easily visit local market. It provides you double bedded and four bedded and attach bath nicely clean room with homely surrounding.
Viswanath Tourist Lodge- One of the nice tourist lodge located in Kedarnath highway and placed in main market. Rooms are very hygienic with attach and clean bath and they also provides woolen and extra bedding.
Hotels In Rampur – It’s a beautiful town of Pauri district, located on bank of river Mandakini and nearest town is Kedarnath.
Hotels of Rampur have all nice accommodation facilities like airy and large room with attach bath, peaceful surrounding, nice organic foods etc.
Hotel Panchwati – It’s a budget hotel having comfortable rooms and many nice basic facilities like cable TV, attach bath with hot and cold water supply facilities, 24 hour room service.
Hotels Rudraprayag - It’s a beautiful district of Uttarakhand, located at the meeting place of two holy rivers Mandakini and Alaknanda. The entire place is blessed with natural beauty, lakes, glaciers and places of religious importance. The main tourist attractions of the place are Panch Kedar, Tungnath, madhyamaheshwar etc. Hotels In Rudraprayag are nicely built and architected and gives you ultra modern facilities like big rooms , hot and cold water supply , electricity backup and television ,phone, travel desk ,laundry etc.
Hotel Shangrila – it provides you nice clean airy big rooms with attach bath and facilities like cable television, travel desk, laundry desk, shoe shine and parking .there are four types of rooms available in hotel, double bed, four bedded and dormitory.
Hotel Tulsi – Situated in Badrinath highway, rooms are very clean, nicely array double bedded with attach bath and geyser facilities and prices are very suitable.

So everything is fine, perfect and beautiful around chardham so enjoy these places and make your vacation more pleasurable.

How to reach at Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park needs no introduction to wildlife and nature lovers across the world. It is one of the most enchanting wildlife reserves in South Asia as it endowed with a wide range of wildlife creatures and sceneries. Corbett is situated in Uttarakhand, which is situated in vicinity of New Delhi. It was established in 1936 by legendary hunter-turned environmentalist Jim Corbett. Corbett is home to many endangered and protected species. Apart from tiger, which is most sought after creature here, you can see numerous migratory birds, deers and others.
There are scores of ways to explore this lovely park with safari being the most loved and availed one. A safari between dawns to dusk will give you a fantastic view of Corbett. If you have availed elephant safari In Corbett, you can see and experience jungle from the best seat in the area. Jeep and canter safaris are also very tempting and there is a great deal of interest for these safaris. Considering the climatic conditions, December to March can be defined as the finest time to visit this mesmerizing park. The park is facilitated with the entire state-of-art infrastructure with some very quality accommodation choices. Some resorts will provide you high luxury services, while there are budget as well. To arrive at Corbett, you may come by Volvo bus or your car. 
Start you journey from ISBT, Kashmiri Gate:
Milestone 01: Reach Ghazipur Chowk via Shahdara (8 kms.)
Milestone 02: Ghazipur to Ghaziabad, join NH 24 (32 kms.)
Milestone 03: Ghaziabad to Hapur (40 kms.)
Milestone 04: Hapur to Garh (30 kms.)
Milestone 05: Garh to Gajraulla (12 kms.)
Milestone 06: Gajraulla to Amroha (27 kms.)
Milestone 07: Amroha to Moradabad bi-pass (25 kms.)
Milestone 08: Take a left turn from bi-pass Moradabad to Thakurdwara (48 kms.)
Milestone 09: Thakurdwara to Kashipur (12 kms.)
Milestone 10: Kashipur to Ramnagar (27 kms)
Milestone 11: Ramnagar to Corbett National Park (18 kms)

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Enjoying The Dhikala Forest Tour Package With Your Whole Family

If you think that your entire family would enjoy communing with nature and the wild life, then you must treat them to an ideal Dhikala tour package. The Dhikala forest tour lodge is about 32 kms. far from the gate of Dhangari. It lies in the center of the national park and it serves to be a warm place to stay due to its amazing room facilities and peaceful location. The journey you would take from the entry gate and right to the lodge would surely take your breath away with the thick forests, the tiny rivers and the animals that live nearby.

Dhikala Forest Tour Package

It would take an hour and 15 minutes before you reach the actual Dhikala forest lodge. But the mere journey itself would really leave you astounded, to think that it is just the beginning of an amazing package that awaits you. The fact that it is located right in the center of the Jim Corbett National Park makes it a perfect place to stay for a vacation with the entire family.
The forest lodge itself is composed of two wings that offer private rooms and some in dormitory type of accommodation. In total, it has 22 rooms and two dormitory types which contain 24 beds. Since the forest lodge can always be filled with visitors, it is advised that you pre book ahead of time. You need not worry about your safety against the wild animals nearby since it is enclosed with a solid, solar fence. You can freely sit at the veranda of the lodge at night to enjoy the air and sounds of the forest.

Dhikala Safari Zone

This Dhikala Safari Zone is composed of a wide range of activities that you and your whole family can enjoy. You can enjoy the canter safari to be able to visit the deep and core area of the national park. If you love elephants, then you can also take the elephant safari tour where you can get to explore the jungle as the elephants give you a ride with expert guides by your side of course. And then there is the Dhikala Jeep safari which could lead you to the deeper parts still of the destination.
This wildlife safari in Dhikala can really serve as once in a lifetime adventure that you can share with your loved ones. It is worth all the investment when it comes to money and time. 

Hotels In Chardham Destination

Chardham situated in the garhwal region of uttrakhand . They are four divine home of almighty and according to hindu religion it’s a best way to get salvation and chance to say thanks to divinity for his love and blessings. 
Places around chardham are  beautiful ,peaceful with eye-catching surrounding with many tourist attraction  .there you can refresh yourself for your life time opportunity "meeting with god" means chardham yatra or you can only enjoy the beauty of these beautiful and amazing places.
Hotel around chardham provides you all basic and modern facilities like spacious room, nice and hygienic vegetarian, Indian, continental, south Indian etc. food, purified water, homely treatment and very friendly hotel staff .
Hotels In Phata- it’s a clownish region in Rudurprayag district of uttrakhand .the place is very beautiful and fully blessed by mother nature . Main attraction of the place are kalimath, raun ,rasi ,triyuginarayan .Hotels of phata are clean, nice and provides  all basic  and modern facilities .
Hotel Ayush- its one of the best hotel of phata .it provides you attach hot bath , hot water running entire day, nice service and helpful and nice behavior staff. the best thing is  helicopter head for Kedarnath is just one km away from the hotel.
Hotels In Pipalkoti– located in district chamoli of uttrakhand .its only 81 km from Badrinath on rishikesh –badrinath route. it’s a   town  guarded by green mountain and delightful view of snow clad  mountain and  main nearby  attraction are kalpeshwar, urgam, nandprayag. its lies throughout the valley of flowers trekking rout. Hotels in pipalkot are well managed and offer you all modern facilities like bathtub and shower .cable tv , hygienic continental and Indian cuisine service and many more
Hotel Heritage Inn-  a standard  and deluxe rooms hotel situated in Badrinath highway . it provides all modern equipment, attach bath, hot&cold water running, electricity backup, cable tv, telephone etc.
Hotel Shivlok– Nicely architectural hotel to furnish you really clean .beautiful and comfortable rooms with own balcony, tv and separate sitting area. the entire hotel is clean and hygienic and provides very tasty food vegetarian food.
Hotel Uday Palace– its really provides you facilities like palace executive room, deluxe room,  fully carpeted, beautiful lobby, 24 hour room service, doctor on call, huge parking, nice food, outdoor catering and many more.
Hotels In Joshimath– located in chamoli district . one of the four cardinal pithas founded by Adi shankaracharya  is situated there . it’s a base station for travelers going to guru gobind ghat and flower valley .Hotels of joshimath are stylish, comfortable, well furnish and other nice facilities like attach bath, hot and cold water supply, nice vegetarian Gujrati, Marwari, south indian  food etc.
Hotel Dronagiri– situated only 42 km away from sri Badrinath temple .it provides  you well furnished deluxe and super deluxe room with private balcony, tv, telephone, doctor on call, car on rentel, nice green surrounding views and many more.
Hotel Mount View-  Nice and impressive hotel offers you electricity back- up, cable tv, telephone and many other facilities. located in 42 km before sri Badrinath temple .
Shailja Guest House- Delicate and budgeted guest house situated near the taxi stand . Offering facilities are clean room ,hot bath and 24 hour room service .
 Vijay Laxmi Guest House– beautifully build hotel provides you clean and attach bath, 2 bedded room, electricity back up and friendly staff  etc
Nice hotels and nice places around chardham gives you a  refreshment, rest and prepare you for darshans long queue. so may god bless you and fulfill your all desires. 

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Char Dham Yatra Spirituality Exists And It’s Yours

In a materialistic world, you are very much vulnerable to mistakes. Not many have guts to accept and realise mistakes and things which he/she should not have done. Don’t you wish for a time machine so that you could change things which went wrong in past? Mankind is vulnerable to errors and by simply saying no one is perfect you cannot pass on buck. You may carry on your life now as you have luxury and other things, but soon a day will arrive you will be restless. And then you will realise importance of spirituality and peace of mind. No luxury can satisfy you then. Searching that tranquilising white bright light, you will realise how your life has gone vain. Don’t get disappointed or disheartened, spiritualism exists in this world and it’s yours. Chardham Yatra, you must have heard of it, is a wonderful to attain absolute serenity and peace of mind. A simple journey to four pilgrimages of Chardham can do wonders to your life. Not only it will rejuvenate you but help you realise what is more important for your life. And certainly it will not be luxuries.

Chardham yatra involves journey to four places namely Sri Gangotri Dham, Sri Yamunotri Dham, Sri Kedarnath Dham and Sri Badrinath Dham. These are four beautiful towns located in the foothill of mighty Himalayas. Each place is reckoned for its own story and association with gods. Gangotri is known as source for Ganga, which is said to be the mother of all and one who accepts everybody without any discrimination. What a thought, even if it’s a legend? Are we above discrimination? No, we do it in certain extent. A nice thing to learn from Gangotri and the legend how Ganga was brought to earth. Same goes for Yamunotri, a source of Yamuna. These two places are simply great. Complimented by a mesmerising ambience and fragrance of dhoop and agarbattis, Gangotri and Yamunotri can be best break for those stuck in hustle bustle of city life. Kedarnath and Badrinath are also great places of divinity. At times you feel almighty must have stayed here. Myths and legends are certainly there and great for learning morals of life.

Still stuck with your day to day life? Seek isolation from materialistic world with Chardham yatra. It will not cost you much and certainly not take a lot of time. A small trip of Chardham or do dham will simply change your approach to your life. Come alone or with friends, Chardham trip is very much relevant and is for everyone.

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Trekking In Leh- Ladakh

A vacation in ladakh means great adventure and mental peace with little spiritual touch. The meaning of Ladakh is “land of high passes”. It stationed in between Karakoram Mountain in north and the holy Himalayas in south. leh is the capital of ladakh and also a commence place of ladakh’s adventure . Buddhist monasteries, charming market, peculiar lanes, beatify views of Himalaya make leh an extraneous destination. Leh ladakh trekking which is a bliss for trekkers with abundance of opportunities to fill all your adventures and nature enthusiasm desire like trekking, mountain climbing ,river rafting, yak, camel and jeep safari, adventure biking, biking tour, mountain biking tour.
Leh is one of the best trekking places of north india. There are 24 treks for trekking some for light trekking (spiti valley trek, snow leopard trails trek etc.), some for moderate trekking (darcha trek, pangong lake, Indus valley trek, frozen trek, junglam etc.) and some for most challenging trekking (nubra valley trek, markha valley, alchi lamayuru, rupshu valley trek etc.)
10 Most Famous And Major Treks Of Leh - Darcha valley trek , frozen river trek, leh ladakh trek, lamayuru alchi trek , Indus valley trek, ladakh monastery trek, stock kangri trek , ladakha zanskar valley trek, markha valley trek, nubra valley trek.
Frozen River Trek- one of the most adventures and eye catching trek of leh .it also known as” chadar trek”. Its altitude is 3850 mts / 12628 ft. It’s trade route of zanskari people for winter. Apart from trekking frozen trek you can also understand local culture and tradition of the villages and caves along the Zanskar River. karsha ,zangla are old monasteries.

Nubra valley trek – nubra is a subordinate of shyok. nubra valley has mild climate and huge vegetation so it call “orchard of ladakh”.it’s a homeland of double backed bactrian camel. Oldest Buddha monasteries is a great destination for spiritual people .its surrounding views are eye catching and attractive. Camel Safari In Ladakh marvellous moon light main attraction of trek.

Ladakh Tour Packages - There are enormous type of ladakh tour packages are available like ladakh and Srinagar tour, dalai lama tour, leh ladakh , wonder of ladakh, ladakh zanskar tour packeges.

Hotels In Ladakh - there many Hotels In Ladakh to serve you as hotel Holiday ladakh, hotel caravan centre, hotel grand dragon, hotel singe palace, hotel lotus, hotel lumbini, hotel namgyal palace, hotel pangong, hotel spice n spam hotel Lasermo, hotel shambhala(three star).
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Friday, December 17, 2010

Jim Corbett National Park Weekend Tour

I am not privileged like many of my friends working in offices to have five-day working week. It was mere a coincident that I took leave on Friday and Saturday. Mere a thought of three consecutive days without work brought me great relief. Though I told my office that I was ill, in fact I had something else on mind. I was set to kick off Corbett Weekend tour, for others it may be a simple travel to Corbett park, for me it was a journey to heaven. I had heard a lot about Jim Corbett National Park. And let me tell you once you come here you will never be disappointed. It's simply fantastic and will certainly let your mind attain utmost peace of mind.

My weekend tour to Jim Corbett was handled and organised by a reputed tour and travel agency based in Mayur Vihar, Delhi. The tour operator is highly experienced and I was pretty sure no goof up will spoil my weekend fun. My journey began from New Delhi. I had chosen to travel to Corbett in a cab. I was really happy to receive a cab that was not only comfortable but equipped with air conditioner, music system and of course plenty of space to keep my kit and luggage. Let me tell you one thing once you enter the beautiful state of Uttaranchal, you will realise how congested Delhi is. After passing some busy towns, areas in proximity to Jim Corbett National Park were very less crowded and above all pollution less. While staying in Delhi I had simply forgotten how a fresh air smells like and how it feels when cool braze combs your hair! My excitement and eagerness to step in Corbett were getting on me. Well, I missed out one thing here. The journey to Corbett, especially in Nainital district is simply amazing! Lot of greenery, fresh air, mountains and panoramic sceneries are enough to bewilder you.

After arriving in Corbett, I realised there are many more ways to explore this majestic valley. Elephant safari, jeep safari and canter safari are ones that I believe are highly availed. And I was amazed to see foreigners outnumbering Indian tourists. It really gratified me that Corbett is not only famous in India but abroad as well.

When we talk about Corbett and time spent here, one cannot stop boasting about his first encounter with tigers. Well I have never seen tigers roaming so freely anywhere else. Yes they are bit shy but very harmless and at times you feel why mankind ever tried to intrude in their world. And other animals, they are equally amazing. Though its mainly known as tiger reserve, Corbett is also heaven for bird lovers and fishing lovers. Water is in plenty and I remember people talking about fishing a Mahseer.

First day on the weekend tour, I kicked off jeep safari. Jeep safari In Jim Corbett was great. Watching the nature smoothly with no pressure on your shoulders to do any task, there cannot be anything else fun. Dhikala forest lodge is nice place. People are good and hospitable. I never felt that my budget tour was lesser fun than those who availed high costing tours. Food at this place is amazing. Ask for any cuisine, quality is always there. I was very happy to see this as am bit choosy about accommodation and cuisine facilities. Second day went superb. Corbett Elephant safari I had never imagined could be so fun. Watching corbett from this seat is simply different. Do try this. After the ride, I preferred taking rest in my room. By the way I never closed my eyes a single moment. Scenes around me always kept me fascinating. The third day was yet another memorable moment with a short trip on jeep.

Guides are very good and efficient. They not only inform you but make sure you come to know something which no other people or website can brief you. For example I didn't knew Corbett is one of the rare places on earth to have so many tigers, which are now in endangered category. The overwhelming experience of Corbett weekend tour is going to stay in my mind for a long time. And it will keep me charged up for really long time. Well, having said that, am back to my six-day working life. Guys if your not unlucky like me, do go for Corbett weekend tour, it's amazing!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Do Dham Yatra

India or Incredible India is very well known as a land of spirituality and high religious values. Hinduism is one of the most ancient regions in the world and is the only religion in the world to survive so many ages and attacks of other cultures. Be it Islamic invasion or advent of Britishers, Hinduism still remains major religion in this mystique land. Hinduism is known for its Gods and Goddesses. Entire India is loaded with numerous destinations that are revered as holy places. Chardham yatra is the most adored and loved pilgrim journey in the country. Chardham simply means abode to four holy shrines namely Gangotri, Yamunotri, Badrinath and Kedarnath. Not many have privileges to go on chardham yatra so many satisfy with do dham yatra. Do Dham yatra simply means yatra to two shrines. But let us tell you do dham yatra has same high religious values and people in huge numbers arrive two these shrines namely Badrinath and Kedarnath.

These both dhams are located in high mountains of Himalayas. There was a time when these two destinations were very hard to access. Thanks to modern technology and government efforts, it has become very easy to access them. Do dham yatra mainly begins in the months of April and ends in November normally. These two places are in Himalayan ranges so its very chilly in winters. The roads are blanketed by snow and risks of landslides increase.

Badrinath is devoted to Lord Vishnu. As per legend, Adi Sankaracharya established the main temple in 8th century. Many believe that this temple was built by Garhwal king. There are plenty of myths related to this place. However one thing common among them is the utmost spirituality in this place. The three main attractions of this fantastic places are Garbha Grih, Darsham Mandap and Sabha Mandap. The statue of lord Badrinath (Vishnu) is composed of black stone and looks fabulous. You can very well experience immense religious feelings here mainly due to the utmost serenity available here. Devotees throng this temple to offer obeisance to almighty and attain peace of mind.

Another gem in Do Dham Yatra is Kedarnath. This place is rated among the 12 Jyotirling of Lord Shiva. Kedarnath temple is complimented by the lofty snow capped peaks of Himalayna Mountains. The view from this temple is simply amazing. The main attractions of this temple are Grih and Mandap. The conical rock set up in the premises of the temple is also must watch. The rock is worshiped as its Sadashiva form.

Apart from these tour destinations, you will come across many fabulous places namely Sonprayag, Gaurikund, Guptkashi, Gandhi Sarovar, Valley of Flowers, Joshimath and Vasuki Tal. Apart from offering your prayers tto the God, you can come here to cherish scenic beauty and panoramic views

Jim Corbett National Park: From An Eye Of Documentarian

I have been to various forests and sanctuaries and documented various panoramic sceneries. But let me tell you I have nothing seen as beautiful as Jim Corbett National Park. Definition for beauty varies individual to individual. And as far as my definition is concerned, I simply believe beauty is raw and its purest form. Jim Corbett is one of its kind wildlife reserves where you can see untouched beauty. The very moment I entered this park, I fell in love with it. And the best thing I did over here was Safari. It was in fact the best experience in my entire career. Exploring jungle in such a unique way was simply amazing. I never got so many panoramic views to click in single journey.
But before briefing you about my experience, let me give you some information on Jim Corbett. This park is situated in north Indian state of Uttaranchal. It is spread in an area of over 500 sq kms and is mainly known for its tigers. This is one of the main tiger reserves in the world. However, there are loads of others Indian wild animals too. Tourists come in huge number every year to this park to experience these wild beauties.
Having said that, I was one of the privileged ones to visit Corbett in the prime season that is November. My stay was in Dhikala, which is yet another beautiful place in Corbett. The forest lodge is said to be the main highlight of the region with lush greenery and fresh air around. After checking in the hotel, I was all set with camera and other equipment. And my very first encounter with Corbett was a Jeep Safari. Jeep safari helped me set my camera and let me shoot scenes around without any problem. I was lucky to shoot various creatures. The three hour safari is must for every filmmaker and photographer who is coming to Corbett. Not only it’s the abundance of the scenes but the zeal in the air to express your art. It’s so inspirational and motivating. And the creatures, they are not shy at all. Well, the first day was full on action and gratifying for me. Having clicked over 200 pictures and some video clips in that three hour journey, I was on cloud nine. The day one was simply fantastic. After journey I had my dinner but what to expect tomorrow was all on my mind.
On second day, it was an elephant safari. Initially, I struggled to set my camera but soon I realized this can be the best position to shoot. Elephant safari is simply wonderful experience. Elephants are so well trained that at times you believe they are the only ones to know about the jungle. The jungle safari In Corbett with elephants is like dream come true for any filmmaker.
Last day was a short Corbett jeep safari added on my film making stint. It was really good as I had got an opportunity to shoot the scenes which I missed last time. Overall it was fantastic. I will urge every filmmaker and documentary to visit Corbett to make a great wildlife film.

Hotels And Resorts In Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore National Park is a royal and one of the biggest national park of north India. it is located in Sawai madhopur district of Rajasthan .it is best place to see real beauty and power of Indian jungle “tiger” and enjoying a open gypsy safari adventure .you can also find there marsh crocodile, kraite, python, many birds, flying fox, yellow bat and many more amazing species and you can also feel great to see dense forest of mango, babul, imli, banyan.

There are number of decent and luxury resorts and Hotels In Ranthambore which provide you peaceful and homely surrounding, top class facilities, hygienic and tasty food means all facilities that makes your vacation royal and memorable. The destination is royal and you are going to see king of Bengal Tiger then you need a good packages and resorts so that you can enjoy the trip more comfortably. Many royal resorts and majestic packages with great hospitality are waiting for you -

Vanyavilas Resort Ranthambore– it is a first luxury jungle resort in India. It is best combination of royal comfortable with natural touch. It provides you many royal facilities like personal bar, newspaper, in house laundry, currency exchange etc.

Sher Bagh Resort Ranthambore– the resort consists 12 luxurious tents bedroom with all facilities like bathroom tent, dining tent etc. It offer you en suit bathroom with hot and cold running cold water, reading room , telephone and fax, bar &cafe, best room service etc.

Taj Sawai Madhopur Lodge- one of the nearest lodge of the park with beautiful surrounding views and nice facilities. it provides you astrologer on call, baby sitting, beauty parlor, currency exchange, doctor on call ,postal services etc.

Dev Vilas Hotel Ranthambore – it’s a very nice hotel with all current facilities like all major credit card accepted, bar, conference hall, jeep safari, internet facilities, laundry, swimming pool and many more.

Khem Vilas Resort Ranthambore– if you are a food and shopping lover then khem vilas is best for you. It offer you doctor on call, mini bar, cable tv, bonfire, multi cuisine restaurant, shopping arcade, telephone etc.

Nahargarh Hotel Ranthambore– very beautifully built and nicely architecture looks like a palace. Provides you many royal facilities power backup, room service, bar, swimming pool etc.

Other Nice Resorts- tiger den resort, ranthambore forest resort, ranthambhore regency, the pug mark, tiger moon, the tiger villa and Aman–i-khas in ranthambore.

Best Tour Packages – There are many Ranthambore Tour Packages to make your trip comfortable and memorable

1. Tiger special tour
2. Tiger trails India
3. Ranthambore weekend packages
4. Bird watching tour
5. Golden triangle with ranthambore national park
6. Golden triangle with tiger.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Fantastic Tour To Dhikala in Jim Corbett National Park

It was my birthday gift from my best friend Vikram I mean Vikram Singh Bathyal. A three day tour to Dhikala. Those who do not know what is Dhikala, let me have the privilege to brief you about it. Dhikala is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Jim Corbett National Park. This mesmerizing destination is located at the fringes of Patli Dun Valley. In the backdrop you have Kanda ridge and from here you can enjoy the most spectacular view of this amazing valley. Having said that, let me tell you that before Corbett tour I had never been to any wildlife reserve in my life. And Vikram knew this will be the finest gift for my 23rd birthday, which is in the month of November, also the best time to visit Corbett. The tour was organised by a reputed travel and tour agency based in New Delhi. I was glad that my tour was being handled by some experienced people in this business. Being a first timer, I needed a lot of guidance so it was just perfect plan.
During my Dhikala tour, I was accompanied by Vikram and Vishwa, who also happens to be my younger brother. Excitement on our faces was pretty evident when we just packed our bags for the tour. We took all the necessary things required during the tour such as binoculars, green and light colored dresses, hat and so on. The travel operator provided us the cab from New Delhi, where I stay. The cab was very comfortable and in great shape. Full on air condition and lot of space to keep our bags.
While arriving in Dhikala we were told that this place is situated in proximity of Ramnagar, Dhangiri gate. Dhangari entrance as I far I remember was 19 kilometres ahead of Ramnagar. After arriving here, we checked in Dhikala forest lodge, which happens to be the USP of this place. The lodge enjoys great reputation among tourists across the world. And after coming here I believe the reputation is not fake. A great staff along with high end facilities are enough to receive 9 on 10 in ratings. I don't know what cynics believe.
It was early morning when we check in at the lodge. The morning in Dhikala is one of its kind experience. Aroma of fresh tree leaves with sweet music involving bird chirps and movement of wild creatures and above all feeling of being surrounded by lush greenery simply bewildered me. An enchanting morning in Dhikala. Journey had taken a bit toll on my bulgy body so we took little rest. We had a very delicious lunch in afternoon. And after some walk, we were set for jeep safari In Dhikala zone. Jeep safari is simply a great experience. Watching and exploring the nature on your own is far better experience than getting stuck at Ashram red light every day. The three hour safari will always be in my memories, as I saw loads of wild creatures including birds as well. And if you are a biology student you will certainly make out there are loads of plant species which you rarely see in cities and towns. After the safari, we were provided the best dinner we could imagine. Even salad never tasted so good. May be the ambiance had added on the pleasure of cuisine. It was first night at Dhikala lodge and I took little while to fall asleep I was too excited for the next morning.
My second day at Dhikala can be very well described as elephant safari day. Elephant safari was greater fun than jeep safari, watching jungle from that height was simply amazing. And you should see how elephants can be so well trained. At times I felt these elephants knew every nook and corner of the park. Elephant safari helped me see things with proximity which I could not see during Jeep tour. The entire 2-hour journey was full on action and adventure. The second evening in Dhikala as memorable as we danced and listened to some good music. And many other people joined us. After all we were the most happening people there.
On the concluding day, we had an opportunity to go on another jeep safari. The second ride was good as we were revisiting the natural beauty. After short safari, we had breakfast and checked out of the hotel. While returning, the memories of three-day adventure was playing back in mind. It was best birthday of my life. Next season, I am coming here all over again.

Some Information On Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park is one of the best locations on earth to receive tiger-spotting. In fact it is the first wildlife reserve to get declared as tiger reserve. The park has been named after Jim Corbett, a legendary hunter-turned environmentalist. With the passage of time the park has seen drastic changes in its area, volume of tourists and names. As far as names are concerned, Jim Corbett was initially named as Hailey National Park. Later it was named as Ramanganga. However, Jim Corbett turned out to be most catchy name as the park saw significant surge in popularity across the world after its final name. Today Jim Corbett stands as the most famous park in the South Asia.
The reason to choose this area as tiger reserve is the good population of the creature here. There was a time when entire Kumaon region lived with fear of man eating tigers. It was then that hunters were brought to kill them. But killing of tigers became rampant and many innocent wild creatures paid price for it. The local administration took a serious note of it. And in order to prevent poaching and smuggling, the national park was set up. Later the area was also increased in order to benefit the animals and local inhabitants. Gradually the local people were also sensitized about the harms of poaching and why tigers are important for mankind. The change was pretty evident when number of tigers increased in the region and cases of poaching dipped. Today tigers are best safe here than any other location in the country.
Corbett is not less than a heaven for the wildlife lovers and enthusiasts who do not mind exploring remotest corner of nature in search of something new. To spot the elusive animals, this park is the best. To add on, the park is endowed with other beauties such as rich grasslands, wide gamut of avian populace and creatures which make this the most excellent bio hot spot. And the panoramic scenery of foothills of Himalayas along the mesmerizing river Ramanganga is simply awesome! 
Corbett can also be described as the most tourist friendly park in India. Facilitated with loads of quality accommodation facility, inclusive of forest lodges In Corbett to luxury resorts, transportation facility and amazing tours such jeep safari and elephant safari, Corbett is simply great.  Corbett tour mainly comprises of Jeep Safari In Jim Corbett, Elephant Safari and Canter Safari. People also come here for bird watching, fishing and angling and so on. 
Corbett in A Nutshell
Corbett National Park is located in Ramnagar in Uttaranchal.
Area: 1218 Sq. km (Tiger Reserve Area: 512 Sq. Km)
Route:  Ramnagar town is the headquarters of Corbett Tiger Reserve. Overnight train is available from New Delhi to Ramnagar and Varanasi to Ramnagar via Lucknow. After arriving at Ramnagar, you can book a taxi to reach the park.
Ramngar is connected via road to cities such as Lucknow, Nainital, Ranikhet, Haridwar, Dehradun and New Delhi. You can also drive from Delhi (280 km) via Gajraula, Moradabad, Kashipur to reach Ramnagar.
Good time to visit: Mid-November to Mid-June.

Badrinath: Ek Dham Yatra

You have heard about the high religious values of Chardham Yatra. How the yatra can bring peace of mind and help you attain utmost serenity! Similarly, Ek dham Yatra has same high religious values and it is said that journey to Badrinath is tour to salvation, tour to devotion. This article is must for you if you are not very aware about Badrinath and why it has an elite place on the map. 
Badrinath was established by Adi Shankara in ninth century as a major shrine. Shankaracharya is considered as the guru who brought renaissance for Hinduism in that era, which was then dominated by Buddhism. His arrival at Badrinath brought a revolution and restores people's trust in Hinduism. With the passage of time, Badrinath has seen significant surge in its popularity with an estimated 600,000 pilgrims visiting in the year of 2006. This is way more than 90,676 in 1961. The most of the tourists and devotees come here to visit Badrinath temple. The temple is a sacred pilgrimage site for Vaishnavites.
The Badrinath temple can also be described as the main attraction of the town. As per legends Adi guru Shankara found a black stone image of Lord Badrinarayan in Alaknanda River. The stone was made of Saligram stone. Initially he enshrined the stone image in a cave that was located in proximity of the Tapt Kund (hot springs). Later in 16 century, the King of Garhwal changed the murti to the present place.
Since then the temple has seen various renovations. Wear and tear forced several modifications and altercations in designs. Kings of Garhwal expanded the temple area by 17 century. In the great 1803 Himalayan earthquake, the temple suffered a lot of damage. But king of Jaipur then rebuilt it.
Badrinath temple is about 50feet tall with a small cupola on top. The roof is covered with gold gilt. The facade is made up of stone and has arched windows. There is a broad stairway, which guides you to a tall arched gateway. This gateway is the main entry gate. The interior design resembles Buddhist vihara. With intricate carvings on the walls and pillars, the ambiance in the temple is very great.
Badrinath yatra or Badrinath tour is the nest of tempting destinations such as ar-ki-Pauri, Ganga Aarti, Deoprayag, Rudraprayag, Karnprayag and various Kunds such as Tapt Kund, Narad Kund and etc. Badrinath tour will provide you utmost satisfaction and a great peace of mind. To go on Badrinath yatra or tour, you simply need to hire a good travel and tour operator. Badrinath tour begins from Delhi and then moves towards Haridwar,  Joshimath, Badrinath, Rudraprayag and finally a return to Delhi.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hotels in Sitapur

Hotels in Sitapur are very appealing and filled with contemporary amenities. In the range with whole hotels or in the list of historical hotels, these hotels have never less importance. If we make emphases on the wild life beauty, flora and fauna, natural attractiveness and so more, Sitapur called the Home of Nature [Prakrati]. In the phase of religious and spiritual beauty, Sitapur is the important point of the Chardham or Chardham Tour and although, there are lot of [Indian and foreigner] visitors so we saw here a glimpse of mixed culture.

In the eye of ancient era, Sitapur was of good reputation by the royal leader Vikarmaditya after the name of Lord Rama s wife Sita Mata. Sitapur vicinity in Chardham destination is affirmed with historic, medieval and modern narration.
Hotels in Sitapur-
Sitapur hotels are the highly fashionable hotels in the lap of Chardham hotels. In the line of Chardham hotels, hotels in Sitapur attempt all endeavor to make pioneer in the midst of all hotels in the state of Chardham. The accommodations in Sitapur hotels are a lot inspiring that every person can impress. The most appealing and relaxable smooth and attached bathroom using hot and cold water supply facility are accessible here.
Accommodations in Sitapur Hotels-
Hotel J P G Palace of Sitapur is the most famous and listed hotel among Chardham hotels, which facilitate visitors modest facilities. Rooms are standard sized filled with current services. The Cuisine qualities served these hotels are mostly vegetarian. The hotels services are also give rooms among Satellite T.V. in advance, modern facility accessible by Sitapur hotels are Indian and continental cuisine.

Hotels in Srinagar –Garhwal

Hotels in Srinagar – Garhwal are very significant tourist magnetism for its ordinary beauty with several temples. One of the momentous temples of Srinagar is Kamleshwar Mahadev dedicated to Lord Shiva. A further vital temple is Kilkileshwar Mahadev on the banks of the Alaknanda stream. This place of worship was recognized by Adi Shankaracharya.

History- For a long time, Srinagar has been the capital of the Garhwal Empire till the coming of the British. It was also overcome two times by two earthquakes that swept the township entirely. Nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, lies the good-looking city of Srinagar of Pauri-Garhwal region of Uttaranchal. The momentous town of Srinagar is placed on the banks of Alakananda River with their welcoming Hotels. Srinagar adopts its name from Sri Yantra, a wicked and legendary giant shock. It was supposed that anyone who set his eyes on the shock would expire instantly. It is believed that the shock was responsible for taking thousand breathes before the involvement of Adi Shankaracharya. In the time of 8th century AD, Adi Shankaracharya took upon a trip crosswise India to revive Hindu faith in the whole India. He tripped Srinagar and move towards the rock with Sri Yantra upside down and hurled it in the close to by Alaknanda.

Beauty of Srinagar– Garhwal- Hotels in Srinagar–Garhwal is as appealing as the beauty of Srinagar –Garhwal region. The natural and wildlife beauty of Srinagar is the soul of Srinagar – Garhwal. The Dhari Devi holy place is also situated very near from Srinagar on the Srinagar –Badrinath main road upto Kaliya Saur. Baikunth Chaturdashi mela is the most admired fair of this area famous in the time of October and November. Cultural shows and other festivals are the main beauty of this region.

Hotels in Srinagar –Garhwal- The listed Hotels in Srinagar –Garhwal are in form of- Hotel Valley Inn, Shreeyantra Tapu, Hotel Chahat, Riverside Resort and many more, which are categorized in economic hotels, under budget hotels, luxury hotels and Deluxe hotels. Hotels in Srinagar –Garhwal in Char Dham spot positioned with the icy-wrapped vast land of Chardham hotels offeres with lot of facilities as ventilated rooms with attached bath room running with hot and cold water, Indian and continental food available with fresh and purified water, hotels staff are also welcoming for visitors and there are also available a large conference room with bar facility.

Thus Hotels and resorts in Srinagar– Garhwal are fixed for helping visitors or tourists who are coming here for enjoyments weather they have religious, spiritual and economical reasons, these hotels provide whole quick and current amenities as much as possible.