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Live Your Chardham Dreams With Chardham Tour Operators

Winters have already passed and now summer is at your doorstep tempting you come out of your shells and enjoy the nature. Advent of summer certainly heats up buzz for the chardham yatras. One of the most enjoyable and loved religious tours across the world. A mammoth number of devotees irrespective of caste, creed and sex embark on chardham yatra every year. The motive for a char dham yatra can vary individual to individual. One may either kick off chardham yatra to please the almighty and show his/her dedication/devotion to the almighty or simply flow with the mass movement. Even if you come to char dhams just as part of your holiday, the yatra never lets you down.
Catering to ever-varying motives of mankind, char dham destinations namely Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath stand as the most mesmerizing places to discover true meanings of religion. Chardham 2011 is the most awaited extravaganza for the state of Uttarakhand which is expecting a great number of people this year. Like others you may also be planning to embark on chardham yatra this year. Considering the advantages and extra facilities available nowadays, you mustn’t miss chardham tours at any cost.
You have two options-- either you can yourself book the tickets, accommodation and transportation and plan the entire trip or simply hire a good chardham tour operator and focus on aesthetical part of the tour. The second option certainly sounds better as you do not need to worry about transportation, accommodation or anything else. After all a worry-fewer journeys is the motive of your chardham yatra.
Finding a good chardham tour operator is certainly not any rocket science but yes process can be tedious one as you will not want to risk your time and money investment. Here are few tips and guidelines that you should keep in mind before choosing the tour operator for four dhams:
1. Credibility is the key factor. An authentic tour operator ensures you error and hassle free char dham.
2. Affordability is very important. There are loads of chardham operators who can give you tours fitting to your budget.
3. Experience. The tour operator with tones of experience will ensure a well-planned tour that will have no confusion or troubles of any kind.
4. Convenience. A chardham operator in Delhi or your city will certainly be of great advantage. Delhi is normally centre of such tours and facilitated with great infrastructure.
Chardham tour operators are in plenty but only few have specialized in them. Go for such chardham specialists. Considering the expected escalating demand for chardham, it’s high time you book and plan your tour for chardham.
Enjoy your Char dham Yatra with us. is always working to make your chardham yatra cheaper and convenient. Find here ek dham yatra, do dham yatra, kedarnath yatra, badrinath yatra, Kedarnath Badrinath Tour, hotels in chardham and more.

Chardham Helicopter Tour or Char Dham Bus Tour, Ways of Reaching Divinity

Hindus living in India as also abroad believes that the visit of chardham helps them in attaining Moksha. The moksha is the other name of divinity and to achieve that they perform the holy pilgrimage of Chardham which makes to go through the valley of Himalaya, where the two abodes of four Gods are located. The Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath are located in the valley of Himalayas in the Uttarakhand. They are naturally beautiful and have perfect scenic background is the feature of here which attracts people to forget the hard ships.

The journey of chardham takes you to the lanes of the Himalayas unveiled lanes for this you need to go to lot hardships in the journey as also the journey takes time. So if you do not have that much time to take the long journey then you may go for Chardham Helicopter Tour. It is a luxury way of making the journey in less time. The journey of a lifetime is also done like this. There are various online travel agents who can arrange for such a tour. This Chardham Helicopter Tour is also suggested to those who are suffering from physical problems of old age. They are going to have this pilgrimage trip in ease as also get the maximum satisfaction of life to get rid of sins easily.

The chardham yatra starts from Delhi, then moves to Barkot and then Srinagar and then Guptkashi and then to other places. As soon reach Phata take helicopter to kedarnath. The journey of a life time takes a new shape with them. If you think that this is more expensive then you will have to go for Char Dham Bus Tour. The Char Dham Bus Tour is also available in luxury, deluxe and budget packages. Booking is advance is always safe.

Chardham yatra packages are really good for you to attain moksha and make you get rid of the sins that you have performed in this life. The trip of a life time can be performed easily with the help of buses according to your budget. So take a trip and make yourself go into the natures valley with the joy and ecstasy of divine truth coming nearer to you.

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Hotels In Chardham Destinations Uttarakhand

Garhwal region of Uttrakhand blessed with four famous Hindu pilgrimage called chardham (Sri Badrinath, Sri Kedarnath, Sri Yamunotri , Sri Gangotri ) who represents four well known Gods and Goddess of Hindu religion , Lord Vishnu , Lord Shiva , Goddess Ganga and Goddess Yamuna. These places have their strong religious value and beatify surrounding also best for a light spiritual vacation.

Hotels of Badrinath
and Hotels In Kedarnath are well furnished and provides all current and modern facilities with luscious cuisine and clean accommodation. Hotels are deluxe , budget and standard .Some most nice hotels of Badrinath and Kedarnath are.

Hotels In Badrinath- All hotels of Badrinath are clean , hygienic and having nice facilities with suitable charges .

Hotel Dwarikesh- Most comfortable and moderate price Hotel of Badrinath provides you 2 bedded and 4 bedded room with attach bath electricity back up and 24 hour room service.

Hotel Nand Residency- A nice Hotel with very nice surrounding from here you can enjoy the beauty of Nar, Narayan and Nilkanth Mountain. Badrinath temple is only 5 minute walking distance from Hotel.

Hotel Narayan Palace- Hotel Narayan palace is one of the best Hotel of Badrinath it offer 40 figurative rooms in 3 category, suit rooms, super deluxe, standard room with all current facilities like clean accommodation attach Bath , colour T.V. in room, 24 hour room service Doctor on call, safe deposit facilities parking , Laundry , power backup ,Restaurant etc.

Hotel Sarovar Portico- Finest four star hotel with 56 comfortable and nice guest rooms and suits. A centrally heated Hotel with aesthetically designed and all current and modern facilities like attach clean bath colour T.V. dining and conference facilities laundry, 24power back up , Restaurant , tea coffee maker, safety vault.

Hotel Snow Crest- A nicely build Hotel provides you all major credit cards accepted CCTV, clean and quality lines, laundry, T.V., attach bath etc. Hotel is only 500 meter away from temple.

Hotels In Kedarnath – Hotels of Kedarnath are nicely build and highly comfortable with all current and necessary facilities .

Bikaner House- A deluxe hotel provides nice luxury and comfortable accommodation with world class facilities.

Hotel Himachal House- A clean hygienic hotel provides you nice modern facilities like cable TV, electricity back up, Telephones, fine line the Kedarnath temple is 500 meter away from the hotel by trekking.

Hotel Marwar House- It an standard hotel with most comfortable rooms and nice facilities like attach bath, electricity backup in moderate prices.

Hotel Punjab Sindh Awas- It offer you two and four bedded rooms in moderate prices with all necessary facilities like, electricity back up 24 hour room service.

Hotel Jalandhar House- A comfortable hotel provides two, four bedded rooms in suitable prices with 24 hour room service ,attach bath and electricity backup .

All these are Hotels In Chardham Destination In Uttrakhand


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ranthambore National Park: Experience Of Wildlife Beauty

Ranthambore National Park, the wildlife beauty of West India. The Sawai Madhopur district of Rajasthan become one of major wildlife attraction recent time. The natural beauty of Ranthambore National Park can’t be described in words. Ranthambore park tour is full of adventure and thriller. This national park is also very famous as a birding destination in west India. The famous places to see in and around see are Padam Talao In Ranthambore, Rajbagh Talao In Ranthambore , Malik Talao, Ranthambore Fort, Raj Bagh Ruins, etc.

The ranthambore tour gives you an extra ordinary experience. The resorts of ranthambore welcoming you. Do not restrict yourself to visit the amazing wildlife destination of Ranthambore National Park. We all set to make your ranthambore tour more exciting even before. We are one of the cheapest tour planners for ranthambore. We have greatest selection of ranthambore tour packages. You can book your ranthambore tour online with us.


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Ladakh Adventure Tour Packages Perfect for Buzz of Travelling

If you wish to make this year’s holiday of your to have excitement, thrill and adventure all in one then the obvious choice for you must be Leh Ladakh Tour. This is a tour for those who are into the world of fascinating love with trekking and knows the hardships and joys hidden in it. It is located in the Great Himalayan rain Shadow and receives no monsoon during the summer and gets heavy snowfall throughout the long winter. The culture of Tibet is predominant here and you will be able to see that Ladakh Adventure Tour Packages will be taking you to the lanes of unknown Himalayas.

Ladakh Adventure Tour Packages are easily available online you can book them easily. The obvious visiting time is Mid June or Mid October. Leh stands on 3,521m/ 11,552 ft, along with surrounding plan area. This makes you reach to the top of India. The exclusive pictures of the panorama are a must for you. The trekking can be done in parts like the Kargil first, with Zoji La Pass and the town with cobbled strees and apricot groves. The 3 to 4 days trekking from Sanko to Drass via Umba is great and Sanko to Wakka La pass is also thrilling.

Then there is Indus Valley. The last one can be Zanskar. The twin peak Nun-Kun is the main attraction here. The monasteries are also very great over here along with the stunning attractions lying with natural beauties lying here. The journey is tough still you can make it out most with the inspirations being the natural landscapes. The Ladakh Adventure Tour Packages available online will take you to the valley and make you have a Jeep Safari for getting the delight of nature. This may not be as buzz as trekking but is obviously a safe way to be close to the stunning nature lying there.

The Leh Ladakh Tour is for those who want to be in the lap of nature and get the ecstasy of being nature’s guests. Those who can trek and knows the value of trekking must be aware of the fact that nature can be adverse and one needs to be prepared for it here. The glaciers and the snow along with the serene monasteries make you visit the land of God in India. So come and book this India trekking tour to make the best voyage to the lap of nature.


Friday, February 4, 2011

Weekend Tour Packages Of Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park is the perfect destination for wild life lovers to spend their weekends. There are many weekend packages where you can enjoy and have fun. Still you cannot get the thrill of anywhere like the national park. Located in the Uttarakhand, Jim Corbett National Park is named after the hunter and reformer called Jim Corbett. This is a place where you will be getting all the modern facilities of a holiday along with good accommodations and transportation. There are various package tours for weekend available here. All of them can be booked online. Coming here is not also tough. This is the perfect Eco-tourism destination that is going to make your weekend really special.
Situated in the Nainital district the forest works as a protected area for the Tigers who are now getting less. This is also the main aim of project tiger. This wild life protection has given birth to an all new holiday destination for all. Holiday packages In Jim Corbett is really a good tour packages to spend your weekend exploring wildlife in the world heritage wildlife destination of jim corbett national park India. In the mist of nature and natural beauty you may find yourself in a total reunion with them. This can be enjoyed well if you decide to stay in the forest lodges. They will make you get the smell of the forest very well along with good quality food and lodging. Other than this there are a number of hotels and restaurants available in the area which is not only clean and clear but also very hygienic.
The Corbett Weekend Tour will make you see 25 spices of reptile and 110 spices of mammals as also 580 types of bird, real good numbers to be impressed. There are many more unnamed and less famous species of animal dwelling here. So go for this one to get the best thrill of the journey. The trees like rohini, haltu as also papal are going to make your days green. So the Corbett Weekend Tour is just like going back to the ancient days with being close to nature and all its aspects. You will also get the flavor of the day with the help of authentic Indian food served in the Hotels in Jim Corbett.
Ramnagar town is the central head quarters for the reserve and is very well connected with the whole of India. You can come here by overnight trains from Delhi as also Varanasi. Reaching Ramnagar you can hire a Taxi to the Dhikala. You will be getting modern accommodation in Dhikala as also in also in Ramnagar. Still staying in Dhikala is better as this will make you get the morning encounter with the Elephant hard and Sambar Deer. So when you come to India this year do not forget to have a weekend in Jim Corbett national park and get mesmerized with nature and its varied faces.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Clothing & Equipment for Trekking and Climbing in Ladakh

Ladakh is a region in of Jammu and Kashmir which is the northernmost state of India. Ladakh lies between Kunlun Mountain and Great Himalayas in the South. The dwellers in the area are mainly of Indo-Aryan and Tibetan descent. People from all over India as also abroad gather here for the sake of making a great travelling experience. Trekking and Climbing lovers also gather here for having a life time experience. The clothing that you need to bring must be allowing the warmth of day time and chill of nights. The trekking in ladakh during the day in the lower altitudes is good with light weight trousers; they can be also called trekking trousers and simple T-shirts. These are mainly the trousers that can be availed from any shopping malls near to you.
Trekking and Climbing needs passion and with passion these big mountains seem to be a friend to you during your trekking and climbing. But to fight with the tough conditions of the weather there you need to make yourself well equipped. A sleeping bag is a must for the high altitudes and the nights will be to avoid the cold of the night. Inflatable sleeping’s pad or the tharmentst can also be taken. The daypack is comfortable and the good waistband transfers some of the light weight to the hips important. It needs to be big enough for taking a jacket. The bag must carry everything that you need throughout the day.
Trekking and Climbing takes a lot of your energy and you need to go through a lot of troubles as also go for the best boots. There are special boots available for trekking and they are mainly made for such conditions. These boots are needed to be lightweight. The boots must be lightly worn and they should include some steep hills. The longer time you decide to trek the better boots you need. The shocks also pay a very vital role for your trekking experience. The trekking socks are higher up and cool evenings and four pairs.
The Camp shoes are also need to make your feet warm during the late nights. The fleece top is also a very good way to make you feel comfortable. The most trekking consider this to be essential. In the cool evening you must go for Down Jacket. They are easily available in rent. You can also search for them in the internet and then make a decision of having them. The rain jacket is also a must as you never know how the weather is going to turn. The trekking pants are also a must for such adverse situation.
All these discussed above must be taken with you if you wish to enjoy Ladakh treks and its glamour fully. You can easily get all these products in Ladakh also.
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