Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hotels In Kaziranga Your Rendezvous With The Wild.

Situated in the lap of the Eastern Himalayas, Kaziranga National Park is wildlife’s paradise. The inviolable domicile of one-horned rhinos, Kaziranga is an International Heritage Site that offers a diverse ambit of flora and fauna. The place is also well known for its Tiger and avifaunistic Bird Reserves. The park is bedecked with tall elephant grasses, the majestic Brahmaputra River and the green lush mountain peaks that add to its charisma making the place an epicenter of natural beauty. The matchless blend of wild and nature makes Kaziranga a perfect sojourn for tourists and animal lovers all year long. As a result plenty of hotels have been set up here to fulfill the increasing accommodation demands. Hotels in Kaziranga whole heartedly welcomes you to the realm of the wild.
Luxury Hotels in Kaziranga are just perfect for your sophisticated and classy persona. These hotels are located amidst the panoramic natural beauty of the place. Most of them are situated inside the national park or at its edge and are circumscribed by the tall mountains ranges and breathtaking greenery where you can enjoy seeing the animals in their natural habitat. Impeccable ambience, grand facilities, cozy suits and cottages, multi cuisine option and jeep safari are the iconic characteristics of these hotels. For a flawless and luxurious holiday, hotels like Iora Resort, Bon Habi Resort, Grass Land Lodge, Grass Land, Landmark Woods, and Nature Hunt Eco Camp can be your best options. So plan your next holiday in Kaziranga.
Standard Hotels in Kaziranga are for those tourists neither looking for luxury hotels nor searching for budget or cheap hotels. Kaziranga also offers a wide range of standard hotels that guarantees a comfortable and memorable stay for you. Cottage Hrishikesh, Jupuri Ghar, Prashanti Cottage, Hotel Emerald and Resort are some of the standard hotels. These hotels specialize in their exotic eco-friendly locations and warm hospitality apart from the other modern facilities they offer. They will ensure you a delightful holiday in the presence of serene beauty and wild ecstasy.
Budget Hotels in Kaziranga are for those who believe that the best way to get close to nature is through simplicity, so they prefer budget hotels over luxury and standard hotels. However the budget hotels though not enriched with luxurious facilities but they never compromises with their hospitality, guest’s comfort and emotions. Boni Lodge, Dhansiri Resort, Aranya Rest House, Bagori Rest House are the Budget Hotels in Kaziranga. Enjoy this picturesque location while sipping the aroma laden Assam tea.