Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Peacocks Are Also Being Hunted

A recently heighted news shows that peacock are being hunted. It’s the first news comes in light from the Kaladhungi reason of Uttarakhand. Some weeks ago when young boy was attempting to wring the neck of Peacock the forest officials caught him.

It said that there are lots of people who are creasy for the meat of peacock and they are hurting our national bird for quite a long time. It is heard that the meat of peacocks are hot and very testy. It is the biggest reason why the peacock is being hunted.

Last time when I was on the tour of Corbett National Park done jeep safari in Bijrani safari zone after the safari we are very disappointed that we could not enjoy the wildlife as we are expecting for this tour we just encounter black deer, spotted deer and peacocks. But suddenly after the safari when we were taking tea in a very small tea stall at Ramnagar heard when some people were chatting to each other that the local of that area also creasy for the meat.