Thursday, March 15, 2012

GTI Travels Now Planning To Contribute To Make People Aware Towards Wildlife

Its a day dream of many yet to be the guests of nature. Exactly the guest of nature means live you vocation in the lap of nature to live in a resort or tree house which is surrounded by deep forest. Some times its very hard to make the dream true due to the budget and time.

Now you have a splendid opportunity to make your dream true as your favorite travel agency announced a huge discount on every kind of Indian wildlife tour packages. The discount is available for every corner of India.

The list of national park where you will get the discount for your tour.

In north East Indian: Kaziranga National Park

In East India: Sundarbans National Park

In North India: Corbett National Park

In West India: Ranthambore National Park

The offer is valid till April only as the organisation is dedication the whole month of April to the wildlife. It is also head that in this month the company will organize some interesting games and quiz contest for the tourist in between tour. It is expected that this kind of innovative things can add a new flavor in tour and also help you to know wildlife even more closely.

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