Saturday, March 17, 2012

Enjoy Warm Hospitality in the Resorts of Corbett

Jim Corbett National Park is the most popular place among the wild life lovers. People from different corners of the world visit this national park and gather lots of unforgettable memories. Apart from exploring the park, the accommodation facilities of Jim Corbett is also excellent. There are numbers of resorts and hotels in Jim Corbett National Park in order to accommodate numbers of tourists from different corners of the world.
Wood Castle Resort in Corbett is said to be one of the best resort in Corbett. This resort offers you the unique beauty of wood architectures and also offers a great seclusion and a sedative comfort. Here you will enjoy a peaceful environment free from hustle bustle of city life. Here you will get the feeling of a royal castle which is concealed in the forests as the entire resort is built in the dense mango orchard. The beauty of this resort increases by the sty beating mountains as well as smooth flowing of the river Kosi. This place is best for different categories people. It best suits to every individual whether he or she is from middle class, foreigners, corporate guys and other different kinds of people. Apart from various other facilities, there is a large conference hall which can easily accommodate 400 people.

Tarika Resort in Corbett offers 46 luxurious rooms/cottages in its deluxe resort. Entire rooms of this resort are equipped with modern amenities and facilities. It is said that this resort is the choice of many people due to its beautiful ambience and personalized hospitalities. Apart from numbers of facilities there is a multi cuisine restaurant in this resort where you can enjoy various mouths watering dishes. Some other attractions of this resort are conference hall, spa centre, swimming pool, discotheque, playdium for kids, recreational games like Tambola etc.

The location of Manu Maharani Resort in Corbett is easily accessible to the tourists of Jim Corbett. This resort is very much famous for its warm hospitality and serviceable staff. Though there are 50 wonderful cottages but still you can enjoy individual attention and the best services in these wonderful cottages. As the location of this resort is in the lap of the nature, the tourists enjoy their stay here along with the comforts. Some of the important facilities of this resort are spa facilities, conference hall which can easily accommodate 200 guests, laundry services, swimming pool, geyser equipped rooms and many other facilities.