Friday, September 7, 2012

Can Chardham Yatra be Done after 60

It is often heard that people are little worry about can chardham yatra performs after 60? Obviously yes, infect why not? It’s true that all destinations of chardham yatra are situated on high altitude. Whether we talk about Gangotri, Yamunotri, Badrinath or Kedarnath no one is easy trek. Gangotri is situated on altitude of 3293 meters above sea level, Yamunotri at 3,293 metres, Badrinath at 5947 meters and kedarnath at 4150 meters.

Beside this there is also true fact that so many people beyond 60 did the tour comfortably. There are lots of facilities for senior citizens to perform the tour. One will get options like horse riding, doli and also of helicopter, however helicopter is done only from Phata to Kedarnath and Kedarnath to Phata. Char Dham Pilgrim Trip is bit difficult because of high altitude, less oxygen and average infrastructure but beside all these facts still it is possible. Beside age factor it is advised that people who have any respiratory problems or cardio-vascular problems to seek doctor’s advice before venturing to these areas.