Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tips for Tourism in India

In recent years, there has been a vast growth of India tourism especially related with the rural areas, wild life and historical places. Now people from different parts of the globe have become aware about the different tourists destinations of India. So with the growth of Indian tourism, rural areas have also become popular among the people from India and outside India. If you are really interested in enjoying your India tour then you should plan your tour program in this way.
  • Plan To Explore Rural India: Now the Indian tourism government has started to take initiative in making rural area popular among the tourists of different place. They worked very hard in changing the direction of the tourists to the rural destinations. By visiting the attractive destinations of the rural
    areas you will come to know about the exact culture of the specific place of India. Now with the hard effort of the government, you can easily search out the attractions of different rural destinations of the India. Some like to do Sunderban National Park Tour as it gives view of ruler India and of wildlife as well.
  • Try To Enjoy Rural Festivals Of India: Every rural or urban destination of India is related with its own specialty. When you will visit any of the particular places, you will come to know about the exact importance of that place. Different types of festivals are celebrated in the different rural areas and your tour will offer you the opportunity to enjoy the different festivals and the important occasion of that place. You can also enjoy the Rural Olympics which are celebrated every year in the month of February at a place known as Kila Raipur located in Punjab. In this festival tourist can enjoy bullock cart race apart from various competitions, cultural events and some offbeat events. To enjoy the rural festivals of India tourist form all round the world lives to visit North East India. The State of Assam, Meghalaya, Sikkim are of the same raw.
  • Try To Visit High Altitude Destinations: If you are a nature lover and try to spend your vacation amidst the lap of the nature, then Spiti Valley is the best option which is the best alternative to Ladakh and Leh. Here you can enjoy yak safaris, village home stays, treks to various villages and also an enjoyful visit to Bhuddist monasteries apart from various other activities.
  • Enjoy The Desert Area Of India: If you want to experience some new thing apart from road and rail travel then enjoy camel ride on the white salt desert of Runn of Kutch, which is located in the Hodka village near Gujarat. Here you can enjoy your stay in the mud huts which will be a life time experience.

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