Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ten Peacocks Are Killed Daily In Rajasthan

The regional incharge of people for animal, the organisation which works for the conservation of words and animals, Babulal Jaju claimed that daily ten national birds are killed in the state of Rajasthan. As according to the statement of Jaju hundreds of peacock are killed by putting poisonous seeds in Jhajpur of Bhilwara, Kushlgd of Banswada, Jaipur, Nasirda of Tonk, Maharajapura, Amet in Rajsamand last days. In the lack of any strong step by the police the moral of poachers is high. Jaju said that in last one year 150 in Jodhpur, 200 in Nagaur, 150 in Ajmer, 250 in Bundi, 150 in Bharatpur, 125 in Bhilwara, 150 in Ganganagar, 100 in Kota and over hundred in Chittorgath were killed.

Meanwhile, a senior forest department official dismissed that claim of Jeju. He said that the department is Keepping eyes constantly on killers of peacocks (National Bird of India) especially on the criminals of Bawrian and also if any such incident happens they act immediately and take necessary action.

The information is delivered by Ranthambore National Park India Portal to aware people towards the cruelty against the our national bird, Peacock.