Thursday, February 16, 2012

Operation To Catch The Smugglers Network

A major success in the hand of Uttrakhand forest department in the matter of seizure tigers skin. Exploring the network of smugglers the forest department team has caught the most wanted with the help of the police. All are being questioned in the secret place. Although no any forest official is conforming such happening.

Uttarakhand forest department had bothered after the seizure of five tigers and leopard skin in Najibabad. Jim Corbett National Park and surrounding forests used to hunt was admitted by the poachers. On the statement by the poachers the forest department began investigation.

On the other hand to arrest the 'Didi' (A nepali lady smuggler) forest department ask the CBI for the support. To catch the international network of 'Didi' CBI has been asked to issue a red corner notice against her. As well as the CD is ordered in which the act of the 'Didi' is recorded.

It also said that the all the cases of ’Didi’ who conduct the gang form Dharchula of Pithoragarh and Mahendrangr in Nepal, will be reopened