Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Rajasthan Seeks Trial Of Armymen Accused Of Poaching Chinkaras

The Rajasthan government in its letter to the Union defence minister AK Antony has sought trial of the army personnel, who have been accused of killing chinkaras, under the wildlife Act. The letter comes days after armymen dwelling in Rajasthan, as part of the then desert war games, were accused of killing three chinkaras and feasted on them in Barmer. The Chinkaras are protected animals under the wildlife protection act.
The army has already started a court of inquiry into the incident. It’s learnt that the accused did not appear before the forest officials, conducting inquiry into the matter.
Revealing more content of the letter, forest minister Bina Kak said that her ministry had complained about the non-appearance of the accused before the state inquiry committee. However, Kak said that there are no concrete evidences to take strict punitive measures against the accused but she has sought strict action against the accused.
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